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Private/Closed Disturbing the Peace

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Blonde, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Anti-Hero Pokemon RP between me and my friend @Kareem Abdul Jabar
    We are allowing 2 more People to join,


    • Two or more paragraphs, get creative :nom:
    • Follow the order, don't immediately reply.
    • No fakemon
    • Have fun! :8B:

    The sound of running feet tapped against the tiles of rough tops. They matched the splash and chime of the rain as it fell from the sky. A black, white and purple Pokemon followed behind a dark figure as it jumped from rooftop to rooftop. The pace was that of a Mankey that had scaled up the highest of mountains.
    "Gothitelle.. make sure he doesn't follow behind" the figure said as the Pokemon matched his speed. "Awhhhhh!" the Pokemon replied to her owner . Gray, hood fell backwards as his speed picked up and the wind became more furious against his body. Lumiose city was quiet on rainy nights such as this one. The bright light from the giant tower broke through the mist that had formed right after it begun to rain. Summer had hit over a month ago, and it was more intense than any other summer that hit the Kalos region like this. About a week or two into the summer a number of vandalism, break-ins, snatching of both Pokemon and Items have accrued. The Police have been on steak out towards the slums of Lumiose city, but on this night particularly their seemed to have been less security then usual and Gray and his friend decided to take their chance again.

    After he scaled the apartment, He stood tall on top of the building. His eyes hawked the city closely. his shaggy short hair slightly tilted against the wind. He had a sinister scar that ran up and down his right eye, it looked as if someone took a molten hot pin and ran it down the right side of his eye. His jeans were a matte black, with some holes on both sides of his thigh and they were slightly damp from the rain. His boots scaled to the middle of his calf, they were washed out brown color and he wore a black and grey wool jacket with a hoodie over his white t-shirt. Gray, being 5'11 could see the city clear as day even through the mist. His eyes were a golden color with a hint of hazel.

    Gothitelle appeared beside her trainer. She looked out on the city just like he did, but after a couple of seconds cocked her head to the side and looked up at her trainer ready for his next command. Gray looked down at his physic type mistress and smiled at her. He stroked her cheek, he felt her murr against his furnaces of a hand. She always seemed to like to cuddle up to him, even though he was constantly hot and got annoyed when she does, Gothitelle didn't care though.

    The walky talky that Gray kept against his hip went off for a second, then it was silent. Then again a few seconds later it went off again, this time another man's voice scratched and echoed from it.
    "Are you ready Leggz? haha" Gray said, as he held up the walky talky to his mouth and smirked. He was excited, ever since the police kept tight security on Lumoise city slums, him and Leggz were never able to do the thing they loved the most, vandalize. Gray smirked as he panned the city and awaited for his best friends reply.
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  2. Droplet after droplet falls from the sky, pelting the cobblestone paving of the alleyway road one after another in a never-ending assault. Small puddles;no deeper than 2 inches; have formed in slightly depressed regions of the road here and there. Walking slowly on the sidewalk is a young man called Leggz of a slightly lithe build dressed head to toe in dark sweats including the black head scarf tied around his neck. Hovering to his side is a Magnemite, it's magnetic sides twisting and rotating, picking up on magnetic fields around itself.

    Stopping underneath a nearby awning, he pulls out a folded piece of paper from his hoodie pocket. The paper is damp and lightly damaged, but shows a crude drawing of the city block he's in, and in the center is a big red circle with the words "STRIKE HERE!!!" with arrows pointing in the center.
    "Alright, we should be getting close" He takes a glance around to check for any officers patrolling the area. Leggz reaches for the walkie talkie on his hip and tunes in to his partner's frequency. "Nobody else should be out on a night like this. Lucky for us, huh?" No response. "Hmph, must be enjoying the weather?"

    Leggz, following the map as best as he can, comes across a power transformer protected by a tall chain linked fence with a coil of barbed wires at the top . "I think i found the strike zone, Gray. Would've been easier if you had some landmarks in here or something." The speakers of the walkie talkie remain silent. Leggz, mildly iritated tries buzzing in on Gray once more, "Yo, what gives with the silent treatment? This ain't the time to get all emotional..." Leggz stops in mid thought, recollecting his memories. "...What if its...?" He looks at the Magnemite floating not too far from him and pieces one and one together. "Wait here magnemite, i think you're snuffing the signal." Stepping out of the alley to make sure he has a clear signal, Leggz presses the call button on the walkie talkie once more, "

    Hey Gray, we made it to the strike zone!" Once more, Leggz waits in anticipation for the returning crackle of the radio to tune in from the other end this time. The tale-tell
    bzzzt of the radio transmission finally tunes in and the voice of Gray comes through the speakers, "Are you ready, Leggz?" He could hear the excitement in his voice. "Ready as rain," he responds.

    Leggz returns to the alley to his Magnemite, giving it the command of using thunder on the transformer. Magnemite flies over the fence with ease and starts building energy. The air grows heavy and smells oddly of warm pennies, Leggz quickly darts out the alley, covering his ears so he won't be struck and deafened by the incoming lightning bolt and sub sequential thunder. In a matter of seconds, a bright flash illuminates the alley and the surrounding buildings for a split second, almost immediately followed by a loud explosion of the transformer shorting out combined with the thunder itself. The resulting boom could be heard throughout half of the district.
  3. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Gray smirked as Leggz tuned on to the radio "R-Ready ah.. R-R-R-Rain". The bzzzt of the walky talky was worsened by the strength of the water drops that smacked down on it, the sky streamed rain continuously and without hesitation. The walky talky sucked in the rain into it's speaker and it slightly short circuited the wiring. Gray quickly placed the small radio into his pocket and even though the rain had dampened the area's around him and the sky became darker and depressing, Gray had felt happy this was his favourite weather as a child, to be honest it was his and Leggz favourite kind of weather back in their primary days.

    Gray looked down below him, his eyes quickly focused down at a long lengthy character and his Pokemon, when he realized who it was, he couldn't help but chuckle to himself. It was Leggz and Magnemite about to start the show. Gray watched as Leggz did his usual routine, he could feel his body and mind prepare for this, it was the usual feeling for him, misty and the sound of the rain slowly disappeared and it became silent. His heart pulsed once. Leggz waved his hand at Magnemite. His heart pulsed twice. Leggz ran away from the alley, Magnemite's body lit up in a golden yellow color, it sparked up and clashed around it's body. His heart pulsed three, four and five times quickly. On the last heart beat, as it slowly contracted back the transformer shorted out and exploded beneath him. Gray took a deep breath as if he had skipped a heart beat and took a breath for the first time in his life. It felt good, it felt as if he was alive again,It was cold and crisp and even thou this was for Leggz and Gray's entertainment it felt like a career for them. Key woken up for his slight daydream realized how loud of a sound the explosion really was, when screams echoed in waves of each other moments after. He looked over at Gothilette, who had stood beside him. He remembered the day he found the poor Physic type Pokemon, she had been chased by a group of Pancham and Scraggy. Right before they were about to attack both Gray and Leggz jumped in to protect her and in the end she took an attachment to Gray after he carried her to the Pokemon Center. Gothilette smiled at him and Gray nodded, He took one more deep breathe and leaned forward. Gray dropped quickly head first until his body was caught up the purple glow around him. "Thank you Gothilette" he said to her. The physic astral Pokemon smiled as she levitated next to him. She gently approached him then gently moved them towards the window which Gray carefully cracked up and climbed in.
    "Alright, Gothilette, go" he said without eye contact. Gothilette disappeared, and made her way to fetch Leggz.

    Moments before the explosion, FBI agent Lissandra Givens and her Partner Nicole Moore had been patrolling the Lumoise city slums border. Liss hung out of the window of her patrol car, her eyes wore low, she had black lines under them. She yawned and took a long sigh then a irritated grunt, she smacked her back against the seat. "Patrolling the border never gets easier." she ran her hand through her long burgundy course hair. "These kids don't have any kind of help, and the city just cast them aside, they put up a fence thinking they could keep them out but it doesn't work they still get through" she said with a sadden voice. Her partner, Nicole, looked her in the eye then down and out the window. The reflection of the slum lights slowly raced by her face as the car circles the gates. "It's sad I understand.. but it can't be help-" Nicole stopped suddenly when the car slowed down and the headlights were locked onto a group of small boys who were dirty and had just come out of a hole that was behind a small bush not to far from the fence. Lissandra took another deep breath, she turned her head slightly to Nicole and Nicole slightly eyed Liss. Liss opened the door and held her Pokeball out, a crack of white light emerged from the ball and out came an Alakazam who immediately used physic and created an invisible umbrella around Lissandra as she stepped out the car. Nicole stayed inside the car and watched. "You're all under arrest, You know slum curfew was hours ago and you're escaping from the fe-" BOOOOM! CRASH! the floor shock heavily and violently. Lissandra couldn't help but be shooken up by the violent explosion, she slightly lost her balance in the process and fell on her bum. Lissandra became alert, along with her partner Alakazam. "Alakazam quickly round up the kids and put them in the back of the car!" The Physic Pokemon quickly nodded "ZA!" he replied as he used his powers the teleport the kids into car in the back seats and Liss quickly made her way back to the car. She called Alakazam back into his ball and in two swift movements, took the car out of park and hit a three sixty spin, the tires turned up dirt and mud from the ground, it had splashed up against the slum fence and she bolted off towards the explosion as fast as her patrol car could go.
  4. "Okay, that may have been a bit louder than expected," Leggz shouts obliviously, with his ears ringing from the explosion of the thunder and transformer. All the lights- outside and inside- within the district were out. It was darker than dark, the only lights coming from the glow of the other districts if one were standing on the rooftops, which now radiates like the sun. Reaching in his bag, Leggz pulls out a pair of toy goggles, styled to resemble high-grade, military-style night vision goggles. He slides them over his head and tightens the straps til they fit snug on his face. The goggles, while cool looking in practice, actually look bulky and ridiculous in action, jutting from his face like the nose of a Nosepass. "May not be the real deal, but at least we can see 10ft. in front of us for the cost of 4 D-Cell batteries."

    Leggz calls for his Magnetite, the floating ball of metal rotating it's magnets without control, still influenced by the electricity it summoned. " 'Atta boy, Magnemite," Leggz congratulates softly, patting the top of the metal pokemon. He grabs a pokeball from his bag and returns magnemite to it. "Now for step two..." Stepping out of the alley, Leggz spots a dark figure of a fairly short woman in a long black dress standing dead center of the entrance, all through his goggles. "AAAUUUUUGH," Leggz screams, falling back on the ground landing on his bottom."Goth?" Leggz looks up to see the figure come closer into his view until he could identify the white bows and splayed hair of a Gothitelle. He tilts his head to the side and says "Gothitelle?" in confusion. "Gosh, I outta tie a bell on you,Gothie." The Gothitelle kneels down and helps Leggz up to his feet, as though to apologize for startling him. She proceeds to beckon for his attention by gesturing for him to follow. "Alright," Leggz responds, remembering the job at hand, "lead the way to Gray, Gothie."
  5. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Gray stood in the shadows with his eyes closed, from the street commotion started to rise, he could tell because he heard a man shout Get back! at the top of his voice. He was surprised, people in the upper city actually cared about what happens around them, then again if it's something that involves the destruction of their basic human life then it wasn't much of a surprise. Gray looked down at his shadow, it was surprisingly small the dim light from the surrounding area didn't catch his body as much as it was suppose to. The shadow shifted back and forth, like water. Gray enjoyed the silence inside the building, only the echo of the outside sirens filled the place as they passed by. He moved over towards the window, not directly in front of it but more towards the side, as not to be seen by anyone that would be around the building. "Where is Gothilette and Leggz?" Gray questioned himself, but he wasn't to worried. Leggz might seem skinny and clumsy but hes a good fighter and a great trainer not to mention Gray's strongest Pokemon is with him so if anyone was to catch them Gothilette would teleport them out of trouble.

    Meanwhile, Lissandra and Nicole raced their way through the empty roads towards the explosion and the huge crowd that has been held back by the Police. Lissandra stopped the car immediately, the roaring screech from the breaks to the tar of the road, silenced half of the crowd. It even caused the back of the crowd the stop mid conversation and turn back to see what was happening. Out the car first was Lissandra, her face had become pail her eyes had dropped a bit more and she seemed irritated. "Move out the way! Make way please! FBI" she said with bass in her voice. The commanding officer of the scene approached Lissandra to explain the situation.
    "I see.. please there are some Sector S children in my cruiser please escort them back to the presync and back to their side of the fence" Lissandra commanded with swift authority . The officer and two of his men bowed and made their way towards her cruiser. Lissandra made her way to the damaged crime scene to furthermore examine.
    (This is the last we'll see of Lissandra and Nicole for a bit)

    Gray watched as the lights got brighter outside, more cop cars came and still no Leggz and Gothilette. He decided to begin without them, he remembered how during their usual vandalism's things would come up and they'd have to separate. He walked away from the window, he could feel a soft breeze run up his back from the crack that he had left open. It felt nice, even though it was still pretty warm outside. With a swift movement of his hand Gray scooped a Poke ball from off of his belt, he held it out and it opened. The white flash quickly lit up the room for a brief second. Gray stared his giant one eyed friend in the face, Duskclops. Gray had recently caught Duskclops, back when they did their last spree. He took two more Poke balls from his belt and let out both Machamp and Empoleon to guard the surrounding door and area. "Dusk, are you ready?" he said as he pointed to the two safes in the middle of the room. Duskclops nodded and made his way towards the one on the left and Gray took the one on the right.

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