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Error 404; Angels Not Found

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dark Soul, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. ...I couldn't think of anything better, mmkay?

    Anyway, as you've probably noticed, a new RP was started a couple of weeks ago: Error 404; Dawn Of The Devils / The Angels' Journey! Originally, the RP started with eight members. But unfortunately, two dropped out, and we're looking for new Angels to join our RP.

    If you're interested in our RP, please write a bio of your Angel here. The form;

    Theme Song:
    Species: Net Angel
    Home: The Internet
    Clothing: (Including an Oracle Communicator, a piece of jewelry/accesoire. Check out the RP for more info. Also, an Angel's outfit changes automatically upon entering some websites, so what you write here will be the 'regular' outfit. I can advise using Candybar for designing your character's outfit, but only using Candy 5 Girl/Boys (Adviceable) or Full Boys/Girls.)
    Identifying marks:
    Past: (It's okay to make this short; Most Net Angels have been created in the past few years, but as time passes differently in the Internet, one real year is actually three years for the Angels.
  2. I'd love to join, but I am yet to make a character. I'll think of one, but as for now, I'm just reserving myself a spot~

    EDIT: All I know is, he's a frequent Safari user and that he looks like this:


    Aside from that nothing. I'll get cracking on a bio~

    EDIT2: Here it is~

    Name: Jacob Whiting

    Theme Song: Invoke Magic

    Gender: Male

    Species: Net Angel

    Home: The Internet

    Age: 16 Angel years, five and a bit Human years

    Height: 1.65m

    Weight: 62kg

    Hair: A light blue

    Eyes: grey, with a blue hint

    Clothing: White jumper with an emblem on the left (his) breast Red under shirt underneath with a white singlet on underneath that, black trousers with the end of his belt always hanging down, red sneakers. Has a red flip-open cell phone that is actually an Oracle Communicator. Has a compass in his jumper pocket always. Can be seen both with and without a backpack.

    Identifying marks: Usually has a bandaid somewhere on his face. His wings, when visible, are white, with a slight amber tinge. His left wing is half missing, from where a virus had gotten a lucky shot. He still flies okay, but not as well as the other angels.

    Musculature: Lean, but can still pack a punch.

    Personality: Gets into fights often, gets insanely pissed off when people mess with him or his friends. Aside from this, he is actually kindhearted, and always good for a laugh. Has a VERY short fuse, and easily gets winded up.

    Skills: Can throw compasses with explode on impact, can summon up a scooter to get around sites quickly and can summon a slightly edited Buster Sword that he had made in GIMP. He calls it Half-Winged Angel. Has slight magnetic powers. He opens portals by opening his compass and taking a quick look at it, then closing it. It always opens where the North needle is pointing.

    Past: Nothing much. Killed a few viruses, had fun in sites, etc. Is currently resting in his own created world, without any memory of being a Net Angel.

    If you can guess what he's based on I'll give you a cookie~
  3. Re: Error 404; Angel Not Found

    Blazi; Your bio looks good, I'm glad to have you in~

    Since there's still one open spot, let me edit some more information in about the RP.

    This RP is based on a parallel dimension, based on the planet Earth's Internet. Every website resides on a planet in the parallel universe, sometimes with sister websites in the same solar system. The inhabitants of these worlds are the Internet users of Earth; The 'users.' (Tron Legacy reference ftw~) When a user dies in The Internet (Usually collateral damage from Angel fights against viruses, or when they run into a virus themselves), their Internet crashes IRL. When it's restored, the user comes back to life.

    Net Angels, however, aren't anyone in real life. They're basically hidden programs, invisible to users when their shields are up. (Kudo's to Toru for that idea.) When Angels die, they are reborn in their own little dimension, where life is perfect, and stay there until they are needed again. When they are reborn, they change appearance, personality, sometimes even gender- But they keep their name and the powers assigned to them- The powers being a program.

    Viruses are horrible creatures that come in many forms, mostly intimidating and scary ones. For example, Trojan Horses may look like a huge bug, that explodes into many miniversions of itself when defeated.

    The plotline; I would love to tell you guys all about it, but I'm afraid I'd be spoiling it. Let's just say that someting terrible happens, decreasing the Angel's power and might, and forcing them to split up into groups. Our characters together will form one of the groups, and venture trough several worlds- PokeCharms being one of them- to defeat the Net Devils, the evil opposites of Net Angels.
  4. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Name: Jason Larock

    Theme Song: Descend

    Gender: Male

    Species: Net Angel

    Home: The Internet

    Age: 18 angel years, 6 human

    Height: 1.753m

    Weight: 71kg

    Hair: Dark Brown

    Eyes: Red

    Clothing: Wears a lot of black. Black shirt, black fedora, black pants black shoes, and a black longcoat, with black shades to hide his eyes. Yeah, I'd say that's a lot of black. He also wears a large, almost wristband like watch that is actually his Oracle Communicator, and a thin, leather necklace with a small charm on it.

    Identifying marks: Besides the black, and red eyes, none of note.

    Musculature: Average

    Personality: Contrary to the stereotype allocated to people who wear the type of clothing he does, Jason is a happy go lucky kinda guy, and generally does things more for the fun than anything else.

    Skills: His powers are granted to him by TVTropes.org, granting him access to fictional weapons and powers, at the cost of having to use them in very cliched and easily read manners. The more fame a weapon he summons has, the shorter the time he can wield it.

    Past: For his entire existence, Jason has travelled at random, destroying virus threats (or being killed by them >>) whenever he met one. Jason has only recently begun working with other Angels at all, and finds it to be to his liking.
  5. Tailon; Your bio is fine, and so is your post. Same goes for Blazi~

    Just a side note; Just in case you didn't know, Tailon was already in from the beginning, and posted his bio here because I was still waiting for his, and he probably felt like putting it in this thread- Which, by the way, will become the official discussion thread of this RP later- So the second spot is still open.

    I'm keeping it open for another week, then we'll just go with the number of people we have now. You don't have to post your bio here right away- Reserve your spot, the way Blazi did, if you want. If I get more then one person, I'll ask you to send your first posts to me. We'll see~
  6. Error 404; The Discussion Thread

    Yerp, seems like we won't be getting anyone else in here. 'S fine~

    To the ones who are already in; I am making a list of which worlds, aka websites, our Angels will be visiting. There will be an Angel in every world, which we have to defeat.

    My list so far, in no particular order (yet);

    1. PokeCharms (For obvious, awesome reasons.)
    2. Tron Legacy's OS (Mostly so I can live out my TL geekery and fandom. ♥)
    3. PokeMon.com (Where we will venture trough a yet undecided region and fight the Digimon Devil |D)
    4. Expedia.com (For tropical fun. If this RP was an anime, this'd be a fanservice episode. xDD)
    5. 4chan. (Dear god, this'll be fun |D)
    6. YouTube (Maybe we7? Let's discuss.)

    I'm keeping the cap at six. Alright guys, any suggestions, positive remarks, critisism? Post it here.
  7. Rawr rawr ♥

    so Jesper forced me into posting here so here I am :D

    Okayso this is going to be super fuuunnn <33
    I think your ideas for websites are nifty mainly because I helped with some of them ♥ and I can't wait to see what outfits and stuff people come up with for them :'D

    Buuuuttt for the random beach website; it could be like ... www.expedia.co.uk, or like www.mytravel.com or something? o: /naming random travel websites she found on Google >>
    or instead of having the Tron Legacy website; we could go to a movie website so people could go Tron if they like and others could ... do other things from movies. Or something. :'D

    Yeahidunno ♥
    But my two pence into this anyway, right? o:
  8. Same here Tun, isn't he mean?

    But yeah, the website ideas are looking okay, especially Pokecharms. What I thought would be cool for the part where the Angels appear in Pokecharms is we could do it from our 'Charms persona's point of view instead of the Angels, and then (this is a rough idea) slowly discover the characters in our own RP are doing exactly what we've written, and hilarity ensues and stuff xD

    I'm not sure what to do for the other 2 websites, but none the less your ideas are looking pretty solid so far DS.
  9. Because I am, 4chan. It can be illustrated as a huge maze of dangerous stuff, where we have to locate a huge nasty virus among the huge nasty virus' that we aren't looking for c:
    Plus I can spam memes at everything that breathes till kingdom come.

    For pokecharms, I agree witht he whole fourth wall breaking thing. We could initially believe that the demon is causing 404's wherever we go, then find out that ourselves irl are causing it. Hence we begin some sort of strange endless eight like scenario, which we eventually move out of after some arduation.

    While I know it would be essential Dark-service if we visited Tron OS, I think some manner of a Snakes on a plane sit would be better :x
    It had a brief stint as a meme of sorts, and it wouldn't be too hard to turn it into an rp world.

    Also, w00t fan-service ^^
  10. Could I do one?

    Name: Christopher Jackson

    Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3rz_DFNENk

    Gender: Male

    Species: Net Angel

    Home: The Internet

    Age: 21 Angel years, 7 human

    Height: 2.04m

    Weight: 110kg

    Hair: Dark Brown

    Eyes: Light Blue

    Clothing: White, long-sleeved shirt (Sleeves rolled up just above elbow), Black jeans, Black Converse All-Star high-tops.

    Identifying Marks: You'd see him just because of his height, but he can also be identified by a tatoo at the bottom of his neck that reads מלאך, meaning Angel in Hebrew.

    Muscularture: His arms are muscular, but not over-the-top muscular.

    Personality: He is a very jokey & likes to have a laugh, although his size generally puts off strangers. He is also very intelligent, with expertise in mathematics. He can however, become very intense & serious when fighting viruses & Net Devils.

    Skills: Very adept with heavy weaponry, in battle he summons a sythe, Shakunage (Anyone who gets that referance is awsome), to battle with. He can also control Firewalls for a short amount of time.

    Past: He has been in quite a few battles with viruses, but has never fought a Net Devil. He once had the job of clearing viruses from the Google search engine, but he was discharged.

    Also, I suggest that the Angels go to somewhere like the Dragonfly Cave website, to fight dragons posessed by Net Devils.

    [glow=red,2,300]EDIT[/glow]: On a very important sidenote, where is the actual RP?
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  11. While it is true that there was one spot open, and that I never officialy closed it, I wasn't really expecting any other submissions. I was kind of happy with the amount of people we have now. But nonetheless, it would be kind of rude to just downright say 'no' just because. If you, Luckii, could send me a first post troughout PM-following the events of the RP as they've happened until now-, I'll see.

    I would, though, like to say that your character is not exactly the way it's supposed to be. For one thing, having such a tall and heavy adult Angel in a group of young teenagers would be strange, and your character is not assigned to a specific subject, website or program. This is a must.

    The RP is in the RP board. |D

    Tun; Expedia sounds fine. Thanks~

    Toru; (Yes, I'm mean<3) But yes, I do like your idea. We, would, of course, have to decide on where in the extremely messed up timeline of PokeCharms this would take place. The most recent RP is, of course, SSBC- But would a post-SSBC point of view be practical? It's the only possibility I see, but seeing as SSBC is unfinished... We could do post-All Hallows or post-Flood, of course, both of which are pre-SSBC.

    Indie; 4chan would be pretty epic, yes. The 4chan Devil would be epically strong, though. |D And about Snakes on a Plane; I'm not familiar with that franchise at all, apart from the visual Metal Gear Solid puns, and I did kind of like the idea of going to the Tron Legacy site, even though it's mostly my fandom.
  12. Daft Soul: Ok. Changed the bio!

    Name: Christopher Jackson

    Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3rz_DFNENk

    Gender: Male

    Species: Net Angel

    Home: The Internet

    Age: 16 Angel years, 5 & a bit human

    Height: 1.96m

    Weight: 93kg

    Hair: Dark Brown

    Eyes: Light Blue

    Clothing: White, long-sleeved shirt (Sleeves rolled up just above elbow), Black jeans, Black Converse All-Star high-tops.

    Identifying Marks: You'd see him just because of his height, but he can also be identified by a tatoo at the bottom of his neck that reads מלאך, meaning Angel in Hebrew.

    Muscularture: His arms are muscular, but not over-the-top muscular.

    Personality: He is a very jokey & likes to have a laugh, although his size generally puts off strangers. He is also very intelligent, with expertise in mathematics. He can however, become very intense & serious when fighting viruses & Net Devils.

    Skills: Very adept with heavy weaponry, in battle he summons a sythe, Shakunage (Anyone who gets that referance is awsome), to battle with. He contols the programme Avast Anti-virus, giving the team protection for a short amont of time.

    Past: He has been in quite a few battles with viruses, but has never fought a Net Devil. He once had the job of clearing viruses from the Google search engine, but he was discharged.

    I'll send you the first post PM very shortly.
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  13. Alright, guys, a minor update and a little question. First of all, I thank you all for being patient with me (Except you there, Tailon ^^) (Joking, of course.), as I have been quite busy lately. As I am writing this, I am near finishing my new post, further advancing the plotline. The four NPC's in our group are free to use.

    The question that I had; I've been reconsidering our list, and I came up with this idea: Maybe, instead of going to YouTube/We7, we could go to World Of Warcraft? Even though, as far as I know, none of us really plays the game, I know it's one hell of a fantasy world. We could have a lot of medieval/magic fun there.

    When I have your opinions, I will make a list of the worlds we'll be visiting in a chronical order, from first to last, so I'd like you guys to make up your own list of what we've got so far, in what order you would like to visit the worlds.

    Thanks in advance, guys ^^
  14. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Right so, I haven't opinionized in here yet, and I should, so let me take this in order. |D

    Pokecharms: This has been a given since the start, and I'm for it too~

    The Grid: YES, SO MUCH YES. I love Tron muchness<3 But yeah, it also gives us a chance to wear silly outfits and fight a crazy virus devil or somthin' ♥

    Pokemon.com:I do really want to fight the Digimon Devil after all~

    Expedia: Yay beach episode! Yeah it's that simple sush

    4Chan: For this one I'm thinking the Devil of trolling will work for this, I dunno if that's what we'll go with, though I don't really know what a 4chan world would look like.

    Snakes on a Plane: Errrr, what? How does a movie about some snakes getting loose on a plane=RPing world? I just don't see it.

    World of Warcraft: Much fantasy fun to be had, Devil can be a big group boss, awesomeness~
  15. Okay, I had a quick look at the sites the Angels are going to visit, and came up with an order I personally think would work (and just so you know, I have a very strong hatred to WoW, so I'm very much against the notion).

    6.4chan.org/?/ (I'm unsure if we're deciding to go on a paticular part of the site or not)

    I figured this layout gradually leaves the best 'til last, and also the hardest, in terms of Devils. 4chan is a shitstorm of all things awesome and horrible on 4chan's /b/, and this may add up in terms of devils. Keep in mind the order is only my ideas, so if anyone has any objections, feel free to bring them up.
  16. Yeah, I'm kind of warming to the Tron idea rather then Snakes, so yeah. Here are just some suggestions for what we could do in each site (going on Toru's list):

    Pokemon.com: This has a number of possibilities, from having to use Pokemon to battle Devil's to fighting an N or Ghetsis look-a-like, this is very open.

    Tron: I haven't actually seen the Tron movie, but I'm sure Dark and the rest of the Tron fans here could come up with some manner of neon banter >=D

    Youtube/We7.com: This could mean shenanigans involving Youtube memes (Charlie the Unicorn etc.). I've never come across We7, so I don't really know about this one :/

    Expedia: Fanservice episode >:0. I'd love to have a culmination of all things fanservice in this one, meaning mechas, beach party, non-serious fights and that sort of banter ♥

    Pokecharms: Fourth Wall breaking ♥

    4chan: In true interwebs spirit, the Devil of 4chan could illustrate himself as "The final boss of the Internet" http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/final-bos ... e-internet
    The whole battle could be set up like a typical party rpg battle: stationary positioned turn-based battle.
    Just an idea, but still ♥
  17. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee I have to comment here, so I shall ;D

    I've been looking at it and I have to say that my preferred order would probably be the same as Toru's >> I wouldn't want to mix it all up with loads of different orders, so yeah. But I'm going to comment on the sites anyway |D

    1. Pokemon.com - Yaaaaay geeking out about Pokemon :'D I would suggest something like a PokeMon battle (with each person going at a time; like "Euphemia used Sketch!" then "___ used ___! It was super effective!"bla bla bla) but that might get a bit hmmmm. I dunno. I'm silly ♥

    2. Disney.go.com/Tron - I can't say I'm that into Tron, but I guess this'd be cool. |D I can totally imagine Euphemia being all badass in a Tron suit (possibly accompanied with a Tron motorbike for a certain period of time) which would be cool. ... yeeeaaaaah.

    3. Youtube.com/We7.com - I'm probably veering towards Youtube seeing as I (and possibly others) are more familiar to it than We7 |D But anyway, this could reveal a lot of fun and a whole load of terribleness too, so it seems good xD

    4. Expedia.com - FANSERVICE. FANSERVICE IS FUN. Cue Euphemia in a bikini! Because she would never usually wear a bikini. Which is why it's fanservice. Which is why it'd be fuuunnnn ♥
    ... anyway, yeah, sounds good |D

    5. Pokecharms - Yaaaaaaaaaaay c: I don't have much to say on this matter, but yeah. c:

    6. 4chan.org - oh gooooddddd 4chan |D 4chan is a whole lotta creepy, but it'll make for good RPing ... right? |D

    Aaanyway, yeah. o 3 o
    I'm not too big on WoW either, seeing as I've never played it or taken any interest whatsoever into it, so ... I dunno. If other people want to go there, though, I'm fine with it! c:
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  18. In order, of course

    1. Tron: I totally want to see Jacob with a neon bandaid |D
    2. Pokemon.com: Digimon devil ftw! Though I don't think the whole turn-based thing Tun came up with is a good idea :/
    3. Expedia: Fanservice~ Beach shorts yay!
    4. Youtube: Getting a bit harder, with lots of variety. We can actually properly have our battle themes playing when we fight here!
    5. Pokecharms: The Penultimate Peril (lolol Lemony Snicket). Green grass, four-leaf clovers and craziness all around!
    6. 4chan: The final level. I agree with Indie's idea for the 'Final Boss of the Internet.' Let's go!

    ... Short |D
  19. Alright, guys. Looks like we all pretty much agree over the chronological order in which we will travel to the worlds, but there's not a lot of feedback on the WoW idea- From which I'm guessing you guys are okay with the list as it is, and WoW is unnescesary. Fine by me ^^

    1. Pokemon.com
    2. Tron Legacy OS
    3. Expedia (Expedia and YT are actually in a tie here, but I'll make Expedia third anyway.)
    4. Youtube
    5. PokeCharms.com (I'm still not grabbing the whole fourth wall breaking-concept |D (Maybe I'm just not thinking fourdimensional.))
    6. 4chan. (Final Boss Of The Internet sounds good- Altough we'd have to decide on the form it would take. I'm thinking a Megaman ZX/Sonic Big-Ass Mecha sort of thing<3)

    Alright, now that we have decided on that, I would like to ask if Tunduli would be so kind as to do the next post, introducing the PokeMon world. This world is one of the worlds in which our outfits will change- So design a nice Trainer outfit~
  20. Bump.

    Just another question, because I feel like the RP should not just be me leading you guys everywhere- Instead, I will discuss the major crossroads with you guys. First of all, now that we've landed in the PokeMon world, I'm giving you full freedom over wether your Angel personifies a regular Trainer, Ranger, Breeder, Collector, Bug Catcher for all I care. I would also like to say that I prefer if our PokeMon weren't too overpowered- Aka, no LV. 97 Rampardos with Mold Breaker.

    My main question is; Where in the PokeMon universe do we go? I think that this chapter would become too long if we traveled trough more then one region, so I've decided it'll be only one. As an R/S/E fanboy, I'm tempted to say Hoenn, but I'm quite sure that most people would like to venture trough the brand-new region of Unova. Or do you prefer one of the other lands? Your call.
  21. Euphemia's too badass to be anything other than an Ace Trainer. Of course.

    No but reeaaallyyyy. I dunno, I have recently fallen back in love with Hoenn seeing as I'm playing through Ruby again, so that would be really cool. Buuutttt then again, Unova is what's hip and happening and mainstream so I guess Unova would be the most likely possibility? I dunno, though, I really don't miiinnnd ♥
  22. Hoennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~

    Jacob's ttly a ranger.
  23. Okay, so the idea of choosing the region we're exploring sounds plausible, but we need to take something into account here - we're on the website Pokemon.com, in the internet - why not just make the area we explore a juxtapositioned hybrid of all the regions? Just an idea.

    Also, Will is going to be an Ace Trainer >:3 His pokemon are a mystery as of yet.
  24. Although I'm glad my Hoenn suggestion is getting some backup, Toru has a good point. I was thinking in game/anime ways, while not everything has to be entirely realistic in this RP. We could come up with our own region that includes PokeMon from all generations.

    ...I'm basically writing down a random brainfart now, but could we possibly use Tunduli's region that she created earlier on? If so, we could incorporate some of her 'mons into the RP as well, which would be rather epic. Just an idea, of course.
  25. Using my region would be cool, I think c: But that's mainly just because it's mine and the fact that anyone would want to use it in anything ever excites meeeeeee.

    I dunno, I can't really say I guess xD It would be cool, and if other people think so too then I'd be happy for us to use it! But if the rest of yo peeps prefer using a canon Pokeyman region that I'm cool with that, yo ♥

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