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Ask to Join Digimon: Digiworld Fallen

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Iced_Tae, Nov 8, 2018.

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    But if you've already been accepted by me, then please enjoy!

    Chloe walked into the computer room of her school, holding her navy blue leather school bag, the female smiled. "Ms. Chloe, you have two hours to use the lab" a teacher informed, the blonde teen nodded her head with a smile, "Thank you Mr. Katake!" Chloe called out. The girl sat at the computer closest to the window. "Alright i just have to finish the project" the female whispered as she set her school bag on the table. But once the female turned the computer on, she was greeted by a black screen and green numbers. Until a weird looking creature called out for help, as Chloe reached out to touch the screen, a soft paw grabbed her arm and pulled her into the computer, before the device turned off itself.

    As the blonde blinked her eyes open, black cat like creature and a yellow fox like creature who were both standing on their hind legs. "Shes awake Renamon!" The black exclaimed, " I can see that Black Gatomon..." the yellow fox mummbled. Chloe abruptly stood up and gasped at how cute the creatures were. "Hello there Chloe!" The black cat greeted with a smile, "hello there...Black Gatomon and Renamon?" Chloe greeted in a questioning voice, "thats right, I am Renamon and this annoying furball is Black Gatomon-" but before Renamon couls finish, Black Gatomon beat her to it. "We are your digimons!" Black Gatomon exclaimed, the blonde beauty was about to ask more questions but once hearing a loud roar coming from within the woods, Renamon took Chloes hands and ran in the opposite direction, along with Black Gatomon who had jumped on to Renamons back. "What in the world is going on!" Chloe screamed as she continued to get dragged by Renamon
  2. Meanwhile, Elvira was laying somewhere on the field, completely dazed from her arrival in the Digital World. This is why you shouldn’t be poking at strange devices, Elvira! Beside the girl was a seal-like creature and a weasel-like creature sniffing at the fallen human.

    “Is.. is she dead?!” The seal exclaimed.

    “If she were dead, she wouldn’t be breathing, dullard!” The white weasel hissed back, before she prepared to smack the human with her holy carterage.

    “WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY!” The weasel piped up, smacking the human’s side with her golden brick.

    Elvira yelped, sitting up after she had been rudely awakened. The girl would then see the two strange creatures in front of her. A white weasel with some purple stripes and a little seal with large claws and a tuft of orange hair. The two creatures then introduced themselves as the Kudamon, the weasel, and Gomamon, the seal. Was she hallucinating? She better be hallucinating. Before she could even speak, a roar broke through the forest.

    “Gotta go! Follow us if you don’t wish for death!” Kudamon piped up, zooming away.

    “Hey! Wait for me!” Gomamon spoke, trying his best to dash away with his body type.

    Since Elvira did not wish for death, she grabbed the struggling seal and began RUNNING FOR THE HILLS.
  3. Chloe continued to run along with Renamon and Black Gatomon, until she caught sight of another human girl running. "Renamon-" Chloe started, "I know Chloe" Renamon stated as she took Chloe into her arms and started running for the girl holding a seal like digimon. "Hey Kudamon! Head to the cliff! " Black Gatomon yelled. "Whats are those!" Chloe screamed pointing at the two large digimon chasing them. "Thats Tankmon and Meramon!" Black Gatomon exclaimed from where she was holding on to Renamons back
  4. “Gotcha!” Kudamon shouted, zooming for the cliff.

    Meanwhile, Elvira did not pay attention to what was happening behind her, as she was too busy trying to run for her life and following the white weasel to safety. The Gomamon under her arm looked back, staring at Renamon carrying another human girl.
  5. Renamon stopped dead in her tracks once she reached the cliff. "If we time it correctly, we may be able to push them off" Renamon informed as she set Chloe down. The blonde girl stood up and hugged Black Gatomon in fear. But Renamons plan was foiled when another large digimon appeared, "ITS OGREMON!" Black Gatomon yelled. "Gomamo, Kudamon! We need to protect the girls!" Renamon urgently ordered as the fox like digimon and Black Gatomon stood in front of the frightened blonde teen, ready to protect both Chloe and Elvira, from the controlled digimon
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  6. “Got it! Gomamon, stop being useless and get over here!” Kudamon shouted.

    The little seal responded to this by wiggling out of Elvira’s grasp, standing beside Kudamon to protect the human. Speaking of the human, Elvira had several questions.

    “Hey! Do you know why I'm here?!” She asked, turning to the other human girl.
  7. "I honestly dont know, did you get yanked into a computer too?" Chloe questioned. And out of the corner of her eye, she saw Black Gatomon get thrown and before Meramon could burn the black cat. Chloe ran as fast as she could to quickly grab Black Gatomon, but in the process tripped. "CHLOE!" Renamon called out as she took a hit for both Chloe and Black Gatomon, "RENAMON!" Both Chloe and Black Gatomon screamed. Ogremon rushed towards Chloe, ready to grab her. But both Renamon and Black Gatomon rushed in to stop the gree digimon, and then all of a sudden, a bright light started to surround the two female digimon.

    From within the bright light Chloe could hear, "Renamon digivolve to Kyubimon!" and "Black Gatomon digivolve to Lady Devimon!". When the light dissapeared, Renamon and Black Gatomon were no longer there, and instead a large beautiful yellow fox on all fours stood, "Ah Kyubi...grandmother told me it was a legend..." Chloe whispered, and in place of Black Gatomon, was a beautful demon like digimon, with long silver hair and red eyes, and she had chains on her arm and her other arm was larger and looked demonic, and the digimon had a black wisp coming from her back.

    Lady Devimon flew over to Chloe and held the girl in her arms, "its okay Chloe, its me Black Gatomon and that Renamon over there" the frightening looking digimon informed as she motioned towards the large nine tailed fox who was shooting blue flaming wisps at Ogremon, "now Chloe take the other girl and get to safety" Lady Devimon instructed as she set Chloe down on the ground. The blone teenager then ran over to Elvira, "we need to get to safety" Chloe stated as she gently held Elviras hand and led the girl behind a largw rock so they could still watch their digimons battle
  8. “Hey! Who gave you permission to digivolve first?!” The Kudamon screeched, before she was enveloped by a shining light. Nice motivation to digivolve, Kudamon.

    Kudamon shinka! Reppamon!

    Reppamon stood proudly as soon as she digivolved. However, the little seal Digimon was trembling, terrified of the enemy Digimon. While the Reppamon was running towards the Orgemon to slash it with its blade tail, she began yelling again.

    “What are you waiting for? Digivolve already and help me out!” The fox-like Digimon hissed. Gomamon shook her head, pushing herself to hide in a nearby bush instead.


    “Well, I got sucked in by some strange cellphone. At least I get a break from detention.” Elvira stated flatly, looking from the rock. So Digimon can transform into a more powerful form? Neat. But wait, where was Gomamon?
  9. "I got yanked into a computer from my school" Chloe calmly informed as she watched Lady Devimon throw Tankmon a few feet away, while Kyubimon shot more flaming wisps towards the other enemies. "Wheres your seal looking digimon?" The blonde questioned the other female. "Gomamon help us out!" Lady Devimon yelled as she flew up into the air to avoid being hit by a controlled Tankmon. "Reppamon, try and use your blade to break open the helmets thats on their head" Kyubimon instructed. Lady Devimon landed down next Elvira and sighed "go find your Gomamon, since Im sure that she will listen to you" the demon like digimon informed before flying back up and helping out the other two digimon by making black bats hit their enemies

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