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Evenir's Art Requests!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Evenir, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Hey there!

    So I need a good push to get myself drawing more, so I'm hoping some requests will encourage me to get the juices flowing~

    I prefer mainly to draw Pokemon, as they have some weird and different forms that give me more variety and fun things to do, however I can draw Gijinka as well.

    To make a request, I'll need a description of what you want. If it's a pokemon, is it just regular form? Shiny? Or if its an original form (like a pokesona, doll, albino, melanistic, etc), please leave as detailed a description as you can provide, or even better, leave another image of it!

    If you want me to draw a Gijinka or humanoid subject, I will once again need a description or other art of the subject. I would also like a description of the subject's personality, including some things they enjoy, or things they dislike, or perhaps a background on them, just to give me some idea of how to pose them.

    Of course, if you have a particular pose you want for any subject just lest me know! I also have a few different styles I can use as well, including cartoon styles, lineless ones, and watercolor. Check out here under the Example Art hide box for styles I can do! (I won't require payments, so don't worry about the pricing stuff. Unless, of course, you're a Pokefarm user who would like to make a donation. Still, not required ^-^).

    For now, I'm going to request no scenery backgrounds because 1) I'm not really a fan of scenery drawing 2) I stink at scenery and don't care to show it off right now. ^^U

    Thanks guys! Believe it or not you're helping me out quite a bit~

    Oh! And for tumblr perusers, I have an art blog at evenirart.tumblr.com you can check out and subscribe to for some nonpokemon art (and no worries, everything there is family friendly!)
  2. Hello! I see you have an art thread. May I request a Torchic yin yang thing, with a shiny and regular Torchic? They would be kind of running and looking at each other. The shiny would be on the top of the regular. Hope it's not too much!
  3. Hi there can you do one of Kaben the eevee and madeleine the manaphy as humans they both have a crush on each other. Eevee is brave and concern of other people and is mostly a leader, he wears a hoodie with fluff on the front, he has Lucas hat, brown pants, brown shoes, he has brown hair, and brown eyes.He is taller than Madeleine and he also get distracted also. Madeleine is sweet and cares about Kaben a lot, and also get mad very easily but she's doesn't show it to Kaben. She wear a light blue sweater, a necklace with two jewel that are red and yellow, light blue pants, she has brown eyes and light blue shoes, she has long light blue hair and has it tied at the end she has a hat of dawn.
  4. @Kaben and Madeleine
    Sure! I'll get to work on them~

    Sorry it's taking a bit, but I wanted to give a heads up, I can't quite contort Torchic's body to make a perfect circle between the two, and the only way it seems to get it oriented into a circle would be to make them rather small and have something in the center, so right now I have it set up as something like a mirror, with the two Torchics running different directions. I can still add something like a Yin-Yang symbol in the background or something between the two to add a mirror look.
  5. Ok! That's totally fine. I want to see how this turns out!
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  6. @Chiknluvr
    Your art is done! It's posted here! I hope you like it! I tried something outside my usual for this ^^
  7. Could you please make a Pikachu riding a llama? I know it's a weird request, but I LOVE llamas.
  8. Sure! Art has been a bit slow recently because of school, but I should be able to churn some out while I'm on break ^-^
  9. Can I please get one of a Flareon and an Eevee? It'd be sort of like an evolution-type thing, like have the Eevee sitting/doing whatever in front with a Flareon in the background?

    Or just a Flareon in a cool pose would be cool, too, but I'm interested in seeing what you could do with the above. :)
  10. Yep! I warn I'm a bit backed up right now, but hopefully I'll be getting more done this week ^-^
  11. Awesome. School sucks, but luckily most of us have break now!

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