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Ask to Join Digimon: Digiworld Fallen (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Iced_Tae, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. The Digiworld, once a beautiful place for Digimon of all kind, but that ended the day a new evil arose. And that evil was named "Virus", Virus was a masked digimon tamer who used hypnotized digimon to do his bidding, using a device called "Crypto", which was a headgear that controlled headgears that were placed on controlled digimon.

    Now you must help protect and save the Digiworld before its too late!

    And in this era, your digivice will be on a watch, bracelet, wrist band, of your choice!


    1. No swearing
    2. Romance allowed but only a kiss is okay
    3. You may only have up to 2 digimon
    4. Please be as discriptive as you can on your character
    5. If any questions arise, dont hesitate to question me
    6. Once a digimon is taken, you may not have it
    7. Have Fun!
    Now here is the link to the official RP:


    >Character Sheet<
    Name & Last Name:
    Age: (11-15)
    Physical Appearence:
    Digimon Partner:
    Second: (optional)
    Digivice appearence:

    →My Character←
    Name & Last Name: Chloe Fujiyoshi

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Chloe can be very spoiled and bratty, but she is an amazing friend who would do anything for the people she cares about. Shes very optimistic and can always see the brighter side in everything. She cant stand to see people sad or unhappy in anyway, so she always goes out of her way to make them smile. People say that Chloe's bright and cheerful smile puts the Sun to shame, but along with a peppy, optimistic, and beautiful package such as Chloe, comes with a touch of sarcasm and sass.

    Physical Appearence: beautiful long light blonde hair that gets a bit wavy at the end, brown eyes, fair skin, and her bangs are styled in a sidesweep to the left, and her hair is always placed in a high ponytail

    Clothing: wears a pink hoodie thats a size bigger than her so which means it ends right below her waist, skintight denim shorts that end at the top of her thighs and have folded ends, black knee high socks, and white high tops. She has a cute pair of dangling earing in the shape of small pink french macaroons. She has a golden charm bracelet on her right wrist.

    Digimon: Black Gatomon

    Second Digimon: Renamon

    Digivice Appearence: Chloe's digivice is located on her charm bracelet, it is in the shape of a large golden heart with a screen on it.

    Nationality: Japanes/American

    Race: half Japanese and half white

    Backstory: Chloe was born in America in the state of Califronia and in the city of Malibu, living in a large mansion in Malibu, you could say that Chloe lived like a princess. But when she became 10 years old, her family moved to a two floor penthouse, in Tokyo, Japan, which was where her father was from. She went to the beat schools and had the life every girl envied, not only was she a very intelligent girl, and a only child from a wealthy family, Chloe was also known as her schools best looking student.

    (Wherever your character is from, they will meet up in the digiworld)
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  2. Name & Last Name: Elvira Cana
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Elvira is mostly sarcastic, laid-back, and somewhat short-tempered. Her roleplayer is pretty terrible at describing personalities, so enjoy this once sentence of personality.
    Physical Appearence and Clothing:
    Medium-length brown hair with her trademark silver hat shaped like a sports visor. She owns a pair of blue eyes and light skin. Elvira sports a sleeveless black vest with aqua colored shorts above her knees. Her vest has a few tears in them. She stands at 5”4 ft.
    Digimon Partner: Kudamon (Original) [> Reppamon > Tyilinmon > Sleipmon]
    Second: Gomamon [> Ikkakumon > Zudomon > Plesiomon]
    Digivice appearence: Her digivice is located on her wristband on her right arm. It is white with purple-ish blue stripes.
    Nationality: Hispanic-American
    Backstory: Elvira was a resident school bully in her local school at El Paso, Texas, beating up those who dared to pick on the weak. Despite her reasons, she also became the detention regular of her school. When she was thrown in detention for the 100th time, a peculiar device appeared, sending her to the Digital World.
  3. Accepted
  4. @Toramaru in your next post you should make your digimon digivolve because Im going to make Renamon and Black Gatomon digivolve
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