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Ask to Join Digimon: World's Collide

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, May 12, 2017.

  1. Hey guys. It's Ry_Burst here with a new RP. A Digimon RP. So this story will be set in an alternate world parallel to Digimon. It will take place in a city called Mako City. It's a city with a dense forest to the west, and a large port to the east. It's a big city, and it will be up to the Digidestined to stop the Digimon, that are appearing, and keep the world safe. Your Digimon will walk with you in the real world in it's In Training form, or Rookie. There will only be 10 spots open in this RP.

    Partner Rules
    So the first big, aspect of your partner Digimon, is that it has to have a Rookie form. That will be the casual form, that they normally stay as. You can have an In Training mode, but that is primarily up to you. Now, this partner can't be super strong, and immediately be able to fully digivolve. I will approve your Digimon, and let you know if I see any problems with it. You don't have to be one of the Digidestined's Digimon, you can use Betamon, Impmon, or something along those lines. You can only have one partner.

    Digivolution Rules
    Okay, so there are a bunch of ways to digivove your Digimon. First off, no Fusion. Yes, I know,I'm evil. But it wouldn't work in this RP, unless we complicate it, so no. Armor digivolving is allowed, but you need to have the respective Digi-Egg, and your character has to earn that egg. As in, a wimp wouldn't have the Digi-Egg of Courage. You can start out with one, if your partner is Veemon, Hawkmon, or Amadrillmon, mainly because they would be sealed inside. A Digi-Egg would be something you found, and the only people who could lift it, were people who deserved it. And when they use the attribute, it hatches and they can use it. You don't have to have a Digi-Egg. And no super instant Digivolution. You have to work, and earn it. Also, as an added note. I'm banning the Digi-Egg of Miracles and the Digi-Egg of Destiny, until further notice.

    Digivice Info
    As a Digidestined you will be equipped with a Digivice. There isn't any cards, like in tamer, but the Digivice will absorb the Digi-Egg when it hatches allowing you to use it. The Digivice is about 5 inches in length, and 2 inches thickness for the handle, and 3 for the main part of it. It is similar to a Fusion Loader, but it doesn't fuse. You can choose the color of yours.

    Basic Rules
    1.) All RP and General rules apply. You know, this https://pokecharms.com/threads/global-rules-for-the-pokecharms-forums.99/, and of course https://pokecharms.com/threads/general-role-play-rules.123/. If you are new to this site, please read them because this site is strict to ensure good RPing, and to keep things neat and orderly.
    2.) An RPing example is needed to be accepted into this RP. I know, it's a shocker, but I need to know what you are capable of. Again, if you are new, or don't RP very much, you can send me a piece of writing, as long as it is in first person. The post doesn't have to be essay length, but I would prefer a paragraph or two as a minimum.
    3.) Read all posts even if you think they may not concern you. One of my biggest peeves, is continuity issues, but that's probably from playing too much Phoenix Wright. It should all flow, and I would hate it if it lost control. Also put the phrase "Digivolve, into Champions," somewhere in your profile to let m know you read the rules. This is vital.
    4.) Posts should be a 4 sentence minimum, preferably more. However I understand that something's people have limited things to say, and the plot needs to happ n, so I'll leave 4 as a minimum.
    5.) Grammer and spelling is important. I'm sure everyone makes mistakes from time to time, so a mess up here and there involving grammer is okay, but try to keep things spelt right, and written correctly. This also means put posts in 3rd person.

    So now the character sheets.

    Tamer Info
    Age (somewhere between 14 and 17):
    Physical Appearance (Includes height):
    Digi-Egg(s) (You can leave this blank if you don't have any. These are ones you will get, not start out with):
    Backstory (optional):

    Partner Info
    Special Features:

    And here's mine.
    Name: Maxwell Drake
    Nicknames: Goggle Boy and Max
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Max has thick, mid-length reddish brown hair, and light blue eyes. He stands at about 5'9". He has a thin but muscular frame from doing sports.
    Clothing: Max always wears a pair of rectangular goggles, with dark blue lenses and red frames. He wears a white shirt with a electric blue open hoodi over it with red accents, along the seams. He wears light brown cargo pants, and red converse sneakers.
    Personality: Max is a competitive kid, who loves to dream big and will always fight to accomplish those dreams. He is stubborn, but never gives up, or backs out on a promise. He is loyal, and willing to risk his life for others or to fufil a promise. He makes jokes, and loves to eat. He is smarter then he acts.
    Digi-Eggs(s): Digi-Egg of Courage (starting egg), and Digi-Egg of Sincerity
    Partner: Veemon
    Backstory: When the Digimon attacked the real world he was fascinated by these unique creatures. He fell in love with them, and wanted to be a tamer. So he joined track, and became an avid runner, because he felt he needed to have high endurance, and be fast to be a good tamer. He also plays soccer, and plays the Digimon Card Game.
    Extra: His Digivice is blue with white grips. Digivolve, into Champions

    Name(s): Veemon or Vee
    Species: Veemon
    Type: Dragon:
    Attribute: Vaccine
    Special Features: Vee wears a red scarf at all times.
    Personality: Vee is mischievous and a jokester. He loves to lighten the mood in tough situations, but has a keen sense of justice. He is stubborn at times, and never gives up. He may seem stupid or ignorant, but is quick and witty on the battlefield. Vee is very loyal. He as a huge appetite.
    Digivolution: DemiVeemon (in training form), Veemon, Flamedramon (Armor; Digi-Egg of Courage), Yasyamon (Armor; Digi-Egg of Sincerity), Veedramon (Champion), Aero Veedramon (Ultimate), and Ulforce Veedramon (Mega)

    RP Sample
    "Hello future Huntsmen and Huntresses. As you all already know, my name is Professor Ozpin. I am the Headmaster of Beacon. All of you are first years so tomorrow morning you will have teams decided that will have your back during your entire stay here at Beacon." The man paused to let his last statement sink in. "But tonight, we will get some sleep and deal with that tomorrow." The man left, leaving the students to their own whims.

    Yuuji Gull didn't really seem shocked by the big announcement. He slung his bag, which had been resting by his feet, over his shoulder and began to wander around. His weapon, Golden Upbringer, was currently as his side, strapped to it's scabbard. He was fine. He noticed a few people were eyeing his butt. Well not really his butt, but the long monkey like tail, that was beside it. He pulled his eyelid back and stuck his tounge out at one of the more noticeable onlookers, before crashing into someone.

    "Sorry, didn't mean to bump into you. My name is Yuuji Gull, and if you can't tell I'm a Faunus, so don't even ask." Yuuji said giving a grin. He stuck his hand out for a polite handshake, while his dirty blonde tail, began to sway a bit.

    #1: @Ry_Burst
    #2: @Excalibur Queen
    #3: @Godjacob
    #4: @Sarah316
    #5: @CreativityBlast16
    #6: @NerdyNinja
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  2. Name: Kris Mason
    Nicknames: Digimon Queen, Mase
    Age (somewhere between 14 and 17): 16
    Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance (Includes height): Kris stands about 5'9". She has light brown skin and ginger shoulder-length hair worn in a ponytail. Kris has an average build.
    Clothing: Kris wears a light gray blazer over a light blue T shirt and jeans. She wears shoes that are the same color as Renamon's fur with purple designs on the sides identical to the ones on Renamon's legs. Kris also wears fingerless purple gloves with yin yang symbols on them to match her Digimon partner's.
    Personality: Kris is conventional and a fast learner. She's confident, serious, and slightly sarcastic. She believes she's one of the strongest Tamers around. They don't call her the "Digimon Queen" for nothing.
    Digi-Egg(s) (You can leave this blank if you don't have any. These are ones you will get, not start out with):
    Partner: Renamon
    Extra: Her digivice is orange with purple grips
    Digivolve, into Champions

    Name(s): Renamon
    Species: Renamon
    Type: Animal
    Attribute: Data
    Special Features: Renamon wears a light blue scarf with yin yang symbols on it most of the time.
    Personality: Renamon is intelligent, loyal, and calm. Renamon is also polite and somewhat mysterious at times. She is quick-witted on the battlefield. She can be quite protective of her Tamer.
    Digivolutions: Viximon (In-Training form), Kyubimon (Champion), Taomon (Ultimate), Sakuyamon (Mega)
    Gloria had a pretty good view from where she sat on Aquarius's shoulder. She had seen the whole incident with the boy who was now making gravel angels and giggled. Then the Espurr seemed to remember something. She carefully moved over to Aqua's bag and began to go through it. Once Gloria found what she was looking for she let out a joyful cry.
    The item in particular that Gloria had been looking for, and that was now in her grasp, was a mint green bandanna. She tugged on the sleeve of Aqua's blazer. Aquarius saw what was in Gloria's grasp and guessed what the Espurr wanted her to do. Aqua stopped walking and gently removed the bandanna from Gloria's grip. She then proceeded to carefully tie the bandanna around the Espurr's neck. "There. How's that?" she said to Gloria. "Espurr!" Gloria replied in a cheerful tone.
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  3. Name: Thomas Stevens
    Nicknames: Tom
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Stands around 5'7", dark brown skin with short black hair and matching eyes. Skinny build, with a presumed unathletic appearance, but can swing a bat like no one else and fast enough to lead his baseball team in steals.
    Clothing: Wears a black t-shirt with a red, burning skull on it as a design and blue jeans. Also wears a black and white baseball cap.
    Personality: Quiet and anti-social, Tom is seen as a strange kid. Tom would rather observe his surroundings, taking in all the fine details and enjoy the sights around him than engage with others. This gives Tom an ability to see things others would overlook, and he is quite bright, but this also makes him hard to talk to and awkward when he tries to talk to someone else.
    Partner: Dracomon
    Backstory: The star baseball player on his team, yet no one knows anything much about Tom. When the Digimon attacked the real world, he had no desire to be a tamer or a part of that life. However, the arrival of his partner and a certain digivice in his mouth would alter those plans significantly...
    Extra: His digivice is green with black grips. Digivolve, into Champions

    Name(s): Dracomon
    Species: Dracomon
    Type: Dragon
    Attribute: Data
    Special Features: Has a pink glove that it wears on the end of its tail. Considers it his partner's first "gift" after Tom threw it at him and told him to leave him alone.
    Personality: Is a natural born adventurer, who loves a good fight. Also loyal to his partner or percieved friends, not giving up on being Tom's partner despite multiple rejections. Loves to eat and can be simple minded at times.
    Digivolutions: Babydmon (In-Training), Coredramon Blue (Champion), Wingdramon (Ultimate), Slayerdramon (Mega)
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  4. @Excalibur Queen, accepted.

    @Godjacob, accepted and Im assuming you have Coredramon Blue, right? There are two digivolution path for Dracomon.
  5. Correct, sorry for not making that clear.
  6. Name: Ashley
    Nicknames: Ash, Blue Eyed Bandit
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance (Includes height): Ash is around 5'5" tall (Short...so very short), has short blond hair and freckles to go with her bright blue eyes. Is rather dainty and has what would be fair skin, though it is often covered in dirt so most do not see it.
    Clothing: Wears a brown beanies and an old, dirty black jacket without a hoodie. Also wears a white t-shirt and some worn out cargo pants. Wears black tennis shoes, one of which has a hole over her big toe.
    Personality: Has an innocent front she puts on to lower other people's guard, but can be quite deceitful and is very quick witted. Still she has a big heart and always puts others above herself. Has sever trust issues and feels unwanted, only turning to her partner Digimon for support.
    Digi-Egg: Digi-Egg of Light, Digi-Egg of Love
    Partner: Salamon
    Backstory: An orphan abandoned by her parents who ran away from the orphanage to live on the streets. Ash earned a reputation as a thief, but always gives what she stole to those in need even as she struggles to get by day to day. When the Digimon attacked she met her partner in a trashcan and decided to take care of her; the two becoming partners in well-meaning crime.
    Extra: Keeps a personal diary, the first thing she stole, and records her day to day events. Her digivice is pink with red grips.
    Digivolve, into Champions

    Name(s): Salamon
    Species: Salamon
    Type: Mammal
    Attribute: Vaccine, Data
    Special Features: Has an old doll that she carries with her at all times, a gift from Ash when they first met.
    Personality: Curious and in wonder, Salamon is always looking to learn new things about the human world. Can be naive, but always means well and knows when to put her paw down.
    Digivolutions: Nyaromon (In-Training), Gatomon (Champion), Nefertimon (Armor; Digi-Egg of Light), Swanmon (Armor; Digi-Egg of Love), Angewomon (Ultimate), Ophanimon (Mega)
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  7. Okay folks feel free to invite anyone you think would be interested. Also I'm going to set up the opening post, with my Tamer and Digimon. And just to make things clear, we will RPing as Tamers, not Digidestined. Also, we will cross from both the actual world, and the digital world later.
  8. Funny enough, I'm here because Godjacob invited me. Anyway that link you posted leads me to this thread, not the RP thread. Don't know if it's an issue on my end or yours but I thought you should know.
  9. Yes a Digimin Rolplay ;-;
    Can I reserve one character and a partner. It's pretty late where I am so is it okay if I can put up my character's forms by tomorrow?
  10. Yeah, you're good.
  11. Name: Laika Nishi
    Nicknames: none
    Age (somewhere between 14 and 17): 16
    Gender: female
    Physical Appearance (Includes height): Laika has brown hair that lays just above her shoulders and bangs that almost covers her eyes. Her eyes are hetrocromia. Her right eye is grey and her left eye is light chocolate brown. she stands about 5'3 tall with tan-ish brown skin.
    Clothing: She wears a red flannel with a white shirt underneath with slightly ripped jeans and combat boots. She has a grey knitted beanie that she always wears whenever shes out.
    Personality: Laika is a shy yet very energetic person that loves to be animals more the people. She's very shy around new people and doesnt have that many friends. BUt if you get to know her more she can get more energectic each day. She loves being around animals and love playing with them. Laika is very adventurous one as well, she loves taking risks.
    Digi-Egg(s) (You can leave this blank if you don't have any. These are ones you will get, not start out with):
    Partner: Labramon
    Backstory (optional):

    Do i have to make my digimon form too or no?


    Name(s): Aspin
    Species: Labramon
    Type: Beast
    Attribute: Vaccine
    Special Features: none
    Personality: Aspin can get overprotected over his tamer. He loves playing fight and battling whenever he sees otehr digimon. He is well behaved but he can get very curious and wander off.
    Digivolutions: Xiomon(first), Paomon(second), Seasarmon(champion), Cerberumon(Ultimate)
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  12. Yeah, but it should be simpler, than the Tamer form.
  13. Okay dokes I just finished the digimon form :)
  14. Thanks :)
    Can I get a recap on whats going on in the roleplay before i post??
  15. So pretty much, we each received our Digimon and Digivices. You can receive the,, or have already received it in the past. There was an alert on our Digivices, signifying that there was a rouge Digimon. It was a Meramon, and Max engaged it first, with Vee armor digivolving
    . However because Meramon, is made of flames, no physical attacks, or fire attacks will hurt him.
  16. (Also, they are on a rooftop)
  17. OKay dokes thank you I'll get my post up soon
  18. I'd hate to sound pushy, but can someone respond?
  19. I was waiting for Excalibur Queen to respond since her character is ahead of my character, but I'll post a reply ASAP.
  20. There is no posting order, but this might be a good time to digivolve, or learn some kind of abilities with your Digimon.
  21. Well I meant literally, as in ahead of us on the stairs, but that really doesn't matter.

    Give me a minute, doing some dishes with my dad, will reply like I said before ASAP.
  22. Alright, Salamon has Digivoled. And I finally got back to a computer. Man I've had a day.
  23. Fill out the form on the first page. Then I'll approve. We still have spots open. :)
  24. Name: Austin
    Nicknames: NN
    Age (somewhere between 14 and 17): 17
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance (Includes height): Austin is very tall and thin(ish) he has brown hair with a red streak, also wears glasses over blue eyes
    Clothing: Blue jacket, gray t-shirt and black pants
    Personality: Very energetic and always up for a challenge
    Digi-Egg(s) (You can leave this blank if you don't have any. These are ones you will get, not start out with):
    Partner: Shoutmon
    Backstory (optional):
    Extra: Digivice is crimson and austin loves meat

    Partner Info
    Name(s): Shoutmon
    Species: Shoutmon (King)
    Type: None
    Special Features:
    Personality: Hot headed, energetic
    Digivolutions: Gigimon (In Training) Shoutmon (Rookie) RedVdramon (Champion) Omnishoutmon (Ultimate) Shoutmon DX (Not fused with Metalgreymon F ) (Mega)
  25. I'm sorry, but could you change the partner. Shoutmon, poses a lot of problems with fitting in this RP. Techinically, he has no evolution line, so he colnd't relly use. Gigimon, is for a different set of Digimon, and RedVeedramon doesn't exist. OmniShoutmon, and Shoutmon, both have no rank, and having King version of him wouldn't really work.
  26. hmm ok, i do have another ide
    Botamon(Baby) Koromon(In training) Agumon (Rookie) Greymon( Champion) MetalGreymon (uLTIMATE) WarGreymon(Mega) VictoryGreymon(With Victory blade) (Mega/Ultra?)
  27. Cut out the Victory and you're good. (We're not going past Mega)
  28. oh ok :) I like VK Greymon, hes cool but thats fine
  29. I have a question. Do the Digimon Tamers get they're own Crest? Like the Crest of Corage and Friendship. If we do, can I have the Crest of Friendship?
  30. yeah, because it takes alot to get digimon to get to ultimate and crest hunting might work
  31. Well, we have Digi-Eggs, but what we'll do, mainly is bio merge. We'll stay in the human world for a while so crest hunting won't really be possible.
  32. Aaaah okay. I'm a go claim the Friendship egg then xD
  33. hmm, then how are we getting to ultimate, i think you said were not adding cards either. and Ultimates arent just Natural so...
  34. @CreativityBlast16, to have it you would have to be able to actually use it. It's not a sign that you have friendship, but a way to digivolve. Not everyone has to have a Digi-Egg.

    @NerdyNinja, like I said. We're doing a bio merge of sorts. I'm still working out some of the minor details, but I'm trying to make it, like in Digimon Data Squad, with only the Tamer, Digimon, and Digivice, and without outside forces.
  35. Biomerge is for megas :p @.@ but yeah i guess

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