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Earth meets Pokemon!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by PhantomMemories, May 25, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone! I'm new here and have decided that I will open a new Pokemon Role Play based on our very own Planet Earth! Specifically Britain to begin with. The basic plot is that 8 pokemon trainers, 2 from each of the British countries (Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) meet by pure coincidence in London, and begin an adventure across Britain and, if it remains an active enough role play, Europe. It'll detail which Pokemon live where due to certain environmental features, for instance, in Cornwall there would be pokemon such as Wingull and Krabby, due to its Coastal area, whilst in Snowdonia there would be Ice Types to fit with the cold mountain tops.

    Keep in mind that this role play is preferrably limited to 8 people, and that I would like to keep to the point of 2 from each country. I've talked this through with Linkachu and she likes the idea of this Role Play.

    A little backstory, the idea is that Pokemon have inhabited the world alike that of most basic Animals, all events that have taken place throughout our history, wars, invasions, rebellions, they all exist as normal, just with the inclusion of Pokemon

    So, anyone interested?
  2. Ah, so this is the idea you were going to hit Sem up with, I really like it. I'll need to see if I have enough time in the day over the next few months to post. But honestly this a real neat idea and it means I can put my geographical knowledge to the test aswell as RP :) I'll get back to you sometime in the next 24 hours ^^
  3. Awesome, given that I'm welsh, I know alot about the Southern Coast, but my knowledge of the north is alot more varied, so its awesome to know people have some relatively good geographical knowledge :3
  4. Can't stay long enough to post a bio but I'm in :3 I'll post whenever I have time
  5. Oh, here, thinking about it, I'll post my Bio and others can base theirs around it

    Name : Adrian Johnson

    Age : 17

    Home : Cardiff, South Wales

    Occupation : College Student

    Personality : A cocky, headstrong boy who is not one to trust others easily.

    Past : Raised in a small village near the M4, Adrian was gifted wtih his first pokemon by his Father, after an expedition to the United States. At first, he did not trust the Pokemon of the world, but at the age of 8 he first met the pokemon he was gifted, an Absol that had roamed the Grand Canyon. From this experience, he went on to become an excellent pokemon trainer, from the young years of education. He soon became known as the best trainer in his school, going on to battle adult trainers in tournament at 14. By 16, he had 3 powerful pokemon at his command, his old partner, Absol, his Glaceon, from an Eevee he had won at a tournament, and evolved on Mt Snowdon, and a Haunter, that he had encountered upon visiting his Great Grandfather's grave at the age of 15, to wish himself good luck in another tournament. He decided on his 17th birthday to venture across the rest of Britain in order to encounter and defeat opponents with new and exciting pokemon. To his parents disapproval, he choses to study outside of College, with the intention to finish his exams upon his arrival home.

    Appearance : 5ft 11, average weight for his height, wears a leather jacket and jeans, with a black t-shirt and black converse.

    Love Interests : None, as of yet

    Pokemon : Absol
  6. (Oh I'll be gone for a little bit during first week in June just thought I would mention it, I'll alert you if I have internet access)

    Name: Callum Rowlands

    Age: 18

    Home: York, North Yorkshire, England

    Occupation: Unemployed

    Personality: Quiet, may come across as being a cold person but is really nice.

    Past: Callum has lead a fairly boring life, staying in the same house for 18 years. He went to school like any normal child and carried his education on further at college doing photography. Now with no funding to continue his education he has become a recluse with dreams of becoming a world class freelance photographer, his hopes get dampened by the fact he can't find work. He one day came across a lonely Litwick in the streets at night. (This is not uncommon as York is said to be haunted and is filled with really old buildings, and is a really gothic place) Now with his new partner by his side to help motivate him to go out and fulfil his dreams he readies himself for a journey of a lifetime.

    Appearance: Tall, right weight for his height, medium length brown hair (stylised to look messy), stubble, looks a little geeky

    Love Interests: None, as of yet

    Pokemon: Litwick

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