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Private/Closed Demigod Challange For Percy Jackson OC's

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shiny Fennekin, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Rules (Please Read)
    This is a challange for demigod/Titan children to compete in physic and mental challenges . The Winnier will be selected randomly. No trying to cheat and be nice( I personally do not tolerate tons of cussing and bullying) Also you can drop out of the competition at any time during it. If you want to please personally message me. And guys, please do not disobey the rules of General Roleplay(If you haven't read them please read it) I would hate for this thread to get banned. It is my first one and I spent a long time creating it and writing it. One more thing, Please no Mary Sues like say a demigod daughter of Zeus who can control lightning and has wings and dating Leo or something crappy like that.

    This Roleplay takes place at Camp Half-Blood (Sorry for people with a Roman demigod OC)
    More about the Challange in the Roleplay
    Please fill out this character sheet
    Name Meaning:
    Age Claimed:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Godly Parent/Titan Parents
    Mortal Parent/Guardian:
    Zodiac Sign:
    Godly Parents Symbol/Titan Symbol If any
    Fatal Flaw:
    Location Outside Camp:

    Here is an example(This is the OC I will use)
    Name:Ginger Evans
    Name meaning: Ginger from the spice with the exact name and Evans means "Son of Evan"
    Age claimed: 12( This is her forth year at camp half-blood)
    Sexual Orientation: Demisexual (http://demisexuality.org/articles/what-is-demisexuality/ (What is Demisexuality? | Demisexuality Resource Center))
    Godly Parent:Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow
    Mortal Parent: Lola Evans, Her other mother
    Godly Parent Symbol:Rainbows (Iris)
    Appearance: Ginger Long, Light Brown, Thick Hair, White skin with a tannish tint, large, brown, puppy dog like eye, small nose, roundish face with a pointed chin. Her outfit consists of a orange C amp Half-Blood Shirt, Blue Jeans , Red converse and her camp necklace with a rainbow symbol, and bow and arrow symbol, and a tear drop symbol.
    Personality: Ginger is a friendly girl who is a bit shy at first but once she warms up to you she is loyal and compassionate. But she often hide her other side with fake happiness. She secretly has depression and anxiety that people will not like her or she will disappoint some one.
    Hobbies: Drawing,Singing, Listining to Music, Humming
    Weapon(s): Celestial Bronze Sword named Protathlitis or Champion
    Power(s): None
    Fatal Flaw: Her curiosity(Curiosity Killed the cat you know)
    Strenght(s):Kind,Loyal, Good at Sword Fighting
    Weakness(Es): Sensitive, Often Nervous,Weak, No powers
    Location Outside Camp: Albany,New York
    History: (You do not have to read but is recommended)

    Ginger was born to Iris and a Demigod daughter of Hermes named Lola. Lola is a famous performer and comedian who loves the stage and loves talking to people. Iris fell in love with the gourgous woman and turned into a man and got her pregnant. When Ginger was born Lola knew there was something different about her. She figured out it was Iris when She, I mean He went into the Man's restroom at the hospital and turned into her normal self. Lola then went inside and asked her who she was. Iris then told her the truth saying she was the goddess of the rainbow. Lola didn't mind and told told her she could leave if needed. Iris then left her in the mans restroom all by herself with a two day newborn. Lola raised the girl with her new husband, Keith who she met at the hospital and married six months later. Lola never told her that Keith really was not Ginger's father her entire childhood. Other than that her childhood was completely normal. When Ginger was 12 her mom told her they were going on a vacation that was just going to be Ginger and Herself. Ginger was trilled and practically leaped into the jeep. They drove for quite a while intill the drove into the woods and her mom stopped the car. "Come with me, it is not far." Said her mother very quietly" "I wonder what it is. I bet it is a cabin in the woods. Fun!"Ginger wondered in excitement. They walked for a bit till the saw a gateway. Camp Half Blood it read. "Come with me inside Her mom said. "Inside Ginger saw a huge camp with kids running around with orange t-shirts. Then a large pony man stepped up to them. "Hello Lola, it has been awhile, Is this your daughter?Said the pony man""Yes, this is my daughter, Ginger Evans. She is a demigod like me." "Demigod? Like Hercules and Perceus? Like what my teacher blabs on and on about in my mythology class." "Yes, young demigod, that is correct. I am Chiron, a centaur and a director here at Camp Half-Blood. You will be staying here all summer." "Oh" is all Ginger had to say. Then Gingar realized that's why her mom only packed stuff for her. Her thought were interrupted by Chiron"I will give you a minute to say goodbye then you should come with me." They said their goodbyes, both crying and just when her mom left, a symbol floated above Ginger's head. It was a rainbow. Then she heard Chiron announce "All hail Ginger Evans. Daughter of Iris, Godess of the Rainbow"
    It was a hot, summer day at Camp Half-Blood. Birds where singing. Bees were buzzing. Mrs O'Learly was barking. Life was great at Camp Half-Blood. Ginger was chilling in the shade at her cabin, drawing her pure white Pegasus named Cloudy when all of a sudden a camper named Caleb ran at her. Ginger knew Caleb pretty well and wondered why he looked so worried. "They have having a Challange and they selected you to be apart of it." Caleb explained fast. "What?" replied Ginger. "Oh, Just come with me." So they went to the eating tables where all the Campers were around. The Ares table was fighting as usual everyone else looked rather scared. "Welcome Campers. Today I will be explaining the Demigod Challange. A camper must volunteer to be in the Challange but campers can also recommended each other for the challange if enough people want the selected camper to as in the case with Ginger." "Dang It" thought Ginger. "Not all cabins have to participate if no ones to partipate. Once selected they have to participate unless they are injuried somehow. Challange is not easily so first year campers are not recommended to participate but have the option to do so."The Challange is both physical and mental. No powers are allowed on any of the challenges. If caught cheating you will be eliminated and your cabin loses. The last cabin standing will be the winners of this demigod challenges. Is there any one who wants to join beside Ginger."..............................

    Hope you like it!
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    Name: Dasken
    Name Meaning: Dasken is the Draconic word for "Mother"; no last name.
    Age: 16
    Age Claimed: 10 (Lives at Camp Half-Blood)
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Godly Parent/Titan Parents: Hephaestus
    Mortal Parent/Guardian: Unknown
    Birthday: September 12
    Zodiac Sign: Virgo
    Godly Parents Symbol/Titan Symbol If any: N/A
    Appearance: Very tall for his age, 6'1"; Well-built, average attractiveness, farmer's tan, metal-rimmed glasses, teal shirt with fire-print, black shorts with scralet stripes, walks with a slight hunch
    Personality: Intelligent, funny, quick-witted, sarcastic, creative, slightly "Good" crazy, but obviously a dark past
    Hobbies: Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, listening to music, training his abilities, all physical, mental, and god-born.
    Weapon(s): A large warhammer that is only usable by him; fingerprint scanners, and is the perfect weight for him.
    Powers(s): Metalwork, the rare pyrokinetic ability (controlling fire), manipulation of machines
    Fatal Flaw: Doesn't want to hurt anyone that he doesn't have to; hates fighting.
    Strengths: Good swing, lots of training with his abilities, highly tactical and intelligent, ADHD (Need I say more?)
    Location Outside Camp: N/A
    History(Optional): When he was just a boy, Dasken often dreamed of having a family and being special. His family was unbenounced to him; he was orphaned as a child. He was found by Grover the satyr, and brought back to Camp Half-Blood, where he was raised for his childhood. One day, around the campfire, he stared deep into the flames. When the flames crackled, he felt something inside of him stir; something miraculous. He stood up and, to the surprise of all at Camp Half-Blood, he willed the fire to become a beacon to the gods, having it stop at the protective top of the dome around Camp Half-Blood. He was instantly recognized by Hephaestus. He didn't know that until later, though; nobody had ever picked on him before, and now they stayed away. He went to Dionysus, who told him that his father was Hephaestus.
    (You misspelled challange. It's e-n-g-e, not a-n-g-e.
    Dask noticed a girl from camp go up to the Demigod Challenge crowd. She looked about his age, probably younger, and he thought she was... Decently attractive. He was lucky to be at least a little awkwardly handsome for a son of Hephaestus; for that, he got praise from the Aphrodite cabin.
    He looked to the sign explaining the event, and noticed that it said, 'Volunteers'. He hadn't been on a quest for a couple of years! He figured this was the closest he could get to one. When the man up front asked, "Will there be any more volunteers?", Dask stood. "Right here," he said. "And I know, I know. No powers." He made a playful pouting face and walked up, standing right next to the girl.
    "What's your name?" He asked, eyeing her carefully.
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  3. Name: Hugo Jorgensen
    Name Meaning: Heart, mind, spirit. Named after his deceased mother's grandfather.
    Age: 17
    Age Claimed: 14
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, closeted
    Godly Parent/Titan Parents: Ares
    Mortal Parent/Guardian: Marian Karabell. Raised by John and Victoria Jorgensen.
    Birthday: June 7, 1999
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Godly Parents Symbol/Titan Symbol, if any: Torch
    Appearance: Hugo has obviously Spanish roots. His skin is olive-toned and is prominently dotted with a smattering of light freckles across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, his shoulders, and his back. He has wiry black hair that sweeps across the tip of one of his eyebrows and curls at the nape of his neck. His eyes are a dull green and relatively unmarked. Hugo stands at 6'0 and is slightly lankier than most of the other children of Ares. His wardrobe is mostly comprised of shirts with witty sayings on them and shorts that come just above his knees. His shoelaces are almost always untied.
    Personality: Aside from a sarcastic or degrading remark, Hugo will hardly speak unless prompted, and has a hard time speaking in English. He is largely uncomfortable around large groups of people and has to spend a couple hours each day practicing his skills or wandering the campgrounds alone to unwind. He holds a great deal of anger and bitterness that he uses to fuel himself and can sometimes got lost in his own emotions if he focuses on them too long. He has a very "shoot first, ask questions later" mindset. He's analytical, but only to an extent, and can also be seen as controlling and easily flustered.
    Hobbies: Hunting, graffiti, urban exploration, reading
    Weapon(s): Weighted double pistols that fire Celestial Bronze bullets
    Powers(s): Odikinesis (Manipulation over feelings of war, such as hate and rage)
    Fatal Flaw: Anger
    Strengths: Weapon handling, fighting by impulse and without hesitation, keeping up a moderate intellect
    Weaknesses: Emotional balance, planning, socialization
    Location Outside Camp: Kristiansund, Norway
    History (Optional)
    Hugo and his half-brother, Enok, were in a car accident with their mom and Enok's father when they were young. At the time, they had been living in America with their mother and the newlywed John Jorgensen. However, Marian Karabell had been killed and, after some legal disputes, Hugo was taken in by the grieving husband. They were raised by him and his new wife, forcing Hugo to become close with his younger brother.
    When Hugo was twelve, he told his new parents that he wanted to join the military when he was older. Although they were surprised by these claims, Enok's father took him out once a week to teach him how to use a gun and how to hunt. When he was thirteen, he and Enok were attacked on the way home from school and Hugo acted out without thinking, nearly killing the perpetrator by throwing them into the street effortlessly. After several similar reoccurrences of Hugo's strength, John and Victoria began suspecting something abnormal going on around him.
    A passerby who had witnessed one of Hugo's outbursts pulled him aside and told him that he was in grave danger. They told him about the existence of demigods and warned him that he might be one of them and told him about a "Norse demigod sanctuary." When he finally decided to follow through and go to the sanctuary, they realized that he wasn't a Norse demigod at all, but a Greek one. At this he, knowing that he could be putting his family in danger if he ignored this fact, travelled to New York with John to attend Camp Half-Blood each summer and learn more about this title.

    Hugo looked around the crowd that had turned up for the "Demigod Challenge," whatever that mysterious title entailed. Two much beefier guys across the table from him were struggling to get each other in a headlock, both smiling gleefully despite the action. No one except for a couple of them who had raised their head in interest seemed to be paying much attention. Someone was chatting away to him, but he wasn't paying much attention to them himself.

    He, head in his hand, tapped the table restlessly with the other. His eyes lingered on the "Volunteers" sign twenty paces away from where he sat. Before he could think much about it, he kicked back his chair quietly and stood. There was a "Hey, where do you think you're going?" from the person who had been formerly blathering in his ear and a couple snickers as they put together his exact thinking process.

    "Knock 'em dead, bones!" one cried out. Bones. An affectionate nickname for any child of Ares under three-hundred pounds. A couple whistles, a couple more cat-calls, and some hollering flew his way as he took a step towards the other two and stood beside them. The children of Ares were always such a charming bunch.
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  4. Ginger heard watched as another volunteer came up right beside her. He was honestly quite even though she would never have a shot to date him sadly cause she was secretly very insecure about herself. He looked very strong. Probably because he was from the Hephaestus Cabin where everyone has to be strong to take the heat of the fire and work with heavy metal(Not the music). He then asked her name Eyeing him carefully. My name is Ginger, Ginger Evans. She then saw a huge Ares Kid volunteer. Holy Hera, he was huge. About Three Hundred pounds. He probably ate People the size of Ginger for a snack. With a huge Ares kid and A Hepheastus Kid Ginger was screwed but she would try to when any way she could that was not against the rules of course...
  5. Dask smiled. "Nice to meet you, Ginger Evans. My name's Dask. No last name."
    He was about to hold out his hand to greet her, then his arm fell to his side when he saw the Ares cabins' 'tribute'; a not-too-beefy Ares cabin boy-man, but was still well-built by Dask's standards. He looked at himself; he stood no physical chance against this Ares guy.
    He could run short distances faster than anybody else he ever knew. He was decently strong, definitely so for a Hephaestus cabin member. He eyed him cautiously. "Don't worry about Goliath over there," He muttered to Ginger, holding out his hand close to his side, "I got a pebble in my back pocket." He wasn't Christian, but he had been to church on a previous mission, and had to do something to bode his time, so he read the stories in the Bible for taking down giant monsters. He figured this would be a good analogy. Just in case...
    "You know, he might be trying to fly too close to the sun, and we all know how that turned out."
  6. ((Just wanted to point out that he's under three hundred pounds, not actually three hundred pounds. They're making fun of him because he's underweight for his House ^^"))

    Hugo crossed his arms and looked over the Ares table. Maybe nobody else was immediately coming up just to mock him. The stringy, brooding Ares kid up against a, not only physical, but mental obstacle? There was no way he could come close to winning.

    Call him naïve all you want, despite this he still thought he had a winning chance he. He had spent enough time with the Athena Cabin kids to learn he was at least more intelligent than the other Ares kids they'd come to know, as they had grudgingly admitted. He gave the other two closest to him a onceover to keep his mind off the fact that there were a million eyes on him and smiled coolly.

    "Nervous?" he asked. He was a natural at playing it cool, even though he felt like thousands of butterflies were trying to force their way from his stomach and up his throat. It was that Ares false confidence toying with him again.
  7. (I caught on. I get what you're laying down. Did you fill out your character sheet?)
    Dask was startled when the Ares kid spoke, but he had enough control to not jump. He looked to the Ares kid. "Not overmuch," he responded, "But you look like you might say otherwise." He gave him a once-over, and Dask decided it would be easier for him to make as many 'allies' as possible. He did, however, have every intention of helping Ginger.
    Dask held out his hand. "Dasken, no last name. And you are..?"
  8. Ginger was extremely nervous. She was 5ft 3 and Only a hundred pounds of pure bones and skin. She knew the physical challenges would be her downfall. But she had above average intelligence. Not enough probably to beat Athena's kids but it was good enough. She knew if she tried her hardest she could get at most 5th place or something near it. But she wasn't going to quit just because her competitors were strong.
    Lol sorry if it is crappy. It will be my last one for tonight, going to bed. Night
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  9. ((Check out the spoiler on my first post. I didn't want to take up a bunch of space with it.))

    "Hugo Jorgensen," he replied, taking it lightly. When he was younger, his strength would activate at the most mundane of activities. Although it had been years since he'd mastered it, he still had a habit of handling things delicately. "You noticed, huh? 'm not great with crowds."

    ((Night, Katelyn))
  10. (Okay. Will do; night.)
    "No offense, but oooh, have I noticed." Dask put on a playfully thoughtful face. "If I recall, I believe the Ares cabin had a riot or two. Now, if I recall correctly, and please tell me if I'm wrong, but weren't you one of the few members of that cabin that tried to talk down those riots?" He cast a sidelong glance at Hugo. "You weren't very good with speech. Don't feel bad, though," Dask said, straightening himself into the minor hunch he had when walking, "I can only express myself through writing. Speech ain't my kinda thing, nor are explanations.
  11. Hugo felt his face heat up, amplified by the crowd of demigods watching him like a microscope. He laughed without humour, attempting to play it off.

    "Don't remind me," he exclaimed dryly, scratching at the back of his neck. "English isn't my first language and talking isn't my strong suit to begin with! Doesn't help that my brothers and sisters aren't exactly the... listening type." He looked over to his table with an exasperated gaze. One of them waved at him daringly. Erasing the look from his face, he thumped his chest, the formal greeting of his group, and got a couple hoots in return. His attention focused back onto Dask, toothily grinning. "I envy you. Are yours any more diligent?"
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  12. "Well... Yes and no. They are more diligent in their own ways, and yet..." Dask thought for a moment. "My cabin members are slitly better listeners - emphasis on the 'Slightly'. However, we're expected to be able to explain our machines easily; how they work, what they do, etcetera. They all explain with certain clarity - I, however, lack that skill. I may be talking to seemingly decent affect right now, but when I must speak to a crowd..." Dask shook his head. He turned to the Ares member. "Hugo, do you know what it's like to be alienated for your entire life in a place whwre you don't think you belong, yet you know you do?"
    Dask looked down and let out a half-hearted laugh. "No, I suppose you haven't lived at camp for your entire life." He held up his hand, so as to make it only visible to the trio up front. A small, flickering flame appeared on each fingertip and on his palm. He grinned a maniacal grin, yet there was a sense of sadness. "This fire is a boon and a bane to me, as it is to all of mankind." He held the flames closer, only slightly, to Hugo to see his reaction.
    "This is why I have been alienated; this power awoke in me 7 years ago. I have lived my entire life at Camp Half-Blood; I know no other home.
  13. Hugo's eyes must've widened at the sight of the flames, his mouth thinning and the skin around his lips whitening. He was thrown off that Dask, a stranger as of now, would open up to him so quickly. Though, after his initial reaction, he felt the need to say something, or to put his hand on his shoulder just as it might make some emotional connection between them. He had grown surprisingly somber to match this new mood.

    "I'm certain that everyone here has felt alienated before," he eventually said. He had to think about his words before he said them, translating each from Norwegian to English before they left his mouth. It was a tedious task. "Not in a way that we can say we know how you feel, but certainly in a way." Feeling awkward, he said the next part in a more vulnerable tone. "My, uh, mor died when I was little and my bror had a different dad than I did and he didn't want me at first, you know? He had a right to because I wasn't his or anything. I felt like an outsider when I was growing up."

    ((I'm heading to bed. School tomorrow. G'night.))
  14. (Already up for school xD)
    "Not quite the same, but you get where I'm coming from." Dask gave him his special smile, the one that his unusually wide mouth had mastered; the eerily insane smile. He figured he should show his true colors, in case Hugo became more than just an ally. "I love my power. Love it. Means I'm special; I have a power that hasn't awakened since Leo Valdez." He lit a small fireball in his fingers, bouncing it among them like one may do with a coin. "I've been able to train this ability for seven years. It's already much more of a boon than a bane." He shook off the insane smile. "You ready for this?"
  15. Hugo cocked his slender eyebrows, unsure what to make of the son of Hephaestus as of yet. He watched the flames with a mesmeric stare though his eyes never quite left his face. It was decently chiseled, especially seeing as he was a Hephaestus kid, and incorporated the impish features the other half-bloods under the old fire god all seemed to share charmingly well. Hugo quickly realized that Dask had finished speaking and expected him to respond. He tried not to flush.

    "As ready as I'll ever be," he replied in an easy, rehearsed tone of voice. There was the ghost of a grin in the creases of his lips, a bold look in his plain green eyes. "May the better man win. Or woman, I suppose."

    He added this last part with a sidelong glance at the girl Dask had been talking to before him. She hadn't spoken a word to him, but did look at him painstakingly when he had joined them. He didn't take offense to that.
  16. Ginger watched the boy carefully, studying her ccompetition.This could give her a slight advantage during the cchallenge.Her other advantage was to make allies for the team events like chariot racing. She knew if she could get one one of there good sides she could have a slight chance of winning this challenge.She decide her best bet is with the areas kid since her best friend here, Dallas is daughter of Areas Herself. "Hi, Hugo! My name is Ginger. Good luck to you during the competition.....
  17. "Likewise," he told her politely. He had definitely seen her before, maybe across the hall at meal times or contrarily, and nevertheless had never had the chance or a need to learn her name. He weighted it in his mind, satisfied, and recognized her as a daughter of Iris after a couple moments of meditating on it. "Pleasure to meet you, Ginger."
  18. Name: Jasmine "Jade" Harris (My BFF's Name)
    Age 16
    Age Clamied: 12
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Godly Parent: Hades
    Mortal Parent: Jada Harris (Older Half-Sister, 17)
    Birthday: October 24th
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    Apperance: Long, Black hair worn down. African Amercian, with Brown eyes.Orange Camp Half Blood Shirt, Grey Sweat Pants and Red Nike Tennis Shoes. Kinda skinny like her dad. 6ft 5 so she is really tall. (Jasmine in real life is super tall and I look like a dwarf compared to her.)
    Personality:Tough, Loud, Vulgar, Can Be Rude at times.
    Hobbies: Basketball, Running, Listening to Music (Mostly Heavy Metal)
    Weapon(s): A Huge Axe name Destroyer.
    Power(s) Death Kiss. If she kisses a man or woman on the lips they sadly die. And she was all so given the power to control small bits of the earth
    Fatal Flaw:Hubris or Pride
    Strengths: Tough, Doesn't ever back down, Really Fast
    Weaknesses:Stubborn, Doesn't think things trough.
    Location Outside Camp: Brooklyn,New York
    History: I will do this later.

    Jade looked around at her competition. Not bad but she was better. Her only concern was the Mental part but she knew if she got a ally from the Athena's Kids she could definetly win. Chiron the Centaur asked for anymore more volunteers and Jade yelled " Me!" " Good luck to all the other competitors cause you guys need it! I'm gonna win this competition for Team Hades!" The Hades table started to holler thing like "Beat them Jade! And Queen Jade for the win!" Jade then asked the other competitors""Hi everybody, I'm Jade, You are?........
  19. "I," said Dask, eyeing her suspiciously, "am Dask. No last name. Nice to meet you, Jade." He turned to Hugo. "You recognize her as well as I do, guys?" He asked Ginger and Hugo.
    "She killed a few people by kissing them." He turned back to her. "Might I ask what you are here for? I didn't think you the type to enter a mental challenge."
  20. My Bio
    Name: Isaac
    Name Meaning: Laughter
    Age: 16 Age Claimed: 14
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Birthday: 26th July
    Personality: Can get carried away easily, can be annoying.
    Hobbies: Making Bad jokes, making explosives.
    Weapons: Crossbow.
    Powers: Excellent knowledge of explosives and pyrotechnics.
    Weaknesses: Easily Distracted, doesn't think about the safety of himself or others.
    Strengths: Skill with explosives, ability to think ahead.
    Location Outside Camp: London, England.
    Appearance: Messy brown hair, relatively short and thin, brown eyes. Tends to wear a burnt Camp Half-Blood shirt.
    History: Ditched in London as a child, he was raised in an unsafe orphanage where he learnt his skill with fireworks. He was caught by the police for working with fireworks under legal age and was rescued and taken to Camp-Half Blood.

    The chants started to increase in the hall as he was nominated. He had made many enemies in his time here, and everyone just wanted an excuse to be rid of him. He walked up to the other 'volunteers' and looked away form them, trying to act as if he wasn't there.
  21. Hugo looked at the daughter of Hades wearily. He wasn't a big fan on the concept of death.

    "Oh, yes, I've heard of her," he muttered so that only Dask could hear him. If he was picking sides here, the Hephaestus son with the ancient fire power seemed like a bit of a wildcard. He wasn't sure if he could trust him, but he was the easiest to talk to here. He held his hand out to her carefully as though she may be contaminated and gave his "Hugo Jorgensen. Pleasure to meet you" spiel without much enthusiasm.

    His dark eyes flickered up to the boy who had come up after Jade over her shoulder. He wasn't sure what god or goddess he belonged to, but he might've guessed Hephaestus from the burnt t-shirt. Maybe Hermes? It was hard for him to tell.
  22. Dask took a long, hard look at the newcomer. He didn't seem like he was from the Hephaestus cabin, but Dask may have simply overlooked him. Then again, he knew practically every camper, and according to the beads on this guy's necklace, he was here for a couple of years already. Dask took a harder look. The kid looked away from him, which meant he was either shy or shamed.
    Looking back on it, Dask was overjoyed now to have taken those psychological choice courses a few years back.
    The guy's shirt was burned, but he wasn't charred or harmed in the slightest, aside from a couple of bruises that told him his 'friend' here was shamed. Dask grew infuriated, but kept it inside. Some people here could be such demons.
    This meant that he had some sentimental value to his shirt, which told him that he had dealt with fire. Maybe he had been from the Hephaestus cabin after all. Dask was unsure, so when Hugo held out his hand, Dask asked the kid, "You from the Hephaestus cabin?" He put on a warm, welcoming smile, so as to show he meant no harm - he'd get no answer otherwise, considering Dask's own huge posture and notable muscles, if he did say so himself.
    "I'm Dask. No last name. Been here my whole life. And you are..?"
  23. Isaac laughed. "I wish. My name's Isaac. Related in some way to the Titan of Destruction. Considering he's never gonna be around to tell me how I'll never know." He looked back at the crowd. "I was nominated because everyone has some personal grudge against me some way or another. Apparently I don't share much with THAT guy except for my passion for explosives. To be honest, I can't blame everyone after my... Incident with the Greek Fire." He smiled guiltily.
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  24. " I entered this competition Because I know I can win." "I may not be the Sharpest knife in the drawer, but I am sharp." "I also entered this competition to prove that Hades kids are not just emo kids who sit there and think about death." "I may not look like the average Hades kid, But I am sure as Zeus I am one." "That is why I entered and why I am going to beat you all." Jade told the competition.
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  25. Ginger listened as Jade made her speech to the competitors. She knew this would be her ally. She looked strong and fast, exactly what Ginger needed in a partner. She only dreaded that some of the physcial challenges were solo instead of with a partner. But if Ginger worked hard with Jade she could pull out a win for Team Iris. In Ginger's Opinion, No one ever notices the Minor gods besides Hades so she wanted to prove even if A minor God is your parent, You can still win things and Be a good as a hero than if you have a major God or Godess as your parent. "Excuse Me, My name Is Ginger, I would like to speak with you about working together to beat the boys." She knew she had to be polite or she could die from Jade's Deadly Kiss she had heard about from many of the other campers......
  26. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
    Dask looked over to Jade and Ginger. He turned to Hugo, then to Issac. He tried to figure out in his head who he'd have an easier time with.
    He decided on the sympathy card; he chose Hugo. Besides, if the need arose for the physical prowess, Hugo wa shis ace in the hole. He didn't know how intelligent Hugo was, but he knew that he could master any mental challenge.
    "So, Hugo... How would you feel about teaming up with me?" Dask asked, sneaking a look into his eyes that sparked mischief and mayhem, yet somehow controlled and calculating.
    "Whaddya say?"
  27. Hugo, who had been staring distastefully at Jade as she rambled about her "greatness" and the rest of it and simultaneously feeling rather sympathetic for the titan spawn, snapped from his silent stupor and balanced Dask's offer in his mind's eye.

    He definitely didn't want to ask Jade, and Ginger was kind of off the table because she both seemed repulsed by him and much more interested in the daughter of Hades. The only other he would have asked would be Isaac, but that would be more out of pity rather than strategy.

    So that left him with Dask, no last name, after all.

    "Sure," he said finally, smiling confidently. He must've activated his Ares false confidence again because, in reality, he was sure that he was filled with enough angst to give a young cow a heart attack. "Why not? I've got nothing to lose."
  28. This Roleplay is now closed. I have many reasons why and I am terribly sorry about it.

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