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DPPt/HGSS Diamond Party Build

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by RoseTea, May 8, 2007.

  1. Okay...
    I am not too sure How I want my party for Diamond yet.

    I have two Pokemon decided upon.
    And that's Infernape and Drifblim.

    I know I am willing go either s.attack or regulat attack with Infernape..
    But I am not sure on move sets.
    Can someone help me build one of each, then I can decide from there?

    Drifblim I am thinking of going S.Attack, since it's better off in that aspect.
    But... once again I am unsure of move sets.

    Then there remains the rest of my party...

    I want to have which in my party - fire, water/ice, grass, flying, psychic, dark, and dragon.
    I know there are pokemon that can cover multiple aspects of this.
    I am trying to get pokemon in my party with good/great stats (I am dedicating the time, and doing no cheats), but I don't want to use legendaries (because I deem that unfair).

    I was thinking for the Dragon aspect of getting a Dragonite, and using the moves:
    Dragon Claw (TM 02)
    Blizzard (TM 14)
    Dragon Rage or Dragon Rush (Not sure which)
    Does that sound alright???

    With WiFi... I want to battle trainers and improve myself...
    Not to mention I am getting very competive with my fiance over this game... ^ ^;;;

    I am thinking of going Beneficial Nature... But I am not sure how to...
    But, if you can see my team going a different nature and being a strong build, by all means, tell me. ^ ^
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Well let's see here. =D

    Infernape has equal Attack and Special Attack stats, so that's a plus, a nice one.

    Nature: Adamant
    -Flare Blitz/Flamethrower
    -Close Combat/Brick Break
    -Shadow Claw
    -Rock Slide

    Flare Blitz is an amazing Fire-type move that can deal a lot of damage. The downside is the recoil damage, but that could be easily fixed with the Leftovers item. If the recoil damage bothers you that much though then go with Flamethrower, but if you decide to do so then a neutral Nature for Infernape would be best. (Hardy/Docile/Serious/Bashful/Quirky)

    Close Combat is a powerful Fighting-type move, but it lowers both of Infernape's defense stats, which is ok I think, since Infernape is supposed to hit fast and hard, taking most anything out before it has a chance to strike back. But if the stat reductions bug you too much then you can opt for Brick Break, which would be useful as well, since is had decent attack power and it can get through Reflect/Light Screen.

    Shadow Claw is for Psychic-types whose moves are super effective against the fire monkey. Shadow Claw has decent power AND a high critical hit ratio.

    Rock Slide is for any Flying-types who also pose a threat to Infernape.

    And that's a pretty good Infernape right there I'd say. ^^ Now onto the ghostly balloon.

    Nature: Lonely
    -Ominous Wind/Shadow Ball
    -Thunderbolt/Thunder Wave

    Drifblim has a Special Attack stat of 90, while its Attack stat is at 80. Still good, but making it better with the Lonely nature would be ideal. The Lonely nature ups the Attack stat and lowers the Defense stat. Now normally that would be bad, but since Drifblim has no Defense to speak of anyway, You might as well take advantage of its suckyness and up your Attack stat.

    Ominous Wind or Shadow Ball? Both are good Ghost-type moves. As you know Shadow Ball's stronger and may lower an opponent's Special Defense, but Ominous Wind isn't too far behind in power and it has a chance at raising all of Drifblim's stats. The choice is your's, Drifblim learns both moves naturally through level up.

    Now Fly is the best Flying-type move Drifblim can know, and it would be a good idea to stick Fly in there. It'll receive STAB too.

    Thunderbolt is in there because I noticed you have no Electric-types in there. And since Drifblim's move pool is rather... limited... Thunderbolt would be a great addition and a nice surprise to any person battling you. You may also choose Thunder Wave over Thunderbolt if you wish.

    Now Explosion is a nice move, but only to be used as a last resort. It has amazing power and is sure to take down most foes.

    Nature: Adamant
    -Dragon Claw
    -Brick Break
    -Aerial Ace
    -Dragon Dance

    Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace are there to take advantage of STAB, and are decent moves that will serve Dragonite well.

    Brick Break is there for any situation where Dragonite is facing an Ice-type. And Dragon Dance, which ups Dragonite's Attack and Speed stats, would be good as well, and Dragonite will be pretty much unbeatable after a few Dragon Dances.

    As for the rest of your team I would recommend the following.

    Nature: Adamant
    -Seed Bomb
    -Focus Punch
    -Leech Seed/Rock Slide/Stone Edge

    Breloom is a powerful Physical attacker, having an Adamant nature would further boost that stat.

    Seed Bomb is a powerful Grass-type move and will receive STAB.

    And I'm also doing the classic Spore and Focus Punch thing on Breloom. First you use Spore to put the opponent to sleep and then you use Focus Punch to send it blasting off again. ^^ The only problem with this though is that Breloom doesn't learn Spore on its own, its pre-evolution Shroomish, does though. But Shroomish learns Spore at level 45, so you'll have to manage with Shroomish that long if you want Spore on Breloom

    Leech Seed is a wonderful move and you'll love the fact that you have it, trust me :D But if not you can also choose either of those Rock-type moves. Those will help Breloom against Flying-types who he's 4x as weak against.

    Nature: Adamant
    -Crunch/Night Slash
    -Ice Fang

    Yes, another Adamant Nature. :p

    Crunch or Night Slash, it's up to you really. Crunch is more powerful and may lower an enemy's Defense, but Night Slash has a high critical hit ratio. And really, Sharpedo has such high Attack that the difference in power won't matter; I'd totally go with Night Slash.

    Waterfall is the best physical Water-type move Sharpedo can learn, and that's just fine. It'll kill things, trust me.

    Earthquake is to take out any Electric-types who wish harm to little sharky here. Kill them on sight with Earthquake. :D Plus Earthquake's just a plain awesome move and good to have.

    Ice Fang is for any Grass-types who also think your Sharpedo's easy meat.

    Nature: Modest
    -Ice Beam
    -Shadow Ball
    -Water Pulse

    And last but not least, Jynx, one of the most creepiest things in all existence, but a good fighter. Jynx has amazing Special Attack and Special Defense with Speed to boot. A Modest Nature would further her Special Attacking skillz.

    Ice Beam is there obviously for STAB, as well as Psychic.

    Shadow Ball is there so Jynx can take out any Ghost-types who wish her harm, also to deal with other Psychic types.

    Water Pulse is there to provide some protection against the Fire-types who are sent out to melt Jynx.

    And that's a pretty good darned team you got thar. Feel free to PM me with questions or of course, post them here. XD Hope this helps.
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  3. Sem - thank you. I read through everything, and even went to serebii to check out all the states and read up on everything more. ^ ^

    I actually love the idea of Drifblim with Omnious Wind, Fly, Thunderbolt, and Explosion. ^ ^
    And I am liking the idea of Infernape.
    I am more likely to go Flare Blitz
    Brick Break
    Shadow Claw
    Rock slide (or maybe something else)

    I even though maybe nasty plot for Infernape.... Hmm...

    I do love the other pokemon suggestions and move listings. ^ ^
    But I am not quite sure yet..
    I think I am going to search a bit more, yet I am keeping your set in mind (I'll just need to start up a trading thread.... ^ ^;;;)

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