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Exploring the Sky

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Lucario454, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. I just finished the first part where you stop the planet's paralysis, and right now I'm going to get the Phione Dew for Manaphy. I went back to temporal tower and recruited Dialga because I was bored too.
    You know how most people you recruit are all nice and when you talk to them they say that they really enjoy exploring with you and that kind of stuff? Dialga is exactly the opposite. Dialga turned out to be very loud and impatient. This is what I get when I talk to him:

    So, what's going on with your Explorers of Sky game?
  2. I'm going through the Sunflora bonus chapter.

    To get an accurate representation of my thoughts for this chapter, imagine lots of swearing.
  3. Just started about fifteen minutes ago, literally :p

    Chikorita and Vulpix just kicked some moderate ass down in the Beach Cave, that's about it.
  4. I just can't seem to pass the part where you battle froslass. I can't get to the end of the dungeon and it is annoying. It's mostly caused by a vigoroth's fury swipes.
  5. Froslass was pretty easy for me because my partner is a riolu and all, but I've given up on Sunflora's special episode. The only bonus episode I really want to clear is grovyles, but that's only for story purposes, so I'll probably find it on youtube or something.
  6. I've cleared every special episode (and cried on igglybuff's one) and I don't think I will be defeated easily with my strategy. I am treecko (Tim) and my partner is torchic (Chuck). Here's my strategy for dialga:

    Tim used Detect!
    Chuck used Mirror Move!
    Dialga used Roar of Time!
    Tim protected itself!
    (Chuck reflects the move)
    It's super effective!

    Incase you didn't already know, Mirror Move in mystery dungeon reflects every move that hits it, except for regular attacks and moves from more than one square away.
  7. For Dialga I brought four reviver seeds and hoped for the best. And then there's the part where Rioulu knows focus blast and we both know protect.

    As for the Igglybuff special episode, That's the only one I actually finished. I cried a little too. I've always felt that the Mystery Dungeon games are very emotional.

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