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Fan Expo Canada 2009

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Y'know... It's really annoying when you have this big ol' informative post written up, only to have your browser glitch and eat the whole blasted thing XP Le sigh...

    Anyways, as I've been doing for ages now, I'll be going to Fan Expo Canada again this year - and I'm wondering by some twist of fate if anyone else around here is, too (we Charms Canadians are few, yes... XP). For those who don't know what it is and live in the Toronto area or could potentially get there... See the official website.

    Summed up, it's a huge event that happens yearly, usually around the final week of August, located at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The dates this year are the 28th to 30th. The Fan Expo incorporates 5 different areas: Comics, Anime, Science Fiction, Horror, and Gaming. The rows upon rows of merchandise booths are reason enough to go, but the special events and guests might catch people's attention, too.

    Many of the special guests overlap expo to expo, but for quick viewing: Comic-related guests, Sci-Fi guests, Horror guests, Anime guests, and Gaming guests.

    People I find notable from the lists... Bruce Campbell, Leonard Nimoy, and Emma Caufield, but there are many more worth poking at ^^

    I generally don't take part in any of the events because I only hit the Expo on a single day (I'd go broke from merch hunting otherwise XP), so I can't say I've researched them very thoroughly. What I have noted however are the small, Pokemon-related TCG events. On the 28th from 4PM to 8PM they'll be doing Pokemon TCG demos, and starting at 2PM on the 29th they'll be hosting a modified format tournament - free of charge - which is listed as involving "Pokemon Promo Cards and OP packs". One time they had download stations set-up around the TCG area, so I'll be taking my DSi just in case something similar happens again.

    Buuut yeah. Everything you need to know about the Expo, like fees, hours and stuff, you can find on the website. And, if you do happen to visit it, be prepared for hordes of cosplayers. They're scary and awesome at the same time xD

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