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Fall of Sinnoh (FanFic Vertion)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tabby, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. To start off: No, i did not steal this from Tailon. Eons ago i made this in a RP thread on the old forums. Then i left Pokecharms (oh the horror, right?). Then i came back, and restarted it. Then i leave for a short time, and the site goes Kaput. Finaly, i come back and the site is up and everything is gone. Well, the rest is private. For proof this isn't stolen, search the forums for the arcives of the old site. In Poke RP, FoS is there and hey look, its me that started it. And without any more adu, lets get started, shall we?

    Tabby walked through the city of Snowpoint. It was July, yet still, snow fell. Behind him, a Glacieon trotted. She was shiny, just like Tabby's Umbreon, her brother. Sinnoh was in a time of peace and prsoperity. Nothing seemed wrong, even the goverment. Tabby didn't like them, but he joined the Army at 18. By 26, he had made it to Colonel. The youngest since Lance, from Kanto. He worked his end off to get it.
    Only time he took a long leave was when his grandfather died.

    From a young age, Tabby had been alone, parents killed in a car crash when he was 8. He was forced to live with this grandparents till he left at 16 to become a pokemon master...Yea right. All he had at the time were two silver Eevee. As he lived in Snowpoint, he thought it was the enviorment, not a special Gene, that made them snowy looking. It wasn't untill they evolved, seprately, that was when he realized. His early travels were filled with rough times. Money came hard to come by, and thus food an water had to be scavenged from time to time. Doing the odd job in the towns and citys he passed. That helped. After a month of travles, he made it to the first gym that a trainer should go to. With an Ice type and a normal type, he expected to win against the Rock leader. But he was beeaten the frist time.

    As he left the gym, he swore to train till he had either an Espeon or an Umbreon. Three days later, Tabby entered the gym, and left with a badge. Six months later, he had a Dragonair and a Riolu and five more gym badges. Thats when he first met Team Galactic. They bombed a Pokecenter, killing twenty people and numerous pokemon. Tabby even lost a friend, and from then on, couldnt wait till he was old enough to join the Army. A year and a half later, with all 8 gym badges, and 3rd place in the Sinnoh Leauge, He went through BCT, and started his career as a PFC.

    Now, a Colonel, he walked past the people of Snowpoint with his Dragonair, still unevolved, a Lucario named Jake, a Manetric, and an Altaria to go with his two Eevelutuions. As he walked past the Pokemart, Glacy growled. Tabby turned around. Someone was running towrds them. Tabby unhooked his side arm, as Glacy only growled at strangers who posed a potential threat. As the person came into full veiw, a explotion rocked the city. Tabby was tossed to the ground, and when he looked up, there was no one around. Moments later, people were running everywere, and the firefighters were racing to the scene. He recalled Glacy and ran with the civilians. "I'm a Colonel! Let me through!" He ordered to a police officer who blocked him from entering the area. He was let in, and a moment later, Candice, an Admiral in the Navy came. "Ma'am!" Tabby Saluted.

    "What happend here, Colonel?" Candice asked as she saluted back. Tabby explained that he only arived a few seconds before here, but that he seen a mysterious person running away from this area. A truck pulled up with a squad of soilders, who came and reported their status to the Admiral. "I want you all to find anything you can. Have NIS search the area..."

    "Ma'am," Tabby cut off, "I would think that we should let the police investigate this first, as NIS isn't meant for small, local things such as this." The Admiral looked at the Colonel. She was apraising Tabby's Blue trench coat, cold weather uniform, and a blue pointed hat. His side arm also caught her attention.

    "May I see your side arm, Colonel?" She asked after she had paused for a moment. Tabby looked stunned, but uncliped his gun, and handed it to her.

    "M1911 ma'am." Tabby spoke, mostly to everyone watching. Surely the Admiral would know the pistol. Candice looked the gun over for a moment, and handed it back to the Colonel.

    As the two officers spoke, elsewere, near the Johto-Sinnoh border, Johto's elite squadron, Gold Flight, was preparing to launch. Major Ben, the flight leader, had roughly the same childhood as Tabby, the two even meeting a few times. But now, even if the two would meet, and that was only if Ben was shot down, they would be enemys. Ben, wearing a purple BDU* lined with Gold trim, entered his MiG-29 Fulcrum. As he sat down, he spoke to his men. "Men, this is your leader. Soon, we will be flying an air superiority mission for our army. Today, we take Sinnoh for our Empire!"

    "Gold flight, this is tower 1, your are clear for take off. Good luck men!" As soon as clearance for launch was given, the 20 aircraft took off, banking North East, for Sinnoh. Little did the people of Sinnoh know, a war was comeing.
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