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Eeveelution Chamber

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Staroid, May 20, 2017.


What do you think the tail should look like?

Poll closed May 21, 2017.
  1. A long, ragged, piece of cloth that's hanging from its body

    3 vote(s)
  2. A really short, ragged tail

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I kinda had an idea where we would create our own Eeveelution to fill in the missing types of the Eeveelution family. I'll put each type in a spoiler. The first type will be probably the first type suggested.
    Bug Eeveelution
    Dragon Eeveelution
    Flying Eeveelution
    Ghost Eeveelution
    Ground Eeveelution
    Normal Eeveelution
    Rock Eeveelution
    Poison Eeveelution
    Steel Eeveelution
    #1 Staroid, May 20, 2017
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  2. Maybe ghost? Also, why is ice on the list? We have Glaceon. :p
  3. My mistake @Midnight Princess. Ghost sound good. Let's think of a name first..
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  5. I think that sounds cool!
  6. I wanna help, too!

    Thing is, I've already made my own Ghost-type Eeveelution... and it already kinda has the wispy, detached body parts... heh... :'|
  7. Well, we could make it like a zombie or a mummy. An undead Eeveelution would be interesting. @The Argonaut, what do you think Shadeon should look like? And you too Midnight, what do you think?
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  8. I think a zombie Eeveelution would be really neat! Maybe it could have peeling, dark green skin and only one eye, the other being a socket? And claws on each of its paws? Also, I don't think this kind of thing would have a tail...
  9. I think a mummy Eeveelution would look awesome!
  10. Great idea, @The Argonaut! About the tail, I think it should be a really short, ragged tail cause zombie clothing is ragged and torn and the tail could incorporate that feel.
  11. Honestly, so do I, Mid, but I remember seeing this one before: [​IMG]
    I just didn't want to copy it, y'know?

    That could work, too, Star! I think that would be super cool!
  12. Alternatively its tail could be a long, ragged, piece of cloth that's hanging from its body. Really depends on the look you want to go for. You could also consider giving it a death mask of sorts, which could be pretty eerie.
  13. Or we could make that kind of thing a gender difference? Maybe the females have the longer cloth for a tail?
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  14. @Aura's idea wins. And the gender difference is kinda cool, but Eevee are almost males every time you encounter one..
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  15. Doesn't mean they can't be female. If you don't wanna do that, though, that's fine. :p
  16. I think that we shouldn't have a gender difference, cause most people don't go gender hunting. It was still a suggestion. Should it have ears?
  17. Hm... I'm thinking that it should either have bones for ears or Eevee-like ears with bite marks taken out of them.
  18. Ear wise I'd say mismatching, like one's fallen off some way down the track. Or you could make the ears a kind of ghostly spirit that's coming out of its skull.
  19. I think the bones will be an excellent idea. So, now I gotta draw it on a piece of paper. I'll upload it in the Creative Corner when I'm done, in the meanwhile we can discuss stats, move pools and dex entries.
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  20. @33v33_lover yes, you can help. We need the move pools for Shadeon and the stats. Any suggestions for the move pool?
  21. I don't know what a Move Pool is. Is it the moves they learn?
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  22. It is, in fact. I will go search moves it could learn.
  23. What about like Shadow Ball, or night shade as a move?
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  24. Night Shade is perfect 'cause of the name Shadeon. Shadow Ball is also a must 'cause it's gotta have a powerful move. How about Destiny Bond?
  25. Destiny Bond sounds like a great move, in my opinion!
  26. Thats a great move! Yeah add it
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  27. Should we have Hex and/or Shadow Claw? And possibly Shadow Sneak?
  28. Yeah, those also sound good for a zombie, especially Shadow Claw! How about Bite?
  29. Yes probably bite because we would need another attacking type.
    (And I have to go school, siya)
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  30. And how about Dark Pulse?
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  31. How about Torment and Facade? I think they'll go well together.
  32. Yeah, I like Torment! Facade might be good for a zombie, too!
  33. I don't think we should add any more moves, except Swift and Tackle. We should focus on the statistics now. For attack, it should a low(ish) number.
  34. I guess it could be
    HP: 85
    Atk: 60
    Sp. Atk: 115
    Def: 50
    Sp. Def: 105
    Spd: 110
    Total: 525 (Like all Eeveelutions)
    For the defense and special defense i thought since a mummy could easily fall apart from a punch, a low defense would make sense. But ghosts could absorb incoming special moves which is shown with the high Sp. Def. Also since most ghost type moves are special i put a higher Sp. Atk than Atk.
  35. Those stats are great, but it's not a mummy. Zombies may be undead but, they are brainless so I'll edit - a bit.
  36. @StarBlitz It still could work with a zombie since zombies easily fall apart.
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    I'll say the rest later

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