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DPPt/HGSS Dr Jimmy's Trade Thread - Can get IV Bred and EV Trained! (Update 23 Aug)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by DoctorJimmy, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. I've decided to restart this thread since there has not been much activity at all recently.

    I have recently moved towards Competitive Battling and enjoy it a lot. I can EV Train and know a wonderful IV Breeder.


    1. Don't know how to clone. Don't ask.
    2. I don't have AR. I don't hack.


    If you're interested in checking IVs and doing a Level 100 battle, PM me, I need to do so myself!

    This time I'll get right into it.


    Shiny (UT unless stated otherwise)

    [​IMG] (Shiny aspect hacked)
    Porygon Modest, Lv. 1 (Download) - CLONE ONLY (7 / 2 / 10 / 27 / 30 / 31)
    Porygon Timid, Lv. 8 (Trace) - EVs wiped - CLONE ONLY (Will check IVs soon)

    Giratina, Lv. 70, UT - Careful

    Chikorita Bold, Lv. 1 (Ingrain, Leech Seed, Sunny Day, Giga Drain)

    [​IMG] (Shiny aspect hacked)
    Rotom Lv. 1 Brave, UT

    Gligar Lv. 37, Hasty, UT (take it!)

    Shuckle (Japanese), Lv 100 Timid: Not EV'd

    Super Battling Stuff
    Please clone only.

    Ambipom 252 ATK / 252 SPD (x / 31 / x / x / x / 31)
    Moves: Fake Out, U-Turn, Rock Smash (hehe), Double Hit
    Nickname: MARVIN (Jolly)

    This has worked wonders for me. Fake Out, U-Turn, eliminate; repeat. Pair it with Life Orb. (It has maxed ATK and SPD).

    Leafeon 252 HP / 252 DEF / 6 ATK (30 / 31 / x / 31 / x / 3)
    Moves: Wish, Baton Pass, Swords Dance, Leaf Blade
    Nickname: IVEE (Relaxed)

    Í love this Eevee (thanks to King_Of_Lucario) . It has awesome IVs and was bred by someone from Serebii. It functions as a good P Wall with maxed out defence and 333 HP (oof, just 1 missing to get it perfect). The Relaxed nature brings down speed, as does the 3 Speed IVs so that the Baton Pass + Wish Combo works.

    Metagross 252 ATK / 252 SPD (High / 31 / High / x / x / 31)
    Moves: Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Meteor Mash, Earthquake
    Nickname: Japanese Words (Jolly)

    With maxed attack @ 369 and Speed @ 262, this thing packs quite a punch. Just Choice Band it and it defeats a whole lot of things. Expert Belt does well, too. Got it off the GTS, but this seems great.
    Events & Legends

    10ANNIV Celebi, Lv. 70, UT Calm - NEW!

    Ho-Oh, Lv. 73 Calm (MATTLE)
    Ho-Oh, Lv. 100 Lonely (10ANNIV)

    Suicune, Lv 56 Bold (EV Wiped)

    This seems decent for battling.

    MYSTRY Mew, Lv. 10, UT, Timid

    I like the nature.

    WISHMKR Jirachi, Lv. 5, UT
    Lax, Brave, Relaxed and Quirky

    EV Trained
    Please do the most obvious thing EVER when offering these.
    State the EV Spread.
    Please also state the stats at Lv 100.
    IVs are appreciated!

    Togekiss (Calm)
    Gliscor - Physical Wall / Sweeper, I guess. Or what works.
    Cresselia (maybe) - Wall
    Yanmega - Special Sweeper
    Ninjask - Physical Sweeper 252 ATK / 252 SPD

    Aerial Ace - Priority
    Thunder Wave / Will-O-Wisp
    Trick Room
    Dark Pulse
    Shadow Ball

    Choice Band
    Some Rare Candies (Need 10)
    Heart Scales

    Good IV Pokemon
    Other interesting offers.

    No, I do not like Events. :p

  2. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    I'm interested in that Adamant Ditto. I can offer you a Mudkip?
  3. I trade you the johto starters for your lustrous orb,Deepsea scale,And blissey
    I can put any three tms on there preferbly the ones you want
  4. I offer a shiny Chikorita with a defensive Nature along with def/spdef IVs holding Thunderbolt TM for a Shellder holding a magmarizer.
  5. Nexie: Deal. PM me?

    Soryian: Sorry, it isn't good enough. :)

    Nemesis: Deal. PM me.
  6. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    Would it be possible for you to breed one of your Dusknoir to have Shadow Sneak and Pain split? Ill trade you all the starters you need for a male one.
  7. I'll get you any johto starter, and/or torchic with a heart scale for a wish eevee and/or pineco/foretress.
  8. Jeydis: Sorry, that's a little too hard; I'm not very good with egg moves.

    NiceHat: Okay, let me breed the pineco first. I'll take torchic + heart scale.
  9. alright ill breed you the torchic tomorrow, and we can trade then, i'm about to crash.
  10. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    Your Adamant Heracross for 2 starters that you need? (your choice)
  11. Sounds good, I'll take Mudkip & Cyndaquil.

    Is female Heracross OK? (Adamant)
  12. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    Sure :D Wanna trade right away? If so just PM me when your ready. (they will be freshly hatched)
  13. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    I have to offer:
    Jolly Male level 30 Feraligatr with Dragon Dance and Ice Punch
    any of the TMs you want [hacked]

    what I'd like:
    Jirachi for all of what I just mentioned
    Pickup Pachirisu
    and a sassy Shellder [preferably female]

    since the TMs are hacked, I'll give your choice of five + electrizer for either set of pokemon I wanted
  14. I see...I'm currently in a rush and have no time to make that many trades, so we'll see when I get back. :3
  15. hellow jimmy ill will trade you my kyogre and 2 of my shinies on my post (Looking for alamos darkrai and gamestop deoxys (tradeing shinies)).
    For your ut jirachi and ill also throw in items you need just ask if you want.
  16. pokemon god

    pokemon god Guest

    i'm really lokoing at the ditto.what would you want for it.
  17. Soyian's offer sounds better, sorry Ruko. :p

    Which of your shinies are UT? (I might not be able to trade for a few days so please bear with me) How about the Kyogre?

    Pokemon God: I don't know, offer and we'll see.
  18. I'll trade a Japanese Cranidos for a Magby with a Magmarizer.

    A male one with a good nature Plox?
  19. Unfortunately, I'm not looking for a cranidos at the moment. :p Sorry.
  20. I have all the TM's that you want.

    Wanna trade the Tm's for a male Magby with the Magarizier?

    Just tell me which ones and I'll start putting them on Pokemon.
  21. i actually have kyogre 3 of them really but their all touched and nicked named but the one i have closes to it's lvl is lvl 51 Relaxed natured with body slam, ice beam, hydro pump and surf
  22. Cheeseburger: No, thanks. I need something on my Pokemon wants list.

    Sercishino: I'm looking for UT ones. :)
  23. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    I'd just like to reiterate my post, since you never got back to me on it.

  24. Oh, right. Sorry, well the message is up there, saying that Soryian's offer is a bit more tempting than yours. :p

    Ruko: I'm thinking that I can breed you
    - Calm Mantyke
    - Adamant Machop
  25. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    I was asking for the Jirachi OR the Pachirisu and Shelder for what I offered, I wasn't trying to weasel all three out of you. I'm more interested in your Pachirisu and the Shellder than what I've got on my wanted list in my thread. I only asked for the Jirachi out of some hope you might give it up.

    Soryian was n00b'd earlier for spam as well, and until he makes it out of the Realm of n00bs [ if he does ] he won't be able to reply here or to your PMs.
    as a final note, please read the rules and don't double post, unless you want to end up in the Realm as well. There is a modify button if you have something else you want to add.
  26. Well, I apologize, because I got confused with the "go to the next page option" and the "next" option, which brings me to the next thrade. Unfortunately, the pachirisu is extremely valuable and I might consider some of my top want(s) being offered to me before I accept your trade.

    P.S. I didn't know that Soryian might hack, so of course I took the better offer. Nothing wrong with that.
  27. I have a level 70 Kyogre, untouched, that I caught on my Emerald version. However, it's currently on my LeafGreen version and it will take me a few days to get it over to my Diamond version. Would you be interested in it?

    I would be interested in that Jirachi, a bold Happiny with T-wave, maybe an adamant heracross, your Dusknoir, and maybe a Cresselia and Heatran- always looking for those guys if they have good IVs. I can trade you my Heatran if you would be ok with just swapping Heatrans, or maybe we can do it to balance out another trade... mine just has terrible IVs -_- doesn't have any EVs currently, though.

    I have plenty of pain-splitting Duskulls I can trade you. They have Destiny Bond, too.
    I also have all the starters.
    And plenty of Modest/Timid Dittoes I can trade you.

    I also have some Thunderbolt/ Psychic / Shadow Ball TMs I can trade. No Earthquake TMs though.

    I can also do a breeding chain to get you that Sneasel within a day or so. Come to think of it, I need one of those, too...

    I posted all this so you can look at it and see what trades you would be willing to make. Let me know.
  28. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    The Pachirisu was going to be a gift for someone else anyway ^^;

    if you're not willing to give it up, would you take the Feraligatr for a Sassy shelder?
    I can breed you a Totodile with the same moves, if the Feraligatr part of it was what you didn't like ^^;
  29. Ruko: Okay, its a deal, give it a good nature if possible ;)

    Drunyon: PMed you. :) I'm still looking at your offers so give me a bit of time.
  30. level 67 hasty infernape with blast burn close combat hyper beam and flame thrower or a lvl 55 lonely dialga that knows roar of time hyper beam ice beam and dragon claw for ur suicune
  31. Sorry, no thanks..
  32. lvl 74 rayquaza with thunder fire blast hyperbeam and blizzard?
  33. No. I like Suicune and its very valuable. I won't trade it away unless it's a crazy good offer.
  34. I'll trade you an Electirizer, Heart Scales, and any TMs of your choice for a shiny Porygon. How about it? :]
  35. Sorry, I'm looking for other shinies. >
  36. Your Magby + Magmarizer For

    My Clamperl + DeepSeaTooth :]] Lvl 28
  37. No, let's do something else holding a Deepseatooth. I only want the item ^ ^
  38. trade u a girantina with a moon stone for Jirachi
  39. Sorry, I have a Giratina..

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