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Ask to Join Fairy Tail New Generation Games

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Iced_Tae, Aug 23, 2018.

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    I won't start the GMG's until each guild has five members representing them

    The time takes place a couple of week before the GMG's and guilds are preparing who they want in their teams and members are training.
    Layla sat on the upper balcony where only S class wizards such as herself were allowed, other wizards were allowed on the top balcony but they had to be with a S class wizard. "Oh Lavender I hope we get chosen to be part of the team representing Fairy Tail" Layla said to her pastel purple exceed with blue eyes who nodded her head in understanding. "Layla your a very powerful wizard I'm sure you'll get into the group" the exceed who was wearing a white dress informed as she looked at her paws while Layla was sipping on some juice
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  2. Xan came to the Guild and as always he didn't speak with anyone then he sat on the chair that far as it was possible and started shot little lightnings from his fingers as always when he was thinking.
    "Goddamit, maybe I schould take another mission" he said to himself. Then he looked around "I will go alone probably, everyone will just slowing me down".
  3. "NATSUUUUU WHY DID YPU ALMOST BURN DOWN THE FOREST AGAIN!" a loud voice screeched from outside the guild but everybody knew it was Lucy sense these days Lucy would scream at Natsu. As a blonde woman and a salmon haired man entered the guild a little figure with salmon hair rushed past the couple and up the steps where he tackled Layla into a hug, "hi big sis" the figure greeted as the guild cooed at his cuteness. "Hi Igneel how was the mission?" The girl asked, "it was sooo cool, dad taught me the proper ways of burning things" but at what the little pinkette said a certain celestial magd grabbed her husband by the ear and dragged him out of the guild but before doing that Lucy told Layla to watch over her little brother. "Layla can we go train?" The little boy asked as the female nodded her head before giving the boy a piggy back ride and exiting the guild to go to a clearing in the forest where they could train
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  4. "Training isn't a bad idea" Xan thought then he wanted to leave but he remind himself something. "But first I need to find place for training, or... I will train here" then he sat down on the floor and then lightnings start to came from his body. "Okay, now I need to focus" and then lightnings from his body came to his hand "I did it" he thought, smiled and he stopped this and came to look for some missions.
  5. In the forest, Layla and Igneel were sparring while Lavender watched from a safe distance sense when the siblings trained the cause alot of damage to the area. "FIRE DRAGONS ROAR" Igneel yelled as he shot out a powerful burst of fire out of his mouth but unlike his dad's fire, Igneel fire was black while Layla's fire was gold. "CELESTIAL DRAGONS ROAR" Layla yelled as she shot out a powerful beam of golden light, when the two roads collided it pushed both siblings back and in the process knocked down several trees in the area. "Fire dragons claw" Igneel said as he charged at his older sister with his opened hands that were engulfed in black flames, but instead of using a attack Layla just dodged and tripped her younger brother
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  6. Xan took a mission to protect transport of gold. "that will be easy enough" he said to himself when he heard that someone was fighting "That must be that Dragnell siblings" he thought then he came to see this fight. "You won't see Dragon Slayers battle everyday" and he reached the place of the fight.
  7. When Igneel stood back up he charged at his sister with both fists clenched and engulfed in flames, Layla did the same thing except her hands were engulfed by a golden light. Once both punches made contact with each other is caused another big explosion but sense Layla was more powerful, Igneel got sent back flying
  8. "That was something" he thought then he started to release the lightnings from his body "I got too excited, that's a suprise" he said to himself but was still watching as Young boy tried to defeat his sister.
  9. Though Layla's attack was powerful, Igneel still got up sense being a Dragneel means your hard headed and you won't take a defeat and mix it with Lucy Heartfillias hot headed battling spirit means you've got the recipe to make kids who don't know the word called "chill". The small pinkette took out a silver keys before saying, "open gate of the winged horse, Pegasus". Layla smiled before taking out a sleek black colored metal key and saying, "open the eclipse gate of the corrupted Sclaes, Libra". In a flash of bright light a white Pegasus with a long blue mane stood in front of Igneel while a lady with green hair that was wearing all black with big golden boots and had her eyes covered stood in front of Layla
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  10. Arisha watched from a safe distance. "You don't need to see into the future to know that there's gonna be injuries in someone's future after this training session." she quipped. She crossed her arms. The Dragneel kids were really something, that was for sure.
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  11. Xan remind himself about mission. "Okay, I schould go now. I think that battle will be over soon" he thought then he left still fighting Dragnell siblings. When he was leaving, he saw Arisha who also watched the fight and he tried to avoid her quickly.
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  12. The winged horse lunged at Libra but the woman merely used her gravity magic to make the horse stop in it's tracks. The winged horse slowly dissapeared into sparkles as Layla forced Libras gate close. "Oh give up already Igneel, you can never beat me" Layla stated as she walked over to her brother. "Now let's go back to the guild and get you healed up" Layla gently said as she carries her younger brother back to guild while her exceed followed behind her
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  13. "Show's over. Oh well." Arisha said. "Time to head back to the Guild Hall." The girl uncrossed her arms. She then headed towards the entrance to the Guild.
  14. "Igneel you need to learn to not spar with you sister" Lucy stated as she placed the last bandage on Igneels face. "Oh mom, what can you expect from the second replica of Dad?" Layla sassed, "oh your right sweetie but atleast your older sister is more responsible" Lucy said as she patted the small pinkette on her lap. "Pffft, yeah right...." Layla laughed out before going to the balcony with Lavender to drink some iced tea
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  15. Xan didn't hear battle anymore. "I knew that will end soon but I need to hurry" and he quickly ran to the place of the mission, but he didn't ran far yet then he saw Laxus who was going to the Guild. "Oh god, Everyone but not that Old guy" But Laxus saw him already. "Hi Xan, You're going at mission alone again" said Laxus to him.
    "I'm already late So go away or I will give you after my lightning a big stomachache" Xan told then he dissapired.
    "Harsh as always, I hoped that he will befriend with someone in Guild but... We still have time" Laxus said to himself and went to Guild. (After some time) Xan returned to Guild building and he sat on his chair, far from everyone as always.
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  16. As everyone was in their own conversations, the doors for the guild hall of Fairy Tail could be seen being opened by a mysterious, hooded figure. The heat of the guild hall seemed to be intensifying as the figure kept walking further into it. The hooded figure would soon pulled down her hood, revealing salmon-colored hair similar to that of Natsu's.

    It was none other than the daughter of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia, Nashi Dragneel, an S-Class wizard in the guild who seemed to be getting stronger every day. She seemed to have done some very intensive training as she was sweating up a storm and was breathing harder than usual.

    Nashi then noticed her father and mother, and ran up to the two of them. "Mom! Dad!" Nashi exclaimed as she hugged her parents, "How was the mission? I hope dad and Igneel didn't cause too many problems." Nashi then chuckled and nudged her father's shoulder. "Hey, dad," Nashi said, "This afternoon, how about we have a sparring match? I've gotten a lot stronger since the last time we fought, so don't you dare hold back!" Nashi seemed to be really pump, maybe her training had something to do with it.
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  17. "ugh I'm so bored Lavender" Layla complained but once she heard her older sister enter the guild, the blonde abruptly stood up before leaning on the balcony. "NASHI LETS GO ON A S CLASS MISSION!" the middle child of the Dragneels screamed. As Lavender her pastel purple colored excess sighed sense Layla always seemed to get excited whenever her older sisters around
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  18. Nashi was a bit shocked when her little sister, Layla, seemingly jumped out of nowhere and asked for her to go on an S-Class mission. Though, Nashi didn't take to kindly to this, and smacked her little sister right in the head. "Learn how to properly greet your older sister, Layla!" Nashi exclaimed, "Why didn't you give me a hug or something!? Honestly, not even a 'hi' or a 'hello'!?"

    Though, not too long after, Nashi sighed and patted her sister on the head. "But, alright, I'll go on an S-Class mission with you," Nashi said in a caring voice, "Where are we headed off too?"
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  19. That family is So loud, I always knew that they giving this Guild some live" Xan thought then he looked at Dragnell siblings reunion. Then Laxus sat next to him. "You heard, S-class mission what can let you better in meet each other in Guild than missions"
    "Some stupid, old man forgot that I'm not a S-class wizard , by the way. What are you doing here!" he yelled and then he reminded to himself that he is in Guild.
    "I just want you to not be alone, you didn't have to be mean and avoiding people like they were fire, you know"
    "So what the Master of this Guild want me to do" Xan asked already tired by this conversation.
    "Just go to them" Laxus pointed at Dragnells and then at the center of Guild.
    "And don't worry Xan, I will go with you"
    "And who are you my uncle? I guess that I don't have choice, do I? Ok, lets do this already" Xan said and he with Laxus came to Dragnells and rest of Guild. "Good day" Said Xan to everyone then Laxus continued. "Everybody knows Xan, don't you"
  20. Layla gave her sister a hug as a big smile was present on her face. "Hmmmm, sense we need to train just in case we get chosen to represent the guild in the GMG" the blonde mummbled. Before Layla could utter another word, Lavender flew down from the second floor holding an S class quest. "Well how about this one?" Layla asked as she read the paper, "it says we need to hunt down a group of bandits that are apparently working with a dark guild" the shorter Dragneel informed
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  21. Xan quickly ran off the guild but then Laxus shouted to him. "Where are you going"
    "I Have something to do" Xan replied worried.
    "I think that you shouldn't go now" Laxus said roughly and he started to stare at Xan.
    "Maybe I schouldn't but You are too slow for me, Old Man" Xan told to Laxus then his body was suronded by the lightnings.
    "You haven't seen my Electric body strengthening for very long time, have you" Xan smiled "You won't stop me, Speed Of Thunder" and he quickly Dissapired from Laxus sight. "Speed of Thunder, magic which Multiply User speed. It will be really hard to catch him now" Laxus thought and after that he returned to Guild, he warned others and call someone to find Xan and came back with him.
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  22. Nashi hugged her sister back, but then cracked her knuckles as she heard the request, and couldn't help but have a big excited grin on her face.

    "So, we basically kick some ass and get paid!?" Nashi exclaimed slammed her fists into each other, causing a big spark of flames, "I wanted to get some training with dad, but that can wait. I need to practice some moves, and those bandits sound like perfect fodder!"

    "So, Layla, how much does the job pay?" Nashi asked.
  23. "Well big sis it says 400,000 jewels so if I know my math which I do, it means that we should each get 200,000 jewels" Layla informed as she smiled at her taller sister. Layla walked over to the bar before tlling Mirajane that Nashi and her were gonna take the mission the obly blonde child in the family then walked back to her older sister holding the approved paper. "Alright the sooner we head out the sooner we can kick ass" Layla excalimed as Lavender landed on her shoulder
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  24. "I guess it isn't S-Class for nothing!" Nashi exclaimed, "I could do so much with 200 grand!" Nashi was then basically drooling at the thought of all the food she could buy with that much money. But then Nashi thought of something, if the bounty was that high then this dark guild might not be any kind of joke. Nashi then put her game-face on, and was ready to get rid of this dark guild from the face of this earth.

    "Alright, Layla, lead the way!" Nashi exclaimed as she was more than ready to begin the mission.
  25. "Nashi this mission is outside of Magnolia and its located in Shirotsume Town which mean we will have to go by train to get there as fast as we can" Layla informed as she continued to read the paper in her hand. "I can summon a spirit to take us there but the distance between here and there is very big which means I have to keep Aquilas gate opened for a long time which will the drain my magic" the blonde Dragneel mummbled to herself as she walked in the direction of the ttain station as Lavender continued to rest on her shoulder
  26. Nashi heard her little sister, and knew exactly what she was implying and into which direction they were headed towards to....the train station, any Dragon Slayer's worst enemy due to their motion sickness.

    Nashi took in a big gulp, as she mentally prepared herself for the literal hell that was getting on the train. Layla's idea didn't sound so bad, but Nashi knew that Layla using a lot of her magic would definitely not be ideal for their mission since there was no doubt that they would have to fight.

    "We'll j-just have t-to take the t-train then," Nashi responded shakily as she was already starting to feel motion sick even though they hadn't even gotten unto the train, yet.
  27. Once they reached the train station, Layla bought three tickets before boarding the train and sitting down in a booth. Waiting for her older sister Layla made Lavender sit down on her lap as she closed her eyes sense her motion sickness was already kicking in. Sense just like their father both Layla and Nashi had motion sickness but Igneel luckily didnt get the motion sickness problem even though he was a dragon slayer himself
  28. Xan returned to the City and he met with Laxus. "Hi there, I was searching for you. I'm glad that I found you" he said and he was suronded in lightnings. "Now I will crush you to little pieces" and he rushed at the Laxus, Quick blow and block. They started to hiting and dodging opponent attacks. "So this is today, Xan" Laxus asked him. "Yeach, old man get ready" and then Xan started to release more lightnings. "Speed of Thunder, in 3 sec 1000 punches" and then he hited Laxus. But Laxus looked like it was nothing. "How you can stand after this." Oh, I'm glad you were worring for me" then he kicked Xan and send him away at the tree. "I'm not done yet" and Xan rushed once again.
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  29. As if it was immediate, as soon as Nashi stepped unto the train she already felt as if though she wanted to die and her face became all green.

    Nashi was the most sensitive out of all the Dragneel siblings when it came to motion sickness, some guild members even stated that her motion sickness could be far worse than her father and that she was really tough to hold it all in during the train ride.

    "I-Igneel you lucky b-bastard-!" was all Nashi could mutter as she fell unto the floor, hoping the train ride wouldn't be too long.

    Layla, we're using Aquilas next time!!!
  30. Layla placed her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from throwing up as Lavender her precious exceed feel asleep on her lap.

    The blonde Dragneel child looked over to the ground only to find her older sister laying on the nasty germ infested floor. "jeez Nashi you couldnt even make it to the chair" grummbled the Lucy look alike. The celestial dragon stood up from her seat in attempt to get Nashi, but only to sit back down sense once she stood up her head started spinning and her headache got worse and also her food was trying to escape her stomach. "whoever invented vehicles are monsters" Layla mummbled as she rested her head on the window
  31. Nashi could care less about making it to her seat. Laying down just felt so much better on her stomach then having to sit up straight on an uncomfortable chair.

    "You got that right, Layla," Nashi muttered as she tried to keep her lunch inside her stomach.

    When...well this hell end!?
  32. "what did i get right? the fact that you couldnt make it to your seat or the fact that whoever created vehicles are monsters?" the younger of the two questioned.

    As Layla looked out the window while trying her best not to throw up or pass oit she suddenly saw that they were nearing their destination. "oh thank Mavis, were here" Layla whispered as the train started to slow down into the train station
  33. "The creator of vehicles is a monster," Nashi responded, though her response was muttered.

    As soon as the train stopped, Nashi's mood had changed in a complete 180, as she quickly ran out of the train and started kissing the ground as she arrived outside.

    "Freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom!" Nashi exclaimed as she was so exicted that she was out of the train, "I'm never riding public transportation ever again!!!"
  34. When the train stopped and Nashi was already of the treturous train, Lavender came flying out while holding Laylas uncconcius body sense somehow the blonde knocked out in between the time she saw the station and the time the train stopped.

    Layla got up from the ground before stumbling a bit on the first steps she took. "Nashi Im gonna murder Igneel for being the lucky child without motion sickness when we get home" Layla grummbled
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  35. After some time Xan was already tired and Laxus started to use Dragon Roar. Laxus send the big beam of Electricy "You weren't interested what I was doing while I was gone. I was checking if my technique can stop Dragon Roar" then Xan hand was suronded by big amount of Lightnings "Lightning Palm" when Dragon Roar reached Xan, he hited it with his attack and splited it in half. "That was something" Laxus said. "Then now you lost. Speed of Thunder and lightning Palm" Xan said and he rushed at Laxus but then he saw that Laxus was preparing something. On his hands Xan saw a big sphere of light, he quickly understood what's this. "He using a Fairy Law, but even if he can not use it at innocent people he still can kill me, right? What he was thinking, about what he thinks now" Xan thought but then Laxus punched him and he threw Xan to the ground "Battle is over, you are getting stronger but now new tip for you, when you are using speed of Thunder but something makes that you lost focus then you also lose your speed" Laxus said and he helped tired Xan to came inside the Guild.
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  36. (I am so sorry but I didnt even get a notification)

    Lavender landed on Laylas head as the blonde dragon slayer tried to figure out which direction was the way to meet the person who hired them. "Nashi it says we need to meet the Mayor at his home to discuss further information about our mission" Layla informed as she started following the directions on the their mission paper and started walking to the mayors house while Lavender, the pastel purple exceed, calmly sat on Laylas blonde head

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