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Open Fairy Tail's Newest Team! (Sign up/Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lord Of Pain, May 18, 2017.

  1. hey guys! so ive decided to start a fairy tail RP, hope we get far considering the last one i was in died early :'|

    the RP takes place during the Oracion Seis Ark, while Team Natsu are off to deal with them the other wizards of the guild decide to continue with the norm, going on jobs and hanging out with friends

    the rules are as following

    1. please no marry sues, dragon slayer and Devil slayer magic is allowed but dont go with double Elements, single elements are OP enough

    2. each RPer gets a max of 2 characters, each character gets a max of 3 magics (max of 2 if you want to give them a slayer magic), and they have to be more skilled in one of the 3-2 than the other magics they have

    3. dont go for anything too OP unless you want me to ask you to change your powers

    4. romance is allowed but keep it tamed people!

    5. follow pokecharm role play rules as well as these!

    6. have fun! oh and respect everyone in this!

    bio :

    Magic: *list from most skilled to least*
    backstory: *optional*

    Phoenix (fire key)
    Gate of the flaming bird
    Looks like a tall slender young woman in a red dress, her hair is orange and wavy and her eyes are rainbow colored, she has fiery wings, she also wears golden gauntlets with claw like fingers and rubies on the knuckles
    She is energetic and the happy go lucky type, and she is very caring, she also loves reading
    Her magic is rainbow fire and purple flare
    Perseus (earth key)
    Gate of the Hero
    A boy in his early teens wearing baggy brown pants and a navy blue shirt with an iron chest plate and shoulder pads over it, his hair is black and messy and his eyes are amber orange, has a sword with him too
    He loves to battle and always looks for a challenge, whoever he deems not worth his time is Turned to stone, he hates reptiles of all sorts
    His magic is stone eyes and sword magic
    Draco (lightning key)
    Gate of the Dragon
    She is a young woman geared up in a golden knight's armor, she has braided ombre blond hair and yellow eyes, she wields a dragon themed guandao and has dragon wings
    She is brave and kind, but she is also sensitive, she is also half human which makes her the only celestial spirit to be able to survive in the human world as long as she wants
    Her magic is lightning dragon slayer but she is still a beginner
    Hydra (nature Key)
    Gate of the Water Serpent
    He appears as a green scaly man with gray hair and yellow snake eyes, his fingers are clawed, has a long tail and sharp fangs instead of teeth, he wears black swimming trunks as his only clothing
    He is pretty much as arrogant and prideful as laxus during the Phantom Lord and Battle of Fairy tail arks.... plus he hisses with every S
    He uses Acid Magic and Clone magic
    Andromeda (water key)
    Gate of the Chained woman
    her appearance is that of a beautiful woman in a white and light blue dress, her wrists and ankles are wrapped in rusty chains, she has sapphire blue hair and eyes and has nicely tanned skin
    she is Perseus' girlfriend and she hates Cetus and Cassiopeia because of things in the past she doesnt like to talk about
    she uses Water magic and Chain magic
    Pegasus (Air Key)
    Gate of the Winged Horse
    he looks like a 12 year old boy with cobalt blue hair and turquoise eyes, wearing a white button up shirt, black jacket, brown baggy pants and cobalt blue winged shoes, he also wears a white and blue scarf and is pale, he also was white feathery wings
    Pegasus is always feeling cold even in deserts, he loves to run around as well as fly as fast as he can, but he also loves to not play fair, he is best friends with Perseus
    he uses Airspace magic and Slowing magic
    Cetus (Chaos Key)
    Gate of the Sea Monster
    it resembles a colossal black fish with a grey rocky armor and has 16 rows of teeth and purple eyes
    Cetus cant be summoned outside of water like Aquarius, has a primitive mind and barbaric nature making it a spirit ready to demolish everything in sight with a single simple command, however it may be best to have the high ground since its size may cause it to accidentally get hurt, he hates Perseus, Andromeda and Pegasus and its gender is unknown
    has no magic but doesnt need it to cause huge amounts collateral damage
    Hercules (Order Key)
    Gate of the Champion
    he is a muscular man with olive skin, long ginger hair and beard, wears a gladiator's battle skirt and a lion themed golden shoulder and arm guard, he also wields a giant golden club
    he is a happy go lucky fighter with a passion for drinking booze and weight lifting, he has a bad history with Hydra and Cerberus, and is a friendly rival with Leo/Loke
    his magic is Regulus and Heavenly body
    Cassiopeia (darkness key)
    Gate of the Arrogant
    she is a beautiful well tanned woman with white hair that reaches her hips and has silvery grey eyes, she wears a black and white dress and a golden crown with black gems
    she takes pride in her looks believing she is the most beautiful Celestial spirit, she also is a caring mother for Andromeda despite the family problems right now, she is also Cepheus' wife
    she uses shadow magic and ring magic (charms - sleeping spells - light magic spells)
    Cepheus (light key)
    Gate of the Ruler
    A strong fit man with tanned skin, he has black messy hair and silvery grey eyes, he wears a pair of black pants with a white shirt and a gilded black cape, he also wears a golden crown with white gems
    He is the caring father of Andromeda and husband of Cassiopeia, he loves to dress fashionably and is an expert at chess
    He uses light magic and re-equip: the caster to swap in and out of armor to match his current fighting style (white for fists and black for staffs he uses to cast shadow magic)
    Coming soon
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  2. I don't know if I should have Slayer magic... I'm thinking about it... maybe?... ... Yup, doin' it, hooray originality~

    Whatever, I had a character in mind from the get-go and Slayer Magic fits him, so I'm goin' with that.

    Name: Reinhardt "Rein" Wyrmveil
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Requip: The Stalwart (Uses shields rather than swords), Stone Dragon Slayer Magic (Element: Stone/Rocks, he isn't very good at it considering he is just a Second Gen Slayer)
    Personality: Reinhardt is a dork most of the time. He knows a little about how to have a small conversation, but he isn't really great at executing the strategies that reside in his mind. Still, he tries and tries. He sees weaknesses that he has and works to improve them. When in a combat situation, Rein will put himself on the frontlines, taking hit after hit as long as he has someone to protect. He is self-sacrificial in that regard, but he doesn't see this as a flaw. Rather, he sees this as a somewhat heroic trait. He holds other people in a higher status compared to him at first but slowly starts to assess their true "ranking" after getting to know them. He tries as hard as he can to be nice about being judgemental, but sometimes he says something he doesn't mean without knowing.
    Appearance: Reinhardt has tan skin, spiky tar black hair that he keeps in a ponytail that reaches his lower back, and eyes the color of fire. He's tall, but not Elfman or Gajeel tall, and he's decently well toned. A small scar runs across his collarbone from a minor injury in the past, but Rein makes no conscious effort to conceal it. Rein can generally be found wearing a black t-shirt beneath a silver polished breastplate he inherited from his father (it has his father's name, Alduin, inscribed in a blue hue just above the bottom in small letters), which is in turn beneath a black sleeved vest with a fur "scarf trim" (like Sting). He also wears a pair of silver vambraces to match the breastplate. As far as pants go, he sticks to a pair of faded brown sweatpants. He wears a pair of dark gray hiking boots that he had fashioned with silvery steel plating so they matched his breastplate.
    Likes: The smell of booze, cake of any kind (minus chocolate kinds), relaxing at the bar (no, he doesn't really drink, but he just chills there)
    Dislikes: Being complimented (he doesn't know how to take compliments,) being in the leader position when he doesn't need to be, chocolate (he thinks it's too bitter)
    Backstory: Reinhardt was born pretty weak. He was constantly getting sick, going in and out of doctor's offices and hospital rooms and the like. This continued for a solid six years after his birth, until his father returned from an adventure. He was a wizard for a lesser guild that was just starting out. On his recent adventure, one that took five years to complete for him, he had claimed a special Lacrima for Slayer Magic, specifically Dragon Slayer Magic. He gave the Lacrima to Rein without a second thought, and just like that, his illnesses ceased to pester him, and he was much stronger than before. To repay his father, Rein felt as if he had to be a wizard in a guild as well. He set out to become stronger, and when he felt he was ready, he made his way to Fairy Tail, one of - if not the - top guild in all of Fiore.

    If anything is wrong with this, tell me and I'll rework it. I'm so happy another Fairy Tail RP is starting up, I love Fairy Tail to death~! :D:up:
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  3. Name: Akuma Wyndall
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Take Over: Satan Soul; Form "Tenebris".
    Personality: Akuma, despite his abilities, is an overall level-headed, respecting character. He is loyal when it comes to friendships and partnerships, however can be stubborn if anything he is expected to do goes against his natural morals to aim for his overall benefit. He usually reflects his attitude towards people depending on how he is treated first. All in all, he is a fairly good friend to have.
    Appearance: Human - (Profile Pic)
    Appearance: Demon Tenebris Form (in link above): Hair goes a midnight black, and cracks run occasionally down the side of his face, arms, and legs. His eyes turn pitch black with red, piercing pupils. Grows a decent amount of inches taller, and he sprouts two black fiery wings, as well as a considerably long tail of the same crimson and black color. Hands and feet turn to hand-like sharp claws.
    Likes: Books, Active Environments, Combat Training.
    Dislikes: Loud and Obnoxious People, Wretched Smells, Intentionally Arrogant People.
    Backstory: Once apart of a fairly noble family that dwelled within Crocus, Akuma left once he began becoming treated like the outcast he was. His mother was an unknown, closeted Wizard - who happened to have intentionally taken over a dangerous demon whilst pregnant with Akuma, in order to save Akuma's older brother, who was only a small child at the time. Upon Akuma's birth, it was quite prevelant that he had taken the power of the Demon Tenebris. His family tried to hide him from the excessive attention they received amongst other nobles, but eventually the truth came out as Akuma grew older - and was shamed enough to the point where he left Crocus, and found himself in Magnolia - where he happened to have met Mirajane, someone who shared in a somewhat similar experience as himself. He eventually joined Fairy Tail after finding multiple other friends he could find himself comfortable around.
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  4. @Hisseki @Platinum_ both accepted, also check the first post since I added 3 out of 12 keys

    Name: Armatyle Hellscream

    Age: 16

    Gender: male

    Magic: purgatory dragon slayer and tears magic

    Personality: he is quite flirty with women but also short tempered, he Is always ready for a fight and if he starts one he plans to see it through to the end, he loves playing harmless pranks and making puns too, however he is very sensitive, combine that with his short temper and his magics and you have someone you better think before talking to.....

    Appearance: he has black spiky hair and maroon eyes, his skin is very pale and he wears a black long sleeved shirt with a sleeveless red hoodie over it and baggy black pants with red shoes

    Likes: puns, playing pranks, flirting, his friends

    Dislikes: being insulted, being in a leader spot, his friends getting hurt, the mentioning of Diana (Draco)

    backstory: Armatyle uses to live in a tiny camp site in a cave on mount Hakobe, since he was implanted with a dragon slayer lacrima not many kids liked being around him, except for another kid who had a dragon slayer lacrima implanted in her too, her name was Diana (secretly the celestial spirit Draco) and they were great friends..... until the cave collapsed on itself and everyone except the two died, however Armatyle didn't know she survived, when he found out that the collapsing of the cave was caused by a dark guild he chose to join Fairy tail to avenge Diana
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  5. yeah, it is, just been waiting a bit to see if anyone else will join
  6. Ok so, i'm just getting back into role-play after a year so sorry if this is bad, also i haven't finished fairy tail so bare with me.

    Name: Spade Fox
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Ice-Make
    Personality: Spade is harsh, she keeps her emotions to herself. Showing pain is what she calls weakness, and she hates being vulnerable. Despite this she can be easy going, especially with kids, due to her past.
    Appearance: Spade has black and white hair split down the middle, the left side is black and the right is white, tied into a high ponytail with a rope. She wears a black short-sleeved shirt cover by a black leather jacket. Its finished off with a pair of jean-shorts and black sneakers
    Likes: Spade likes being alone.
    Dislikes: When someone dishonors the guild, and when someone picks on someone else.
    backstory: Spade doesn't remember much of her past, but she remembers being abandoned as scared. Only remembering up till the age of 15 where she took off from her abusive family. She went around the world trying to find a guild to take her in. After awhile she joined FairyTail and is a proud member (Sorry I'm not good at backstories!)
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  7. its ok, however Wind make isnt a thing...
  8. I knew it! Agh ill just stick with Ice-Make.
  9. well your character is approved, 4 should be enough so expect the RP to be posted once the Celestial spirits list is completed, dont want the poor celestial mages that will join this to be left with silver keys....
  10. Alright,is okay if I Have the OC From my Prev. RP?

    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Magic: *list from most skilled to least* Requip: Swordsman[]Ankhseram Black Magic (See? Give him Black hair and call him Zeref, And yes, you might ask:"But Shipperrrrrr Doesn't that cause people around him to Die?" Well, His is in a way, Not that way, H efound out how to Keep Faith, And not Kill people around him, See?
    Personality: To lazy to make one
    Appearance:White Hair, Black Sweatshirt W/ Grey Undershirt, Black jeans, and Nike's.
    Likes: His Sword, Sleepin' , Goin' on Missions/\.
    Dislikes: To lazy to Put this Down.
    backstory: *optional*Nein

    And imma wait to see if I can get meh Exceed.
  11. @Lord Of Pain Anyway the thread could be posted now? I think we're all about ready :up:
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  12. once im back from school
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  13. Ahh gotcha! Also I just noticed some of your signature - and you like AQW? :D That brings back so many memories I LOVED that game
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  14. By the way to give us an objective in this RP I'm having a dark guild that me and a friend of mine created take opportunity of fairy tail's strongest team not being around, Entropy Ward, if you have any questions ask away :)
  15. Alright awesome.
  16. I hope I'm still able to join.

    Name: Simon Deni
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Simon uses a very rare type of magic known as Summon Magic. It is much like using celestial spirits except the user actually creates beings for things like fighting. Most of the time, these beings are kept in a small dimension, and are only summoned when needed. So far Simon had created 9, as he has been practicing this magic since he was young.
    Personality: Simon is a very quirky person. He tries to make jokes whenever possible, and usually his top priority is to have a good time. He even treats the beings he created as friends, despite being told not to. Regardless, he can get serious when need be, and is always ready to protect those he cares about.
    Appearance: Even though he's only 15, he's very tall for his age, often being mistaken for an adult, his eyes are blue, and he has red hair. He wears a black sweatshirt all the time, even when it's warm, and he is overall not intimidating.
    Likes: Food, watching fights, adventures, comedy.
    Dislikes: The cold, being bored, being told what to do, heights.
  17. Before accepting you can you tell me what are these beings?
  18. Of course!
    1. The first one is a skeleton with no hands called radius. This may seem like a flaw, but he has minor telepathic abilities, rendering hands mostly useless.
    2. A biped cat known as Visor who wears sunglasses. His power is to sort of phase to different spots. It's not exactly teleportation, though, because he can only phase a couple feet away. He's a martial artist, though, so this shouldn't be much of a problem.
    3. This one is basically a person made of razor blades named Dicer. What he does should be pretty self explanatory.
    4. Though not as strong as most of the others, this one is a small origami person made of magenta paper, confusingly named Fuchsia. Her main ability is to fold herself into different shapes depending on what is needed of her. She is very stealthy, but, being paper, can't really fight.
    5. This one is probably the strangest, and my favorite. It's a person but their skin is pitch black, and their eyes glow blue. His name is Mister E. He has white hair and wears all white clothing. Unlike Visor, he is able to actually teleport. He is also quite strong, but his strangest power is that he can gain different abilities from eating different minerals. One example would be gaining fire powers from coal.
    6. Imagine a person who is made of ice, has no eyes, wears a helmet to hide it, has ice skated made of ice that can work almost anywhere, and instead of hands, has icicles. Then you pretty much have krow.
    7. Waffle is like a person, except he has a pastern on his face like a waffle. He caries to knives he uses excellently, but his main power comes from something else. He has metal boots that are able to push out, launching him from the ground into the air. He can also change the color of his markings and face at will.
    8. The next two are sort of opposites. The first one is a white cat with yellow eyes named positive. It isn't able to fight, because it's power is to heal others, and he hates harming anyone.
    9. As I said, this one is the opposite of the one before. Of course, this one is called negative. It is a black cat with purple eyes, who only wishes to harm others. He is most likely Simon's most powerful being, but he hates summoning him because he never does what Simon tells him to do, usually causing more harm than good. Because of this, Simon hasn't summoned him since the day he created him, and promised himself he would only do so, if he truly needed to.

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