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Open For Honor Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. "War. For thousands of years, war is what defined us. The three Groups. Samurai, Knights, and Vikings all shared one thing in common, war. Apollyon may have Died, but the Blackstone Legion still thrives."

    'Ello there, Another RP. I have been playing For honor, and 'May' have been trying to rep Lawbro, but All this is just memes that I pulled out of my ass. Enjoy.

    1. No Power Playing
    2. Cannon Characters? DAUBENY! DAUBENY! SHOW YOURSELF!
    3. Max of Two characters. If your character dies, you may make a new one. If it is a Custom Group, you may have three.

    Now for da Characters.

    Class(Warden, Raider, Kensei, ECT):
    Group(Blackstone, Sid's Raiders, ECT.):

    Name: Yin Crowe
    Gender: Female
    Class(Warden, Raider, Kensei, EXT): Warden
    Looks: She wears a Tranquil wayfarer Torso, along with the correct arms to match it. She wears the Haedus helmet, while Her armor is colored in the Blackstone Legion's Usual Orange and black. The pattern on the front is a Black Background, with Orange Lines going across, as the back has the Spacial Seas Pattern.
    Personality: She keeps to herself most of the time, only really talking to people when she is talking about the current mission, or just the occasional 'Hi'.
    Group(Blackstone, Sid's Raiders, EXT.): Blackstone
    Other: Dank Memes

    Name:Yang Crowe
    Gender: Male
    Class(Warden, Raider, Kensei, ECT): Lawbringer.
    Looks: Litterilly the stock Lawbringer with the Classic Pattern and color.
    Personality: Unlike his sister, He can usually be found talking to the soldiers and Fellow Lawbringers.
    Group(Blackstone, Sid's Raiders, ECT.): Blackstone
    Other: semem knaD
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw I was wondeewonif it would be possible to have three characters as I really wanted to do a trio group thing. If not I will make changes.
    Name: Lucius (Wolf) Mortalus
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warden
    Looks: He is essentially the basic warden from the start of the campaign, the colour scheme is black and yellow with white wolf emblem on right shoulder.
    Personality: Loyal, layed back and dedicated. He tends to look for the good in people but has a strong sense of revenge.
    Group: The Warriors Three

    Name: Kiara (Viper) Mortalus
    Gender: Female
    Class: Peacekeeper
    Looks: The basic peacekeeper with the same colour scheme as Lucius but with snake emblem on chest plate.
    Personality: Loyal, untrusting, ambitious and mischievous. She tends to mess around but she is much more ruthless than her brother.
    Group: The Warriors Three

    Name: Alexander (Bull) Bane
    Gender: Male
    Class: Lawbringer
    Looks: Basic Lawbringer with same colour scheme as other two but with bull emblem on helmet.
    Personality: Basically the same as Lucius but he is friendlier to strangers and is a lot tougher.
    Group: The Warriors Three
  3. Yeah, if it is a custom group, you can have Three. I didn't think of that, so I'll edit the Rules. Accepted

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