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Open Demon Slayer Au Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Thomas the trainer, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. The Rp is set in the demon slayer universe none of the original characters exist. The Rp is set on the final day of the final selection exam were if your a demon slayer gets to choose the material their weapon will be made of. If your wanna be demon start whenever.
    follow pokecharms rules
    please use good grammar, and spelling.
    Charecter sheet
    you can only have one breath style and blood demon art
    (If demon)Blood demon art:
    (If demon slayer)Breath style:

    Name: Jiyuna seishin
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has unruly unkept white hair, pale skin, blue eyes, on both cheeks he has large scars which appear to be scratch marks. He has a muscular and tall build. He wears a green and white haori over his standard demon slayer uniform. He has black pants with baggy pants going to his red sandals.
    Backstory: when he was about 12 his mother was turned into a demon and ate his whole family. When She tried to eat him she scratched both his cheeks. Nut a demon slayer showed up and killed his mother and took Jiyuna under his wing the demon slayer taught him to fight with a katana and Wakizashi the slayer with no warning after a year abandoned Jiyuna this caused Jiyuna to wish to see his saviour again so developed his own breath style involving the use of 4 blades. Hoping one day to meet his hero.
    Personality: Jiyuna is a wild child somone who is capable at surviving by themselves and handling being buy them self. He has deep respect for demon slayers and would never go against one with a higher rank then him. If angered or attacked Jiyuna turns to a cyclone of fury and anger. He deeply hates demons and thinks that they are the scum of this world and wishes to eradicate them all and there all rotten to the core. Jiyuna will protect his friends or anyone he trusts.
    Breath style: Breath of the spinning storm
    first from: Spinning storm slash
    The user runs towards and enemy the user then spins around and holding his Katana's to cut his enemies.
    Second form: Defensive storm slash.
    The user spins as fast as they can so if they are attacked the enemy will get slashed.
    Third form: Flow of the razor wind
    The user throws 2 of their smaller Wakizashi blades at their opponent
    Fourth form: Duel Slashing razor wind.
    The user spins both of the katana's in their hands
    Fifth form: Slashing storm currents
    The user throws both their katanas, and Wakizashi's to cause 4 spinning blades to attack the opponent the blades spin back.
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