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Ask to Join dwma: the changing tides

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lightstar, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Welcome to dmwa, also know as Death Weapon Meister Academy! Here we all have one goal: preserve peace throughout the world. We do this by assigning two types of people together: the Meister, and the weapons. Meister are people who have combat skills, while the weapons are people who have the ability to transform into a weapon. Together, these groups work together and oppose the evil forces.

    Story: legends speak of three groups that have cleared the world of the kishin. Years have passed with little activity, and the dwma has closed it's doors. Every group were forced apart, forcing them to find new paths. Years later, rumors have spread throughout the town that there has been a rise in crime levels. Officials are looking into this, and have opened the dwma again. Now, they look for recruits who hope to join and help fight crime.


    Name: Light nebula
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Class (weapon or Meister): Meister
    Personality: Light is a very shy person, who prefers to stay alone. She always fears the worse, which makes her very cautious.
    Appearance: Light is about 5'4", and on the skinnier side. She has long blonde hair, light blue eyes, and wears glasses. She always wears an medium length white dress and boots.
  2. I'm interested, I'll get a thread up later
  3. Lightstar, do we need to make a DW and a M or just one or another? Because they are kinda both required.
  4. My idea was to have two people team together, meaning they make one or the other.
  5. This is basically a soul eater RP....Noice!

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