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Diane's stupid present to Lopmon. (another one-shot)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shiny Lyni, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Shiny Lyni

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    (OOC: This is set in the universe of this RP, two or three months before what’s going on in said RP now. Enjoy!)

    “Lopmon, I bought you a gift while I was out!” Diane shouted as she skipped through her bedroom door. A large, pink and brown object which heavily resembled a stuffed toy groggily rubbed its eyes and sat up. The thing looked at her curiously, and Diane couldn’t help but giggle as she looked at its adorable face.

    “Ah?” Lopmon mumbled, still not quite awake from her nap. The girl grinned and fished around in her shopping bag, rustling the plastic a little, before pulling out a small rabbit-shaped stuffed animal out of it. Eyes widening, the Digimon incredulously said, “Wha... what is that thing?”

    “A Pokémon!” exclaimed the girl triumphantly as she placed it next to Lopmon. “See, its fur is this nice, velvety brown color, and even the tips of its ears are nice and pink! I bought it because it reminded me of you,” she explained, though a mischievous glint sparkled in her eye. Lopmon inched away slowly, and Diane, pretending not to notice, tugged on the toy’s ear. “See? Very neat resemblance.” Turning back to her sack, Diane took out another item, this one appearing to be a cotton shirt with odd decorations on it. “I even bought one of those sailor fuku outfits and dyed the tie purple, and even bough matching pants, so it would look like you when you Digivolved into Antylamon that one time.”

    The Digimon shuddered at the memory, remembering how she went completely out of control when she tried to protect Diane from a pack of bullies at school. She rampaged around the school for half an hour before de-Digivolving back into Kokomon.“Let’s, um, not talk about that again,” she whispered quietly.

    “And best of all,” Diane continued, ignoring her partner’s comment, “The tag says that it’s called a Lopunny! I think it’s like, a shiny version of a regular Lopunny or something, whatever that means.”

    Oh gosh, shut up. Please, Lopmon thought, immediately making the connection before Diane was even done speaking. Flopping back onto her stomach, she said, “I’m going to sleep now. Please, um, put that thing awa-”

    “I’m displaying that right here!” Lopmon glanced upward and saw that Diane had placed the detestable stuffed rabbit Pogamon or something onto her bookshelf, so all her friends could admire it. Groaning to herself, the Digimon buried her face into the covers as much as she could and wished she could just disappear from this world for once.

    (OOC: Have some bonus pictures, too.

    [​IMG] versus


    ... really now. How could I not.

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