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Open Fairy Tail [<||>] Blood Moon

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Schrift, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    (I'm bored, it's Friday and my notifs are silent. I don't mind how much you know about fairy tail, you can still join. I'll help you with anything if you ask)

    In the world of Earthland, magic lives in everything. From the sky, to the trees, to even a few humans! These lucky individuals are wizards, able to use magic to their need. From manipulating fire to summoning celestial spirits, to even turning into literal demons, it seems magic is limitless. Every wizard has a certain amount of magic they can use before they deplete. For the few that can use magic, they normally join mercenary guilds, like Fairy Tail or Sabertooth. These guilds offer jobs for the members, that can range from library work to saving entire islands from monsters.

    Summary- you are a magical bounty hunter that works in a guild

    • [*]Follow Pokecharms rules or you will lose your kneecaps
      [*]Romance is allowed, good luck trying
      [*]Only 3 slayer magic users max (but there will be NPC slayer magic users)
      [*]1 Celestial Mage max (if you choose this role, make your own spirits)
      [*]No super OP magic (I'll be as lenient as possible)
      [*] If you are always going to dodge attacks and never take a hit, be prepared to lose your kneecaps
      [*]Finally, this is set in an alternate timeline where none of the main Fairy Tail members exist


    "We are the greatest guild in Fiore! Don't you or anyone else forget that", Guild Master Tenno shouted. Magnolia was in ruins, with over half the buildings covered in ice or fire. The town had been attacked by a demon, more specifically two demons merged into one, but the saviours of Magnolia, in fact the entire kingdom, was Fairy Tail. The guild stood above the demon, all of them being cheered on by the town. Hundreds of people cheered and praised them.

    But that was over one hundred years ago. Fairy Tail now, was lost in history, with most of their original members dead. Nowadays, if you asked someone if they knew Fairy Tail, they would shrug and ask if it was a dog toy. The new Guild Master was humble and small, resembling a little girl. But unlike most little girls, she was one of the strongest wizards in Fiore. The guild hall was similar to a large lunch hall, with long tables and a bar in the side. possessing a parquet floor and a mezzanine held up by wood beams overlooking it. But most importantly, the notice board lay at the end of the hall, with all the jobs waiting to be taken.

    One of the wizards scouring the boards for jobs was Tensai Shinto. He stood at 6'2 and looked like he weighed 120lbs. His body was lean, with well toned muscles. He scratched his golden hair as his amber eyes ran across the jobs. Tensai's clothing consisted of a yellow eastern monks robe, revealing half his chest and leaving his arms sleeveless. What mostly stood out was his large black japamala beads around his neck. However the most interesting jobs for him were the bandit job and the protection job. They looked like they would pay a enough for him.
  2. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    The young dragon slayer had always been a rebel. Her peers had told her time and time again that Fairy Tail was a doomed guild. Naturally, that only made her more determined to join. She walked up to the notice board, surveying the jobs that were available, blinking at the people milling around with a dark violet gaze.

    Most of her outfit consisted of a layer of mesh, covered by a cropped purple jacket and a short navy shirt. Black leggings, a dark-colored scarf, and bandaged feet up to the ankles completed the look. A gloved hand reached up to tuck a loose strand of black hair shot through with silver behind her ear.

    A young man with a beaded necklace caught her eye, and her hand caressed the hilt of the short sword at her lower back. She turned back towards the board, then back to the guy. Finally, she approached him. “Hey, you,” she said brazenly. “I assume you’re planning to join Fairy Tail as well? Call me Blade.”
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  3. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "Actually, I'm already part of Fairytail, eversince I was a kid", he smiled, pulling down the lower side of his robe to reveal the fairytail mark on his chest. "You can call me Tensai, I'm just looking for a job. To be honest, we don't have the most intense jobs like we used to. You're new right? If you want, you can join me on this bandit quest. It says that some people have been robbing carts in the forests, it's paying around 30,000 jewls. I'll share if you come along", tensai said, snatching up one of the flyers near the top of the board. On closer inspection, these bandits sounded more dangerous than he thought. Their leader appeared to be this guy called, Cisco? Weird name, he thought.
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  4. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Yeah, just joined yesterday,” Blade said, indicating the purple Fairy Tail insignia just below her left eye. She nodded slowly in response to Tensai’s offer before turning away. “Camden!” she called to her exceed companion. The golden-russet cat turned towards the sound of her voice and flew over. “We got ourselves a job.”

    The cat hovered behind Tensai, reading over his shoulder. “Bandit hunting? Sounds like fun,” he squeaked, before landing next to Blade on the ground. “Count me in! But who’s this ‘Cisco’ guy? Judging by name alone, he kinda seems like a total weirdo.”
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  5. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "To be totally honest, I don't know myself. But seems like it will be fun enough", he stashed the flyer into his belt before showing the flyer to the guild master. She gave him the green lights to go, "c'mon let's go I wanna pound some skulls in" he called, before grabbing his staff and walking out the building. On the way to the forest he tried to come up with a plan, this stumped him. On one hand we don't know who this guy is, that makes it fun but on the other hand we don't know this guy or his magic, he thought on the way to the forest. In the forest, he followed the path, expecting someone to jump him. But it seems nobody was there or willing to attack him. Then he heard it, a scream followed by a loud bang. He turned in the direction, but found out that the noise was now repeating but in every direction. Tensai looked around, but it didn't seem like anybody was there. He prepared his bo staff just in case.
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  6. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    The short trip to the forest was uneventful to say the least, but when they entered the dark canopy of trees, things began to get creepy. Blade’s hand tightened on her sword when a sound akin to a gunshot rang out, followed by a bloodcurdling scream. The sound continued to echo through the trees, sending shivers down the girl’s spine. As it continued to reverberate, Camden hid himself behind one of Blade’s legs as she drew her shortsword, one hand holding it out from her body, the other bracing the end of the hilt.

    “What’s going on?” the exceed asked, eyes widening, voice becoming shriller with fear.

    “Easy, Cam,” Blade murmured. Her violet gaze flicked through the gloom, searching for the slightest hint of movement. She backed up towards Tensai, lowering her voice so only he and Camden would be able to hear. “Bandits? Or was the whole job a trap?” She grit her teeth. “Whatever it is, I’m ready.”
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  7. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    A boy wandered around the forest, arms crossed, without a care in the world. His blonde hair contrasted with his tan skin, and his eyes were a bright lighting blue. His outfit was similar to a beggar, except with patches of metal crudely sewed on his shoulders, back, and chest. His hands were encased in blue gauntlets, which had little slits in their knuckle area. Overall, he looked very unkempt and battle-ready.

    The boy-Hirumo-flinched at the sound of screaming around the forest. His exceed, a cyan and black one named Bolt, jumped up in fright, before composing and shrugging, faking indifference.
    "T-That wasn't scary. Nothing here can hurt me." he stuttered.
    The phoenix slayer rolled his eyes.
    "Yes, obviously." he replied robotically. It was better to go along with whatever Bolt said, since he's quite stubborn about his nonexistent power.
    Bolt put his paws on his hips, glaring, obviously catching on to his tone. Ignoring him, Hirumo trudged on, trying to find the origins of the scream. Bolt rushed ahead, impatient as usual, bumping into someone as he did so.
    "Ow! What's the big idea?!" he cried as he rubbed his head.
    Hirumo appeared as well, curious.
    "Oh, we're not alone." he observed, staring at the male and female in front of him. He smiled and waved, trying to appear friendly.
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    Last edited: Aug 8, 2020
  8. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Tensai jumped back, the sudden cat rush wasn't your average quest. "Are you Cisco?", he asked, putting a flaming fist near the two. Himoru didn't seem to have a bandit tattoo nor did he look like he was much threat. "On second thought, I don't think you're Cisco", he mumbled turning away. He was about to go deeper in the forest when an arrow flew past him, skimming his cheek and drawing blood. Tensai looked for where the arrow came from but nobody was there. After some silence, shadows started to walk from the forest. "You talking about me squeaks?", the largest one said. He could only be described as the human representation of a pumpkin. But what nerved Tensai the most was his large drum in the middle of his stomach. In his mouth was a thick cuban cigar, the kind that should make your lungs collapse if you took one puff "I'm Cisco, and you seem to be a monk with fiery fists, with a nice little girl with some guy with a cat", he puffed. Tensai launched multiple fire balls at him, but they disappeared without making contact. He blinked in confusion, before multiple of Tenno's spell was launched back at him, throwing him through the woods. "It's echo magic, basically copy pasting magic", he smiled. The rest of the weak bandits launched at Himoru and Blade.

    (OOC, feel free to auto any one of the bandits including cisco)
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  9. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Oh, man,” Blade muttered, slipping to the side of an arrow that came within a centimeter of her nose. “I really hope this forest isn’t private property. Because things are about to get real ugly.” She bared her teeth in a feral grin as she charged her blade with purple electricity, slicing at shadows that seemed to melt away in the face of its cold light. “Dammit. This is no way to fight. Sorry in advance, trees!”

    Blade sheathed the shortsword smoothly as Camden latched onto her back and took to the sky. Her eyes tracked the movements of all the shapes below, picking out the dark, skulking forms of the bandits to aim at as she inhaled sharply. “Thunder Dragon... Rooooooaaar!” A massive sparking eggplant-colored thunderbolt shot from her mouth and took out about twenty trees as well as the bandits in them. But as she was charging up again, a fireball blasted from below, causing her to lose her focus as Camden spiraled out of control.

    “I’m hit!” the exceed squealed as they plummeted toward the ground. Blade grit her teeth, righting herself in the air as she caught a branch with one hand, and Cam’s tail in the other. She dropped the rest of the way to the ground, leaving Camden to gather his scrambled senses in the tree while she continued fighting. Her sword came out again, sparking violet, as she parried a bandit’s blow, skidding backwards with the impact.

    “Get your ugly butt the hell outta this forest,” she growled at the half-toothless brute as she struggled to keep her grip steady. “Thunder Dragon Clawstrike!” The electricity around her blade arced up in the shape of a dragon’s claw before batting the bandit away like a discarded plaything, leaving triplet burn marks across his chest. Come on, Camden, she thought desperately. Get up! We’re way outnumbered, and you’re my best advantage... and you’re my friend. Please be okay...
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  10. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Who?" Hirumo asked, looking at Tensai's fist tentatively. The male kept talking about this "Cisco" guy.
    "Who the heck is Cisc-oh." he cut off when an arrow stabbed into a tree, and a very large man closed in with his gang of goons.
    Bolt did not take Cisco's comment well. "Hey, I'm an exceed! Show some respect!" he snapped, before yelping as some bandits lept and him.
    Quickly using Aera, he took to the sky, and hid in a tree Hirumo, however, brought up his fists, looking excited. He had no idea who these people were, or what was happening, but if it's a fight they want, it's a fight they'll get.

    A bandit ran at him, swinging his sword. Hirumo bent backwards, barely dodging, and clenched his gauntlets. Four blades slid out of the slits, one for each knuckle. Blocking another swing with them, he elbowed the bandit and was about to follow up, when another came out of nowhere and hit him with a lariat.
    Barely keeping his bearings, he caught himself on tree and climbed it. As he did so, he saw an exceed laying on a ranch. Bolt was watching over them, poking to see of they were alive.
    "You have horrible bedside manners." he chided, before continuing up. Once at the top, he studied the chaos.
    The phoenix slayer smacked his gauntlets together, sheathing the knuckled blades, while causing electricity to course through them.
    "Storm Phoenix Brawler here we go." he breathed, before leaping off the tree and swinging his fist into the floor. The electricity discharged from the hit, electrocuting the surrounding bandits.
    Hiromu stood proudly, until he felt a blade slash his back and a kick for emphasis. Pained, he turned around to find the same bandit who gave him the lariat not long ago.
    "You're a cheeky one, you know that?" Hirumo laughed.
    The bandit smiled back.
  11. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Thunder Dragon Wing Attack!”

    Another bandit fell to Blade’s dragon slayer magic, but three more rose to take his place. There seemed to be an endless supply of them, and she was slowly but surely losing ground. She cast an anxious glance back towards Camden, and almost took a knife to the throat for her lapse in concentration. She dodged just in time, though the knife still took a chink out of her left ear. She kicked him in the groin, knocking him back groaning.

    Blade wasn’t the only one who’d been having trouble, though. The newcomer seemed to be having a tough time of it too. Which wasn’t exactly surprising, considering the fact that they were constantly being outnumbered twenty to one. No matter how weak the opponents were, those odds were still a load of crap.

    “Damn,” Blade muttered, reaching up gingerly to touch her injured ear. “There’s no end to them! Camden, buddy, now would be a great time for you to wake up!” The exceed groaned, awake, alive, but disoriented. It would be a while before he could fly again. Despite that, Blade gave a sigh of relief. He’s alright. Now I can pummel these asswipes.
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  12. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    The sneaky bandit leapt Hirumo, who casually moved to the side and uppercutted I'm in the cut.
    "That's what you get for being cheap." he grinned as the bandit curled up in pain.
    Hirumo touched his back. He hissed a little from the pain, but his fingers were only a little bloody. The injury was already healing.
    Now I have to resew that. he mentally griped.
    Still, there really was no end to them, and his recovery abilities can only go so far.
    A thought crossed his mind, and the phoenix slayer grinned. Take out the boss, and the rest will flee. These bandit were boring anyways, and Mr.Head Honcho was probably feeling lonely.
    Kicking away another advancing bandit, he switched his focus onto Cisco. He couldn't attack with magic, so he'd have to get up close and personal
    Good he thought as his gauntlets lit up with sparks. That's how I like it.
    Hirumo leapt at Cisco, swinging his fist towards his head.

    Bolt grinned as the other exceed woke up.
    "Oh hey! You're not dead! Good, it'd be a disappointment for you to go so easily, being an exceed and all."

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