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Ask to Join Fallout RP | Mature.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by X3n0 Jake, May 12, 2017.

  1. The year is 2277, 200 years after the Great War. The wasteland is in chaos as the institutes synths roam free across the wasteland, terrorizing settlements and caravans.
    Post here to join: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fallout-rp-mature-disscusion.16521/

    1. Follow the Pokecharms rules.
    2. Do NOT Roleplay as an existing character in the Fallout Universe.
    3. You may have a total of five characters. You can add in another character at any time, so long as you're not passed the limit. If one of your characters die, you can replace them
    4. You CAN have a pet that follows your character around, such as a dog, cat, tamed yao guai or something like that, but if you have a tamed deathclaw mother that would be a bit too far.
    5. There are two Brotherhood of steel members in the wasteland we are in currently, One is mine and the other part is open.
    6. You can be a descendant of an existing fallout character, as long as it makes sense! No, being Vergil's secret son who is somehow living across the wasteland and is 5 years old. However, I'd prefer it if you make your character completely original.
    9. If you want to be an Enclave remnant DM me first.
    10. Profanity and romance is allowed, just keep the romance to kissing, hugging, etc. Just remember, you'll most likely have to keep romance under wraps. Your characters can have children, just don't give all the details please.

    One of mine, you can skip it if you want.
    Name: Jake Pierce
    *Nickname: X3N0
    Rank (If any): Knight Paladin.
    Faction (If any): BoS
    Gender: Male
    Species (Ghoul, super mutant, human.): Human
    Physical Appearance: Light skin tone, Orange hair, Blue eyes and a Xenomorph (Yea, he knows it is old AF) Tatooed on the back of his right hand.
    Armor/Clothing Appearance: Wears BoS T-60 power armor with a black primary and several dark blue stripes on shoulders, helmet and chestplate. When not in power
    Weaponry: Laser rifle, laser pistol, Chinese officer's sword.
    *Backstory: Find out in RP.
    *Personality: Brotherhood for life, hates the enclave and institute, kind to wastelanders.
    Equipment: Shovel, Grenades, rope, nails and hammer.
    Skillset: Sniper

    The location is in old Washington state, the Seattle Tacoma area.

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