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Fairy Tail: The Monkey Fist guild!

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zachary, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. So I'm starting a Fairy Tail RP,

    Within this thread will go our mission idea's and such, but before I get into that, I need to say two things.

    1. No you cannot be a Dragon Slayer or we'll have forty billion of them running around. There will be one maybe two appearing but they'll be under MY control and no, I will not be RPing as one of them.

    2. Can't be S-Class, Ten Wizard Saints, or a Guild Master. Sorry :T

    But now back to our main point.

    So our guild won't be Fairy Tail, but a new guild called Monkey Fist. It's growing faster and faster with renown through the land of Fiore. Our symbol will be a monkey doing a thumbs up.

    So we'll start the RP off in the Guild to get to know one another yadadada before our Master(who is going to be badaaaaaaass I might add :3) sends off to clear a nearby town out that is taken over by bandits before our first srs mission comes up.

    So talk about what we could do after our first srs mission and what kind of character are you using during the RP. I'm going to keep mine secret :3


  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    [me=Shiny Eevee]knows who's Zacky's character but eh, not enough[/me]

    As I've said already to ya, I'm going to be using a character with Archive Magic, who has a morbid fear of loud noises, music, and sounds in general, and has a rather aloof/cold personality. Oh, and his name's Richard Cognito~

    Also, aren't missions usually done in small groups, and not the whole guild? ^^;

    We could, like, talk about the guild getting so big that we need to build an extension to the building or something? I dunno~
  3. What I meant was the people RPing are being sent out on the mission, so we get to know one another :p
  4. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    As obvious, I'm interested and will by RPing my character who uses sound/music based magic. Didn't even do this on purpose either, but it should be fun having to work together with Shiny's character. :p

    [me=Sir Red]puts his name here so he won't forget it D:< : Doyle Sulley[/me]
  5. *Blazi guesses Zacky's character has something to do with fire or explosions

    My guys is a Stellar Spirit mage, with three under his contract. Vulpis, Draco and an ecliptic Zodiac, Libra. He's absolutely terrified of large expanses of water.

    Something cool and exciting should happen after our first Serious mission :>

    Name... Indigo Blutez?
  6. Not even close Blazi :p

    MY character's magic revolves around eating something and becoming it. He usually transforms his forearms and hands into swords or cannons after he eats them, but the problem is he digests them after 10 minutes of fighting, so he uses Re-quip to carry weapons around so he can eat them to fight with and he's not limited to weapons, he can eat fire or something else like stone to become it :p

    Over all he has 50 different swords, 20 battle axes, 3 cannons, and an odd number of different weapons.

    Plus my character's name is Fang Remains ♥
  7. Geez I thought you'd said it was going to remain a secret... XD

    My character would have drawing magic (of a sort). She can paint her body with different symbols which transform her body. Depending on the symbols she draws, her body changes in different ways. An example of what she could do would be giving herself gills, so she can breathe underwater, or draw symbols to give herself claws. It doesn't matter what she uses to draw on herself, as long as the symbols are correct. The symbols normally wear off after a while, unless she decides to put them on her body in a more permanent way. She only has one permanent symbol, around her left eye which allows her to see well in the dark.

    As for a name... Well I'm thinking about Selene... Selene someone. Not sure on a last name yet.
  8. So yeah, I'm joining this because Zacky's RPs are awesome >:3

    My character (a one off) goes by the name of Gert Ziker, and uses Drill Magic. Any part of his body can become a metal drill, or have smaller drills stick out of him. I'll leave descriptions for until the RP. I'm really looking forward to this RP, and let's hope it doesn't die really fast You know what, it probably won't xD
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  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Two questions:

    How badass is the master gonna be, and in who's opinion?

    And do the individual RPers HAVE to team up for missions? Or can they form seperate teams within the RP?
  10. When I put baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass in there, I was being a smartass(not joking) as the character I have in mind for the Master is incredibly lazy and narcoleptic, plus he uses magma magic so I guess thats badass? I'm using a character of mine for the Master named Gaizka so I wouldn't have to design and create a new one.

    Plus he works out in the end :p

    And as for you second question, when I made the RP up, I was envisioning my own version of Team Natsu so we y'know could have our own adventure's together. I would rather have it like this so I won't kill myself with other people's missions with multiple GM's y'know.

    So we did individual missions it would pretty much drive me batshit, so I think we should make a giant tea or depending how many people join, two separate teams about 5 people each.

    For example; Blazi goes on a mission to clear out some bandits while Aura goes off to fight a Vulcan in some god forsaken land while other's do whatever. It could work but it'll take more time on my part to type and come up with challenges for the individual RPer's then having a whole team together so less time planning more time RPing.

    If you guys got idea's so we can do individual missions, shoot.
  11. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    By individual missions, I mean my character (for example) could go on a mission on their own while other characters go on their mission. Like a couple of simultaneous subplots within the same main plot.
  12. Yeah that could work, I don't see why not :p maybe the characters doing separate missions could meet up together for a main plot.
  13. Oh oh oh I'd like to join :> Mostly cause I should ♥
    EDIT: Corpse Magic. You'll find out. Or Recollection Magic :> I can never decide!
  14. Dunno if I've said this to everyone else in this yet or not, but I'm in this.

    My character has a bunch of piercings and uses Crystal Make magic, as well as some magic stored in his crystal piercings. :D

    His name is Tal, and he's already been in the guild for a while. :)
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  15. Just an update;

    I'll be working on the RP tomorrow, if I don't get sidetracked by stuff, it SHOULD be up by tomorrow.

    If it's not, then Sunday.

    If not Sunday then we are all doomed.


    (Most likely, I'll be with my sister doing something, then expect it on Wednesday.)

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