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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Since I've done a few fics that take place in the Solest Region, but don't really show it for what it is, I shall now do a fic that covers exactly what hasn't been seen. Enjoy.

    Chapter 1

    The first rays of reddish-gold sunlight peeked out from over the treetops. The morning was just as fresh and relaxing as the smell of the diverse myriad of trees, but the pine, oak, and cedar stood out the most. Covering almost all of the ground between the few wooden houses was pine needles, giving a soft crunch to every step the boy took as he made his way to the largest of the buildings. The boy was young, around maybe fifteen, with bright emerald eyes and short dark-chocolate hair. He wore an equally green shirt, with dark brown cargo pants that were so dark they were almost black. A crimson backpack was slung over his right shoulder, not held for travel, but for just a very short trip.

    He entered the building and began to look around, a look of excitement in his eyes. There were no lights on, but so much sunlight was streaming in that it didn't matter. The entire building was just two large rooms, connected through a small doorway. However, the place seemed to be empty of life for everything except the boy. A large steel desk was in the corner of the room, with many folders and papers organized into several orderly stacks. He approached a small chair that was near it and sat down as a woman with long red hair came in. She had on a long white lab coat, as well as a violet dress on with matching heels.

    "Oh, Hunter, you came early today. That's good news for you, because you now have the choice of the first Pokemon of the day." she said happily. The woman motioned towards the other room, and Hunter followed her. This room, which was slightly smaller than the other, had a strange machine in the center, and a long steel table behind it. On the table were three spheres, each of which was half red and half white, with a black stripe in the middle.

    "Now, in each of these three Pokeballs is a Pokemon, as you know. You studied that packet I gave you that covered each of them in detail, right?" she asked.

    "Yes, Professor Cherry." Hunter answered, his face calm compared to his ecstatic eyes.

    "Good. Even though there are three Pokeballs, you can only choose one. Will it be Grasven, a Grass-type; Firen, a Fire-type; or Riviry, the Water-type?"

    Hunter thought for a moment, having some sort of internal struggle as to which one he should choose. "I pick...Firen." Prof. Cherry handed him the Pokeball on the right, then reached into her coat pocket for something. She pulled out a blue hand-held device, then fished through her other pocket and handed him five Pokeballs.

    "Here's your PokeDex, which will provide you with basic data on any Pokemon you see or catch," Cherry explained, pointing to the blue device. "and here are five Pokeballs, for catching wild Pokemon. Remember, you can only carry six Pokemon with you at a time, and any you do catch after the limit come straight back here to me."

    "Okay, thanks, Prof. Cherry." Hunter said as he ran outside to leave for his journey, stuffing the PokeDex and Pokeballs into his pockets. He pushed his arm through the left strap on his backpack, making it even on his back. In his right hand he gripped Firen's Pokeball, staring at it as he ran to the south of Copse Town, and stopped when he reached a small sign where the town's border and Route 300 met.

    Rt. 300 beyond this point. Watch out for wild Pokemon. the sign said. "I wonder what kind of wild Pokemon are out there. Well, there's only one way to find out!" Hunter walked into the Route, wary of any sudden movements in the wooded area. Wild Pokemon could be lurking anywhere, and he sure wasn't going to miss one.
    Hunter had been searching for a wild Pokemon for at least thirty minutes, but had seen absolutely nothing. Were they asleep or something? It was only six in the morning...something should be up by now. As if reading his thoughts, a few shrubs nearby rustled, and a small bird emerged. It was golden-brown, and had a white head. "It's like a little eagle or something. Kinda cute, actually."

    He whipped out his PokeDex and pointed it at the bird. "Eaglet, the Tiny Eagle Pokemon. Eaglet are too tiny to fly, but move very fast on their feet. They are known to be able to strike fast and hard." "An Eaglet, huh? I just have to have it." With a flick of his wrist, he tossed Firen's Pokeball in the air, which shot out a crimson beam of light that brought forth Firen. Firen stood on all fours, and was a rich orange color with navy blue on the top half of its body. Firen had a long tail for such a small Pokemon, with both its back and the tip of its tail on fire. Hunter smiled as he stuffed the Pokeball in his pocket.

    "Firen, use Scratch!" Firen lunged at the bird, claws at the ready, but Eaglet dodged it with ease. "Try again!" Once more, Eaglet outsped the Fire-type. "Ugh!" Hunter reached into his left pocket and retrieved a ball, then threw it at Firen. "Return." However, the ball sped past Firen and hit Eaglet, enshrouding it in the crimson light, which retreated back into the ball. Hunter turned around and looked as the ball wiggled back and forth three times, then stopped.

  2. That's cheating!

    Hehe, I'm joking of course, but that is the only real slip up you have in this.

    I feel that your Solest region Pokemon could do with a bit more description, but Eaglet was pretty well thought out. Also going out on a limb here, but Hunter picked his balls at random? Otherwise, 'what' is an understatment.

    It's nice to see another journey-starting story and I hope this one will reach a conclusion.
  3. whoops! that was a typo. It should've been "any you do catch after six come straight to me." I thank you for pointing that out. And when he threw the ball, remember, he stuck Firen's ball back in his pocket, and he thought it was Firen's, but it wasn't. So yeah, random ball.

    "...what?" was more of a "wait, what just happened? did I seriously just catch a pokemon due to extreme dumb luck? oh well~" kind of thing :3

    Many thanks to you, Tatile ^_^

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