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FinalPasta's Animation Studio

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Shrine, Jan 14, 2018.


Do I animate well

  1. You know de wey

  2. You will learn de wey

  3. It will be hard for such species to know de wey

  4. You do not know de wey

  1. So, recently I've been trying out a certain art program that goes by the name of "FireAlpaca". I was doodling, and in "View" there were two selections that instantly caught my eye - Union Skin Mode and AutoPlay. So, after about two weeks of frustration, I finally found out how to animate.
    In this thread, right here, right now, you can request any animation from me you like. I promise (deep breath and consideration) that the result will be animated... well.
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  2. DUDE.
    That is, if I don't make a better Pokeskits first...
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  3. It might take a while, but I’ll try. :'|
  4. Hello! I did not know you had requests open. :) If they still are I hope you can do a request for me. It will just be a girl smiling and waving her hand. Nothing too complicated.
    The character is a girl with brown hair, green eyes wearing a plain blue t-shirt, and a cat ear headband.
    Here is a good simple reference picture of what she looks like. ^^
    573201_TooBlue12_Icon headband fix.png

    and here is what the headband looks like
    WIN_20171207_12_17_32_Pro.jpg I hope my request isn't too complicated if it is don't feel bad for refusing it. I will understand.
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  5. No problem, I’ll probably (not guaranteed) be able to finish this today. :)
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  6. Okay! ^-^ No rush though. Take as long as you need. I am very patient and I know even simple animation can take a while.
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  7. Hey, sorry about this, but halfway through the animation, my computer decided it was going to crash. The animation might be posted a bit late.
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  8. Okay no problem, sorry that happened. It must have been frustrating, take your time. Like I said I don't mind how long you take to make it. :)
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  9. A snowflake blowing in a winter breeze. ;) (Where is da queen?)
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    My computer with my animation program...
    broke down?
    I guess I should have addressed this sooner, sorry. So requests are now closed. Again, sorry if you were waiting for one.
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