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Ask to Join FNaF: The United

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blotch'd, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    A new restaurant has opened! Hurrah! Fazbear Entertainment decided to have another go at things, and borrowed animatronics from all old locations. They rebuilt some of them, as the old ones were quite damaged and tattered, but they added new things to them. They no longer roamed at night, only at day. They even made some newer models! Say, Rock star per chance. Some don't even BELONG to Fazbear Entertainment. Either way, the place is quiet the big area. The split it into four parts: Classical memories, where they used the repaired old animatronics. New and shiny, where they kept the toy Animatronics. They even repaired Toy Foxy and stuck them in their own cove. They also kept the two 'Funtime' ones in there. Zany Melodies, where they kept the ones that were from other industry's, And the Warehouse. They keep old junk in there. They took a while to prepare, but it's finally open for public.
    That's where you come on. Be a customer, work as a employee and more!

    -Understand FNaF lore, game concepts, and how it works.
    -Basic site rules
    -Keep all role-play FNaF related please. I don't want any robot couples, and that doesn't mean humans get it easy. Nothing to MUSHY.
    -Yea, we understand a bite might get bloody, but bloodbath's are not permitted. People get sick from that kind of stuff.
    -I don't want direct copies of canon characters. That's where mary sue's/stue's come from, and I will not permit such things.
    -Godmodding? Not a chance! You either say you closed the door, or not. There is no 'TE DOR WAS SHUT!!!!!!1!1!1"
    -Stick to the original personalities of the characters you claim.

    Freddy (Original):
    Chica (Original):
    Bonnie (Original): @Blotch'd
    Foxy (Original):
    G-Freddy (Non-Withered):
    Toy Freddy: @Blotch'd
    Toy Chica:
    Toy Bonnie:
    'Mangle' AKA Toy Foxy:
    'Withered' (Which is a mixture of all original Animatronic leftover parts):
    Withered G-Freddy:
    Phantom Animatronics (Just list the one you want and I'll put it.):
    Fun!Freddy and Bon-Bon:
    Scrap-Trap (Beta Spring Bonnie/Springtrap):
    Elizabeth (Beta Baby):
    Molten Freddy (Mess of leftover parts):
    Happy Frog:
    Nedd Bear:
    Security Puppet:
    Mr. Hippo: @Blotch'd
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  2. PsychoUnicorn

    PsychoUnicorn Previously CoolLissyloo

    I would like to be a human character I created called Kat if that is okay? She was going to be a missing child but she escaped William/Vincent. If not, I will be springtrap OwO

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