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Discussion in 'Requests' started by EeviumZ, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Why hello, fellow Pokecharmers!

    I've decided to start taking art requests! I'm a fairly new artist, so the only style I can currently take requests for is Japanese Kawaii.

    Some side notes:
    1) Human/Humanoid characters only. Wings are most likely impossible unless they're relatively simple. Horns, animal ears, and the like all are fine.
    2) I haven't done digital art before so I'm currently only doing hand-drawn works. Unless you want a haphazardly done MS Paint work.
    3) Turnaround time depends on a lot of things. Please don't pressure me about when it will be done.
    4) A reference picture would be MASSIVELY helpful. Even something done on a character maker online will suffice. If you don't have a reference, please try to be very detailed with your appearance and expect a longer turnaround.
    5) I can do up to four characters in one work.

    EDIT: I'm also willing to do Pokemon recolors or fusions, if you give me some time.

    Character Name:
    Character Appearance (Be detailed, optional if reference is included):
    Character Reference Image:
    Special Notes:

    Tsamia - For PrincessPika~chan (Drawing Phase)
    Soul Theris Mack - For Cryronn the Mudkip (Planning Phase)
    Nella - For Kasumi Daiyamondo (Not Started)
    Heart Star - For Heart Star (Not Started)
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  2. Name: Soul Theris Mack
    Ref. Image: D2BAADC4-5873-4A6C-ABA8-04C72BDE383F.jpeg
    Background: I found this. AF88B825-DB45-4500-873F-94DC38F0E459.jpeg
    Pose: Casual pose, maybe one arm down, the other holding a single blue flame.
    Special Notes: To hopefully not have to make you draw his galaxy-patterned hands, I recommend just drawing the gloves.
  3. ^ Accepted!
    Do keep in mind that this will be traditional Kawaii so I can only do so much detail. I expect to have it fully finished in two weeks.
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  4. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Hey, if your not busy, I'd like to request!
    Character Name: Nella
    Character Appearance: Red hair that goes a little below her shoulders, lilac eyes, a red coat with brown buttons, a cream sweater underneath, white leggings, and brown winter boots.
    Character Reference Image:
    Background: Just a lilac background.
    Pose: Hugging the teddy bear like in the picture.
    Special Notes: N/A
  5. ^ I'mma accept this. ^.^
    I'm currently doing the works in this order: Pika > Mudkip > Kasumi. I'm dealing with a lot of IRL stuff rn so it'll take me some time.
  6. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Thats fine. Take your time!
  7. ^ Yep, I can do this! I've got a few more works to do before I can get to yours, but it's very much in my capabilities so it shouldn't be too long ^.^
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