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Open Fairy Tail [<||>] Blood Moon

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Schrift007, Aug 1, 2020 at 12:24 AM.

  1. (I'm bored, it's Friday and my notifs are silent. I don't mind how much you know about fairy tail, you can still join. I'll help you with anything if you ask)

    In the world of Earthland, magic lives in everything. From the sky, to the trees, to even a few humans! These lucky individuals are wizards, able to use magic to their need. From manipulating fire to summoning celestial spirits, to even turning into literal demons, it seems magic is limitless. Every wizard has a certain amount of magic they can use before they deplete. For the few that can use magic, they normally join mercenary guilds, like Fairy Tail or Sabertooth. These guilds offer jobs for the members, that can range from library work to saving entire islands from monsters.

    Summary- you are a magical bounty hunter that works in a guild

    • [*]Follow Pokecharms rules or you will lose your kneecaps
      [*]Romance is allowed, good luck trying
      [*]Only 3 slayer magic users max (but there will be NPC slayer magic users)
      [*]1 Celestial Mage max (if you choose this role, make your own spirits)
      [*]No super OP magic (I'll be as lenient as possible)
      [*] If you are always going to dodge attacks and never take a hit, be prepared to lose your kneecaps
      [*]Finally, this is set in an alternate timeline where none of the main Fairy Tail members exist


    "We are the greatest guild in Fiore! Don't you or anyone else forget that", Guild Master Tenno shouted. Magnolia was in ruins, with over half the buildings covered in ice or fire. The town had been attacked by a demon, more specifically two demons merged into one, but the saviours of Magnolia, in fact the entire kingdom, was Fairy Tail. The guild stood above the demon, all of them being cheered on by the town. Hundreds of people cheered and praised them.

    But that was over one hundred years ago. Fairy Tail now, was lost in history, with most of their original members dead. Nowadays, if you asked someone if they knew Fairy Tail, they would shrug and ask if it was a dog toy. The new Guild Master was humble and small, resembling a little girl. But unlike most little girls, she was one of the strongest wizards in Fiore. The guild hall was similar to a large lunch hall, with long tables and a bar in the side. possessing a parquet floor and a mezzanine held up by wood beams overlooking it. But most importantly, the notice board lay at the end of the hall, with all the jobs waiting to be taken.

    One of the wizards scouring the boards for jobs was Tensai Shinto. He stood at 6'2 and looked like he weighed 120lbs. His body was lean, with well toned muscles. He scratched his golden hair as his amber eyes ran across the jobs. Tensai's clothing consisted of a yellow eastern monks robe, revealing half his chest and leaving his arms sleeveless. What mostly stood out was his large black japamala beads around his neck. However the most interesting jobs for him were the bandit job and the protection job. They looked like they would pay a enough for him.
  2. The young dragon slayer had always been a rebel. Her peers had told her time and time again that Fairy Tail was a doomed guild. Naturally, that only made her more determined to join. She walked up to the notice board, surveying the jobs that were available, blinking at the people milling around with a dark violet gaze.

    Most of her outfit consisted of a layer of mesh, covered by a cropped purple jacket and a short navy shirt. Black leggings, a dark-colored scarf, and bandaged feet up to the ankles completed the look. A gloved hand reached up to tuck a loose strand of black hair shot through with silver behind her ear.

    A young man with a beaded necklace caught her eye, and her hand caressed the hilt of the short sword at her lower back. She turned back towards the board, then back to the guy. Finally, she approached him. “Hey, you,” she said brazenly. “I assume you’re planning to join Fairy Tail as well? Call me Blade.”
  3. "Actually, I'm already part of Fairytail, eversince I was a kid", he smiled, pulling down the lower side of his robe to reveal the fairytail mark on his chest. "You can call me Tensai, I'm just looking for a job. To be honest, we don't have the most intense jobs like we used to. You're new right? If you want, you can join me on this bandit quest. It says that some people have been robbing carts in the forests, it's paying around 30,000 jewls. I'll share if you come along", tensai said, snatching up one of the flyers near the top of the board. On closer inspection, these bandits sounded more dangerous than he thought. Their leader appeared to be this guy called, Cisco? Weird name, he thought.

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