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Ask to Join Doctor Who: The Lost Series (RP Series Discussion Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    As you should know, Dr who is a sci-fi TV show that's been around since the 1960s. It's split between the 'old' and 'new' who with the old occuring up until about 1989 in TV series form. Then the 8th doctor appeared in a tv movie in the 90s and then we have the new series starting from about 2005 until now. Rumours circulated prior to the tv movie that another rebooted series was going to be made in the early 90s. Although the rumours are seen as a hoax by many, this version of show was suppossed to have a relatively unknown actor called David Burton and the first episode was supposed to be called 'the Monsters of Ness.' However, this was suppossedly never released and we got what came instead, a TV movie with Paul Mcgann. I want to explore the idea if David Burton had been an in canon doctor.

    This is going to be a series of RPs focusing on the main stories of what would have happened, based on ideas for the episodes I read here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/pop-culture-the-david-burton-doctor-who.329405/ (Pop Culture: The David Burton 'Doctor Who') which gives ideas as to what the production notes and episodes would have been like. For the sake of making it easier to understand, I will make the David Burton doctor who incarnation an incarnation in the future of the current 'new' who. This means that the 8th doctor was Paul Mcgann and that the Burton doctor would be sometime after the 13th incarnation (Jodie Whitaker, which is the next one). I will put him as some doctor appearing between the 50th and 100th incarnations, let's say he is the 50th doctor who to make it so that the show doesn't catch up too close to us.

    The doctor was supposed to appear in a red public telephone box instead of a traditional police box. We can change it to the ordinary blue box if you guys would like, but for now, it will be red. The main two companions will be two young women-twins (I changed it from two teenaged twins to make the doctor appear less creepy) called Heart and Diamond. These are their new names, the names they now go by (presumably these were their last names or something). Their backstory of meeting the doctor won't be fully explained in this first series but they will have established meeting him right before the first episode.
    Although they were never explained in the notes, i'll have their backstory appear in the second series if we get to it. In the ideas explained on the thread I posted, Heart seems to have the ability to tap into people's feelings and what they are thinking. Diamond appears to be some kind of robot/android who is very intelligent and has a considerable amount of strength. For the sake of making it easier, i'll give Diamond a human brain and heart so that Diamond can, at least, feel something. Their backstory explains how they got these powers. My explanation is that they were both taken from a planet with a alien race who had telepathic powers. They were left on Earth and Heart managed to find her powers, while Diamond was actually Heart's dead sister who died during some event and then the doctor or/and some other mad scientist managed to fix Diamond, hooking her brain into the body of a robot.


    • 50th Doctor David Burton- @JohnsonAce
    • Heart-
    • Diamond-
    • Other characters shown through the episodes.
    Currently looking for people who would want to sign up for Heart, Diamond and then other characters in the episodes

    This Series

    E1:The Monsters of Ness-There's been a number of break ins into a research laboratory somewhere in Scotland. Creatures with the bodys and faces of lizards have been sighted attacking the laboratory and the facility. They have some kind of link to the waters in the area that the scientists are researching. But this is not what you may think it is. The Doctor, Heart and Diamond, investigate.
    E2: Vienna, 1913-The TARDIS crew senses an anomaly in time prior to WW1-in Vienna. It has been discovered that Hitler is there with his sidekick, Broz. He seems to be meeting up with other famous men who would end up doing something that was more or less evil. Somehow, Hitler, Trotsky, Stalin and Freud, to name a few, are all in Vienna plotting for themselves how to get rid of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It horrifies the Doctor as this anamaly could lead to Six World Wars, with the rise of a communist Austrian-Hungarian Empire. If it feels like this could never happen, then you're right, because there's something deeper to this discontinuation to the time stream. The answer is: robots from the future.
    E3: Secret of the Sontarans-The Doctor is taken to Sontar Prime as he is asked by the Sontarans and the Draconian ambassador to solve a murder. A Sontaran has died and noone can solve it, as Sontarans normally die in their 1000 year war with the Rutans.
    (Short-Time Parasite. We may or may not do this depending on how I feel)
    E4: Volcano-
    This apparently takes place in a parallel universe similar to that of the episode Inferno. The TARDIS lands in May 1970 in Britain but the doctor senses the changes that show they are not in their own universe: People are dressed differently, in rags and millitary uniforms. There seems to be earthquakes every half hours, pulling some buildings to the ground. This is all because of some wierd drilling going on at the core of the Earth. To make matters worse, strange monsters seem to appear when the earthquakes create cracks in the ground.


    Currently looking for people to RP as Heart and Diamond, and maybe some of the other characters needed. I'll explain about the other characters later. One person per character please.
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  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Okay, so in addition to Heart and Diamond, we need people to play lizard like creatures for the Monsters of Ness. I will probably introduced the Zygons into this episode so we're gonna need a bunch of people to control Zygons. We'll also need people to play Sigmound Freud, Adolf Hitler, Trotsky and Stalin. For the same episode (Vienna, 1913), we'll need people to play multiple robots/golems. Many people playing Sontarans will also be needed and their Commander. In the same episode, we'll need someone to play the Draconian ambassador and one more person in Volcano.

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