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Fairy Tale

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jenova, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. (OOC: Oh wow. A one-shot story that I finally completed? Wow. I hope you guys enjoy this, and please comment on it. Criticism is appreciated, but please note that cliches will be ever present, and there’s a lot of parts that may be controversial. Also fictional culture barrier, so I've phrased some of my wording to be a bit awkward. This is... kind of like a songfic, because it’s based on the song “Tong Hua” by Guang Liang. Long story is very long.)


    It was a lovely spring day to be out and about as the sun beamed its most genuine smile. In a calm meadow of beautiful dainty flowers and tall, crisp grass sprinkled with the morning dew, one could faintly hear the laughter of children, playing near a creek bay. The clear blue waters swerved down the Earth ever so quietly, and the kids, although having the time of their lives, respected their surroundings. The little youths, a little boy and girl, talked amongst themselves as they chased each other around, their voices clear as a whistle. After a while, they sat down and rested on the grass, being careful not to tamper with the creek with their feet. It was almost as if they were the initial Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, pure and innocent. Time suddenly changes from morning to evening. As the little girl looks up at the sky and ponders for a moment, she gets a rather interesting idea.

    “Pao, when we grow up, let’s get married and live out here!” the girl cheerfully exclaimed. She stood up, brushed whatever dirt was on her dress, and placed her hands on her hips. “How about it?”

    “I don’t know, Mei Mei. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I’m all grown up,” the boy said shyly. He looked down at his feet and blushed. It was embarrassing to talk about things like that. It was the kind of stuff he heard his parents talk about amongst themselves whenever he exits the room.

    “Come on, Pao; think about it! Only people that like each other really, really much get married! Like a prince and a princess! We’re best friends, that means we really like each other! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were like Prince Charming and Cinderella? Or Rapunzel? Or Snow White?” Mei Mei asked with stars in her eyes. The thought of being a princess and being with her buddy for forever and ever was like a dream come true.

    An awkward silence fell. Mei Mei looked straight into his eyes with an irritated expression. Pao sighed and replied, “Okay, whatever you say.”

    She quickly reverted from her glare and cheered and jumped in the air. “Yay! We’ll be Mr. and Mrs.-”

    “Mei Mei! Pao! It’s time to go!”

    The two children turned around and saw their mothers, each with a scary look in their crow’s feet eyes and wrinkled brows. The two middle-aged women both frowned at their kids.

    “It’s time to go, dinner is almost ready,” Mei Mei’s mom said in a monotone. She placed her hand on her hip and used her other hand to grab Mei Mei by the ear, walking away and scolding her for playing too much. Pao felt sorry for his future wife and gulped, for he knew that his mother was even harsher.

    “Pao! Why do you spend all this time playing with that stupid girl?” his mom screeched, hitting his head and grabbing him by his hair. “You will never be able to be a better person by playing with punks! Now come on, dinner’s almost done!”

    And with that, Pao and his mother both left the Eden-esque area. They both never talked about what happened that day, as if it was a normal routine. However the next day in the village, a loud clash was heard as well as yelling and even more disruptive sounds. It was Mei Mei and her parents as they told her never to play with Pao ever again. In a mixture of fury and sadness, she ran out the hut, eventually running to the outskirts of the village. Knowing that her parents wouldn’t even try to look for her, Mei Mei went back to the creek. There, she cried and cried, wishing that she was an adult and that her Prince Charming would take her away. It didn’t even have to be a Prince Charming- her knight in shining armor, her guardian angel, anything... Moments later, Pao arrived with a package wrapped in a cloth rag. A flower from the meadow was placed right on the knot, like a brooch on a bow. The boy quietly walked up to Mei Mei and tapped her shoulder lightly. When she turned around, he held out the odd package. She wiped the tears and snot off her face to see clearly.

    “Wha- what’s that?” she asked in-between sniffles.

    Pao looked down and responded, “It’s for you. Open it.”

    Mei Mei nodded and took the gift. She lain the flower down on the ground and unwrapped the gift. It was a couple of biscuits, some ripe, perfectly round red berries, some chicken feed, and a little pot-bellied piglet. Mei Mei stared at the items and piglet, wide-eyed, and looked back at Pao.


    “Everyone heard what your mom and dad said. I know we can’t hang out anymore, and we’ll never get married now, but this is my wedding gift. I’m sorry, Mei Mei,” Pao said sadly.

    Mei Mei burst into tears again as she placed the gifts down and hugged Pao. She laughed and sobbed all at the same time; taken aback by the sudden movement, Pao blushed again. After a while, Mei Mei stopped hugging him and maintained composure, giggling and wiping the tears away. She then stopped her giggling and looked at Pao with a serious, yet sad look.

    “Pao... I wish you were my angel. Then all this bad stuff wouldn’t happen, and if it did, you’d just make it get better,” the girl said.

    “Mama told me to stop believing in fairy tales,” the boy said.

    “That’s what my mom said, too. She said that real life can’t be like fairy tales.”


    “‘Cause fairy tales and real life can never go together. That stinks; if they can’t, then why do grandpas and grandmas say that anything can happen?” Mei Mei said, her arms folded.

    Pao wondered that as well, and then thought about it for a moment. Then, he had an answer. “It’s because moms and dads didn’t listen to grandmas and grandpas, so they don’t get the happily ever after endings! Then, they become the evil step-parents!” he exclaimed.

    “That’s got to be it!” Mei Mei said. She hugged Pao again and said, “You’re really smart!”

    “Thanks, Mei Mei!”

    They giggled at each other because of their little joke. And so with their question answered, they spent the rest of the day at the meadow and the creek until the sun set down on the horizon. Mei Mei looked back at her friend, and likewise did he. They knew that from that point on, they would never be friends and hang out with each other unless something happened, like a miracle.

    “Mei Mei...” Pao started to say, looking out on the horizon.

    “Yeah, Pao?” Mei Mei replied back.

    “Let’s promise to always try to live our lives like fairy tales.”

    “... I promise.”

    10 years later...

    Life certainly changed for the two of them. With the influence of the West, many people were able to get higher position jobs and left the village for the city. Some of the obnoxious people even changed their names to English ones to seem sophisticated. Mei Mei’s parents became brothel owners in a successful town and changed Mei Mei’s name to Elizabeth. It was absurd - what was so high and mighty about owning a brothel that made them just like the rich Westerners? Mei Mei felt embarrassed and ashamed by the name change; she became something she was clearly not. In all, she was still an average 18 year old Chinese girl. Worst of all, she had abandoned her faith in fairy tales years ago. There was simply no hope left in her.

    Pao had it for both better and worse. His parents moved to Beijing and there, he received the best education ever. He eventually became the youngest councilman for the Emperor. However, what he didn’t expect was that he served under the Emperor’s son. The Prince was obviously a spoiled brat, although older than Pao by a few years. Like Mei Mei, Pao, too, had a name change - Thomas. Pao himself even found it humiliating. Even worse, the Prince knew how much he hated the name and tormented him all the time. “Oh Thomas, go over this document for me, will ya? Thomas, tell my father to execute my newest servant. Thomas, you must be such a smart man. All work and no play, no muscle at all. Just like how a woman should be.” He, too, had no hope left in him. However, unlike Mei Mei, Pao still kept his promise. Deep down inside, he still believed that fairy tales could happen. He just felt that it would never happen to him. After all, who had ever heard of a Prince’s lackey on a donkey, rescuing a damsel in distress?

    One day, Pao, and the Prince’s men were assigned a mission - to accompany the Prince on a travel throughout the country. The Emperor wanted his son to see what his soon-to-inherit land would be like, and to have an idea how the people lived. He also asked of Thomas to find a suitable bride for the Prince, a “good-hearted and beautiful girl” that would catch his fancy, although the Emperor forced Thomas to swear on his life not to inform anyone of this. If the Prince were to “fall in love with both his country and his people” enough to marry one of them, surely this would have been excellent publicity. However during the tour around the country, like always, the Prince was complaining throughout the trip, although this time more than usual as it was his 22nd birthday.

    “This is so boring! Why should I care about how the people live? They don’t do anything for me, they’re more like stupid vermin! Constantly giving birth while whining on and on about how poor and suffering they are. Bah! I say you should just give all the women to me; the young as my concubines and child bearers, and the old as my servants, caretakers and mid-wives!” the Prince ranted. He laughed obnoxiously, and continued to go on and on about his “brilliant” idea.

    Pao, while reading his book and listening to the Prince’s rambles, shook his head at the sheer arrogance and stupidity. For the love of women everywhere, God forbid that he was the ‘Prince Charming’ in anyone’s fairy tale. The guardians in heaven above would roll over in pain and laughter. Surely, someone would have to be born under an evil star of misfortune to ever have that egoistic child of a man as their partner... Wait - fairy tale? When was the last time he had thought about fairy tales? Since he was eight? Ten? Why did he suddenly think of fairy tales? However, before he could think of any logical reason, Pao’s thoughts were shattered as the Prince’s voice invaded his ears and into his mind.

    Thomas, what do you think? Should I just execute all the ugly women, or should I be a saint and just hand them to the men in case there’s a small chance that the gods allow them to give birth to beautiful women?” the Prince asked, smirking. Frustrating the young councilman was definitely his favorite past time when he didn’t have concubines with him.

    Pao regained composure and simply replied, “Surely any woman shouldn’t have to suffer being with you.” Then he realized what he had just said.

    “What was that, Thomas!?!”

    “Ah, no, my apologies dear Prince. You misunderstood me. What I mean was that they shouldn’t have to suffer out of guilt! As in, guilt because you’re so mighty and powerful, and they feel as if they are helpless in your presence! After all, women truly are inferior!” Pao quickly lied. He mentally cringed at the sexist comment, although was cautious enough not to let it show.

    “... I see.” The Prince pondered Pao’s words for a moment, and then dismissed it with a laugh and boasted. “See, that is why I am the Prince, and you are my right-hand man! Truly you are correct! No woman can resist my power; my might; my stamina!”

    Pao secretly rolled his eyes and agreed. “Why, of course, my liege. Whatever you say.”

    Later on, the horse carriage entered a town. When it reached the town square, it came to a halt. The Prince and Pao stepped out of the carriage as one of the Prince’s men announced their arrival. The townspeople cheered as the Prince walked by them, a pathway cleared open for him as he and his men went into the town’s most expensive bar to celebrate his birthday and drink the entire day away. Pao, of course, was dragged into the festivities, although he stayed sober in order to watch over the Prince. Afterwards, the Prince and his men entered a brothel that had also served as an inn. Through his drunkenness it was clear to the prostitutes how vulnerable he was with money and power. It was only a matter of getting Pao out of the way in order to get his riches. Together, the women devised a plan- to get Pao to harass their employers’ daughter, then defend her so the Prince pay compensation for their “noble acts.” One of the women then walked over to Pao in an attempt to seduce him.

    “You know, dear councilman... Why not relax? The Prince is safe with our fine young ladies... and you look like you need our hospitality as well,” she told him while stroking his face with her index finger. “Just relax... There is nothing to worry about.”

    Pao, rather irritated by the woman’s advances, politely declined. “I’m sorry, but it is my duty to watch over his Highness. There is never a time to relax.”

    “Hn? Never a time to relax? Oh don’t be so hard on yourself, a wise man like you can always spare some time for fun. All work and no play makes a good boy dull,” she replied, chuckling. She then picked up a cup of wine that was prepared and drugged earlier from the nearby table and offered it to him. “I insist you, have a drink. His Highness’s men will take care of him.”

    The young councilman looked on over to where the Prince and his soldiers were sitting. The Prince was surrounded by prostitutes that urged him to drink even further, while the other men were practically chugging down alcohol. Pao then looked back at the woman and said, “That’s what I’m worried about.”

    “Hn?” the prostitute said, smirking. “The Emperor’s soldiers are an unreliable source? My, my... I wonder what would happen if word got out.”

    Pao then realized what had happened. He then quickly changed his mind and said, “Oh no, no, they’re the most trustworthy men of all time!”

    “I see. Then you should have not a care in the world, let them watch over his Highness! Let’s drink for the reliability of the Emperor’s men!” the woman cheered.

    Everyone in the room cheered, and Pao had no choice but to drink. He gulped down the entire cup of wine as everyone else cheered even louder. The Prince laughed loudly and exclaimed to Pao, “Thomas - my most trusted advisor! So you are a real man! Only a real man can stomach their alcohol as such!”

    Pao faked a smile and said, “Why of course, my liege! But I am nothing compared to you, your Highness. Why don’t you show us how much of a true man you are?”

    “Of course, Thomas! I have already proven myself earlier; why not prove it again for these women?”

    The Prince began downing shots of alcohol, one by one. The prostitutes were amazed, although at the same time they were delighted to see how large his sum of payment would be. The Prince’s men cheered on and also followed suit. Pao, on the other hand, was rather indifferent and thought of how many brain cells the Prince had killed if he had any at all. The woman that started the event whispered into Pao’s ear and asked him to follow her. Due to the effects of the drug in Pao’s drink, he obeyed her and did so. The prostitute led him out of the room and down the corridor before finally reaching the last room. They stopped, and the woman turned around to face Pao.

    “Councilman Thomas, I’m sure you must be very tired, and not because of today’s celebration,” she said slyly.

    “What do you mean?” he asked.

    “A smart man such as you must be so stressed, having to deal with such important affairs and the like. It also must be hard seeing the Prince; you and I both know how arrogant he is,” she replied while batting her eyelashes.

    “What are you going on about? In case you forgot, I can report your words to his Hi-”

    “Oh come on. How many concubines does he have in the palace? Ten? Twelve? Fifteen? Why should he have so many women eager to please him when he is just a spoiled brat? You, on the other hand, have to do all his dirty work while he teases you with his harem. Don’t you want to experience being his Highness for once?”

    Had it not been for the drugged wine, Pao would have most likely figured out what was going on. However, he was under its influence and drunkenly agreed. The prostitute smiled and said, “Well I will let you in on a little secret; behind this door is one of our most talented girl of all- Elizabeth. She won’t say no to anything. How about it, Councilman? Don’t mind her name, the Prince won’t notice a thing and he’ll pay for your expenses.”

    Once again, Pao agreed to it. With that, the woman opened the door silently and pushed him in. She closed the door, although not all the way in order to still hear what was going on. The prostitute left and headed back to the room the Prince was, leaving Pao alone. He looked at his surroundings; it was just a simple bedroom, nothing fancy. He then looked down and saw a girl, fast asleep. He thought to himself how odd it was, and then sat down next to her, tapping her shoulder.

    “Excuse me, miss?”

    No answer. Pao sighed and let time pass by him for a brief moment. Then, he noticed something strange about the girl in front of him. He stared at her face, hoping to reveal what was it that seemed off. She wasn’t ugly, but there was something familiar about her. Upon closer look, Pao then realized why the girl seemed strange - she resembled Mei Mei. He was shocked; it was a long time since he had last thought of his childhood friend. Pao thought to himself how it shouldn’t have been that surprising, due to the fact that a lot of people have left their former village. Still, the thought of Mei Mei as a prostitute... it seemed impossible. Her parents were too proud to force her into such a lowly job, so why was she there? He fell deep into thought, and the more he pondered it, the more his tears fell down to Mei Mei’s bed. Eventually, some fell down onto her hand, causing her to slowly wake up. She yawned a little before noticing Pao right in front of her, causing her to jump from her bed and shriek. Pao was shocked by her sudden movements and quickly covered her mouth.

    “Mei Mei, it’s me- Pao!” he whispered in her ear.

    She quickly pushed away his hand and pinned him down onto the floor. How dare some strange man come into her room-, but wait. Did he just say that he was Pao? Mei Mei was confused and inspected the man’s face. It was true; the man really was Pao, her long lost childhood friend. She smiled at him and released him, only to hug him tightly.

    “Pao! It really is you!” she exclaimed. Pao quickly put a finger to her mouth and shushed her; he didn’t want people to know his real name. Mei Mei removed the hand and just kept on grinning. “What are you doing here?” she asked him.

    He looked at Mei Mei, whom noticed how concerned he looked. “I should be asking you that. What happened to you? Why did you change your name to Elizabeth? Why are you working in a brothel?”

    Mei Mei rolled her eyes and said, “My parents got a successful business and changed my name. I really hate it-” It was then that the latter question came into full view. “I’m not working in a brothel. My parents own this place.”

    “Then why did one of the women here told me that you worked here?” Pao asked. “It did seem strange that there would be one prostitute not working during these hours, even when his Highness is here out of all places...”

    “The Prince is here?’ Mei Mei said, even more confused. Although she had no faith in fairy tales, the mystical feeling of encountering a prince was present in her heart. She had always imagined the Prince being a noble figure; a benevolent, wise gentleman. So why would the Prince be in a brothel?

    “Yes. The Prince is here. I work for him, which is why I’m here. My parents also changed my name to Thomas.”

    “Pao, I mean Thomas-”

    “Please call me Pao. Like you, I hate my new name.”

    “Pao... that’s wonderful!” she said, smiling a little. However despite her calmness on the outside, she was extremely ecstatic on the inside. “I’m slightly envious of you, although it’s to be expected. I want to meet him right away!”

    He was less than ecstatic upon hearing that. By now, should they both go see the Prince, his Majesty would most likely misunderstand the entire thing. Either he would assume that Pao was bringing a prostitute to him, or an entirely different story. But of course he couldn’t say that to his best friend, especially since he remembered how much she loved fairy tales.

    “He probably passed out from all the alcohol. Besides, we have to leave early tomorrow morning,” he said.

    “Well can’t I just see what he looks like?” Mei Mei asked. “I’ve never seen how the royalty dress before.”

    Pao sighed and reluctantly accepted, taking her hand and leading the way. If that was what she wanted, then he guessed it wouldn’t be so bad. After all, like he said, the Prince had probably passed out from the alcohol. Mei Mei, on the other hand, was giddy with delight. First, she got to see her childhood friend, and now she got to see royalty in the flesh. Maybe fairy tales did exist... Fairy tales? Mei Mei wondered why she thought about fairy tales before quickly brushing it off. Like her mother said, “Fairy tales and real life cannot be the same thing.” They eventually reached the Prince’s room, only to see that the Prince was alive and well, along with the obviously displeased prostitutes. Some of the soldiers have passed out, however.

    “Why Thomas! How cruel of you, you stole one of my women!” the Prince said, followed by drunken laughing. The other women feigned laughter, confused as to why their employers’ daughter was intact. They were sure that Pao was like his commander and fell into temptation just as easily.

    “Your Highness, this is the brothel owners’ daughter. She simply wanted to meet you upon hearing that you were in town,” Pao explained.

    Mei Mei nodded and responded, “This is true. My name is Elizabeth, and it is such an honor for you to be in my parents’ brothel out of all places.”

    The Prince simply laughed, reminiscent of a donkey braying, and said, “I see! It is also an honor to meet you. I must apologize for mistaking you as one of the workers, for you are just as beautiful as these women, if not even more so! I offer you to sit next to me, and let us have a rather jolly conversation before I leave when the sun arrives!”

    Mei Mei nodded and blushed, somehow instantly falling for the Prince’s drunken charisma. Pao, on the other hand, shook his head at the Prince’s choice of words, as well as how giddy Mei Mei was. If it’s one thing he knew about Mei Mei, it’s how enthusiastic and expressive she was. Mei Mei sat next to the Prince, who lain his arm over her shoulder, causing her to blush an even darker shade. Pao couldn’t bear to watch it- it was just too painstaking to see. His childhood friend with the most frustrating man he ever had to deal with. It was too much. The prostitutes looked at each other as if they were telepathically devising a plan. Surprisingly, it seemed so, as they all subtly nodded among themselves. One of the prostitutes silently slipped away, exiting the brothel. Pao, of course, did not notice, and also exited the brothel.

    Pao leaned onto the side of the brothel’s outer walls, his arms folded across his chest. He stared at the night sky, contemplating on the current events. To him, it seemed just like a fairy tale. The only thing is, he was not the main character, but rather Mei Mei’s fairy godmother. It was surprising how fate would bring them back together. It was then that a shooting star raced above him. In a daze, he subconsciously wished how his life would be like a fairy tale. When the star disappeared, Pao’s eyes widened. What had he done? He had asked for a meaningless, selfish act. What was more, he had believed in something as ridiculous as a wish on a shooting star. He thought to himself how it seemed that his childhood was trying to haunt him. Pao thought of various memories, particularly his days with Mei Mei in the creek. He remembered how angry their mothers were when they found out about their friendship.

    Suddenly, he heard a crash, followed by yells and screaming and even more disruptive sounds. Pao turned around and ran back into the brothel, remembering what had happened ten years ago. He didn’t want Mei Mei to be hurt. When he entered the brothel, he noticed how the door was broken down. He ran into the room and saw the women and the Prince huddled into one corner, the men all passed out, and Mei Mei fighting a masked, and armed, person. The stranger swung their sword at her, which she dodged with ease. She then proceeded to twirl around the stranger and disarm them, pinning them down from behind. Pao rushed over to retrieve the sword, pointing it towards the mysterious person. He then quickly unmasked the stranger and revealed it to be the woman from before, the one that told him of Mei Mei.

    Pao scowled and said, “So you were behind this. I have told you this before, I can report this to the Emperor himself. However, it is better to just execute you right here for attempted assault!” He then looked over to the huddled prostitutes and angrily asked, “Were all of you behind this?”

    The prostitutes quickly shook their heads, their eyes full of “fear.” One of the women crawled closer to Pao and told him, “Of c-course not, councilman. It was all her idea!”

    She pointed a finger at the pinned down woman, whom growled and shouted, “You traitorous wen-”

    “Silence!” the Prince yelled. He regained composure, yet staggeringly walked over to Pao. The Prince then kicked the woman’s face, causing her to yelp in pain. “You are hereby arrested and will be executed immediately upon arrival to the palace! You dare attempt to make a mockery of myself? Don’t be so insolent, you pathetic wench!” The Prince then walked on over to the unconscious soldiers and kicked them in their sides. They awoke quickly, only to have the Prince yell at them, “Get up you useless morons!”

    He commanded them to arrest her and to bind her limbs as well as gag her mouth. They obeyed his orders, and then carried her up from the ground, taking her to the town’s jailhouse. Mei Mei was horrified as she watched all this occur. It was true that what the woman did was a major offense, but to kick her in the face to silence her? To kick his men in order to wake them up? The flame that was ignited in her innocent soul vanished. She knew it was too good to be true. Even so, she couldn’t believe her eyes. A heartless prince with skin-deep beauty. Of course, what more could she have expected since he was a customer at a brothel?

    The Prince then looked over to Mei Mei with a smirk adorned on his face. Not only was she pretty, but she was also a strong woman. Yet deep down inside, he was terrified and envious to see someone, a woman no doubt, with such courage. If it wasn’t a prostitute making a mockery of him cowering in fear, it was a brothel owner’s daughter making a mockery of him by displaying little to no fear at all. Still, there was no way that he was going to let everyone see his true feelings. What’s more, now he has to pay for the damages caused. He was a damsel in distress paying for his own rescue. It was better to come up with a front, in order to get away with the debt. But he acted fast, for Mei Mei’s parents ran into the room, both of them shocked by the giant hole in the wall, as well as the scenario that was taking place.

    “Your Highness, what happened? Are you alright?” Mei Mei’s mother said.

    The Prince feigned a look of pain. “One of your prostitutes attempted to murder me. My men have locked her up, but I am deeply sorrowed.”

    “Oh your Highness, we are truly sorry! Please, do not put her actions as the majority of ours as well. You know how these women are, they are cunning vixens!” Mei Mei’s father cried out. He pleaded on his hands and knees.

    The Prince placed a hand on the old man’s shoulder. “Do not worry, for I am a just being! If it wasn’t for your daughter’s courageous act, I wouldn’t be here to tell you!”

    Mei Mei’s parents both lit up. “Our Elizabeth?” they both questioned. They then looked at their daughter, her eyes wide and her face blushing once more.

    “Why yes. Your daughter risked her life to save mine! As a token of my appreciation and my affection,” the Prince said, walking over to Mei Mei and putting her hand in his, “I have decided that she will be my wife.”

    Everyone in the room was shocked. The prostitutes couldn't believe it; how did their plans suddenly spiral down as such? Their compensation money was gone and they had lost. Pao, on the other hand, thought his eyes and ears were playing tricks on him. Mei Mei, his childhood friend, the only person he knew with a pure and golden heart, with the arrogant, idiotic, heartless Prince? His world was in turmoil, and he felt lightheaded and dizzy. Mei Mei didn’t know what to think when she suddenly flashed back to her past, although her memory was fuzzy. ”Only people that... get married! Like a prince and a princess!” ... ““Let’s promise to always try to live our lives like fairy tales.” When Mei Mei remembered her promise, tears started to form in her eyes. She didn’t even notice that the Prince had left with her parents in order to negotiate with each other and that all the prostitutes left. It was just her and Pao.

    “P-Pao...” she managed to croak out of her throat before going into a mental breakdown.

    Mei Mei clutched onto Pao’s shirt, as if he was a balloon about to float away. They replayed what had happened ten years ago. It was unbelievable how the past caught up to them. A curse, such as Sleeping Beauty’s sleep. Only this time, true love’s kiss would never save them. Pao stared out at the gaping hole in the wall, at the night sky with its glimmering stars. They shone brightly and swerved around the dark canvas. It was as if they were crying, or telling them not to give up. However, to Pao, it seemed as though they were taunting him with their little dance. As far as he cared, they were treacherous little pixies, granting wishes that would eventually get them back later. If only his wish worked out for the better.

    “Tong hua li dou shi pian ren de.”

    Pao looked down with a puzzled expression at his friend. Her eyes were dreary, nearly closed as if she were to fall asleep. It took him a moment to take her words in before realizing what she had said. All fairy tales are lies. As soon as he began to open his mouth to respond, she uttered a sentence that dropped his heart to the floor, shattering it into pieces.

    “Ni bu ke nen shi wo de wang zi.”

    You can’t possibly be my prince. Of course, that was the truth. No matter how educated he was, or what his job was to the royal family, there was one thing that would never change - the fact that he was born a peasant boy in a rundown village. It was his wish and desire against the Prince’s. It was his word against the Prince’s. It was his life against the Prince’s. In the end, that was what it all boiled down to. Suddenly, the world seemed like a large, massive, and cruel place, with Mei Mei and Pao as the ants that are crushed by society. A society that views a peasant-born as vermin, and a woman as dirt. It fell like an avalanche had crushed their spirits as she sobbed into his tunic. Pao was still in shock, but managed to embrace her, burying her in his arms.

    “Congratulations, Mei Mei. Your life is just like a fairy tale now,” he said, his voice as hollow as an empty glass bottle. “I can only watch over you now, like a real angel.”
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  2. That is so bleeping sad. I love this tale, its mix of current day and stereotypical fairy tale traits making it something uniquely touching.

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