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Fallout: Chicago (Be warned, violence is imminent!)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Tabby, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. havent seen a Fallout Fic or RP,...sooo

    Just a rule or 2...
    Please, no overly graphic posts..."Only red blood was seen on the stump of a limb, the bone jutting out, blood dripping off it....ect ect"
    And please, quality.

    “2077, October 19th, 11:30 P.M.
    The city lights were bright in spite of the wars going on. Chicago, the heart of America, as it was once called, was a beacon in the night. No one knew what would happen the following day.

    2077, October 20th, 1:00 P.M.
    Air raid sirens blared, and people immediately began running, looting, and within moments, chaos ruled Chicago. Those that knew they could get in any of the vaults were either entering them, or on their way to them.

    1:57 P.M.
    The first nuclear bomb hit, scorching a 4 mile radius. Over the next hour and three minutes, 31 more bombs hit the outlaying area of the Windy City.

    3:15 P.M.
    The city, once a bustling city, now, a ghost town.”

    The old man stopped speaking, having finished his tale to the young wanderer. The Wanderer was a teenager by the name of Austin. Unlike most of the people who lived in the Chicago wasteland, he had dark red hair, almost black, unless seen in the sun. He was a well built teen, no more than 18, and often frequented the Milestone Pub, twenty miles from the huge skyscrapers of the city. He wore a dark cloak, hiding a scoped, bolt action rifle and a colt .45 pistol. “Thank you Jessup.” Austin said, tossing a few bottle caps onto the table. “I always enjoy listening to that tale.”

    The old man smiled, a few teeth missing from bar fights. “Sure thing kid.” The man handed Austin a box of 7.62 ammo. “Take care in the waste!” Austin took the ammo, bought a bottle of water, and left the pub.

    He headed for O’Hare, an old world airport. A year earlier, a group of people calling themselves the NCR showed up and took it for themselves. They said they were from California, on the West Coast, and that Chicago was under NCR control. Austin knew that they were powerful, traveling half the continent just to get to the remains of the former Chicago.

    Night was falling, and Austin went up on a ridge to set up camp, only to find a group of raiders known as the Sharks. They spotted him just as he spotted them. Austin pulled out his rifle, and shot the first one in the head, the others scattering for cover, returning fire, one with an automatic gun. Peaking out, Austin used his pistol to shoot another Shark gang member in the chest, who dropped to the ground. The others all popped out at once and began to shoot at the teen, causing him to hide back behind the boulder he was using as cover. With the remaining six, or seven, he hadn’t been able to count them properly, Austin knew he was in trouble. To his right, he seen a stick of dynamite, picked it up and lit it. The fuse burned for a few seconds, and tossed it. “Ah! RUN!” “SHIT MOVE!” and a few other cry’s of shock rang out, and then a deafening BOOOM!!

    Austin looked around the boulder, there were still four of them walking, more crawling now, to cover. Austin took aim at one with the colt, and when he pulled the trigger, it clicked. “Ah shit!” He started to look for an extra magazine, knowing he didn’t have it. His rifle was jammed, and he was doomed if someone didn’t show up, and soon. As he was pulling out his knife, in a last ditch effort, four BANG!’s went off. He peaked up, and saw a person standing just outside the light of the campfire, in the shadows. “Hello?” The Wanderer called out to the person, hoping they were friendly.
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  2. Four BANGS! that is all that was needed. Four of the raiders fell, and the ones who still clinging to life had fear in their eyes. As the strange person dashed for the remaining enemies and drew his knife. In one fell swoop, they where all dead.

    "Hey kid, what is wrong with you? You realize this could end up killing you? Go home to wherever you came from. Stay out of the wastes and survive with your family. If you could'nt kill these bastards, what are you going to do when you end up face to face with a Deathclaw?"

    Austin just stared at the hooded figure as he removed his mask and hood, he could plainly see a man not much older that himself but grizzled and war-torn. This man seemingly been in the wastes for as long as he's been alive. C'mon kid get some sleep and in the morning your going back to town.

    As they both settled down to camp the hooded man grabbed some food out of his bag and began to cook some meat over the fire.

    "You want some?"
    (To be continued)
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