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Ask to Join Fire Emblem Heroes : Warring Kingdoms

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fire Mana, May 24, 2018.

  1. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Link to discussion : https://pokecharms.com/threads/fire-emblem-rp.19298/

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    The Raugors had finally reached the castle. Blairian archers fired many shots, but the arrows were blasted out of the air by powerful fire magic. As the mages prepared another volley of flames, the cavaliers rode forwards, using their lances to quickly subdue the soldiers moving to block the castle gate. Following the riders, on his trusty horse, was Prince Venric Lorgoth. The prince nodded, and drew his sword. Pressing a hidden switch in the handle, the weapon converted into a lance. The Prince drew back his weapon and hurled it straight at the castle gate. The spear stuck itself in the hard wood of the drawbridge... and a flash of silver and green leapt onto the spear, before launching itself over the wall. Soon after, the drawbridge was lowered. The Prince's spear was thrown back to him, and Prince Venric used it to point towards the castle. The soldiers charged forwards within the castle walls.

    In the lead of the swordsman, a masked man walked towards the throne room. As he marched, he cut down soldiers going to stop him. He cleared the lower floor, climbing the stairs to the higher one. Around the castle, the Raugorian forces had already subdued resistance within the town and had captured all but the royal sanctuary. Blair's capitol had fallen... and now, the invaders came for the king.

    Two knights, an archer and a cavalier, quickly rode into the royal hamber. They were the two highest-ranking knights defending the castle.
    "My liege, the town has fallen." the archer reported. "The entirety of the area has fallen to Raugor. I see no option other than surrender."


    (Credit of first post goes to Eeveechu)
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  2. Kiran anxiously paced back and forth. Raugor at the gate. How did this happen? How did it get so bad so quickly? In only a month, the kingdom...was gone. Well, not gone but in the process of it. Raugor forces at the gate. Swarming the grounds. But why? Why? Neither of the countries ever had discourse, at least not for a long, long time. They were on such good terms, he personally knew the prince of Raugor! But no reason for the war was ever disclosed, even as they charged the gates of the Blair castle. All Kiran could think is that some sort of coup had happened, and the royal family of Raugor had been usurped and executed...Though apparent claims of Prince Venric marching alongside the Raugorian front lines put a dent in his theory.

    Kiran wasn't alone in the chamber. His father and sister were there, taking refuge from the attackers outside. They were then joined by the highest knights of Blair. The best of the best- and Kiran already knew it wouldn't be good. And with them they had terrible news- the town and surrounding vicinity were taken. They needed to surrender, as to have no more blood be shed.

    "...If we surrender, they will no doubt kill us. All of us." Kiran spoke, looking at the ground. "I don't believe that to be an option at this point, but fighting evidently is getting us nowhere either." Kiran stopped staring at the ground and looked at the knights. "But you weren't asking me." He turned his head to look at the king. "Father?...What should we do?"
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  3. Maria's heart pounded through her chest. She nervously gripped the hilt of her sword in it's scabbard. The Raugor soldiers would break the only thing between her family and untimely demise would break down any minute. She tried thinking of different scenarios of escape in her head, most of which would result in the destruction of Blair and her family. "Let's discuss others option besides surrender. I mean, how can we know Ragour will spare the rest of the kingdom after they inevitably kill us?"

    Maria didn't want to die. She was only 17. She had so much life left to live.
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  4. "Surrender... may be our only option, my child." King Duncan said with a grave face, placing his gentle hand on his daughter's shoulder. "We do not know Raugor will spare the kingdom after my fall. King Hothrin certainly wouldn't. But I believe Prince Venric will spare the kingdom misery after the capitol is taken. But... there is no reason the entire royal family should fall today."
    The knight raised his head. "My liege, you don't mean...!"
    "I will stay behind, Sir Garand." the King ordered. "I entrust you with the duty of making sure my children escape to the Grenn border. Once there, Raugor will be unable to touch them without angering a second kingdom."
    "My duty is to stay with you! I cannot abandon-"
    "Your duty is to serve king and country, and I order you to take my children away so they may save the country!" Duncan shouted, looking at the shocked knight. "Now please... let Blair survive this day."
    "...very well, my liege." Sir Garand said, looking down. "Prince Kiran, Princess Maria, come with me. We'll take the secret passageway from the library."
  5. "Father! No! We can't just leave you!" Maria pleaded.Tears streamed down her cheeks as she hugged her father tightly. Maria had no intent of letting him go. "I won't leave you father!There must be another way!" After several seconds of hugging her father she broke away from the man,tears still streamed down her face. The princess looked towards the door, she could hear the impending army getting closer and closer. She realized that there simply wasn't another way.
  6. "My daughter... know that no matter where you go, I will always watch over you and protect you." King Duncan said, looking at his daughter with a sad smile. He then turned to Kiran. "My son, upon my inevitable passing, you will have access to the full power of the crown wherever you go as is your birthright as my eldest child. Ensure the people do not lose hope. Blair will survive after today, and so will you. Take care of your sister and your people, and Sir Garand will protect you until you have the power to protect the kingdom."
    People could be heard walking up the stairwell just outside the royal quarters. "My liege... they're coming." The bowman said. "What do we do?"
    "Prepare to fight. We may be going, but we will not go quietly. A warrior's end." the King replied, walking over to the wall and taking down his regal blade from its scabbard. "Sir Garand, get going!"
    "It's been an honor, my king." Garand said gravely, turning the candelabra on the wall. A trap door opened in the floor, revealing a stairwell. "Prince, Princess, you first. This will take us to the armory."
  7. Maria looked at her father one last time before walking towards the staircase. She began to descend while gesturing for her brother to follow. She gripped the hilt of her sword, because their was a possibility the armory would be overtaken by Rauger soldiers. She wasn't to certain on how her summoning worked yet, so this would be a good time learn. "Come on Kiran and Garand, We don't have much time!"
  8. "Father...I..."
    The crown was a burden that Kiran was hoping to avoid until he was much older. But with circumstances as they were, he no doubt be saddled with it sooner rather than later. Was it a responsibility he could stand up to...? He wasn't exactly sure. But...he couldn't let his father down. Not here. Not ever.
    "...I understand father. I take the responsibility fully. I refuse to let your sacrifice go in vain."
    He sadly looked towards King Duncan one last time. He wished it wouldn't be the last time. Maria insisted that he and Sir Garand head into the passage that had been opened up. "...Goodbye, father."
    And Kiran went in the corridor, quietly holding back tears.
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  9. King Duncan nodded as Sir Garand entered into the passageway, and the secret route closed behind them. The King faced towards the door as the bowman readied his arrow.
    The door was slashed into four pieces before it collapsed to the ground, a masked figure walking in. "King Duncan. Prince Venric sends his regards."

    Sir Garand quietly walked through the passageway. "My horse should be just outside. If we can get to the library passage, we can make it to the outer stables and ride to the bord-"
    Sir Garand raised his hand, stopping his speech. "We've got incoming." he reported. "Sounds like several fighters. Three, maybe four."
  10. Kiran found himself rubbing the bridge of his nose as he walked through the passage. He was still trying to wrap his head around this whole thing. They would get to Grenn and then what? Wait for them to have war waged upon them? It was rather inevitable at this point. As he had thought before, they were all on relatively good terms, so why would Raugor attack for no real reason...? Stories of old reported wars waged in the names of dragons and resources...Could there really be a dragon at the heart of the whole war?...No history book he ever read included dragons in the lore.

    They had arrived in the armory. Kiran was still thinking when Sir Garand spoke up. Soldiers inbound. Three to four.

    He found himself taking a lance off the wall, a simple iron one that, while not the strongest or sturdiest, served it's purpose well enough. He had trained before, but he never thought he'd be actually using his lance in combat, much less against Raugor soldiers. But things were changing rather rapidly, weren't they? He didn't have time for retrospection though.

    "I'm ready. We have the advantage, knowing that their coming. We won't fall here, not at least without a fight."
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  11. Maria thought about their plan to escape to the Grenn border. How could They now that Grenn would let them into their borders? She slipped her Iron Sword out of it's scabard. Maria listened to the sounds of the incoming soilders. The armory was packed with weapons of various durabilities and types. She walked close to the other too and said," We can't lose here, if we do our fathers sacrifice will be in vain." She choked on the last part of her sentence.
  12. "I'll lead the way." Sir Garand stated. As the first soldier turned the corner, armed with a sword, Sir Garand dashed forwards with his spear. The knight took the invader by surprise, landing a solid stab in his chest. As the Blair warrior backed up, the soldier tried swiping at Sir Garand. The aged warrior swiftly dodged the strike, landing the killing blow on the soldier.
    "HOLY CRAP!" one of the other three soldiers said. The axe-fighter, spearman and archer all readied their weapons.
  13. Kiran watched as a soldier was gutted by Garand. These soldiers...they weren't faceless training dummies. They were living, breathing people, who may or may not have been dragged into this war. Were they trying to kill them? Yes. Yes they were. However, if everyone simply devolved into bloodthirsty beasts then...what made them much better than Raugor? These people may of had families. Surely they were...reasonable. In given circumstance. Granted, Kiran was not about to lay down his weapons and let them kill him.

    He thrust his lance towards the spearman, attempting to land a disarming blow. He did not really want to take a life. Not yet. There was no reason to not try civility first...
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  14. Maria decided to to take on the axe wielder. She charged straight to the Favour soldier. The soldier swung his axe towards Maria. Maria dodged thrust her blade forward into the soldier chest. The soldier dropped to the ground and Maria removed her blade from his chest. She watched as the life faded away from the soldier. She couldn't believe it, she had just taken another person's life away. A tear said down her cheeks as she thought of the man's life. He could have had a family. She wiped her tears away and said,"Someone get that archer, before he attacks us from long range!"
  15. The spearman dodged the strike before jabbing towards Kiran, attempting to land a killing blow.
    "We can't show mercy!" Garand shouted. "It's kill or be killed right now." As the knight said this, an arrow flew towards him. Sir Garand raised his shield in the nick of time, and the arrow shattered. The knight dashed towards the archer with his spear, stabbing him straight in the right hip.
  16. Kiran didn't like this.

    First, he had missed. The Spearman simply had to back up to avoid it. Next, he saw Maria cut into the axe holder- who was effortlessly chopped down. It wasn't the way he was so easily felled that got to him, but rather Maria's face as she did it. And that's when Kiran realized that there was no time for mercy, no place for it here. It felt bad to say, but..."We can't show mercy!" Garand reminded Kiran. Alas, Garand was correct. He'd have to make this quick, and-

    A clank sounded out as the lance collided onto his armor. The spearman was trying to make a kebab out of Kiran. His armor blocked the blow, but it could've easily killed him with some more force. Ah. It was a shame, really. Not that he didn't die, but because this man was just doing a job to serve his country and, well, was gonna get killed.

    Kiran charged forward with his lance, hitting the man square in the chest, before pulling it out. "I'm sorry."
  17. Maria watched her brother stab the spearman. She couldn't quite make out what Kiran said as the life faded away from Ragour soldier. While she was distracted by Kiran, the archer advanced towards her and fired an arrow directly past her head. Thank the gods that missed, She though as she turned to the archer. She ran towards the soldier and swung her blade towards him, but missed.

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