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Ask to Join Fatal Blossom: The Wandering Stranger

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by RedTopaz, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Link to the discussion thread is here- https://pokecharms.com/threads/fatal-blossom-the-wandering-stranger.22858/#post-871291

    The day started out like any other day for Senshi, waking up at the crack of dawn to train with his sword. After that to was off to to the lake to fish for awhile with his dad then after head to the center of the village to see if any of his friends was there. Today was a special day for Senshi, He and his friends were going camping on the peak of the hill. Senshi always loved that spot, when he had nothing to do he would just stare at the waterfall and daydream. "I really do hope everyone can go, It's going to be so fun!" He talked to himself.

    Senshi already had his things packed for the camp trip, including his parents permission. Senshi's parents knew how much he liked the site how could they say no. When Senshi got there he sat on the edge of the water fountain in the middle, he went over everything he needed he even bring his trusty sword: Day.
  2. It was the crack of dawn.

    "...five more minutes..?"
    "Ah, I live by myself, I can do whatever the hell I want."
    This was usually how the day started for Varien Kardinal, as he woke up in his small, two room house. It was enough for him, he didn't need the space. And besides, both rooms were pretty well sized, enough that he didn't feel claustrophobic. He looked beside the portrait of his mother and father, which was hanging on the wall, to what was hanging next it it. His Axe. Or more specifically, the Axe of his father and all generations of Kardinal's before him.

    He took the bone-forged handle into his palm, and pulled it off the wall, giving it a downward swing onto the stone floor. Wärdroûhhk. That was what it was called by his ancient ancestors. However, that name was... Too complicated. He called it simply- Waardrock, easier to remember. He slung it over his back, and prepared for the day, eating and getting ready for his trek to the hill, where he'd meet up with Senshi.

    Honestly, he didn't know the guy or his friends very well, but he would join in anyway, as he was one of the older people his generation in the village, at a modest age of 20. He walked up the hill, and seeing that he was the first to arrive besides the host, he simply sucked back down beneath a Rock crevice to wait for a few more people, training each swing of the axe.
  3. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    A few miles from Waterfall village stood a deep dark woods. A hairy pig made a loud snorting sound amongst the silence and ran as fast as it’s fat hooves could carry it. The shadow of a human descended upon it.

    It was a young woman, her smooth face concealed, she was wearing some sort of corvette. However, this was hidden too by her most obvious feature: a large pink and red hood that looped around her head and covered her in darkness. It was almost like some dress. She ran forward easily with it on towards the pig. She froze and stared at the animal. She had chased it right into her trap.

    The pig was confronted with several trees. It deviated to the right of these and then was paralysed. It looked down and saw that a metallic trap covered its feet and it was like a bear trap. The woman’s family had provided her with these. She was supposed to be hunting animals for food. She looked down at her arrow collection and loaded an arrow in her large bow, which was conveniently strapped to her back. She firstly dipped the arrow in some green concoction: poison. She fired it and saw the pig struggle my for its life, as it gradually lost consciousness. The pig soon fell to the floor and the woman regrettably took it back to Waterfall village.

    There, her family roasted the pig on a large bonfire. She was greeted as ‘Aimee’, Aimee Hartigan, now called Aimee Morrow despite the death of her once soon to be husband.
  4. Juryo woke up thanks to the sun shining into his cell. He looked forward and stretched his arms he could move his arms talk but he had a large metal ball attached to his leg which was impossible to move. "You guys awake." Juryo shouted to the other cells.
    "Boss!" He heard 3 voices shout in unison. Juryo sighed he wanted to talk to his friends but he couldn't think want to say to them he'd had every single conversation at least 5 times. Juryo sat in boredom for what felt like 5 hours but was likely half, the guard then walked into the building, and approached Juryo.
    "Hey Juryo I got an interesting report on your current situation." The guard told him quietly. two years ago Juryo would jump in excitement at the guard telling him this, but Juryo had heard that sentence uttered too many times, Juryo could legally challenge the case, but it got shut down fast.
    "I don't care." Juryo muttered. Juryo's case always got dismissed for a small town he'd been made a symbol of what happens when you cross the line.
    "Look its not about you, but your friends, the council decided there involvement in the murder was minimal so in a week there going free." The guard whispered. Juryo was about to speak but couldn't he felt tears well up in his eyes.
    "Thank You." Juryo told the guard its all he could say to him.
  5. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Kabe woke up somewhat early, reminding himself that he'd go on a camp trip that day. As such, he got ready for the day, having breakfast and packing some of his belongings for the trip, most notably his daggers, items that he usually took with him with a belt. He even took some time to practice his dagger throwing with a few wooden targets in his house.

    Once he felt like he'd practiced enough, he headed over to the hill near the village, where everyone was supposed to meet. He knew most of the people that were going in the camping trip fairly well, and how could he say no to a meeting with friends? As he got to the meeting point, he spotted Senshi and Varien, the latter training his axe swings. "Yo, Senshi, Valien! How's it going? You guys ready for the trip? I'm so excited!" He greeted them, clearly enthusiastic about the whole trip.
  6. Izumi had been training with her mental state to try and make the snap of her mind less often when she heard about a camping trip by Senshi.

    "It sounds like a good idea to do so." Izumi responded, and figured that she would go, packing her stuff up for the trip.


    Francis Constitution had been on patrol for the morning and seen nothing, not even a bird. The large man continued around the village, his Poleaxes in his hands. He spotted a bear attacking someone's food stores.

    "Catmint Art: Resistance: Iron Wall." Francis sneered.

    The bear saw Francis, and roared at him, as it ran towards him, Francis just shrugged and swung one of his axes, sending the bear flying out of town. Francis went back to patrol.
  7. As the sun rose on a new day, Ignis had already woken up an hour earlier, to get some training in before the trip.

    Faster. He dodged, ducked, and weaved around the worn wooden training dummy, simulating the different weapons and ways the dummy could use to assault him.

    Stronger. He launched counter after counter, from shoulder bashes to quick thrusts and slashes.

    He surveyed the field, choosing the most suitable places to position in a heartbeat.

    Exhausted after half an hour of this combat simulation, he sat on the dirt ground, panting heavily. He took the time to look up at the golden sky above him, appreciating the opportunity to see the beginning of another day. He took off his helmet briefly, feeling the refreshing morning breeze on his face.

    Now slightly revitalized, he bathed, before beginning to pack for the trip. He had been looking forward to camping with Kabe, Izumi, Senshi and everyone else. Especially since this would prove to his family that he wasn't a complete shut-in.

    Being the over-thinker he is, he packed for almost every situation possible, including the essentials such as food, water, and clothing, to some medicinal herbs and blankets. Once he had decided he had prepared appropriately, he looked to his shelf.

    Looking at the collection of different helmets he had on display, he chose a silver, polished helm with small slits in the visor. His old favorite. He then donned some light armor, with a black overcoat above it, giving his costume the feel of a travelling knight. He made sure to take his silver sword also, along with the massive sheathe. With everything in order, he bid farewell to his family, and began his trek to the camping site.

    Little did he know, that this would be the last time he ever saw his home at peace again.
  8. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Amar rechecked his stuff, and continued hsi trek to the hill that was supposed to be everyone's meeting place. Many the people were already there, predictably.
    I should not have stayed up so late picking out my stuff.
    Still, he was to excited to sleep, and ended up oversleeping once he did. Ah well, no use complaining about it now. He was finally here!

    (OOC: Sorry for the short post. I can't think of anything to write right now, and I don't wanna wait too long)
  9. Senshi noticed Kabe and stood. "Oh hey Kabe! We're just waiting for the rest of people to arrive" Senshi stood up and stretched a bit, He took out a picture of a rare animal. "This is a Sike bear, or so they call it. My dad wants it's pelt for his birthday he has been hunting it for over a year, I want get it for him when we come back"

    Senshi can't help up smile at the thought of bringing his father the pelt, He locks Day in his belt on the side and continues. "Basically its main defense is the spikes he can shoot out, But after that's done it's completely defenseless and that's when i strike, Hey Kabe, Valien want to help?"

    The Wandering Stranger walking slowly up the cold mountain, From there he saw the village. Then slowly descended down killing anything in his way.
  10. Izumi had her stuff packed as she went to find Senshi, and looked around, find a couple of people at the edge of town.

    "Senshi!" Izumi called out, "It's Izumi, I heard you're heading out to camp, I have been needing somewhere to train myself."


    Francis continued his patrol, noticing nothing at the moment, but had an ominous feeling that the day was not going to go well. He had his Poleaxes out at all times as he patrolled the village.
  11. Finally arriving at the mountaintop, Ignis exhaled in relief. His trek was complete.

    On the hill he saw Senshi, Kabe, Varien, and what looked like Izumi too. Even Amar had arrived, it seemed. Well, the more the merrier.

    He trekked up the hill and surveyed the area. It looks like they were congregating and discussing something involving bears. Interesting, but Ignis had priorities before he could go bear hunting. He found a suitable camping spot near a lake, close to the others, and began unpacking his equipment and setting up his camp. He made sure to pack a tent big enough for two or three, just in case somebody had forgotten theirs. He also made sure to bring spare blankets, food, and other essentials to last about two days.

    After having set up his tent, he decided to rest on the soft grass of the hill, taking in the beautiful view of the village below, and the clear blue skies above.
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kiri had overslept, she had been helping her father all evening and was supposed to help him this morning as well. She quickly hopped out of bed and got washed and dressed before rushing down stairs. Her father was already hammering away at his most recent order, probably some weapons for the guard or something, he turned to look at her "I heard that some of your friends are going on a camping trip are you?" he asked while still working. Kiri sighed, she figured he would ask "yeah I am, I've just got to finish some of these throwing knives and then I'll meet up with them" she said before getting started. She sat at a table and began to carve some intricate patterns into the blades and handles of the knives.
    (OOC: I probably won't have her make it as she will get caught up in the attack before she gets the chance to meet up with them but she is friends with them and she is supposed to be going)
  13. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    "Ah, I've heard about these before!" Kabe replied as he examined the bear's picture, remembering some stories he'd been told by his father and a few people in the village. "I see... Well, why not? I bet it'll be easy if we work together!" He said, taking out one of his daggers and spinning it around with his right hand. It seemed like Senshi knew what to do once the bear's defenses were dealt with, so it'd be up to him and Valien to get rid of the spikes somehow. His mind wandered off as he tried to come up with a plan, looking up at the blue sky as he thought of a good course of action.
  14. Senshi waves at Izumi, but soon after goes right back to thinking. Senshi slammed his hand on to the other as a lightbulb went off in his head. "Alright if we somehow scare into thinking it's being attacked we can get the spikes off, maybe by using your crystal techniques?"

    Senshi nodded at the idea, "But we can talk more later, Let's start setting up camp and enjoy the view!" Senshi started to set up his tent close to the lake side. After he finished he joined Ignis in watching the view specifically is waterfall, He always thought that was the best part.

    The Wandering Stranger destroyed the watchtower in the mountains cutting off any information getting back the village guards, He took a guards uniform and perfectly fit it using one of his techniques. He then continued down the mountain, He would surely be there by next morning dawn.
  15. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Kabe smiled as he heard Senshi's suggestion. "Good idea! I'll try that when the time comes." He replied, before noticing that Senshi and the nearby Ignis had set up their tents. He followed suit, taking out a small cyan tent and quickly setting it up close to the other tents. He also took out a water bottle, keeping his essentials in his bag for later. Joining the others and taking in the beautiful landscape, he sighed, watching the waterfall. Boy, I can never get enough of this place's view. So nice... He thought.
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  16. Varied sighed. Barely any time for him to practice his drills... No matter, he supposed. He could do extra tomorrow. He should set up camp and talk to people anyway, seeing as he wasn't the only one there anymore. "Hey everyone, good to see you all." He said, a little dryly, as he set up his tent, placing the bone-forged axe down on the ground inside his tent that he'd set up, grabbing a small canteen, and walking up the cliff to the view of the falls.

    He sat down on the cliff, feeling the slow breeze blow through his jet-black hair. He loved this feeling, being with nature. If this trip was a sleepover at a house or anything, he'd have denied flat out. Why be with people you barely know if you're not even in nature? It baffled him a little, that people were that willing to just... Hang out with him, even if they didn't know him. I mean, most of them weren't even in their twenties yet, like he was.

    Eh. Maybe things will work out. Can't lose what you don't have.
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