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Ask to Join End of the F***ing World

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadow_Pup, May 31, 2020.

  1. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Join here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/mha-the-end-of-the-f-ing-world-discussion.22564/#post-861147

    Daisy woke up in her room in the 1A dorms where her settlement was, they had picked the dorms as it was pretty easy to defend and already worked as a living area. The windows on the ground floor had been boarded up and the door remained locked unless a scout was heading out. She got dressed and made her way outside, she checked her clipboard for what was happening today, she had to check supplies after Kaen returned from his night patrol, he would most likely have some supplies, she then had to check that the builders were checking the defenses and then she would head to the roof to check in the current zombie situation. She made her way downstairs to the front door to let Kaen in.

    Kaen reached the gates to U.A. and climbed up them and made his way to the dorms, his sack wasn't as full as he would have hoped but it was good enough. He reached the door and tapped out the password, the door opened and he entered, nodding to Daisy and making his way to the kitchen to unload his supplies. Daisy did well as Leader despite not being the oldest. He finished unloading the new supplies and then updated the information stating what they had.

    Daisy locked the door behind Kaen and watched as he took inventory. She then made her way to the Builders rooms which were on the ground floor (Builders first floor, Scouts second floor, everyone else including Leader third floor), she knocked on the doors and then said "wakey wakey, time to check defenses, please" she said before making her way back to the main area and then heading up to the roof where she sat looking around the area.

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  2. Musume had never gotten sleep, all through the night she was constantly checking through a window gap if the barricades were okay, and going back to her bed whilst caressing her weapon, repeating the phrase "don't worry". Until she was interrupted by a knock, she hadn't heard that in hours, which is why it felt so loud and sudden, it made her jump and fall off her bed, she tried standing up, grabbing hold of her desk table covered in papers with tiny machines drawn on them, Musume held her head while still clutching her weapon, she glared at the door, which the knock came from, and locked it.

    Musume heard what their leader Daisy said, "time to check defenses, please", that innocent sweet voice, reminded Musume of her sister, she never liked any of the people here, they had quirks, something Musume didn't have, this thought made her mad, but before she could do anything, her weapon(sister) spoke to her, "what's the matter?", Musume said, pretending to be her sister, "i don't like it here", she talked back, "but they need you, and you need them" Musume talked in her sister's voice once more, but this pep talk just made her sorrow even greater, she slowly walked back to the window gap she created and checked the defenses, just as their leader had ordered.
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  3. Yashiro woke up after hearing the knock on the door, he didn’t hear what whoever was out there had said, but he didn’t need to. He knew what had to be done, as it had become part of his routine. He slowly rose out of bed, yawning as he did so, and got himself dressed before slipping through the door to check their outer defenses. “Look fine to me... didn’t build them though, could be a multitude of problems.” He said to himself, further inspecting the shoddily constructed fortifications. Once he was finally satisfied that there weren’t any issues, Yashiro headed back inside to get himself some food.
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  4. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Throughout the night, Lux had been camping out on the roof of the 1A dorms, just sniping at any zombie he could lay his eyes on. From the roof, it was much safer to snipe with a constant burst of seven light arrows than having to be down there on his own with light blades. To his left and right he had lamps shining on him, so he could fire away without having to take away from his stored up light, aswell as recharge his core, which finally finished recharging just a few minutes ago. As the sun rose though, he turned off the small generator powering the various lamps and soaked in the sunlight, shooting off a few more blasts before calling it quits for the time being. Being that he was made out of glass, he really had no need for sleeping, eating or drinking. Sure, he could still do all of these things, they would be of no benefit to him other than comfort and taste. He stood up from the metal folding chair he sat in while on watch and turned around, ready to head into the dorms, when he saw the leader of this group of survivors he was in arrive on the very roof he was on. He approached Daisy, arms crossed behind his back. " Morning, Daisy. " He greeted, in a casual, slightly quiet tone.
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  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy turned to see Lux, "Hello Lux, up here again last night" she asked before looking around again, "there hasn't been a villain sighting in a while, that's good" she half muttered to herself. She had a meeting with the Leader of the slightly larger group that lived in the main school building, they would be discussing things such as looting rights and discussing defense tactics. But for now she was hungry, "I'm heading down, you should come down to, it's not good to stay up here" she said before making her way back to the kitchen where Kaen was cleaning up his dishes from his breakfast, she smiled and made herself some food.

    Kaen finished his dishes and then made his way to his room to workout for a bit, he entered his room and went to the bar attached to the ceiling and began to do sets of pull ups. He continued with this till he started to sweat and then moved on to push ups.
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  6. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "For god's sake", he groaned as he pushed his face into his pillow. Sleeping wasn't easy when you're own 'gift' could take over your mind at any given moment. When he got out of bed he went to the corner of his room, where he kept his canvas. The canvas was only half painted, but close to completion. It was a painting of a winter forest, the stars were out and the trees all snuggled in their blanket of snow. The centre piece of his painting was a large, frozen lake, reflecting the midnight moon. "I'm gonna need some more midnight blue and baby blue", placing the painting down, he left the room and headed to breakfast. "Yashiro, wanna go scout after breakfast, I kind of don't want to go alone this time" he asked Yashiro on his way to get some food.

  7. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    Sebastian stepped out of bed. He had woken up a few hours beforehand and was awaiting the call to leave this hellhole. He exited the dorms and headed down to get some breakfast. Once finished he decided to see if Daisy had any jobs for him. He walked round the area looking for Daisy but couldn't find her anywhere. Eventually he gave up and settled down on a bench in one of the hallways that overlooked the outside world.

    As he sat he wondered if any of those mindless drones out there was his parents. Clenching his fist thinking about his family his hands started radiating light. Once Sebastian noticed he stopped it from becoming an actual attack but he decided to go somewhere else. As he walked around he noticed a stairwell he hadn't seen before and cautiously stepped up. At the top he could hear voices and crept up to see if Daisy was up there.
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