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Ask to Join Desert Island Survival

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Slemmandre, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Heyo hiyo. Discussion thread, check it out here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/desert-island-survival-discussion-thread.13916/#post-293676

    Long story short, buncha kiddos have to survive a Lord of the Flies style adventure on a vacant island, first having to survive their steamboat sinking as they all try and escape a Pokemon world in nuclear war. Fun? Fun. Go check out that discussion thread for better plot description (not by much lmao), characters, and rules.
    The rickety churn of the steamboat through the sea was about as irregular as Desmond's breathing. His home, his mother, his father... It was all wrong! He had seen the posters, they said that the war would be a good thing, would correct the world. It shouldn't be like this, he shouldn't have been forced from his home. None of them should've been. Unova had the upper hand, they had said. Bombs that could wipe out regions at a time in the blink of an eye, why was there no surrender from anywhere else?

    Mentally, it was as if he was pacing back and forth, but the vertigo that would've sent him reeling if he tried to stand kept him huddled to the ground, knees to his chest, with Koda, his beloved Teddiursa, hugged tightly. Chelle, his Taillow, too, was with him. She had burrowed into his shirt for comfort, and was squeezed just as tightly in the embrace. Children sobbed all around him, just as frantic, and with their own two Pokemon in similar positions. In his right fist, nervous and sweaty, he clutched his older sister's handkerchief, made of simple red cloth that wrinkled a bit too easily. Tentatively, he wrapped it around his forehead, trying to let it soak up the cold sweat that was forming, but to no avail
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  2. 'Great. Just great.' Mona thought sarcastically to herself. She had cried her fair share, though out of sight from the others. Mona sighed and looked around. Orana the Oshawott was held tightly in her arms. Curtis the Rufflet had taken up refuge on top of Mona's head.
  3. The comfort that the bandanna provided was minimal, but it was something. Desmond tried to distract his focus on the sobs around him, and reroute it to the warm forms of his two best friends. Koda had been with him since childhood, a docile, borderline timid Teddiursa for a docile, borderline timid boy. They were an obvious pair for each other, and his sister, the one who had paid to get him out of the shelter, certainly had agreed. Chelle wasn't nearly so meek, but was rather like a guardian for the boy. Anytime the schoolchildren stepped a bit too far out of line around Desmond, her eagle-eyed stare could scare the lot of bullies away with ease, and if simple glowers weren't enough, the strength of her beating wings certainly was. Suddenly, the meditative state Desmond had reached was snapped away from him as an aggravated voice called out.

    "Aight, kids. Everyone shut up, and sit down, or we're turning this boat right back to the mainland." Annoyed with the children's cries, an official, supposed to keep everything organized, shouted in a gravelly tone. Immediately, his plan backfired. At the thought of mainland, and home, the hordes of younger children wailed, and Chelle cocked her head back protectively in response to the sounds.

    "Hey! I said shut up. You have your Pokemon, put them and your luggage in your laps, and take a seat."

    The mass of children whimpered, as did Desmond, as he thought some more of home. He had the rest of his team, Pelier, his little Ekans, Sawyer, his Eevee... oh no, they were really gone, weren't they? Tears slid silently down his face, as he took a seat in the overcrowded wooden seats. He looked to the ground, small sobs still shaking him as the world went on around him.
  4. Chris looked onwards into the open ocean as the other children wailed on. He understood why they were, but he couldn't feel the same way. He could either go and live, or stay and die. Any known relative would pass either way.

    Chris pressed out of his thoughts as Stellar, his Larvesta, climbed on top of his head and Neo, his Omanyte, laid down on his knee. Both of them were probably going to be the most comfort he had on this stupid island. Stellar was a gift from his cousin in Unova, who had won her as an egg. That egg was sent to him and eventually hatched into one of his best friends he would ever have. Neo, on the other hand, was found on complete accident. Chris was exploring a cave when he found a Helix Fossil embedded in the loose rock. After a bit of pulling, Chris ran back to his house. He had the fossil revived at a local museum, and gained his second, and maybe final, pokemon.

    Chris watched the ocean, the bright blue waves crashing against the seemingly study boat. A group of Remoriad jumped through the water, sun reflecting off their bright scales. Not close behind was some Mantyke, gliding up to the other pokemon. Chris thought this ecosystem looked beautiful, but he couldn't stare at them for too long. The children could arrive to this "safe place" any second now, and he couldn't just stay calm.
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