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DPPt/HGSS Feedback Please!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Wobbegong, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Definitely, definitely want more opinions on these movesets before I start breeding. (Most persuasive argument for buying an AR: free TMs! No more insane breeding dances required! Oh, how I am tempted.)

    Night Slash
    Ice Punch
    Shadow Claw
    Aerial Ace

    2 for STAB, 2 for coverage and miscellaneous fun. Could also be called "fun with contortionist breeding." Hurk.

    Energy Ball
    Dark Pulse?

    STAB, covering weaknesses, coverage. Terrified that I might need some Smeargling to pull this off without TMs, though.

    Energy Ball
    Dragon Pulse
    Rock-type HP/Rock Slide

    Again: STAB, coverage.

    Dragon Pulse
    Ice Beam

    But Wark, you may say, that's 5 moves! Yes, yes it is. My issue, basically, is that I like coverage. I like it lots. But Haze and Recover can both be very useful, so I've spent a few days now dithering. Augh. Someone please put me out of my misery and tell me which move is stupid.

    Dragon Claw

    STAB, fun with chewing up psychics, and then U-Turn to let me make this one my scout, ie send out first and if it's something horrible oh my god get it away (Ice types come to mind) I'm guaranteed a switch.

    Signal Beam
    Power Gem
    Focus Blast

    It hits thing. They die.
  2. Weavile: Moves are fine, but Shadow Claw and Night Slash give identical coverage. Change Shadow Claw since Night Slash is STAB. Brick Break, X-scissor, Poision Jab, Swords Dance can all work. Crush Claw can work if you want to lower the opponants defence (its got a 50% chance to), but Wevile should be powerful enough to take them out anyways. It's item should be Focus Sash.

    Ninetails: Nasty Plot can work well in place of Dragon Pulse or Dark Pulse. It's item could be wise glasses.

    Sceptile @Focus Sash/ Wise Glasses (only if you don't have the Focus Sash) - Special Sweeper
    Modest (+sp. atk -atk)
    -Energy Ball
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Focus Blast
    -Hidden Power Rock

    Energy Ball for STAB. Focus Blat for coverage. Dragon Pulse as a filler because it cant learn much else. HP rock to cover flyings Ices and Fires.

    Sceptile @Focus Sash - Physical Sweeper
    Adamant (+atk -sp. atk)
    -Leaf Blade
    -Rock Slide
    -Brick Break

    Leaf Blade for STAB, and high power. Rock Slide to cover its weaknesses. Earthquake for great power and coverage. Brick Break for great coverage. An altenate move to one of them could be: Night Slash, X-scissor, Arial Ace, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Crush Claw (for the reasons mentoined before), Drain Punch.

    Milotic: Personally I would go with Recover, or Aqua Ring paired with Leftovers. Hypnosis can be good over Dragon Pulse since some of your pokemon already have Dragon Pulse/ Claw. It's item should be Leftovers or Wise Glasses.

    Flygon is fine. It's itam could be Life Orb or Expert Belt.

    Ampharos is also fine. Again, it's item could be Life Orb or Expert Belt or Wise Glasses.
  3. Most are fine except for Milotic

    teach it Recover, Recover is much more useful than haze. Recover is also incredibly annoying in link battles

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