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Final Fantasy VC

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Blisk, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. I have never played a Final Fantasy. I was wondering if getting Final Fantasy was a good choice for a game. I'm talking about ignoring my skill level and all. I am able to get it on Virtual Console and it's the only Final Fantasy I can get so would it be worth it to buy the original on VC or is it one of the worse ones? I've read a review IGN and it said it was awesome, just hard. Do you agree? If you do, I'll make the purchase on the Wii Shop Channel.

    Edit: I also never specified it but it is the first NES one.
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    The original NES Final Fantasy is a classic really, but times have changed. It really depends on what kind of gamer you are and what you'd expect out of something as old as FF. Some people still love it to pieces. Others would die from the graphics, gameplay, etc. For essentially $5-6, I say you can't go wrong (that's little more than you'd pay to rent something). Maybe it'll strike your fancy. Maybe you'll find time just hasn't done it justice. Won't know until you try.

    Sorry I can't help more. FF is a good game by NES standards and incredibly nostalgic for me, but that all depends on whether you enjoy NES games in general XD
  3. Final Fantasy 1 is really one of the most solid classical games out there.
    You can customize the party at the beginning, you have to choose certain spells and the fighting system is turn based solid old school that is even used in some new rpgs nowadays. Its simple, the dialogues arent the best ones and the story isnt really the best. But you cant expect that from a game that is the first of the series :D

    I would get it, just to see how the series has evolved over the time and just to see how many RPG tropes actually began with that game. Its very interesting.
    its just 5bucks, thats not much, its definetely worth a buy, and if you dont like it, I still wouldnt judge the never Final Fantasy games by that one, cause come on, the series evolved over 20 years now :D
  4. I'm thinking about buying it. I love RPGs in general. The Zelda games are some of my favorites. was just curious if they were as monumental as Zelda in people's eyes instead of just game sites'. I play a lot of NES games. That's actually the first system I had ever played tied with the Gameboy. I'm used to the lesser graphics. I think I will enjoy it, so I most likely will buy it.

    Update: Well I do judge the series by this game, Fuman. It rocks! I haven't played it too much, but so far I like it. I love the magic part. This game is like an 8-bit version of Diablo or some RPG like that. Mainly something like Champions of Norrath. I love the game.

    I will probably buy another in the future. What games would you guys recommend I check out? They have to be on a Nintendo system. Thanks for your great advice!
  5. theres final fantasy 1-6 for the GBA, theres final fantasy 3 and 4 for the DS, and thats it about the main storygames.
    All those games are kinda cool, only 2 was very weird. And if you liked the first, I would just start the series from the beginning.
    Final Fantasy 3 and 4 for DS have updated 3d Graphics and added content so thats kinda cool.
    The stories are not connected so you could start any one you like though so its up to you!

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