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Open Deighe Ice-Type RP Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by _rb3, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Deighe Ice-type RP

    Welcome to the Tractus Region. A beautiful region surrounded by water and filled with life and miracles. The southern part of this region consists of diverse environments and a usually warm climate. On the other hand, the northern part hosts a frozen world spiked with mountains and inhospitable land. An overthrow of power within the government of Tractus has caused society to change drastically over the past few years. Drax “Cobalt” Arsen, the enigmatic leader of the new government has formed the perfect society within his mind and plans to implement each piece into Tractus. These ideas are ruthless and horrible, yet in some twisted minds, they will form the perfect society. This new government is known as the “Steel Reign” because of Drax’s characteristic nickname of “Cobalt” due to his love of Steel-types.

    A desolate, frozen terrain- the only life consists of a small tribal village in the most northern part of Tractus. This oasis in the polar climate of the north is known as Deighe (Day-egg). The government of Tractus has chosen this village to banish the unwanted Ice-type Pokemon that have been shunned for many years. These Pokemon were considered too frail by the government and additionally unworthy of the “Steel Reign” in Tractus. Drax “Cobalt” Arsen, the harbinger of the “Steel Reign”, subsequently deported the Ice-type Pokemon to their native climate. The Deighe and the Ice-types, both outcasts of a newly forming elite society, have been forced to become close allies in the struggle to survive their environment and the “Steel Reign”, else they face extinction.

    You are a Deighe, a group of people similar to the Eskimos of the real world. Many generations ago your ancestors left society in fear of the new government that was being formed around them. You face a comparable struggle with the Ice-type Pokemon and as a result, your tribe has become allies and friends with these creatures. When fifteen revolutions of the Earth has happened since your birthday, it is time to be partnered with an Ice-type Pokemon to aid you in supporting your village. You have a life-long trial of defending your community from the savage Pokemon that have ventured to the North and a trial of feeding your hungry population through meager food supply. But you also have a choice, do you wish to fight back and choose your own destiny? Do you wish to destroy the “Steel Reign” at all costs to protect your family and friends? Well, if yes, then welcome to the Deighe Ice-type RP.

    In this RP, you will be given a Pokemon from the Shamen of the village. This creature will be your best companion throughout life and will aid you with everyday tasks. The Pokemon that you receive will only be and can only be an Ice-Type Pokemon. No legendaries will be allowed in this RP because of their sacredness to the Deighe Tribe and their role in the environment. You may catch more Pokemon throughout the role-play, but each of us will start with only one. Also, note that you live in a desolate part of your region and not many pokemon reside there, only the ones that have been deported. So, there will not be many for you to catch. Keep in mind that the Deighe live near mountains, ice plains, frozen lakes, glaciers and since they reside in Tractus, live near the coasts of oceans. I have listed all of the Ice-type Pokemon available to you at the very beginning of this role-play, choose wisely for they will be your companion throughout your life. Obviously, you will be able to evolve these little ones into their stronger stages, but baby pokemon are what we will start with. Additionally, Pokemon that can mega-evolve in a later form will be able to use this method, but only after gaining a very strong bond through a massive amount of role-play. If you wish to have the ability to mega-evolve, please contact me when the instance arises.

    Ice-type Pokemon-
    (Note that some of these Pokemon listed below are not Ice-type Pokemon, yet.)
    (Can only evolve into Glaceon)

    Character Design-
    (Please post this below in the Discussion Thread)
    Favorite Color:
    Identifying Marks:
    Love Relationships?:

    Special Features:

    I’m posting this as an extremely formal role-play. Please post in complete language, grammar, and creativity in a multiple paragraph format. But, don’t be afraid to have fun. Thank you, and please enjoy this role-play!

    Discussion Thread-(http://pokecharms.com/threads/deighe-ice-type-rp-discussion-thread.14381/#post-314618)
    Deighe Ice-Type RP Thread-(http://pokecharms.com/threads/deighe-ice-type-rp.14449/)
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  2. Welcome to the RP. Here is my Character Design for Orren Shagok!

    Name: Orren Shagok
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Color: Blue-gray
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: With toned and defined muscle he adds up to be 127 lbs.
    Hair: Long, shaggy, and unkempt dark-brown hair.
    Eyes: A piercing, icy-blue.
    Clothing: Warm, fur-cloaks made from the materials of hunted savage Pokemon of the North. They vary in colors of stark-white to night-black based on the hunted Pokemon. These cloaks also contain several interior and exterior pockets and reach near his knees while also providing a hood. He also has developed a love for a dark stocking cap that he wears along with dark gloves of a matching tone. Both items are made to protect him from the harmful freeze of the North that affect the appendages of the human body so maliciously. Covering his feet are heat-trapping brown boots, a present from his father after he slayed a rabid Piloswine.
    Identifying Marks: His eyes only express utter focus and determination.
    Personality: Determined and serious- Orren always works forwards. This steadied personality of his, cripples him from acknowledging minor details and even his peers. He follows the rules in-and-out and holds a very intelligent mind within him. He hides every possible emotion deep inside a stone-cold mask of seriousness.
    Skills: Orren is exceptional at tracking, knitting, and cooking. These things are some of the essential elements needed for his society. These skills were a forced developement after his mother became deathly ill.
    Past: His life has been a constant trial ever since youth. Orren had to work hard to support his sickened mother and his insubordinate father. He developed skills that many children his age hadn't because of this. He also has an aptitude for dancing out of Death's way, just when he strikes. After his father left the Deighe for the Steel Reign's elite society, Orren was the only Shagok able to work within the village. Consequently, his dreary past has caused him to form a stone-cold shell around everything inside.
    Family: Angela Shagok (sickened to the point of near death) Rodrick Shagok (acted with treason and escaped to the Steel Reign's society)
    Love Relationships?: None
    Nickname: Hiemo
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Special Features: Cubchoo's mucus is nearly frozen in the harsh winters of the North. This substantially increases it's Ice-type strength.
    History/Personality: Battle-ready and outgoing- little Hiemo is the absolute opposite of the serious Orren. Hiemo is adventurous, tough, and aggressive; he isn't afraid to pick fights. With an added blend of a charismatic and humorous personality, Hiemo may be the thing that finally kills his new trainer. The two may have some bumps to get over before they really start to understand one another. Hiemo is Orren's new companion that he received from the Shamen of the Dieghe village.

    Other: His arsenal consists of long bow, a present from his father after slaying a rabid Piloswine, and a small hunting knife. The longbow was crafted from the tough tusks of a rather large Piloswine. It’s milky-white in color and depicts a straightforward design with small detail. It fits perfectly within the boy's grip and has saved his life on more than one occasion. This masterpiece is paired with common arrows made from claws, tusks, or teeth and a Pilsowine-fur quiver. The knife, created from the claw of a rabid Sneasel, is tucked within his cloaks and serves as close-range protection and skinning.
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  3. This sounds amazing!
    Name: Nubila Glacies
    Gender: male
    Favorite Color: purple
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 92 lbs
    Hair: Short, curly brown and faded at the sides
    Eyes: Emerald green
    Clothing: Nubila wears a dark purple dyed, furry and large coat to protect his from the harsh winds, as well as a thick black hat, gloves and boots.
    Identifying Marks: He has three identical long thin scars on his left arm, slightly darker than his already dark skin.
    Personality: Skittish and a bit of a coward. Nubila always look out for himself first..unless you're his family. Then he will risk everything, including his life for you. He has no problem letting his emotions and opinions show, and likes to keep out of the spotlight.
    Skills: Other than talking his way out of a bad situation with his cleaver and smooth talking; Nubila is an excellent sneaker. And can disappear quickly, whether for running from someone, or tracking them. Though it is rarely the latter.
    Past: Nubila never had it too rough, but his childhood was spent raising his two younger siblings in place of his mother, exclusively. His time was always spent looking after his little brother and sister, so he never really had a real childhood to himself. As such, as soon as his sister came of age to help take care of the younger one, Nubila made sure to make up for lost time, acting out alot through the tribe as resident trouble maker. His sister was always there to bail him out of it, of course, and the three siblings always had each other's back. His trouble lie in front of him, not behind.
    Family: Alec: younger brother
    Jay: younger sister
    Love Relationships?: What guy or girl would want to put up with him? he certainly has no time for it.
    Species: Sneasel
    Nickname: Gazuntite (a play on the German word gesundheit, what you say when someone sneezes)
    Gender: Female
    Ability: keen eye
    Special Features: Gazu keeps her claws extremely sharp, on both her feet and hands. She rarely uses them, to make sure they don't get dull
    History/Personality: Gazu is very Pessimistic, and loves to point out every flaw Nubila has (in her mind of course). She can be a bit of a drag, and is as Harsh as the lands around the Tribe. She believes herself better than other Pokemon, and sees no reason to prove her claim in a fight, leaving Nubila shouting commands of battle at her without her listening. She will, however, unleash her fury on any Pokemon or person who dare insults her amazingly sharp claw work,
    Other: none
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  4. Welcome to the RP, you have been accepted! I'm so excited for this role-play!
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  5. Me as well, and thank you!
  6. Name: Gwenyth Blanche
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Color: White
    Age: 16
    Height: 5"9
    Weight: 50kg
    Hair: Long, Ice-white
    Eyes: Red
    Clothing: A long garment reminiscent of a Kimono, made entirely of thick wool.
    Identifying Marks: A snow flake pattern on her tongue.
    Personality: A girl who always has an air of calmness around her, she can be quite competitive but she will only open up to those she considers friends.
    Skills: Adept with the bow and tracking/camouflage.
    Past: Gwenyth hails from a family who lived a fair distance away from the village, her parents were skillful hunters and it was a skill passed on through the family. Unlike her siblings who were skilled with the blade, Gwenyth had always preferred the more graceful art of archery. Gwenyth, like her mother, prefers to hunt in the snowiest of conditions where her superb eyesight and well camouflaged dress allow her to turn prey into arrow cushions from a safe distance. She has been on a few family hunts and like all her siblings is able to fend for herself in the Ice Winter land.
    Family: Mother, Father, 2 Older Brothers, Younger Sister.
    Love Relationships: None
    Pokemon: Snorunt (Froslass)

    Species: Snorunt (Froslass)
    Nickname: Sicily
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Ice body (snow cloak)
    Special Features: Sicily's cloak is slightly longer than the regular Snorunt.
    History/Personality: Sicily is playful, but graceful, she cares a lot about her appearance and will become incensed at those who underestimate her. Despite her grace, she can be thoroughly cunning when needs be.
    Other: (None)

    >_< Takes me so long to think up completely new characters
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  7. Thanks for joining Kyuukestu. Good to see you again too! (Thanks for mentioning something about weapons. I almost forgot to add something about that to my plot.)
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  8. I just figured as an Eskimo like tribe(?) or group of people our main source of food would be hunting, I don't really think agriculture could get that far in the Harsh environment
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  9. Hey I thought this looked pretty great so here is my application. Leave it up to you _rb3 to make such an interesting and detailed world huh? :)

    Hunter Glas
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Color: Green.
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair: Black, but kept to a very short military style cut.
    Eyes: Grey, almost like a storm cloud.
    Clothing: A thick black coat with a high pointed collar that easily reaches Hunter's ears. Under this is a simple grey shirt that is only there for the practicality of it keeping him warm. Dark green gloves usually cover his hands to combat frostbite. Cargo trousers with many pockets are worn at all times, each one of the pockets filled to the brim with various items of various values. Hunter's face is not often revealed entirely due to the fact he wears a dark green scarf wrapped around his neck and lower face, covering his mouth and nose. On the top of his head he wears a black hat with a fur lining and ear flaps covering even more of his head.
    Identifying Marks: none, although he is rather muscular.
    Personality: The very definition of the strong silent type, Hunter seldom says much, despite often having lots to say. He is calculating, quick to get a grip on peoples personalities or difficult situations. Most people take his silence as an omen that he is in fact brooding and hostile but that is not the case, he has a deep love for creatures big and small, as well as his family.
    A skilled warrior, Hunter wasn't named badly at all, he can kill just about any beast that can be found in his icy homeland with his trusty war hammer. Oddly enough Hunters other primary skill is knitting, he can make a mean bobble hat.
    Past: Nothing all that note worthy, simply lived life as it was presented to him. His father did however insist he focus on his combat training above all else, despite Hunter often abandoning it to knit.
    Family: Father- Wulfric Glas, Mother- Renia Glas.
    Love Relationships?: None.


    Species: Snover
    Nickname: Lanche
    Gender: female
    Ability: Snow warning
    Special Features: Wears a scarf around her neck, given to her by Hunter.
    History/Personality: Lanche takes on a very motherly persona wherever she goes, often putting others before herself. She is warm and friendly towards even those she doesn't know, and hates to see her friends fight. Dont mess with her though, or you will see a very different side to this little monster.

    Hunter's weapons consist of a large war hammer, the design of thorns snaking up its hilt and a thick shield that has a tree stump beautifully painted on it.
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  10. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I'd like to join but before I post a form, are we only allowed one character for this?
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  11. Name: Mike
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Age: 12
    Height: 5 Ft 3
    Weight: 102 pounds
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: A blue jacket, and a purple shirt on underneath
    Identifying Marks: None
    Personality: Jolly, Eager
    Skills: Can withstand cold temperatures
    Past: Nothing too exciting, he just lived a normal life
    Family: Mother, Father
    Love Relationships?: No

    Nickname: Vanilla
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Ice Body
    Special Features: None
    History/Personality: He played with Mike, on very cold days.
    Other: None
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  12. Hello and welcome to all! And yes Jake, I'm a very creative soul.

    If everyone could personally message me about joining that would be really great. We can get this thing started soon!

    You are allowed to use multiple characters but be sure to place mass amounts of character development in each if that is what you choose. Thanks for joining JohnsonAce!
  13. Now I see your point here and I totally agree. Our main source of food is of course the rabid Pokemon of the north. The struggle is in finding these beasts and slaying them with only the power of our own limited amount of pokemon and basic weapons. We are very close to the ocean so pokemon like Remoraid or Magikarp are very common.
  14. Thanks for joining! If you can list a bunch more detail into your character design here, that would lead to easier understanding of the characters and plot. Also, remember we are only allowing baby evolution's at the start. This means that it is Vannillite not Vanillish Thanks so much.
  15. Hmm im pretty sure in the anime it stated that magikarp's scales were too hard to be pierced through, and sincewe only have simply tools i think that eliminates magikarp for the food list. Should be able to eat Seels though.
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  16. Thanks for having my back Kyuukestu. I haven't gotten the chance to watch most of the anime and I haven't gained that knowledge. Seels will be good. I was just stating some simple creatures that would be edible for the Deighe.
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  17. Name: Benett Elrod
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Colour: Yellow
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 152 pounds
    Hair: Curly black hair with streaks of grey; often tied back
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: He wears a thick cloak sewn from a Beartic's hide that covers most of his body. Beneath that, clothes fashioned from stiff leather. He's severely underdressed for the onslaught of ice and snow his village has to offer, but gets by with what he has.
    Identifying Marks: His dark skin is afflicted with splotches of vitiligo (Most notably, on his chin and around his eyes).
    Personality: Enthusiastic, compassionate, and naïve. He's easily trusting and a hopeless romantic, hitting on just about any girl (Or guy) he sees. It's difficult for him to behave maturely in serious situations. Although steely and huffy when upset, he easily forgives and hardly ever holds grudges.
    Skills: Ben speaks with a silver tongue. He's skilled with mathematics and sciences more so than hunting.
    Past: Ben was raised by his aunt and uncle along with his mother, his father having perished in a snowstorm shortly before his birth. In order to contribute to his family, he serves as a village merchant. His wares include anything from tomahawks to woman's jewelry.
    Family: Theresa Elrod (Mother), Jeremiah Elrod (Father, Deceased), Henrietta Alp (Maternal Aunt), Octavius Alp (Maternal Uncle)
    Love Relationships?: His most recent relationship was with a girl named Monte Crevoisterat. As of the moment, he is a free man.
    Species: Lapras
    Nickname: Alvar
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Special Features: Alvar possesses immense strength in which he uses to help relocate Ben's supplies and products.
    History/Personality: Solemn and melancholic. Alvar is very dedicated and loyal towards his partner, but none too friendly. He acts more so like a bodyguard or servant than a friend despite Ben doing everything within his power to treat him as an equal. His songs are almost always heartbreakingly beautiful.

    The only weapon he carries with him willingly is a dagger shaped from the rugged tooth of some unknown Pokémon. His mother won't let him leave their abode without a wicked and nasty looking knife with a hilt of bone which once belonged to his father.
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  18. Good to see you again, Novosel! Welcome to the RP!

    Attention everyone! I have posted the role-play. Go to the link at the first post! Enjoy!
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  19. You, too, man. :^0
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  20. Wow, I'm absolutely blown away by the look of this rp so far!

    Name: Josanna Kioude
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Color: Sunny orange
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'4''
    Weight: 136 lb
    Hair: The fine-line between dark brown and black, and just a tad wavy, so that it falls down to almost her back. Typically, she throws it back in a low ponytail and stuffs it into her hood
    Eyes: A calm, cool blue
    Clothing: Josanna proudly dons a thick, rugged fur parka, sewn with embellishments of Walrein hide at the hem, and built in with several spacious pouches for the the sake of storing necessities. Said parka, once belonging to her father, is too big for her at even a glance. Still, the heavy fur is nothing her strong, broad shoulders can't handle. Her pale brown hood keeps most of her hair, save for the occasional strand, sheltered from the snow and cold. Covering her feet and rising halfway up her legs are a pair of stiff, shoddily-sewn boot. Evident by the lack of expertise in their assembly, Josanna made them herself, while a long skirt of sorts, the same brown as her hood, covers up any risk of bare skin on her legs. Beneath a pair of hardy mittens, strips of tattered black cloth are woven masterfully between her fingers, ensuring that her grip stay strong in the event of a fight.
    Identifying Marks: Her parka hides it, but Josanna has patterns of sharp silver traced up and down her arms. It was the work of her older sister, who was an aspiring body artist through the trying times.
    Personality: Though she loves a good time, Josanna's an introvert at heart, and can be easily drained after a long few days with other people. Still, she stays optimistic, thoughtful, and empathetic of others, admiring them with the fondness of a poet, and keeps in touch with their emotions. Dangerously modest at times, she often struggles to take her own advice, and tries to carry the burden of her struggles on her shoulders alone. All through her unabashed love of the world, Josanna is a hapless literature junkie. She yearns for more than the snow, and longs to feel the supposed warmth of the sun.
    Skills: Josanna is excellently stealthy, sometimes without meaning to be. Though she'd rather not fight, she's competent enough with her trusty ulu to hold her own for a short while. Depending on the situation, she could make a fine case as a mediator as well.
    Past: Born to a strong-willed, loving mother and hardworking father, Josanna hardly knew her old man before he passed. Far too young to fully comprehend the grief of her mother and older sister, she felt guilty, wishing that she were as torn up over his death as they were. After a lax childhood of fair peace while learning the necessary survival skills, Josanna had her turn, as her older sister was overtaken by slow, fatal disease. With the redheaded inspiration gone from her life, Josanna took a long time to bounce back, and even in her cheerful present state, she hasn't fully recovered at heart.
    Family: Oremus Kioude (father), Tamari Kioude (mother), and Mazalin Kioude (sister)
    Love Relationships?: She had a fling with a girl named Morgia Rard a few months after her sister's death, but the two grew distant as time went on.
    Species: Seel
    Nickname: Mazin
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Special Features: His slick skin is soft and warm to the touch, and fantastic to hug
    History/Personality: Mild-mannered and loving, Mazin is a tad shy. Like Josanna, he's in good touch with the emotions of others, and he can definitely tell that she's eaten up inside from her grief. Too delicate to address his trainer's problems directly though, he makes up for it by being the most fun he can be.

    Josanna's ulu consists of a curved handle, whittled from the arm of an Abomasnow, and with a flat, wickedly sharp blade of Walrein ivory.
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  21. Thanks so much and welcome to the RP, Slemmandre. It all looks good so feel free to head into the role-play. I'm expecting some good stuff from your character here.
  22. Thanks a bunch! and likewise, I'm expecting good stuff from this roleplay!
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  23. Name: Noelle Foley
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Color: Seafoam green
    Age: 13
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair: Light blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: A brown coat made from Sawsbuck hide and fur, as well as some of the leaves of the Fall Form of Sawsbuck. She has earmuffs that are blue with a secret fluff. She has a bit tight boots, and has very long, comfortable jeans/pants. She also wears a scarf that is blue and dark blue striped pattern.
    Identifying Marks: None.
    Personality: She hates to be alone, but is kinda of lazy. She tries to focus, and do her work. Apparently, she thinks she is now a slave and utterly mad at that. However, she is kind of playful and tends to throw snowballs. She'd rather stay inside then outside though, because she doesn't like the cold. She is shy when you first meet her, but she will get used to the person and become good friends.
    Skills: Skiing, skating
    Past: Was born outside in the cold arctic, Noelle loved the outdoors when she was young. She did do some activies outside when she was young, born to a passionate father, and a very caring, loving mother. However, as she was young, she was almost killed, but was saved by her brave brother.
    Family: John Foley (Age: 17, brother) Mike Foley ( Age: 49, Father) Abigail Foley (Age: 41, Mother) Penny Foley ( Age: 15, sister)
    Love Relationships?: None really, but would want one.

    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Snowball
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Adaptability
    Special Features: Her fur keeps her warm, even when it is so cold.
    History/Personality: Snowball loves to play in snow, and that's why she is called Snowball. A very happy, smiling, and cheerful Eevee, Snowball is never down, even when times seem like the worst thing ever in times. She loves to cheer anyone up if they are very gloomy.
    Other: None

    This role play sounds awesome!
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  24. Welcome to the role-play VulpixNinetales. Everything checks out!

    Everyone be sure to message me that you are joining before actually posting in the Deighe Ice-type RP thread.
  25. Name: Mizumi Thorton
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Color: Cornflower
    Age: 19
    Height: 6 ft
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown colored hair
    Eyes: Startling silver eyes
    Clothing: Wears brown Bearpaw boots with a white sherpa bomber jacket. Underneath she wears a long sleeved t-shirt with a Sawsbuck winter design on it and black leggings. She carries a small white shoulder strap bag with her.
    Identifying Marks: N/A
    Personality: Mizumi likes to be left lone and has a high temper. Almost any insult could tick her off. She tries to avoid people because she doesn't like to be in an angry state. She fells more comfortable with her Pokemon, but would open up to people that she trusts.
    Skills: She share such a strong bond with her Swinub that they are linked telepathically.
    Past: Mizumi had a pretty normal life. She used to be a happy-go-lucky kind of person but when she got crushed in Pokemon battles again and again she wanted to get better so she didn't have to see her friends suffer. That is why she rarely talks to anyone, fearing they might challenge her to a battle, and that her Pokemon will get hurt too much again. She only accepts battles if her Pokemon wanted to battle.
    Family: Has a mother, father, brother, twin sister, and grandparents from her dad's side.
    Love Relationships?: Why would she need some person to love her? Her Pokemon give her all the affection she needs.

    Species: Swinub
    Nickname: Manny (Like from Ice Age. lol)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Special Features: N/A
    History/Personality: Swinub is a big eating machine and loves Mizumi's pokepuffs. Swinub is very protective and always stays by Mizumi's side, making sure she is safe.
    Other: N/A
  26. Welcome to the RP Mega_Altaria!

    Everyone remember to message me before joining the actual thread for the role-play!
  27. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Connor Hartigan
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Color: Red/Dark Blue
    Age: 17
    Height: Somewhere between 5'2 and 5'6
    Weight: ??
    Hair: Brown coloured
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Wears a Eskimo-ish coat like a number of Deighe.
    Identifying Marks: A scar on his forehead and maybe on his back.
    Personality: Shy but secretly very caring.
    Skills: Tries to fish, but he is not very good compared to some people. He has also attempted hunting. He tries to do the things others do but does not have as much success.
    Past: His parents lived with him all his life but a short time before the RP begins, his father fell into the freezing waters in the ice. Connor managed to hospitalise his father but he died in medical care. Connor later found out that it was a government official pushed him into the water. Connor will, hopefully, find out what happened to him, during the course of the RP.
    Family: He has family other than his one parent mother, but they live too far away.
    Love Relationships?: None
    Species: Spheal
    Nickname: Blubber
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Special Features: Star Shape on Belly
    History/Personality: Frostie was found alone, just like Connor, near where Connor found his drowning dad. Frostie followed Connor back home, as he was lonely. Now, Frostie has become different to Connor, as he has begun to socialise with more pokemon
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  28. Name: Korianna "Kori" Salice
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Color: Rose
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair: Long, Healthy Silver Hair
    Eyes: Crystal-Blue
    Clothing: She usually wears a thick, fluffy, hooded coat dyed Rose-Pink and Aquamarine. She completes the outfit with Rose gloves and boots, with Aquamarine highlights throughout. Underneath, she wears a Rose sweater and skinny jeans.
    Identifying Marks: Her bright silver hair and eccentric eyes.
    Personality: She is very passionate, and outgoing about certain events. She loves all Pokémon and can't stand to see one hurt, in means other than a Pokémon battle. She is very bubbly and not shy at all. She cares for almost all things, humans and Pokémon alike.
    Skills: She is very handy at hunting and setting snares. She is adept at hand-on-hand combat and any close range fighting. She is one of the best in the village at healing and treating illnesses. She keeps a long saber, two duel knives, and a med-kit on her at all times, just in case.
    Past: She is single child of the village's best cleric, which is where she learned all of her skills from. They lived in the center of town, near the merchant's square and all the people, forming her bubbly personality. She often went on hunting trips with her father, where they fished, set traps, and captured food for the night. They did that everyday up until one time, while they were out Kori's father came across a rapid Beartic, and I don't need to tell that story.
    Family: Marianna Salice (Mother), Damian Salice (Deceased Father)
    Love Relationship(s): None

    Species: Amaura
    Nickname: Gale
    Ability: Female
    Special Features: Longer gales than usual, with brighter colors
    History/Personality: On one of Kori's personal trips, she came across a cave that went deep down. She decided to travel down into the hole to explore. She went down a long ways, and discovered a huge cavern. In it, was a herd of Amauras, a herd being like 2. She walked over to the one that looked hurt, she tended to its various wounds from falling rocks, and it loved Kori forever for it.
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  29. Welcome to the role-play Frostwind. Thanks for posting as well, JohnsonAce!

    Remember to message me before posting on the actual role-play thread. You can find a link at the first post of this Discussion Thread.
  30. What do we need to message you about?
  31. It's an "Ask to Join" thread. So the standards I'm placing are that you have to message me. It's just simple protocol before you we all get into this role-play.
  32. Name: Kaia Brizzi
    Gender: female
    Hometown: Coumarine City, Kalos region
    Age: 17
    Height: 5' 2"
    Weight: 107 lbs.
    Hair: light brown, halfway down to the middle of her back, slightly wavy, no specific part, bangs
    Eyes: light brown
    Clothing: Yes. (This is not stolen, by the way. I made this outfit specifically for her on Polyvore.)
    Identifying Marks: Well, not much of her is shown, but there aren't any special marks anywhere on her body, anyway.
    Musculature: The average female amount of muscle.
    Personality: Very reserved for a Trainer, Kaia is a mute, never one to utter even the smallest noises. With a bandage wrapped around not only her mouth, but her feet as well, she cares very much for only a select few, including her Pokemon team and a person or two.
    Skills: She is very intelligent when it comes to things that don't really matter to her, like algebra and the human body.
    Past: Kaia doesn't have much of a past. At least, not much of an interesting one. Born and raised in Coumarine, she was very slow when it came to talking. Her parents were overly-excited when she said her first word, but highly disappointed with what it turned out to be: no. Ever since then, those 14 years ago, the girl had never uttered another peep, nothing that even vaguely resembled a word or even a sound, for that matter.
    Family: Kenneth (father), Kathleen (mother), Killian and Keegan (younger brothers)
    Love Relationships?:
    Aw, h*ll no. I mean, that's what she usually says about the prospect of love, but deep in her mind, she knows she wouldn't really mind a relationship.

    What the Above Missed/What Must be Changed:

    Favorite Color: deep purple
    Clothing: In order to shield her body from the cold, Kaia wears only the furriest coat and the thickest pants, her boots also laced in warm fur. The good of her coat is the fluffiness of them all, nearly covering her entire face whenever she so chooses to put it on.
    Skills: She is known for taking on many jobs at a time, but usually ends up working as an ice-cutter, for she can wield a pickaxe like it's nothing. Also, for whatever reason, Kaia has a real knack for tying knots of any kind.
    Past: Just switch out Coumarine in the above form for the village.

    Nickname: Salami (Oh, she has a great sense of humor.)
    Gender: male
    Ability: Hustle
    Special Features: His head extensions are longer, and they stretch out and fuse together in a snowflake-like pattern. Also, his chest fluff is much longer and warmer than average.
    History/Personality: Although he refuses to show it, Salami couldn't hate Kaia's abuse any more than he already does. Refusing to help her work, albeit he's not entirely sure how, exactly, he can help, the Delibird lounges around mostly all the time, eating the meat he stored in his tail like he could never run out of the stuff.

    Kaia's weapon of choice, which she uses for hunting, defense, and ice-cutting, is her trusty pickaxe. Even though it's a bit worn in places, it's always gotten the job done, and the teen could not think of a better weapon to have with her- especially since her Pokémon partner is what she calls "garbage".
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  33. Thanks for joining, The Ringmaster! I'm so excited that so many members have joined. This'll be a big success. Start posting people.
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  34. Name:Dylan Kater
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Color: Silver
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 123 pounds
    Hair: chocolate brown
    Eyes: Turquoise
    Clothing: Dylan wears a bright orange light jacket, zipped up of course. He also wears some light brown pants, enforced to not tear. For accessories, he normally has on a high-grip glove on his right hand and glasses.
    Identifying Marks: He, somehow, lost his left hand. He doesn't like to talk about it.
    Personality: Dylan is used to being in charge of whatever is going on. He's not the best at getting stuff done, but is a good battler and is quite skilled. He's one to get straight to the point. However, when not tasked with anything, he's very laid back.
    Skills: Dylan is a very quick runner and climber. His partner and himself work very well together. He's also a good strategist.
    Past: His past was normal as it could be . He grew up in the village like most others, learning to hunt as well as other things. However, there was one exception to this normality rule. He grew up without his left hand. Some say that he was attacked by a Pokemon, some say it had to be amputated. The truth is he was just born with this defect. He's learnt how to live like that.
    Family: Clyde Kater, Maria Kater (parents)
    Love Relationships?: He's too good for that crap.


    Species: Bergmite
    Nickname: Neo
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sturdy
    Special Features: Similar to his partner, Neo is missing his front-right leg.
    History/Personality: Neo was found by a villager outside of the village close to when Dylan turned 15. His front leg was missing, and nobody else seemed like a better candidate to the teenager, who had not yet been partnered with a Pokemon. Neo is excitable and hyper, in contrast to Dylan.
    Other: None
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  35. Welcome to the RP, Sciencewars! We're happy to have you!
  36. Running away with words~

    Myria Apen loosely translated, through a long series of convoluted scrambling and word origins, to ancient patience, although the last name has slight resemblance to 'Apex' as well. I promise I didn't just write 'a pen' without the space. Seriously, that wasn't intentional, although it is kind of funny.
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Color: Black- or at least the closest you can get to it in nature; that dark, shifting, persuasive grey of night skies and icy seas that finds pleasure in tricking the eye.
    Age: I've settled on about fifteen and a half, perhaps slightly less. Depending on whether or not 'starter' Pokemon are given near the date of birth or when enough people have accumulated near such date, this means she'd either have met her 'starter' a few months back or around this time, although I would like for them already to be semi acclimated with each other, so I'd prefer the former.
    Height: Rather short for her age at about 5' compared to the average height at her age, 5' 4''
    Weight: I'm not the best at determining this, but she is a healthy weight for her height, neither considered fat nor skinny, and has a decent amount of body mass dedicated to muscular strength; more than the average person, but in her conditions, just enough to get the job done. This puts her at about... 98 pounds, give or take infinity.
    Hair: Dark brown with mingling red, the color more concentrated the lower the layer. Long enough to pool at her neck, circling around it in a manner that makes it shorter in the back and longer in the front. Long, spindly bangs.
    Eyes: dark, almost platinum like blue, flecked with a lighter shade
    Clothing: She primarily wears a long, woolen skirt that's a soft, cloud like grey, beneath of which cling tightly to her legs a pair of thick, tight like undergarments, a similar shade to the skirt. They appear to vanish beneath her tall boots, which are wrapped in a cobbled black Seel skin layer that act as a superb waterproofer. In a similar manner to the rest of the residents, she has long, thick socks as well hiding beneath the tough exterior of her footwear. Oftentimes she'll don a long sleeved shirt made from the hide of a Mamoswine, above which hangs a thickly insulated coat that falls a good two inches below her waist. It's outside layer is made predominately of a rare, dark black Walrein skin, decorated in long lines of soft teal Remoraid scales that intersect on one point near the middle of the back to just resemble the twinkling of a star. As per usual, she has a rather fluffy hat and a pair of flexible grey gloves, slightly less insulated as others might wear but vital in their flexibility. Sometimes she'll wear a pair of warmer, brown and white mittens over them that can be attached by a cord to her waist in times when they only get in the way, which is more often than not. Her most useful piece of clothing is her belt made from beaten, dried, and woven strips of Mamoswine hide that contains a multitude of loops and buckles. She carries most of her items on this belt, finding it easier to manipulate than a more cumbrous, albeit still light, bag that she'll sometimes throw over her shoulders. A small shell hangs from her neck, worn, polished, shaped in the manner of a baby's ear, and a dull, whitish grey. To most, unspectacular, but to those of the parts, it was a rare, lucky find.
    Identifying Marks: Other than the shell about her neck, there's not much. Perhaps her ever mystic smile, or slightly darker, tinged brown skin.
    Personality: Open and friendly, Myria tries not to let others down when they need her, whether she knows them well or not. She's outgoing and eager to get to know new faces, especially if they appear lost or worried, and has an unending addiction to helping out others even if she's not needed. Despite this, Myria can be a rather quiet and thoughtful person, keen at understanding the situation and acting quickly, just as she does on the unpredictable ice as it thins on the sea.

    Perhaps her urge to be around others, talking or not, shouldn't define her ability to be social, as Myria has constantly found herself off the deep end in most social situations to date, and although she does not mind it, it oftens ends with her feeling slightly outcasted. She's her own person, in her own world. But her helpful nature did have its benefits, earning more than a few trustworthy friends through out town and a generally positive, if hesitant, reputation.

    Myria is deeply in love with history, specifically myths, folklore, and ancient tales, along with the more scientific side. She'll spend hours comparing what little information she has on the traditions of people to how the world actually was at that time, and spent most of her life while she was growing up wandering off as her family worked and searching for petroglyphs, old tales from those around the town, and borrowing countless books on myths, history, and folklore that she always loathed returning. As a result, the open girl has become rather distant with a collection of info and a passion that few others she knew shared, segregating her further into her own little world. She doesn't mind her own world. It's all her own, free as a Delibird, as mythical as the tales of Articuno and as creative as she wants it to be. Whatever she says or does in her own world stays in her own world, and Myria enjoys the freedom of thought. In addition to this, these constant pursuits of history have left her with an open mind that she deems vital, quite a few clues to where a collection of ancient petroglyphs might be hidden from tribes long before them, a decent database of recent history, including the break from the warmer lands and time before, and a thirst for more that she can't seem to find when confined to the ice alone.

    Growing up in a home of largely older people, Myria has adapted quickly, perhaps a little too quickly, to the beginnings of adult life and holds a strange sort of ancient wisdom far beyond her age, perhaps also attributed to her knowledge of history and perceptive nature. She knows how and when to be serious, but she also still clings defiantly to the silly, open, creative mind of a child as she began to see how the rest of the world lost it. In a way, Myria is much older in her mind than she should be and yet much younger at the same time.

    If anything, she's certainly not her age.
    Skills: Myria is acutely perceptive of slight changes in situations and is significantly good at navigating the more treacherous, thinner ice far out into the ocean where her family makes their living. In addition, this has resulted in an expertise in travelling long distances safely and finding your way home, namely by the stars, and she is decent at identifying the night sky. Her family is all about survival, and she knows by heart the basics of living and travelling on the ice. Due to their hunting of the Seel family, who appear only briefly out of their breathing holes in the ice, her reflexes are supremely honed, patience rock solid, and she is rather decent at signalling without the use of noise and wielding long handled knives. These are used to both slay and pull the Seel out of the ice before it falls back into the black sea in a similar technique used by Beartics when they hunt the same prey. She knows how to pick her battles, find advantages in a pinch, run quickly over treacherous ice, and watch wildlife to gleam its more acute knowledge of the world. She's decent with her long handled knives, fishing through the ice, and both skinning and preparing the skin for use, although these are more skills she's picked up from watching her family than actually putting them to use.
    Past: Myria's family has always been rather short and rather patient. As such, for as long as they've lived in these icy conditions, they've been the resident Seel, Dewgong, and Remoraid hunters, all of which either can only be found or gather in the greatest numbers under the thin ice far out to sea. They're rather honored in this endeavor as, due to the smaller population and greater amount of hunters needed to track and kill hooved prey on land, they're one of the few families who took it up and one of the best. In this way, the Apen's are rather well off and can afford to treasure rare prizes such as the black Walrein skin they found when Myria was eight.

    Now, the Apen's don't normally hunt Walrein- it is an extremely dangerous predator with those long, hard tusks, sturdy enough to crush ice with a single blow. It was simply too risky. Yet, when the opportunity came when the family was returning from their hunt on the ice with a basket of fish and two Seel's, it was too sweet for them to pass up. So instead of carefully avoiding the large predator as per protocol, Myria's dad and brother went after it with their long, sturdy bows.

    These bows were required to be carried by one or two members of the party at all times- not for hunting, for the prey they hunted deemed them useless, but merely for defense against Walrein or Beartic gone mad. They were not made to bring down an animal, only to ward them away, so using them to kill the black Walrein was a long shot badum tisch~ Thank you, thank you. However, after a long struggle and a few risky decisions, they'd brought down the beast.

    It's skin was kept unused until the time came for Myria's tenth birthday. On this day, her mother gave her the skin in the form of a coat too big, of course, so that it would fit her as she grew adorned with carefully collected Remoraid scales they'd achieved through ice fishing when the Seel holes grew slow after all, where the seels put their holes, there was always fish nearby. On this day, the ten year old gained her first prized possession, and also began hunting with the family where she had previously only accompanied them, for it was rather small, a mother, father, son, and daughter, and she couldn't stand staying alone or with a nannie, meaning, more often than not, she'd accompany them on their weekly trips to the ice floes.

    Through a plausible reason that I don't feel like typing out, she obtained her small grey shell, but history is slowly becoming a bore and nothing else really important happened so...... it happened.

    Aren't I descriptive? :p
    Family: Mother, father, and a brother that is older than her by about seven years. Names pending.
    Love Relationships?: Although she's open to them, she's a little distant and isn't quite sure about this whole love thing yet, so they haven't yet existed and are unlikely for awhile. However, she has no qualms about creating strong friendships throughout the town.
    Pokemon: Only little Cry cry.
    Species: Cryogonal
    Nickname: Loosely, Bud, but she's never actually called it.
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Levitate
    Special Features: Bud's body is unusually jagged, the normally flat, pristine surface growing crystals of ice and a spattering of snow. It's very small compared to its normal size, clocking in at only 1 foot tall, but it's unclear whether it will grow or not.
    History/Personality: Bud has a rather dull silver personality, in that it certainly gleams with its own distinct shine but is layered under levels of a bland attitude. He has an affinity for snow and blizzards and has been trying to learn the move Hail ever since he drifted from the snowcloud where he was born, mimicking several other users to where he can almost create a strong hailstorm. He respects Myria and Myria respects him, both of them living in a sort of mutual silence, watching and tagging each other and learning new secrets the other didn't know. He's a sort of shrouded soul, and Myria will take a long time to discover all of it.
    Other: Not much that I can think of ;D
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  37. Holy cow, I'm excited for your posts Storybook. You are definitely a "story book". Welcome to the RP!
  38. That's the goal :D

    Danke shon - or thank you kindly, however you prefer it. I'm excited to join in. I have been looking for something new, after all. And lots of new people, too :D
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  39. Hey, is it ok if I change my Pokémon tomorrow? Once SuMo comes out? I haven't posted yet, so it should be fine.
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  40. Y'all? This rp still happening?
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