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Favourite NPC? (Games)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Subway Boss Emmet, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Basically, which NPC from any of the games (mainstream or otherwise) is your favourite, and why? As you may be able to guess, mine is Subway Boss Emmet. I like his name, I think he looks awesome (uniform beats fashion for me) and I generally like strong trainers. His speech seems a little strange though.
  2. Inb'4 Gary Motherf***ing Oak.

    There aren't that many NPCs that I like, but Morimoto and Clyde are probably my favourites. Morimoto is there because he is the Game Freak employee who designed Mew and is the joint strongest trainer in BW. Clyde is the guy at the start of each gym in BW who gives you a Fresh Water. BW specifically because the other caretakers don't have names and don't give out fresh waters (or wear sunglasses :>)
  3. Lance. He just looked the part of the "final boss" to me. He had a stylish, sleek, and kind of sinister outfit. It was, actually, kind of a letdown to realize that he wasn't the final challenge in the Gen. I games, and that you had to fight the guy you'd beaten consistently through the whole game.
    Coming off of battling Lance and his team of dragons, your rival seemed like a step down.
  4. Here's the list, as far as I can remember it, of my favourite NPCs in Pokemon.
    N. He's got green hair, intends only good, and I want to steal his hat.
    Cheren. He's got GLASSES, whichisveryveryverygoodandI'mtotallynotonlysayingthatbecauseIhaveglasseswhywouldyouthinkthat? He's smart, his jacket is awesome (I want to steal that too), and his hair- I want his hair. But in green.
    'Blue'. He's nice.
    Falkner is a cool gym leader... His hair is the same colour as my hair! XD
    Volkner. He radiates better-than-youness, and it makes it SO much fun to own him.
    Maylene. She has so much Little Girl Power.
    Lanette. You know, the PC girl from Sapphire and Ruby and Emerald? She's... Messy. Like me.
    Flannery. Fire. That is all.
    Keith from SoA. His hair is so, like, weird and spiky and I WANT TO POP BALLOONS ON IT.
    Issac from SoA. He's such an idiot! (And yes my IQ is higher than his actually. Which is cool. 'Cause he's also smart.)

    ... That's all I can remember for now, really...
  5. I love Fennel. No matter how strange her specialization is, she stuck with it, just like I am sticking with my strange specialization of rodentology.
  6. whichisveryveryverygoodandI'mtotallynotonlysayingthatbecauseIhaveglasseswhywouldyouthinkthat? lolz XD by the way mine is I don`t know I don't have a favorite at all but I like elite four the are cool XP

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