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Sun/Moon Draco Gengar's Trade Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Draco Gengar, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Ok so now that I have finished my Alolan Pokedex and received the shiny charm the real trading can begin. I live in Moutain Standard Time Zone and I am available from 11:32am to 12:14pm. I am also available at other times depending on if I'm with my dad or my mom.
    First off I have a lv. 66 Toucannon that I have journied with to the hall of fame. Unfortunately I received a better Toucannon through a wonder trade that has a lot of potential. I feel bad that Im replacing him so I want him to find the best home possible. Here is his information
    Nickname- JackJack Lv.66 Gender- Male
    Nature- Sassy
    Ability- Keen Eye
    Hp- Decent
    Attack- Decent
    Defense- Pretty Good
    Sp. Attack- Very Good
    Sp. Defense- Best
    Speed- Decent

    I also have been hatching some Magikarps and have hatched some with pretty good IV's with 3 IV's at Best or close to best with other well rounded IVs that I would be willing to trade for common pokemon holding shards or evolution stones
    (And try to see their potential as a Gyrados not just a Magikarp)
    Their Information is on the uploaded file

    I also have a lot of haunters that I would be willing to trade for trade for any pokemon that you can not catch in Alola. Most will have Pokerus and the move Perish Song. Most of them I have breed and raised myself or caught by myself. Others I received in wonder trade. All of them will have the nickname FearDaGengar (unless I received them via wonder trade). Their information will be uploaded soon.

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  2. If you still looking, you can get a porygon after you have beaten the Elite 4 at the Aether House on Route 15 (near the Ghost trial). It is given by 1 of the NPC (aether employee) in the back room. And I can give you a Feebas if you want. Not Buzzwole though I'm in Moon.
  3. I actually have a feebas and a porygon, i just need to trade them to evolve them, thank you though
  4. I can tradeback for you if you want :3 (and maybe steal my friend buzzwole for your pokedex xD). We just need to agree on a time though. Since I'm bad at figure out time zone and such, can you figure for me? I'm living in Japan, Kyushu. I can go online from 8pm - 3am everyday
  5. Well I'm available now
  6. I don't have my DS now though T.T
  7. when would you be able to get it?
  8. Tonight, as the time i state, 8pm-3am Japan time, everyday, though on weekend i can go online anytime you want.
  9. lets wait for the weekend ok cause I got to go now. bye
  10. Ok then see you this weekend, gonna add you in friend.

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