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Ask to Join Elder-Veil: Spells and Swords

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Welcome to Elder-Veil,

    On top of the regular Pokecharms rules
    - Proper Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation are ESSENTIAL for involvement in this RP
    - No OP characters especially at the start of the Rp
    - Include the phrase ‘Angel Light’ in your application to show you read the rules
    - Swearing and Romance are both allowed just don’t over do it
    - Violence is also allowed but try not to get too gore-y
    You will be given one warning and one warning only, maybe two if I’m feeling generous. After that you will be removed from the rp and your character’s soul completely extinguished.

    Humans - The regular human is nothing spectacular, though their determination and pliable souls allow them to match skills with any of the other races.
    Elves - slightly taller than humans, Elves are mainly known for their pale almost luminous skin tones and long slender figures. Their hair is often a straight wave of shimmering silver hues parting slightly around their extend ears
    Dwarves - The shortest of the seven races, dwarves are known for their thick mangled hair and extreme body density, their eyes are large and glimmer like the gemstones they are so famous for mining.
    Orcs - The tallest of the races of Elder-Veil, they are known for the large tusks protruding from their Bottom jaws. A feature which slightly effects their ability to speak. Their physical height is complemented by their natural muscle mass. Their skin is generally a pale green or grey color with hair pulled back in a single warrior braid, tradition dictates that when an Orc is defeated they cut this braid to maximize their shame.
    Sirens - Slightly shorter than humans and amphibious in nature, these creatures, despite their outwardly attractive appearances are known for their rows of razor sharp teeth. Some say their skins also has a slight slimy feel to it though this diminishes with time in open air.
    Spriggans - Flora and Fauna combined into one being, these humanoids vary greatly in size, their green brown skin is covered in rough bark-like patches some of which grow small leaves or woody stumps to help them absorb energy. Atop their heads grows a tangle of branches and foliage unique to each spriggan.
    Garudas - slightly shorter than the average human the Garudas are characterized most noticeably by their large feathered wings and bird heads with long talons on their extremities.
    Nagans - A Lizard like species, known for their long tails. Their scales are especially resistant to heat and can grow back easily if ever lost.

    An affinity is almost like a personal preference toward a certain element, increasing your resistance to that element as well as increasing your skill with the element.

    Your character’s Affinity doesn’t have match their Race but it is believed that members of their Race would be able to reach the maximum mastery of their racial elemental affinity.

    Human - Balance (Small boost for all)
    Elf - Light
    Dwarf - Earth
    Orc - Darkness
    Siren - Water
    Spriggan - Forest
    Garuda - Air
    Nagan - Fire

    Your chosen spirit is very much like a magical ability unique to your character and is so closely linked to their existence that a character’s spirit trait will remain with your character even if they lose their body and become simply a wandering soul. All spirits are naturally dormant and need to be awakened before they can be utilized.

    Beast: Allows you to transform between a humanoid and beast like state. In your humanoid form you will display attributes of your beast form. Dependent upon the extent of the transformation it may be instantaneous or it may require time and a specific ritual.
    Warrior: heightens your physical attributes and abilities at the cost of limiting your magical ability.
    Mage: Heightens your magical and intellectual attributes at the cost of reducing your physical strength and constitution
    Elemental: allows you to fully attune yourself to your elemental affinity granting you tremendous power, though it uses your soul as an energy source, weakening you with extended use.
    Angelic: grants the ability to summon etherial minions and purge the undead, preventing them from being resurrected again. Also grants higher knowledge at the risk of igniting your soul.
    Demonic: grants the ability to summon Undead minions and taint etherial beings causing them to become corrupted and begin rampaging. Though you risk having your soul being used to feed the great demons.

    The magic of Elder-Veil means that provided a persons soul remains intact they can return from the dead. This is done through the use of Soul Shards and Spirit Tethers, the former are crystals carried by your character, they act almost as a vessel for the soul with reside inside before you are revived. Spirit Tethers are sacred sites dotted throughout Elder-Veil allowing for Soul shards to be used to revive a deceased individual without damaging their soul.
    If a person is recently deceased their soul can be forcibly returned to their body, provided it is inhabitable, by any sufficiently skilled magic user. Though the soul shard is destroyed in the process and the revived soul severely weakened.

    RPG Class:




    Here’s mine
    Name: Mallick
    Age: 27
    Title: Guardian Knight
    Race: Human
    Spirit: Beast (Scorpion)
    RPG Class: Sword-Mage
    Appearance: 5’9 with a slim fit build, his lightly tanned skin has gained a subtle grey tinge to it following his adoption of the scorpion beast spirit. His eyes have since become a fiery orange hue, matched the fact that the spirit had a similar effect upon his short curly hair. His most noticeable feature however is the thin dexterous barbed scorpion tail sprouting from the base of his spine.
    In his beast form Mallick’s lower body transforms into a fully formed scorpion body, with Mallick’s armored upper body sprouting from the area where the scorpion’s head would be, his tail thickens greatly as a pair of strong pinchers sprout from his hips. Given the extend of this transformation, Mallick needs to perform a brief ritual to initiate and complete the transformation into beast form, though the reverse is significantly easier and done in a matter of moments.
    Outfit: Mallick’s most common outfit consists of a hooded leather undermail and plate breastplate with matching leggings. His arms are protected within large intricate gauntlets, able to act as a makeshift shield if necessary.
    Hometown: Everhallow, the second largest of the cities of Man. Everhallow had been the seat of the once powerfully but since extinct house Hothe for millennia, in the few short years since the last of the Hothe died out the leader of their personal guard, simply named the Honorguard, has taken control of the city and its hold-lands, claiming it to be a temporary measure until a worthy heir can be found.

    Affinity: Balanced

    Weapon(?): Mallick carries a very simply decorated Bastard sword, the weapon consists of a regular 32' straight blade with a star Damascus cross guard, a stained black-heart ebony wood handle and a small pommel set with a flickering amber. Though in confined spaces he supplements this blade for a pair of combining Dao Sabres normally hanging from his left hip. The two blades can lock together to be bused in a single hand or separated for dual wielding. Adding to the unique intricacies of these blades is the fact that the external surfaces are engraved with a stylized image of a giant Scorpion.

    Magic(?): Specializes in the precise and strategic use of otherwise simple magic skills utilized to great effect.

    Mallick’s parents were both individuals of great influence in Everhallow’s society. His Father a senior military advisor to the last of Hothe rulers, before being asked to continue on in the position by the incoming Military government. His mother however was a prominent academic in the field of magical archeology. All throughout Mallick’s childhood he would accompany his mother upon these archeological voyages, it was during one of these expeditions at the age of 16 that Mallick had his first experience with the forces of the undead. A clumsy scribe stumbled directly into a demonic trap, his soul torn from his body and used to summon a horde of rotting draugr foot soldiers, the mass of undead flesh came charging toward Mallick and his Mother. The first of the horde was swiftly run through by Mallick’s long-sword, cleaving the monster in two at the waist though this did little to stop the creature’s advance. The remaining horde was kept momentarily at bay by a Wall of flames erupting from Mallick’s mother’s hands. Despite the fiery onslaught the horde continued to press onward toward the pair. The pungent stuffy air of the tomb further putrified by the stench of burning rotting flesh, as the draugr begun to claw their way through the intense flames and charge, the flaming flesh of the draugr casting a series of horrific shadows upon the claustrophobically small halls of the crypt.The undead horde were unrelenting in their assault, despite the fact that both Mallick and his mother survived the ordeal the experience proved too traumatic for Mallick’s mother. She became reserved and despondent, her love for her craft was gone. She resigned herself from practical duties and focused solely on secondary research, never returning to an archeological expedition again.

    Mallick also came away from the encounter emotionally changed, a new found determination igniting within him. He wouldn’t let the undead threaten anyone else, so he begun his training to be come a Guardian Knight with the Honor-Guard. The elite magic weirder swordsmen who were each said to be able to challenge entire Lich Kingdoms alone.
    The swordsmanship aspect of training came easy for him, his father’s position meant he had access to the greatest swords masters in the Hold-lands.

    With this in mind however Mallick was far from an expert magic user, despite his mother’s best efforts to teach him the finer points of the mystic arts. Though throughout his Guardian Knight training he did show exceptional prowess with the innovative uses of otherwise basic offensive and defensive magic, primarily because he could never quite grasp the complexities of any of the advanced techniques, hence his training sessions with his mother often consisted of repetitive drills of the same basic spells until perfect. Hence his adoption of a balanced affinity, despite his initial reluctance given the social disdain for the practice, with some high ranking members of the Honor-guard even deeming it as a sign of as laziness, indecisiveness, and an overall lack of patience or discipline.

    Regardless Mallick passed his trials with shining colours and begun his first posting, a solo role roaming the bandit and monster infested wild-lands, initially the position was bland as best, days spent riding across barren lands between towns in search of outstanding jobs. It was on one of these many tasks, chasing up on stories of a humaniod-beast hybrid who had massacred an entire bandit camp, that he met the man who would become a second father to him. A man known only as Manticore.

    Despite his murderous reputation, Manticore turned out to be a relatively normal old wild-lander. He took the young Guardian Knight into his home offering information on the dangerous vigilante supposedly roaming the fringes of the holdlands. The roughened old-warrior did his best to steer Mallick’s attention away from his area. Despite the Guardian-knight’s youth and naivety he sensed that the older warrior was withholding something from him. Though this youth and naivety did mean that his attempts to subtly suggest that he didn’t believe the Old man’s stories were far from subtle, leading to Mallick’s own revelation that the deaths of the bandits was not the true reason he had accepted the quest, in reality he wanted to find the person who had done it, not to bring them to justice but to understand how exactly they had done it. Manticore was taken back to say the least but agreed to teach the young knight the ways of the beast spirit. Thus begun Mallick’s training to awaken his beast spirit.

    Training with the Manticore was entirely juxtaposed to his time with the Honor-Guard, consisting primarily of realistic combat encounters as opposed to training dummies and practical experimentation to determine not only his beast spirit but also the method in order to bring it forth. Here he remained until the Manticore died of natural causes, Mallick returned to Everhallow claiming to have slain the wild beast who had massacred the bandits. His ‘triumph’ over the Manticore saw him accelerated through the ranks of the Guardian Knights.
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I'll post a bio after I finish it and I'm out of school...
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  3. I might join it seems like a great idea but I have a lot on my plate.
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  4. Ok great, please post whenever you can guys
  5. could I have a Spriggan with mushroom charecteristics
  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Can I please have more information on the world? Like towns, recent history, government, allies & enemies, that sort of stuff. Not knowing the world that you created that well keeps leaving me at a blank.
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  7. Sounds fine, let’s see the application
  8. I left it vague so that other could add to it but I do have some notes regarding the world I’ll expand them a little then get back to you
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