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Private/Closed Distorted Cityscape

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Rex, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    (OoC: This RP is Private, only @Tailon, @Kyubeon, and myself (@Rex) may post in it.)

    If Shaun had to guess, it was just past noon when the city finally came into view. The sun was high in the sky, though the thick canopy of the forest they had been travelling through obscured most of the light. It had been a grueling two weeks of travel, and from what the Buizel could gather morale was low. Until finally, they topped a hill, and the city was in view.

    It was more beautiful than anything he had seen in pictures. Glass faced buildings towered over the tree tops in the distance. Much closer to them, solid looking structures made of stone lined paved roads. These buildings weren’t as tall as the glass ones, but still much bigger than anything Pokemon could manage to build. The rumors were correct. The city looked brand new, and stood out oddly in this heavily forested area. The edge between the city and forest was clearly defined, though the city was showing some signs of wear close to the treeline.

    “We’re coming in from uptown, by the looks of things,” Andy said, “Humans were thought to live in stone buildings like that. They could fit dozens at a time.” The Mienfoo pointed towards the glass buildings, “And down there is downtown. It’s where the humans bartered with each other.”

    “Yeah, yeah,” Cyrus waved dismissively, already walking down the hill towards the city, “Homes and market, let’s find some relics to take back.”

    “Cyrus, we should stay together,” Andy called.

    “No point,” Liam frowned, “there’s way too much ground for us to cover together. I’ll keep our little Sneasel and Oshawott out of trouble. Belle, you take Shaun and Tyler and head to this ‘downtown.’ Andrew, you take Kira and Bruce around ‘uptown.’ We’ll meet back here tonight for dinner.”

    Taking Dylan with him, Liam went after the Sneasel, leaving the remaining six guild members on the hill. Andrew and Belle exchanged glances, before turning to the four recruits.

    “You heard the Guildmaster, boys,” the Gligar said, “Anything you want us to look for, Andy?”

    The Mienfoo nodded, “Yes! Currency, and any sort of items humans would have sold each other. I’ll let you determine what’s useful and what isn’t. We’ll probably be here a few days anyway, so it doesn’t really matter if you don’t find anything today.”

    “As for us,” the Mienfoo continued, turning to Kira and Bruce, “Humans compiled their knowledge in buildings they called Libraries. Unfortunately, paper degrades easily. If we can find any books in good condition, especially one that translates human language and Unown text, it’d be a huge advancement in human studies.”

    With that, Belle led the Buizel and Cyndaquil off towards the city, leaving Andy behind with the last two recruits.

    “Any questions?” Shaun heard the Mienfoo ask. If only Belle was that considerate to him and Tyler.
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  2. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    "Yeah, sure," Kira mumbled to herself as she shifted her head slightly from her paws so that her eyes were barely visible to others. She lazily moved a paw over her head in an attempt to knock the annoying, purple bat off her head, though she didn't expect to be successful. "If we can even find any in all this rubbish, I would be really surprised.

    It wasn't that the Luxio wasn't excited to be in the expedition; on the contrary, her heart was pounding quickly as she thought about exploring the city and figuring out the mysteries of the place, perhaps even gaining some fame if she came across anything groundbreaking. However, everything about the trip had been made seventy times worse by the presence of a pesky Noibat on her head. Kira absolutely couldn't stand Bruce's presence despite the fact that they were supposedly "partners", and had been for a bit now. The Luxio cautiously got to her paws and shook her head violently to get the smaller Pokemon off his perch before looking around, trying to get a bearing on her surroundings.

    The place was very different from anything she had seen before. Though she was an explorer (okay, an apprentice, but close enough), she couldn't remember ever finding a place so perfectly intact yet so devoid of life. She examined the buildings in an attempt to find life, but nothing stirred from the windows. "I don't suppose humans here had a library, do you?" she said with a shrug. Batting at the Noibat once again, she said, "Well?"
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Bruce held fast to the pseudo-mane atop Kira's head as she attempted to shake him off, as he always did. The little Noibat hadn't left the Luxio's head the entire time they had been traveling to the empty city, except to sleep and other times he absolutely had to, and he couldn't just give up now.

    "Well the guy said to look for one so there's no sense in wondering I guess. We gotta do what they say or we don't get our share at the end right?" the little bat replied, fluttering his wings a bit to right himself after the Luxio's attempt to shake him off.

    "So I figure we should get walking, yes?" the Noibat said, flapping his wings a couple more times as if oblivious to how they could be helpful in this situation.
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Bruce! Surely you can think about more than 'your share!'" Andy admonished, "This is a landmark discovery, Arceus knows what sort of knowledge is contained here... And Kira, please stop trying to harm your Partner, you should be working together."

    With that, the Mienfoo lead the way into the city itself. He certainly seemed to be excited, and gestured wildly as he continued to talk. Pointing at the first building they came across, he said, "humans used to live in places like that as one family unit. The taller ones in the distance houses lots of families on top of one another. I know we are looking for a Library, but we should really see if we can gain access to any of these buildings as well. If the state of the buildings are anything to go by, anything inside shouldn't have degraded too badly..."

    He took a look around. Most of the buildings on this road looked fairly similar to one another. The towers could still be seen in the distance, but the road they were on did not lead straight to them. They could either keep walking, or try their luck in the buildings here. For now though, Andy looked to the two recruits following him. If they wanted to be top grade explorers would day, they would need to start making decisions for themselves, after all.
  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    "D'you figger humans kept books in their houses too? Maybe one of these people was a weirdo with like a million and we won't even have to find the library right away," Bruce said, flapping again. He wasn't, of course, actually oblivious to the fact that flying could be of use in this situation, but Bruce had a history of deliberate obstinance he wasn't about to give up for the sake of the tiny portion of Poke Dollars they were given for a successful mission; he was much more interested in the adventure of the whole thing, and didn't want to make things too easy just yet.

    Still, he didn't want to get nothing done all day, so he began slowly turning his head, firing Supersonics and awaiting the return of the echo. After a few moments of this, he looked down at his partner and told her, "The house over there on the left looks interesting, we should check it out." He indicated the house in question with a wing point.
  6. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Kira grumbled something along the lines of "stubborn" and "heavy" at Andy's remark for her to stop trying to get Bruce off her head, but left it at that. They had work to do, anyways, and it looks like said stubborn, heavy partner was already ahead of her, tactics-wise.

    While Bruce went about doing his work, Kira spent the little bit of time she could grooming herself. The trip, while not particularly difficult, did leave her fur rather dusty and matted. She had barely finished cleaning her face, however, when she heard the Noibat talk about exploring one of the houses in the area. Slightly annoyed that he had proven to be more useful than her at the moment, the Luxio merely grunted and got back up.

    Not wanting to be outdone, Kira closed her eyes and concentrated on her surroundings, fur prickling up slightly in an attempt to catch any sort of electrical impulse. Nothing happened, however, and she de-fluffed herself with a look of disappointment. "Doesn't seem like there's working electricity here, guys. I guess that means the generators have completely run dry, so this place has been abandoned for quite a while then. We'll be lucky to find still-readable books here at all." She murmured the last part mostly to herself as she began to make her way towards the house, not even bothering to check if Andy was following them or not.
  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Ah! You two have found a house that interests you?" Andy grinned, hurrying after the two. "And yes Bruce, one of these many houses may hold more books than a Library might, but we could spend weeks checking these houses and we might not achieve anything. Remember that we can't read the normal human script. We'll need to find something to translate it through Unown."

    The Mienfoo examined the door to the house. It was closed, of course, and human locks were too much for him. So, what to do? Andy put his paws together, before stepping forward and slamming his open palm into the door. The door cracked, and then broke in two, the two halves flying back off their hinges.

    "There!" He smiled, "I'll let you two lead the way."
  8. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Bruce finally took off from Kira's head, flapping his way around the main room as they entered. He continued using echolocation to scan the place, finding mostly eerie signs of abandonment, though actual damage or destruction was oddly rare.

    Bruce flew into a smaller room deeper into the house, searching until he found a room with a large bed, and his goal, a mid-sized bookshelf. He picked up a pair of books in his claws, carrying them out with him and dropping them near Kira and alighting on her head again saying, "Found a thing."
  9. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    With Bruce finally off her head, Kira sniffed around, trying to find something worth using. She managed to stumble into the computer room, where a few large books stood opened on the desks. Tensing her muscles, the Luxio rammed into the desk, having the book fall with a loud thump. However, the other objects seemed to fall with it, leaving the floor a general mess of things. Ah well. She picked up the largest book she could in her maw and walked over to what she assumed was a living space.

    Not long after, a familiar sound of flapping wings echoed through the room, and she looked up to see Bruce flying about. He dropped a couple more books in front of her before perching in his usual spot on her head. She growled slightly in annoyance, but didn't do much else. "I found a 'thing' too!" she said, though she mentally berated herself for only bringing out one book as opposed to more. She opened up the cover of her book and sighed inwardly, noting how everything seemed to be in human script and not Unown. So much for trying to be useful.

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