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Open Fallen Kingdoms Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Orion778, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Welcome to the Amoria Region. A long dead region of the ancient Pokémon world You have been knighted by his majesty King Andur IV as recognition for your supreme skills on the field of battle. You and your partner Pokémon have been chosen to defend the kingdom and the world from a terrible darkness that has been released on this land.
  2. Knights Reliquary

    Favored Weapon:

    Partner Pokémon:
    How you met:
  3. Damon Artair
    A stoic hero type is quite confident if not overconfident in his power and often finds himself in to deep having bitten off more than he could chew. With uncanny luck and the help of his powerful partner Salamence he has survived many battles earning him the title of Dragon Duelist
    He wears well crafted leather armor that hugs his form and promotes mobility in combat on his arms he wears gauntlets, shining silver platemail that extends all the way up to his shoulders.
    His favored weapon is the Bastard Sword the mid length weapon allowing him to switch between one and two handed fighting styles.

    Partner Pokémon
    Wears a saddle on his back and silver plate armor on his head neck and chest.
    A modest beast loyal to his partner. He is often less rash than Damon regularly being put in a position to protect his trainer.
    Ability Moxie

    Salamence was an egg when he was found by Damon. His mother having been hunted by dragon slayers hid the egg in a last ditch effort to save her child. The egg was found by Sir Kirtus and given to Damon who at the time was the knight's young page. Days later bagon hatched and the two trained together every day developing a strong bond that has lasted through both of the dragons evolutions.
  4. Name: Rosemary Raminiska
    Age: 21
    Personality: Shy, timid, though is really sweet, smart, and innovative
    Appearance:She is average height with deep olive skin and purple eyes. She has long black hair and a tattoo of a golden snake across her back. She wears a purple button up shirt and a long black skirt with a silver belt across her waist.
    Favored Weapon: Daggers
    Skills??: She is sharp thinking and strategic
    Other: She cross dresses so that she can be a knight which her hair pinned in a bun. So far she hasn't been caught...

    Partner Pokémon: Salazzle
    Gender: Female
    Armor?: Chest Plate
    Ability: Hardy
    Personality: She is sly, and extremely loyal only to Rose. If anyone gets near her partner, she will have a bad attitude to the other until she is sure the person isn't bad news.
    How you met: Rose met her as an abandoned Salandit, rescuing her from a Pokemon labor house. Ever since they have worked together to defeat many other labor houses.
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  5. Accepted, I'm going to wait for a few more players though
  6. (I may use terms you're unfamiliar with when describing my OC's armor. I'll post links to them on the bottom of this post.)
    Name: Sun Warden
    Age: 21
    Personality: Often calculating, Sun doesn't talk much. It's not that he doesn't care. In fact, it's the complete opposite. The man has a big heart, he just shows it differently than a normal person would. In battle, he always watches his ally's back, and would readily take a blade for either them or his partner.
    Appearance: Sun is tall, standing at 6'5". He has a chocolate-brown complexion, with long, black, messy hair going to the bottom of his neck. He also has sapphire blue eyes. Despite the fact he is a bit on the skinny side, he is well-muscled. He wears black trousers, with green-plated Suneate and a green-plated Kusazuri. Sun also has a green-plated Sode on his left shoulder, with a black trim. The aforementioned Sode goes from a bit above his shoulder down to two inches from his elbow. The sode is kept in place with a thin, black strap that goes diagonally across Sun's bare chest.
    Favored Weapon: A large Nodachi
    Skills??: Tactics, Strength

    Partner Pokémon: Mightyena
    Gender: Male
    Armor?: Leg armoring, going from his ankles up to his knees. He also has a chest-plate and back-plate strapped to his belly and his back, respectively.
    Ability: Moxie
    Personality: Mightyena is your typical hound. He's loving and loyal. He gets along with new people easily, assuming his partner isn't hostile towards them.
    How you met: Mightyena and Sun were raised together at Sun's household.

    (This link will take you to all the aforementioned armor pieces. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_armour#Individual_armour_parts (Japanese armour - Wikipedia) )

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