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Fav Grand Chase fighter

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by zethose, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. so yeah i was wondering how many grand chaser there are on here sooooo. I use mosly arme and lass
    Lv 45 arme
    Lv 35 Lass
    Lv 15 ronan
    lv 15 jin
    lv 15 alesis
    Lv 3 lire
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  2. Right, right, lets say this is a general Grand Chase topic, instead of just that. ♥
    I really haven't touched GC in forever, but my brother plays it a bunch. His Jin's at some ungodly level or the other. I mostly dropped off because I got bored, but I do like to keep up with the news, cause that's always nice. I actually main myself as Amy in Muse, but I've picked up Mari and Gunslinger in the meantime. I'm sort of clunky with the controls now, if I try to start up again! If you want, levels, let me see while I fish up Grand Chase. My computer is so darnedly slow I don't play it often! I've not gotten Dio, if only because I am utterly uninterested in him ♥

    I have spent a bit of cash, to be frank! |D Mostly on stuff for Mari that I can't wear yet, along with the cat pets, being Mittens and Chester, who I named Snookums ♥ I hadn't been around enough to see the other cat pet, Luna, cause she is really old. Other than that, my in-game name is Tangrow ♥ I may just decide to pick this up again, really. Ah, right, levels.

    Elesis: 36
    Lire: 47
    Arme: 48
    Ronan: 15
    Ryan: 34
    Lass: 41
    Amy: 52
    Jin: 16
    Sieg: 20
    Mari: 49

    I, um, not into helping out people at a super-lower levelled than my character I'm working with, because I have a terrible attention span :< Not to be mean or anything, I just usually do one dungeon or two before taking a break nowadays, so I'm not very helpful ♥ I usually solo dungeons too, as I have a lagrific issue unless I work with my brother :> Muse is my favorite job, on a side note ♥ Or any of Amy's jobs, really. Mostly Muse.

    On a side note, we do have a few members around who play Grand Chase, but most of them, including me, aren't oft so active |D Off my head, there's Kalseng, RX(Who's on a non-America server so derp), Shado, and some others.

    EDIT: Right! To those who don't know, Grand Chase is one of those MMORPGs around! It's like a 2D side-scrolling dungeoner/PVP thing with 3D models. It's a bit hard to explain, the main website should be able to say more ♥
  3. Grand Chase is more or less Super Smash Bros...online...with 13 characters, who each know at least 4 different fighting styles, making it a total of 52 different character combinations.

    At present I have the first 10 characters on a local Philippine server (you start out with three, and unlock the others by doing a quest, or paying for them with irl money) And we still don't have the latest three, Dio, Zero and Ley, and I don't really plan on getting them. Well, maybe Zero, maybe.

    Sooo from memory my characters are:

    Elesis- 60-ish (Spearman)
    Lire- 25-ish (Ranger)
    Arme- 50-ish (Battle Mage)
    Ryan- 40-ish (Viken)
    Amy- 30-ish (Siren)
    Jin- 35-ish (Champion)
    Sieghart- 40-ish (Warlord)
    Ronan- 30-ish (Dragon Knight)
    Mari- 20-ish (Polaris)
    Lass- 20-ish (Thief)

    In the order in which they were unlocked lolol. Based on this you can sort of tell who I'm the best or worst at based on how much effort I put into getting all of their jobs xD Though, some of them stay in 2nd job mostly because I'm good with said second job. However, my favorite character I think would probably be Sieg. I'm exceptionally good with him. It comes as no suprise that my second best character is Elesis xD
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Lessee. This is just me guessing now, so I'm probably wrong, but:

    Elesis: 32
    Arme: 44
    Lire: 31
    Lass: 37
    Ronan: 38
    Amy: 34
    Jin: 30
    Sieg: 41
    Mari: 30

    I don't play it any more though, because I can't download it on to my new laptop. Oh well. I played for ages and when the exp boost/job item 100% came through, I spammed all my characters to get them to at least second jobs. Arme, Lass, Ronan and Sieg are the only ones to hit third jobs, and Arme's on her fourth.

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