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Open Final Fantasy RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. I noticed their's not many Final Fantasy RP's put here, so i decided to make my own!
    This RP Takes Place 10 Years After the Events of Final Fantasy 18, if you know What That is, if you dont, Look Either look it up or play it, i don't think anyone wants to waste time telling you, On to the rules!
    PS: you can Either live in the town or you can Travel Their for some odd reason If you want to Meet Nito IN-TOWN, or you can wait and meet him somewhere else.
    1. No RPing as past, Future, or present Final Fantasy Characters, for Example, You cant have a character Named Noctis and have the same Personality as him.
    2. Only Me and a few others *if they want* can be from royal blood*Not necessarily brothers, but Relatives, But if the people i choose want to be, they can!* If anyone see's someone who is not on the list and being from royal blood Contact me or the others
    3. Romance is allowed, but dont go to in depth
    If i feel as if i need to add more, i will

    List of people who joined in time to be Royal Blood:
    1.@The shiny charizard

    Race(Daemon,Human,Any race from the Final Fantasy games):
    Weapon(If you have one):
    Training *If any*:

    ~Chocobo*If you have one*~
    Here's mine:
    Name: Nito M. Caelum
    Weapon:a wide Selection of Weapons, but his main is usually the Drain Lance III or the Thunder II
    Personality: He is a laid back person, usually either Riding on his Chocobo, Training with His Weapon Trainer or Catching up on his studies.
    Past:Learn it as you Travel with him.
    Attire:He wears a Black Jacket and Jeans, Fingerless Gloves, and a Hat sometimes, He has Black Hair, Red eye's.
    Training:He is trained by his Battle Trainer *i will also have a decision of who will be my trainer, i would be Worried, but meh, i trust you all.*.


    Personality:Blitz is a fun loving Chocobo, who has been with Nito his whole Life, Blitz can be Serious when Nito is in danger.
    Training:someone is teaching Blitz how to Run faster then a Average Chocobo, and Teaching her How to attack Effectively
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  2. *Character*
    Name: James Baxter
    Gender: male
    Race(Daemon,Human,Any race from the Final Fantasy games): human
    Weapon(If you have one): hand gun,broadsword and daggers
    Personality: kind and helpful will do anything to help someone else
    Past(Optional):you will learn
    Attire: black and white fighting jeans shirt and coat.red hair and blue eyes
    Age: 17
    Training *If any*:none

    ~Chocobo*If you have one*~
    Personality:shy and doesn't trust anyone except jame (yet)
  3. Sure, The first 3 People to join can if they want
  4. So i can't be cloud, frick that's the only final fantasy character I know besides tifa and Sephiroth.
  5. Dont worry, Theirs lots of OC's to make,

    EDIT: Tifa the Liar
  6. Considering that I hardly know anything about Final fantasy. Can I be a half angel like Sephiroth?
  7. Sure! if Nito is a Descendant from Noctis Caelum xD you can be a Half angel xD
  8. Sweet, can I have a pet Velociraptor!
  9. Can I be the main villian? Or minor villian?
  10. Either Ones Fine, You could even be a potato xD
  11. Alright, I'll be the main villian.
    Name: Daniel
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Angel
    Weapon: 2 uzis, a sniper rifle, two long swords, two daggers, Electricity magic.
    Personailty: He hates anyone who refers to themselves as good. He beileves they or sinners and anyone the help, or have any association with should die. He is rude sarcastic, feels no resent meant fro murder and Flirtatious.
    Past: TBA
    Attire: Blue trench coat and a black dress shirt under it. Black pants
    Training: all of it

    Skrew chocobo he has a velociraptor
    Name: Fang
    Gender: Male
    Color: Black with blue stripes.
    Personaility: wants to kill everyone and evrything except Daniel.
    Age: 20
    Training: All of it.
  12. Not yet, How should it start, i know that Nito will Be heading to school.
  13. I'm going to kill alot of people in the begining I don't know how yet tho.
  14. I feel like I'm inadvertently by like Sephiroth on accident.
  15. Lelz, Thats Alright, You dont have the same Gear as him xD
  16. Yeah, I debates having a katana.
  17. for the one were going on, Nito Heard Screams and went to the center of town and seen Daniel, a Sephiroth-Type Villian Trying to "Purify" The World.So nito and his Friends Go on a Journey to Try and Find Daniel and Defeat him!
  18. YEs... Hydreigon loves the Murder....
  19. Exactly why Nito is going to Punch Daniel in the D
  20. Name: Lincoln Zoro
    Gender: male
    Race(Daemon,Human,Any race from the Final Fantasy games): elezen
    Weapon(If you have one): A long katana
    Personality: silent,rude,arrogant
    Attire: baggy black pants with long sleeved black shirt with a green vest
    Age: 16
    Training *If any*: trained in many sword styles
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  21. Maybe if you could Lower the Power of your Weapon, Then i would add you.
  22. You could maybe get that as an upgrade.
  23. Mhm, Just as Nito upgrades his weapon's throughout the story
  24. Yep, and my sniper rifle isn't in it's true stat, or any of my weapons, for that matter.
  25. Other then that Your in! But will you meet Daniel* You would have to ask Hydreigon,* Or Meet Nito Somewhere

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