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Ask to Join Escape the Night Sign Ups ~ OPEN

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by ThatWeirdOne, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    My dearest friends, I need your help. There is a town stuck in the wild west that we must save. I put the address on the back of this letter along with your role. The package that came with this note has your clothing in order to blend in. I will explain more once you're there. Please, come quick!

    [I]Your friend,
    Sam P.[/I]​

    Sam quickly wrote nine of the same letters while hiding in an alleyway between two buildings, seeming nervous. He occasionally looked up from the letters to look around, then continued writing. Once finished, he got up and peeked around the corner of one of the buildings. Seeing that nobody was there, he ran out of there and ran towards a mailbox, putting the letters into it. He turned around and was grabbed by a man wearing a black suit and a black hat. "You're coming with me," The man told Sam, picking him up and taking him away.​

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Hello person reading this! Welcome to my Escape the Night roleplay! If you don't know what Escape the Night is, it's an unscripted YouTube Red/Premium series that follows the host (Joey Graceffa) as he invites his YouTuber friends to a party, which soon turns into a murder mystery game when at the end of every episode they must vote in two people in a challenge to do puzzles. Whoever wins survives while the loser dies. There can be twists and turns along the way, so be careful of that. I would highly suggest watching it or just reading the wiki before signing up for this RP just so you can understand the show a little better. Anyways, here are the rules!

    1. Normal Pokecharms rules
    2. If you happen to die, please don't attack me in any way! I don't control over who dies.
    3. Since this show is a reality show, there are confessionals. You don't need to do one every post, but once in a while I would like you to do one.
    4. During the voting you can state who you have voted in your post. Nobody can use the votes or your confessionals against you.
    5. If you die, you are out of the RP. I will allow you to play as the monsters. If I want to, I may have a second season if this RP goes well. You will be able to be in the next one, but as a different character.
    6. Try not to make your character too OP. If I want anything to change in your stats, please do so!
    7. The outfit and role must go into something out of the wild west!
    8 Have fun! If you have any questions, just ask me!

    Character Form:

    YouTube Username:
    Intelligence (1-10):
    Strength (1-10):
    Speed (1-10):
    Other (Optional):


    Name: Sam Peters
    YouTube Username: ThatW3!rd0n3
    Role: The Savant
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Sam has fair skin and dark brown hair, wearing a white shirt with a brown poncho over it. He also had black pants and some black cowboy boots.
    Personality: Sam is a kind and optimistic person, who loves hanging out with his friends and family. He may get scared easily, but will try to be as brave as he can if he needs to do something to help the group.
    Intelligence: 7
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 5
    Other: None

    Sam Peters the Savant
    Allie Silverstone the Cowgirl
    Talia Silverstone the Performer
    Samuel Friedland the Merchant
    Christian Nasken the Outlaw

    Episode One: The Wild, Wild West Part One​
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  2. Count me in.
    I don't want either of my characters to have the typical long gowns of the Wild West, so I'm taking suggestions. I also need role suggestions as well.

    Name: Allie Silverstone
    YouTube Username: SilverGaming
    Role: The Cowgirl
    Age: 19
    Appearance: She has long brown hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'8. She has pale skin and a slim build.
    Personality: Charismatic and bubbly, Allie seems to naturally make people smile. She's always up to a challenge, no matter how difficult it may seem. Her rashness tends to get her into trouble, but she's rather intelligent.
    Intelligence: 7
    Strength: 2
    Speed: 8
    Other: Her channel is a shared channel alongside her sister Talia.

    Name: Talia Silverstone
    Youtube Username: SilverGaming
    Role: The Performer
    Age: 25
    Appearance: She looks very similar to her younger sister. She has long brown hair with bangs and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'11. She has pale skin and a slim build. She wears glasses.
    Personality: Talia is much more calm and rational then her younger sister. She views everything from a logical standpoint, and has trouble comprehending things that can't be solved with logic. She is extremely protective of her sister, and is willing to die for her.
    Intelligence: 10
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 6
    Other: Her channel is a shared channel alongside her sister Allie.
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  3. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    Here's some roles you can use.. once you update your post with two of these I'll accept your character.

    The Cowgirl
    The Performer
    The Shop-Keeper
    The Merchant
    The Nun
    The Schoolmarm
  4. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    Okay! I’ll add you to the character list!
  5. Do you mind if I tag some people who may be interested?
  6. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    That’s fine! The more, the merrier! I’ll probably post the RP thread when there's ten to eleven people!
  7. So, I haven't watched that, but it looks interesting!

    Name: Samuel Friedland
    YouTube Username: ManyAchievables
    Role: The Merchant
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Long, brown hair with dark green eyes. He clocks in at about 5'6. He's a bit on the thick side, and so he's not a very fast person.
    Personality: Samuel's a bit of a nerd. He knows a lot of information about a lot of different things. However, he's on the weak side, and he's guaranteed to be in the bottom 2 of a running race. People often undermine Sam because of this.
    Intelligence (1-10): 10
    Strength (1-10): 4
    Speed (1-10): 2
    Other (Optional): None.
  8. Hey @DoggoKing22, I don't know if you're partaking in any more RPs, but I believe a certain OC of yours would fit this RP perfectly...
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  9. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    I just read through what this is about. YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT
  10. Hehe... thought so ;)
  11. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    Hey everyone! Sorry for not responding right away, but @ManyAchievables you are accepted!

    Edit: Also, if you guys have any questions I will happily answer them!
  12. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    (O boi here we go. Time to achieve F U L L W E S T E R N M O D E)

    Name: Christian “Tuco” Nasken
    YT Username: YaGuyTuco
    Role: The Outlaw (Just a suggestion. I have a strong feeling this fits well with my character. If you want, I can change the role)
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Tuco has that tall (5’10”) and (sort of) muscular build going on, along with brown-close to black hair and brown eyes, and a little bit of facial hair growing.
    Personality: Tuco is that kind of person that acts strict or serious whenever things go wrong, or when he just wants to for fun, but also acts like a nice guy whenever he has to. Because of this, some people thought of him as “suspicious”
    Intelligence: 5
    Strength: 9
    Speed: 7
    Other: Other than being in a family with western descendants and having a faint western accent, N/A
  13. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    Your role is fine! You have been accepted! We need at least five more characters to start!
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  14. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    V E R Y N I C E ! !
  15. *Successfully tagging another user fills me with determination.*
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  16. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    If you guys want to, you can have a second character to speed things up! Then we’d just have to have one or two more people join.
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  17. I've already got two haha.
  18. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    I’m probably just gonna use one for now. Maybe if needed I’ll use two
  19. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    Alrighty! If you know anyone who might be interested in this RP then go tell them about this.

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