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Ask to Join Escape From The City! (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Finch~, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Signup here:

    Three shadow balls flew accross the sky, the once beautiful city of
    Horizon was now nothing but a battle ground for Zangoose and Seviper. Bubbles, Zora, Lone-Fire, Luna and Lucas were only 5 of a few survivors. Ruins and rotting body's of Pokemon that had passed away during battle or killed were dotted around the area. Most Pokemon in the area either died or evacuated from the island. Also, Pokemon trainers had to be evacuated only days after the war started, Zangoose and Seviper were Fighting until death in this battleground of ruins.
  2. Felix was making his way though the ruins of the city afraid for his life he saw somthing off in the distance he walked slowly towards it
  3. Berry scavenged around, listening for the hiss of a Seviper, or any sign of a Zangoose nearby. Blood was streaked across the cave she resided in since it was home to a family of Seviper before they were driven off. The area she was in was quiet, there was no sudden movement. Not yet. She curled up, her white and pink fur giving away her location to any enemies.

    Skull was panting, his tongue lolling out of his mouth, trying to regain energy. Trying his best to sprint away, he fell down, numb. Struggling to get up, he tried to look around for a sign of hope, and then he saw another Pokémon- a Furret. It was a strawberry pink color, as well as a white color. Just knowing there was someone else out there, he was able to stand up, and rush towards another sign of life.

    Bow looked behind her, feeling the wind as she ran past Seviper, blindly skidding down slopes and trenches. Excitedly, she fired an Ice Shard at her opponents, before flashing away, barely realizing the extreme danger she was just in.
  4. Felix heard a ice shard fire of "bow" he said under his breath he ran towards the place of the hit and saw bow a couple meters away "BOW!" He called to her as he ran towards her
  5. The small white fox Pokémon turned around, spotting the Leafeon. She cocked her head to the side, a bit confused and worried. "Is it another Seviper? I've been running away from them all day..." looking around for a moment, she smiled. "It's good to see someone is safe here!"
  6. "No it's not but jeez their everywhere though" he said calm "you ok" he said "i know a place we can stay for a while" he said smiling comfortingly
  7. Bow nodded. "I'm fine, I was able to escape some Sevipers that were attacking me." Staying vigilant, she looked around for a moment. A horde of Sevipers had found another fight to battle in, of course, one against a gang of Zangoose. "Lead the way, Felix." Bow replied, eager to escape the area in which the Sevipers were fighting in.
  8. Felix nodded and ran though the closest building on the other side there was a battle raging on the other side he looked at bow "ok so out there is heavy fire there is a creter about half-way if we can get there we will have time to breath" he said to bow terrified "if we don't go those snervipers will come kill us so it's all or nothing" he told her
  9. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Lunar had Lucas by her side, at least she had someone. Then She saw Felix and Bow. "Felix? Bow!? Guys! I thought you didn't make it!"
    She said running over to them.

    Lone-Fire Was bored, Really Bored. He did like joining in the battles between the tribes but often got thrown out. He Walked into a little cave and lit the fire on his bones. Then he saw Berry.
    "Berry....Is it you..?" He asked

    Zora and Bubbles walked over to A dead tree, panting. "Think we'll find anyone today, Bubbles?" Panted Zora
    Bubbles shook her head, but regretted it when she saw Skull.
    "Wait..Zora is'net that-"
    Zora Gasped "S..Skull?!"
  10. Felix looked at the pair "shut it and get down can you not see this is a war zone" he called back anrgily. Felix looked at them "so to give you the run down w have a battle raging out there and we have to get to that crater, this will give us time to breath and we go from there"
  11. Bow listened to Felix instruct the new Pokémon. Last time she had seen the crater, there were no Sevipers or Zangoose there. If they could all run fast enough, staying alive wouldn't be a problem. "Once we get past this area we should find food. Seviper have been stealing and poisoning every berry they find..." trying to be optimistic again, she lowered her voice just in case any enemies were near, and smiled, "We'll make it out of this place for sure!"

    Berry remained still for a moment, trying to detect who was speaking. Then she recognized him and shuffled to get up. "Lone-Fire?" Berry looked astonished. "I can't believe someone else is out there- all the Senret I knew were wiped out by the Zangoose..." she remained hush for a moment before speaking again. "It's good to see you're okay."

    Skull spun around, his claws digging into the ground, ready to fight. Yet, he knew that if he tried to take on another round of Zangoose or Seviper he may just be doomed. Then, he realized who he was facing. Of course. Unless they became spies for either a Zangoose tribe or Seviper tribe, I can't just fight anyone, the Houndoom nodded blankly, still thinking. "Did you run into any trouble..?"
  12. Felix nodded "I'll give you guys cover fire and you run and I go once y'all safe" he told them he looked at bow and smiled "good luck"
  13. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    "Fine fine calm down!" Lunar Whispered
    " I know a shortcut" Said Lucas

    "Yes Berry it's me, now quick. We need to find the others" Said Lone-fire

    Bubbles and Zora walked to Skull
    "No, no trouble, You ok?" They said

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