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Ask to Join Danganronpa: Trial by Despair (Signups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by TheStargazer, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    So, here it is... I'm excited to start this RP but first I should go over general stuff

    • Follow all the Pokecharms rules
    • Please don't spoil any of the original games as not everyone has played all of them
    • Romance is allowed in the RP however the students involved in the romance can not go beyond kissing. Also this isn't a romance rp so please let's not just pair everyone up with each other for the sake of it. (People are gonna die anyway so they aren't gonna be around forever)
    • Your character is allowed to have the same ultimate/SHSL as canon characters as this in an alternative universe
    • Your characters can't have any relationships to canon characters whatsoever
    • There may or may not be more rules added/removed/changed as the rp continues however these are currently the basic rules...

    Dear our new student.
    Congratulations you have been selected to be a member of the 78th class of Hopes Peak Academy. Our government funded school only accepts students who are extremely talented in particular fields. We have evaluated your student files and we think you have the right amount of talent to join the school. Joining this prestigious school is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope you don't turn us down.

    Sincerely, Fukase Kenzan
    Principal of Hopes Peak Academy

    Signing Up:

    Please use the character template below:

    Full Name: (first name, nickname [if the character has one] and last name)

    Age: (either 15 or 16)

    Ultimate Talent: (it can be anything, ranging from normal skills to bizzare ones)

    Appearance: (self explanatory, how the character looks. describe their physical appearance like skin tone, eye colour and hair colour as well as their attire and any other features like tattoos)

    Personality: (again, quite obvious. How the character generally acts.)

    Backstory: (How was the childhood of your character? What is thier family like? Is Thier childhood sad, or maybe it was average. Is your character a spoiled brat, or is your character suffering from poverty.)

    Motovation/Dream: (what does the character want to do after graduation? This is actually quite important as it can heavily impact how your character reacts in certain situations. E.g Leon Kuwata wants to become a musician and quit baseball all together. )

    Fears: (everyone is afraid of something... what is your character afraid of?)

    Likes: (just stuff that they enjoy)

    Dislikes: (just stuff they don't enjoy)

    Other: (miscellaneous stuff. if I've left anything out and if you want to mention something that could be important for your character, say it here...
    Example: 'my character is left handed' [that could mean a lot if, for instance, someone was killed with a left handed weapon])

    Anyway, I hope we all have fun roleplaying together! I have a feeling this will be great.
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Full Name: Sairento, Sai, Onsei
    Age: 16
    Ultimate Talent: Singing
    Appearance: Tall, 6' 2", lean yet slightly muscular, caucasian, blue eyes and blonde hair. He has a tattoo of a hawk on his left pectoral. He wears a full piece black suit, with black shoes, white shirt and black tie.
    Personality: He is very confident and self assured. He likes meeting new people but gets quiet and awkward when parents are brought up in a conversation.
    Backstory: Sai grew up in a very well off family his mother was a great singer, teaching Sai a lot. His mother died when he was 14, he continued to sing in her place. He started to lose his hold in the singing world, people saying his fame was solely due to his mother.
    Motovation/Dream: He wants to find his own fame and get out of his mother's shadow.
    Fears: Heights and rejection
    Likes: singing, reading and exercise.
    Dislikes: bullies, smart arses and needles.
    Other: He is right-handed.

    Full Name: Kitsuen, Kit, Jū
    Age: 15
    Ultimate Talent: Marksmanship
    Appearance: She is relatively short, 5' 4", she is skinny, has green eyes and red hair that reaches her lower back. She wears denim short-shorts, a black tank-top and blue trainers.
    Personality: She has a bubbly personality and is not afraid to show off. She hates making mistakes and becomes angry when she can not get something right.
    Backstory: Her family is strongly military orientated, her father is a sergeant, while her mother is a high ranking part of a bomb squad. From a very young age she was taught to perfect her accuracy to the point where, at the age of 15 she could hit bullseyes 9 times out of 10 on most ranged weapons.
    Motovation/Dream: She wants to join the army and overtake her parents' ranks
    Fears: Drowning and cramped spaces
    Likes: shooting, archery and movies
    Dislikes: sitting still, learning and being called dumb
    Other: She is left-handed

    Full Name: Moeru, Moe, Sakkaku
    Age: 16
    Ultimate Talent: Pyrotechnics
    Appearance: He is average height, 5' 8", he has a very muscular build, red eyes and grey hair. He wears a short sleeved muscle shirt, dark grey tracksuit bottoms, black trainers and a pair of pyrotechnic gloves (gloves that when he snaps his fingers he can create flames in his palm.)
    Personality: Moe is very out there and excitable, he loves to watch fires and is usually very calm and peaceful, but has minute split personality disorder, where he becomes very violent, angry and rude.
    Backstory: His parents never really did very well in life, and they took out their annoyance at their own failure on Moe, he is very poor and was gifted the gloves by a travelling magician who saw Moe playing with a match. He told him that there were safe ways to use fire, which got Moe interested in pyrotechnics where he became very good at it, helping with stage performers and some movies.
    Motovation/Dream: He wants to advance his pyrotechnics into the world of illusions.
    Fears: Drowning and Spiders
    Likes: fire, magic and reading
    Dislikes: bullies, water and violence
    Other: He is left-handed.

    Tell me if I forgot anything.
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  3. Full Name: ♂ Frede Yorisama フレデ •ジョリサマ

    Age: 15

    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate draftsman student

    Appearance: Body= Ginger with a black wick. He has short hair, red eyes, pale skin and average heigh
    Clothes= Lilac T-shirt, purple skirt and black/violet trainers
    Clothes= Green leather jacket, pastel blue T-shirt, indigo trousers and black/white trainers

    Personality: Shy, fearful and pessimistic

    Backstory: Frede and Rick are twins pampered by their cuddly parents, they always get what they want and had a good chilhood

    Motovation/Dream: Be an artist and musician

    Fears: Spiders and lonelyness

    Likes: Drawing, painting and eating

    Dislikes: Spiders, hugs and annoying people

    Other: Is Rick's twin
    Full Name: ♂ Rick Yorisama リック•ジョリサマ

    Age: 15

    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate writer student

    Appearance: Body= Ginger with a black wick. He has short hair, red eyes, pale skin and average heigh.
    Clothes= Black/green glasses, blue/white shirt, pink pirate pants and red/white trainers

    Personality: Brave, confident and intelligent

    Backstory: Frede and Rick are twins pampered by their cuddly parents, they always get what they want and had a good chilhood

    Motovation/Dream: Be a writer about science detectives books

    Fears: Bees and failure

    Likes: Writing, calculating, hugging people and knifes

    Dislikes: Bees, vegetables and fruit

    Other: Is Frede's twins
    Full Name: ♀ Tecno Gucuyama テクノ•グクジャマ

    Age: 16

    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate technologist student

    Appearance: Body=Dark purple hair. She has short hair, blue eyes, pale skin and is taller than normal

    Personality: Kind, astute and optimistic

    Backstory: Her life was difficult because she never saw his parents, her grandparents took care of her

    Motovation/Dream: Know-it-all about technology and be the latest fashion

    Fears: Darkness, dogs and sharks

    Likes: Technology and postcards

    Dislikes: Dogs, sharks and aggressiveness

    Other: She's left handed

    I think this is all, is it okay?
    Edit: If I don't say what hand they use is because they're right handed
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  4. Full Name: ♂Bakuha Shita Rekishi

    Age: 16

    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Historian

    Appearance: Glasses, peachy skin, red eyes. He wears a black coat, with a brown backpack, and he has shaggy, blonde hair. He is short. Under his coat, he wears a red shirt with a picture of Disney's Hercules on it. He wears grey trousers.

    Personality: Although quite cold and calculating at times, Bakuha is quite nice most of the time, and can get quite attached to his friends, despite how few he has. He is intelligent, and seems to give off a frightening sense despite his shortness.

    Growing up, Rekishi always had an interest in history, likely due to his parents being huge collectors who bought many artifacts. He appeared have a extreme liking to things like Greek, Egyptian, and Roman mythology, learning Latin, Egyptian, and Greek just to understand more of it. After a while, he began to actually go to dig sites for his research, collectively gaining more knowledge on history than most historians.
    However, life when young wasn't always easy for Rekishi, his family's obsession with artifacts meant he was often left alone in his home for long periods of time. This made him feel the space he was in was crowded if even one person was in it, leading to many problems in his social life. As such, he was often bullied, before he stopped reacting, and the bullies just got bored of it. From that day on, Rekishi hardly showed any emotion in public, and even at home.
    One day, he managed to translate a group of ancient texts, giving the world a much better view of History, and giving him the title of Ultimate Historian when he was invited to Hopes Peak.

    Motovation/Dream: Have a chance to get a family, even if it doesn't involve children, and either become a funeral director(he knows about every type of funeral in history) or an Archeologist.

    Fears: Losing those he loves. Information on a certain situation that he hated being revealed.

    Likes: Dig Sites, having a chance to rest, alone time.

    Dislikes: Bullies, getting things wrong, bullshit, and being treated like shit.

    Other: Is right handed.

    Alright, that seems like everything for form one.
    Now for form two!

    Full Name:♀ Hason shita Hakkā

    Age: 16

    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Hacker

    Appearance: Hakkā has long caramel hair, as well as focused green eyes, and peachy skin. She has a body shape similar to Maki but with a slightly larger chest(thankfully still not noticeable enough to be considered innapproatiate). She wears a grey jacket, with a red shirt underneath that says on it(in blue): 'catch me if you can~' Hakkā also wears brown jeans, and blue shoes. She has a blue facemask with a skull on it that is always hanging on her chin.

    Personality: Kind hearted, and soft. Despite this, she constantly feels as if she needs to find the secrets of others out. She isn't too soft spoken, and will often say things as they are, often accidently causing arguements.

    Hakkā grew up in a simple family. She was the only child, and her parents cared for her well, overtime, however, she grew an interest in computers, mainly the code and security systems. She taught herself how to hack in order to learn more about security systems and the coding. She realised she had a talent for hacking, and began to hack into extremely secure places, learning those people's secrets and all that.
    Hakkā, although talented, never had the best social life. Sure, she had a good relationship with her parents and had a large friend group, and showing her emotions often, Hakkā preffered solitude, where she could easily practice her hacking skills.
    Her acceptance into Hope's Peak was no accident, she got invited by hacking the school's online security.

    Motovation/Dream: To start a family, and be able to only need hacking as a side job and focus on something she might enjoy more.

    Fears: Being hated, being found out.

    Likes: Hacking, cute guys, being able to understand things.

    Dislikes: Hacking, bullies, not being able to understand shit.

    Other: Left handed.

    And there's the second one. Yay
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  5. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Ooooo the cast is looking quite interesting... Since we have 2 people with 3 characters, no one else has to make 3 characters unless someone wants to make only 1. Ill make my characters soon but not right at this moment
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  6. Just here to confirm that I'll be posting my chars bio's soon and that I'm still interested.

    I've got one character down, but I still need to think of something for the 2nd (I'm not used to having more than one char lol)
  7. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    If you'd rather have 1, I'd be willing to create 3 characters...
  8. Are you sure? 3 chars sounds like a bit of a burden. Worst case scenario, I can just take an existing char and edit them a bit, right?
  9. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I'm sure. 2 people already have 3 characters and I don't plan on controlling all of my characters for long anyway. ;)
  10. ;)

    Thanks though, it's a massive help! I'll get my bio up later today
  11. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Here the bio of one of my characters, I may edit it later. I'm not completely happy with him ATM since he sounds a bit like a Mary Su to me so I might give him more flaws later

    Full Name: Hiroyuki Muraoka

    Age: 16

    Ultimate Talent: Radio Host

    Appearance: standing at an average height and slightly muscular frame, Hiroyuki has pale skin, short, side swept, golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His Attire consists of a long sleeved black shirt with a dark grey, jacket. This jacket has buttons at the bottom of the jacket and has pockets on the inside of the jacket. He's also wearing black jeans and black shoes. He also has a pair of shades that he keeps hanging on his shirt.

    Personality: Hiroyuki is very charismatic, and good at talking to other people. He is quite an extrovert, easily able to make friends with strangers. It's like he has an aura of some kind that draws people to follow him. He also has a voice people like. Hiroyuki is also quite self assured however and confident, sometimes arrogant. he also likes to take leadership (which is easy for him to do) and he will fight with anyone that tries to take his throne.

    Backstory: When Hiroyuki was a child, he really liked talking to people of his age and making friends. Throughout elementary and middle school, Hiroyuki would probably be described as one of the popular kids.. lots of people were drawn to him and not much people disliked him. This popularity, however led him to develop arrogance which during a certain event that may or may not be revealed (honestly depends on how long he lives) made him realise 2 things

    1. He was acting like a jerk and he needed to stop so people would like him
    2. He had a passion for entertaining people and wanted to try get a career in the radio industry
    Since that incident, Hiroyuki decided that he wanted to be a radio host and he now co-hosts a show.

    Motovation/Dream: Hiroyuki wants to create his own radio show.

    Fears: No one liking him, Insects and bugs (including but not only: butterflies, spiders and beetles )

    Likes: socialising, being right, leadership

    Dislikes: being told what to do, people who don't like him, bugs

    Other: N/A
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  12. Full Name: William Pentsworth

    Age: 16

    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Philanthropist

    Appearance: William has brown, Caesar-cut style hair, with green eyes and fair skin. He stands at 5"8, and has a small mole on his left cheek. His attire consists of a cream, three-piece tweed suit, with a red tie and red folded handkerchief in his left breast pocket, as well as black oxford shoes. He also wears a top hat that is the same creamy colour as his suit, and even sometimes wears a monocle for added style.

    Personality: William can sometimes come off as quite snobby and egotistical due to his way of speaking, but in truth, he is the exact opposite. William is very empathetic, humble, and cares very much about those around him. He believes that unity and solidarity are the key to world peace and the solving of other various problems. However, he can become angry fairly quickly when defending his comrades, and can be very stubborn and naive at times also.

    Backstory: William was the 3rd son of a very well-off English family, who lived in a countryside mansion. He had a very privileged childhood, taught by the best teachers money could buy and the sweetest luxuries life could afford. One day, when attending one of his father's meetings, he overheard plans to clear out entire residential areas and homes in order to build shopping centers and other various venues that would generate cash. Enraged, William had an argument with his father about their responsibility to others, as a rich family. While his father was un-empathetic and indifferent toward William's plea, William has since then become somewhat of a young role model in philanthropy. He uses his family's wealth to fund various charities and welfare schemes, passionate about improving the living conditions of ordinary people, eventually founding the 'Pentsworth Foundation' , much to his family's dismay. He uses his oratory and linguistic skills to deliver speeches and persuade people to his cause. Shortly after his 16th birthday, he was given an offer to Hope's Peak Academy, despite being a foreign student. Given his fluency in Japanese, William saw it as an opportunity to expand his work globally, and gladly took the offer.

    Motovation/Dream: After graduating, William hopes to strengthen the Pentsworth Foundation's presence in the East, starting with Japan. Then, many years in the future, become a Politician.

    Spiders, isolation, sharp objects

    Likes: Poetry, music, romance

    : Getting dirty, violence, being tricked

    Other: He secretly spends his free time writing poems and stories.
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  13. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I'm sorry I haven't posted on this in a while since I was on holidays in Thailand and Singapore but now i'm back at my house so that means I now have more time to construct this RP. I intend on creating a small map of the first floor, as well as finishing my character bio's (2 to go for me, luckily I've thought a bit about their characters already) and just generally give more time to this rp as I was mainly focusing on other RP's that I am in.

    I'm also going to tag @Riverrunner and @Barefoot_Kittens as neither of them have posted in this thread and I am unsure if either of you are still interested in Joining this RP. If you aren't, we may have to try find more people as people having more than 3 characters I would like to avoid (as it is right now, most people have 2 characters).

    Here is another bio.

    Full Name: Valerie Leblanc

    Age: 16

    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Aspiring Actress

    Appearance: Valerie is a tall, skinny, fair skinned coloured lady with Blonde hair (Similar to Junko's hair however, the tails are thinner and not as sporadic and messy) and Pink eyes (Using realistic colour contacts. She also has a single pink streak of hair that is a similar colour to her eye colour. People assume that her eyes are naturally pink when they are actually hazel). Valerie wears a white, long sleeved top and a long, black skirt with white stripes. She also wears black tights and White flats. She also wears a White beret that has a black ribbon and a pink scarf around her neck.

    Personality: Valerie is a stereotypical rich, snobby (And dare I say bitchy) character, ignoring/teasing people she isn't friends with (who are also all snobby), Flaunting her money and complaining about first world problems that 'you peasants wouldn't understand'. She thinks she is always right and is a professional at arguing back. She can also be quite a bully. She will threaten, blackmail and be passive aggressive towards people who dislike her and threaten her. She is of average intelligence and normally gets average/below average results on assignments and exams

    Motivation/Dream: Valerie dreams of the days where she will be a world famous actress, and perform on stage with other famous people.

    Backstory: Valerie was born in France. Valerie, like other people with her personality trait, was born into a rich family. She lived with her father and her younger brother. Her mother is her inspiration in life, being a famous theatre performer. Her mother was caring and nurturing and kind, quite different to Valerie. Valerie wants to outperform her mother and reach heights of fame that she believes her mother could have achieved before she was killed accidentally onstage (I know I'm only talking about her mother but she is an important part of her character). Valerie was your stereotypical 'rich white popular girl' in school. Throughout her life, she has acted, both on and off stage. She's done many theatrical performances and has recently in her life, done child roles in some movies, she plans on going to Hopes Peak so she can become more famous and get a contract to act in a major movie.

    Fears: She is Claustrophobic, Afraid of the Dark (She sleeps with a night light), and things falling on you (I don't know if thats an official phobia or not)

    Likes: Instagram, Selfies, Horoscopes (yes she believes in them)

    Dislikes: People trying to prove her wrong and steal her spotlight, Learning.

    My third character will have a bio made later when I have more time but if you want to know her talent now, its going to be Clockmaker.
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  14. I'm still interested... just really lazy- I'll try to post my characters eventually. I have both of them, like, half done.
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  15. I'm still interested as well, I will have my two character bios up soon.
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  16. We wait for forms here still...
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  17. MY CHARACTERS! Where are they XD??? I want to die, this is actually devastating- I had character forms here in the 'Write your reply' box and they were both like half done. I guess I forgot about them and left them here too long and they disappeared. I'm dead, I can't go on.
    I guess I'll get on to retyping. I'm just kinda busy and these are long bios to type out, I'll have to find time to do it. I'm really sorry for making you guys wait, but I have like no free time during the week except for early mornings. I'll really try to get something up soon.
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  18. Completely forgot about this, fault on my part.
    Anyway, here are my bios:

    Full Name: Tatsuo Suzuki
    Age: 15
    Ultimate Talent: SHSL Game Master
    Appearance: Tatsuo stands at only 5'6", but what he lacks in height he more than makes up for in over-the-top appearances. His dyed electric blue hair hair has been messily cut and spiked up with enough hair gel to start a bonfire. The rest of his clothing sits somewhere between "scene kid" and "JRPG progonist" with a white graphic t-shirt thrown over a pair of black jeans, coupled with a pair of black lace-up boots and a flowing cape that is almost certainly just a tailored red bedsheet (no one tell him, he’s having fun).
    Personality: In sharp contrast to his looks, Tatsuo tends to be rather shy at first, although that front quickly fades into a bubbly joy once he's gotten used to his surroundings. Despite having gotten ultimate-level recognition for it, he's a bit more reserved about his affinity for orchestrating tabletop games in spite of his genuine interest.
    Backstory: Tatsuo started his game master “career” at a fairly young age, using only a binder full of scrawled out character sheets and a few books off the shelves of his family’s bookstore as his guide and taking it upon himself to create sword and sorcery worlds out of thin air. Unfortunately, this passion wasn’t extremely well-received, leaving him to play around the table with only a couple of his friends and his parents (on rare occasions) as witnesses. At the age of fourteen, seemingly out of nowhere, someone came to watch. It had certainly been out of boredom, but gradually, it seemed they had garnered a genuine interest. Maybe it had been because he’d moved his game to the main floor, or because it had run long and coincided with a book sale, but he now had an audience—and one that was rapidly multiplying. One person became two. Two became four. Four became fifteen—all standing outside the window of a bookstore, watching four kids huddled over a table rolling dice. Whatever he was doing, it was drawing in a crowd… but how long would that last? Tatsuo had a realization: it was more than just a game; it was a performance. He worked tirelessly to electronically compose music, wrote out pages upon pages worth of plot, sketched out ideas for costumes, and acted out voices for hundreds of NPCs. In a matter of weeks, his group had to move to a separate venue—a small bookstore just wasn’t going to cut it. He was scouted by Hope’s Peak after his fourth live show reached maximum attendance.
    Motivation/Dream: He’d love to share his stories with the world someday as opposed to having them told via word of mouth after hosting live events. What that precisely entails, he’s not so sure.
    Fears: Loneliness, needles, the dark
    Likes: Fizzy drinks, tardigrades, his friends
    Dislikes: Mustard, lost dice, dull colours
    Other: He’s ambidextrous.

    Full Name: Renki Nakano
    Age: 16
    Ultimate Talent: SHSL Lucky Student
    Appearance: Renki doesn’t tend to stand out much from the crowd, but maybe that’s for the best. She barely scrapes 5’3”, with straight black hair that brushes just past her shoulders. Her outfit is pretty much note-for-note the one she wore at her old high school, bar for her pair of all-black sneakers and the oversized plaid jacket gifted to her by her brother.
    Personality: To put it bluntly, Renki is extremely stressed, and doesn’t seem to be very good at hiding it. Her attitude is one of near permanent sarcasm and she tends to be much more brutally honest than necessary. If there’s an unequivocal good side to her, she certainly doesn’t seem keen on sharing with the class right away.
    Backstory: Despite her ultimate title, Nakano’s so called “luck” hasn’t made a single appearance yet. Up until the point she was accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy, she had been focusing all of her efforts on keeping up her grades to match her parents’ ever higher-reaching expectations (despite her brother’s suggestion to put herself first). As long as she was able to push her passions aside temporarily to keep up her grades, everything should turn out alright. Then, she could try to develop a talent of her own. That was, until her name was drawn out of a proverbial hat and she was ushered into HPA’s pearly gates. Being accepted was extremely exciting for her... until she realised she has no idea what she should do now.
    Motivation/Dream: After her acceptance into HPA, Renki has no idea what she’s going to do. After all, no matter what she tries, she’s only ever going to be known as the SHSL lucky student. Maybe she’ll finally be able to pick up the guitar? Not that’s she’s very good at it...
    Fears: Failure, wide open spaces
    Likes: Cheesy movies, sweets, nighttime
    Dislikes: Classical music, tea, being left out of the loop
    Other: She needs glasses (nearsighted) but refuses to wear them.

    If SHSL Lucksters aren’t allowed, let me know so I can write up a different bio.

    EDIT: Fixed in-text mentions of Renki being referred to by her last name.
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  19. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I've recently been a lot busier IRL since I made my last post. Not too busy that I can't participate, but busy enough that this wasn't my main priority for the time being.
    SHSL Lucky Students are allowed since theyre an actual thing in the Games and Anime, Is your character luck wise more going to be like an average student or are they actually really lucky and in the rp they will use their luck to their advantage?

    Also heres my final bio.

    Full Name: Keiko Fujiwara

    Age: 15

    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Clockmaker

    Appearance: Coming in at an average height and build for a girl her age, Keiko has very fair skin, brown eyes and long brown hair that is normally put in a bun to prevent her hair from interfering with her work. Somewhat Inspired by Steampunk, Keiko's attire consists of A white long sleeved button up shirt with a necklace with a small clock, Gold Earrings in the shape of gears and Steampunk Goggles on her head. She also wears Black Skinny jeans and boots. She also has burn scars on the right side of her face and right arm.

    Personality: Keiko is very quiet but she easily opens up to people. Keiko is loyal, considerate of others and cares for her friends. She hates physical contact and teasing. Occasionally, Keiko has anxiety attacks where she starts to freak out over minor inconveniences and has flashbacks to her parents however these attacks are rare and if she's with a friend, she's able to calm down. These attacks happen randomly however they can happen because of other people (such as mentioning her parents names or teasing Keiko) Keiko is very vulnerable and gullible as well and is easily manipulated by others to get what they want. Keiko is also easily frightened.

    Backstory: Keiko was born into a family and she was an only child (and unplanned). Keiko was abused by her parents as a child, physically and verbally. because of this, she developed anxiety. After she started attending school and she wasn't acting like the other students, she was basically forced to tell the school what was happening at home. The school called the police and after a few events that took place, Keiko moved into her grandmothers home, who was her dad's mum. Keiko was nervous at first however the two bonded quite well. Keiko's grandmother is a clockmaker (who also has a shop) and she began to teach Keiko how to make them and run the store. Over the years, Keiko's grandmother has been forced to give more and more responsibilities to Keiko. Keiko is fine with this however because she really enjoys helping running the shop. Keiko also doesn't have severe anxiety like she used to however she does occasionally have anxiety attacks.
    Keiko is attending Hopes Peak Academy because:
    1. Her tuition fees are funded by the government so she doesn't need to pay more money
    2. Her grandmother told her to go
    3. The staff there are highly trained and would help her with her anxiety

    Motivation/Dream: To take over the Clockmaker shop from her grandmother when she dies and for Keiko live a peaceful life

    Fears: Her parents, Fire.

    Likes: Gears, Chess, Biscuits

    Dislikes: Violence, Loud Noises, Snakes

    Other: N/A

    Anyway, now that I finally have all my bios done, I will start to work on the map for the first floor of the school and I will dedicate more time to this ( with the exception of this week because i have 2 assignments due, one of which is a major assignment )

    Remember if you have any questions about this RP, don't be afraid to ask.
  20. I’d say she fits the average student archetype—Komaeda-esque luck both doesn’t really fit her character and, within a roleplay, seems like it would offer an unfair advantage.
  21. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Thats exactly what I was thinking, since Nagito is able to pull off a lot of crazy stuff in the series because of his luck. If what you say is true about Renki's luck then she is most definetly allowed in the RP.
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  22. I'm, uh, just sorta waiting. That's it.
  23. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    We need @Barefoot_Kittens to submit their 2 character sheets and then i'll start the actual RP.
  24. Okay- I know I'm a jerk-faced piece of garbage for doing this- but, I don't think I can go through with this RP. Even the RP I'm currently doing, I'm only posting once every week or so. I just don't have a lot of free time, and I'm super sorry about being so unreliable. I think it would be best for you guys to just open up my spot in the RP and give the character slots to someone else. I fear that even if I do complete the bios, I will be to busy to be active on the thread and that will hold everybody up. I a, once again, very sorry- but it's probably for the best that I don't join this thread; I also hate to keep you guys waiting.
  25. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Alright, Its a bummer to see you go but I guess it should have been expected that something like this would happen.

    This means that for everyone else in the RP, we have a couple of options
    1. Open up signups again
    2. Make more people have 3 characters
    3. Start the RP now

    What do you guys think? I'll open up the rp until I get responses on what we should do from here.
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  26. Hm.... I would say Start it now, tbh.
  27. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

  28. Starting it up now would be nice, but we might only be able to get through a couple of “chapters” considering @Umbreon06, who currently has three characters, hasn’t been on for a few weeks.

    So as much as I’d love to start now, it’d probably be best to get at least one more person on board. If that doesn’t work, then we always have the option of starting up after re-opening signups for a couple of days, but due to the nature of Danganronpa’s premise of “everyone is stuck in/on x location” it’d be much more difficult to start up and then introduce characters later.
  29. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I think I'm going to agree with @Riverruner on this one. If @Umbreon06 isn't coming back. That would mean that there would only be 11 students which I would personally like to avoid. This will also give me time to create maps for each floor of Hopes Peak (the academy will be similar structure to the games and anime but the classrooms and other services will be shuffled around into different places) and think more about the first case since I plan on having one of my characters being the first victim I have a location and cause of death, but I need to think of truth bullets for everyone.

    Also speaking of Victims and Murderers, do you all have an idea on how we decide which characters are victims, survivors murderers and the traitor (I already have a mastermind in mind, just trying to figure out how their method of kidnapping everyone would logically work.)
    Does anyone have roles they want their characters to fulfil (such as do you want your character to be the traitor or a survivor) or should we randomise it. If anyone has any suggestions, please say them. I personally don't mind on what we do but I think we should have every rper have at least 1 character for the final trial (unless they don't want their characters to be survivors) for the final trial so every rper is consistently engaged in the rp.
  30. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    You could have everyone pick one character they want to survive to the final trial and then randomise the rest.

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