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Ask to Join Danganronpa RP (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Spongzilla, Sep 2, 2020.

  1. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

    So this is an RP on the danganronpa series and if you don't know what that is than you might want to look it up otherwise this will be super confusing and if you don't want spoilers on the first 15 mins of the game don't read on.

    Dangan-recap - But in short in Danganronpa there are 16 students who attend hopes peak high school find themselves in a killing game where they must kill someone to escape. If they manage to kill someone the remaining students will attend a trial where the non culprit students must try solve the murder. If they are successful the killer will be executed but if they are wrong everyone besides the killer will be executed ending the game. The leader of this killing game is called Monokuma and they are this weird teddy bear robot that I can't describe so here.
    He's like the host in the game show. Also after every murder he releases a motive that helps for murders to occur. This could be a trillion bucks or a dead family member.

    Normal Pokécharms rules apply.
    No spoiling the games or anime.
    Romance allowed but keep it low key.
    Gore is allowed but only during murders and executions.
    No using actual game executions, you can use ultimates from the game but make the actual character completely different and don't say I'ts from the game to avoid spoilers.

    Age: 14-16
    Ultimate Talent: (Thing every student has e.g. ultimate pianist or ultimate mechanic)
    Execution: (optional see Execution spoiler)

    For those who know about Danganronpa they are the same as in the games but you can make your own in the character sheet but you don't have to. Otherwise executions aren't like in real life with hanging or electric chair but they are special way of dying the relates to their characters ultimate talent, for example an ultimate alien researcher could but chased around the moon by aliens with lasers and then abducted into an alien spaceship but escape although the aliens then blow up the spaceship and their dead. Again this is optional you can make your own or I'll make one for you.

    Good luck making it through this final leg in the journey It's pretty long so I'm just warning you now.

    there will be different times during the game and I'll shift between these times when I fell its time, free time, alone time and searching time. During free time you guys can interact with each other and grow story arcs/whatever else. This will just be kind of normal rp stuff.

    During alone time you guys can do things alone (These will probably be skipped or very brief) and finally during searching time you will be able to search new areas of the facility discover plot stuff. There are different time s as during search times murders cant occur and during alone time it gives like a time when murders can be planned storewide.

    Murders -
    In order to create a murder just fill in the form below and send it to me via conversation (so its private), an explanation is after, don't tell any other contestant or even anyone else on the website as I want it to be a surprise when the others find out.

    Murder Weapon:

    Target - this is pretty straightforward, just who you want to target and a reason why. You don't need a target, it can be like I kill the first person to walk into this room or something like that or you can make your murder impulsive and you got angry or you where overcome with something relating to the motive, something like that.

    Location - Where the murder occurs, have a reason.

    Plan - Biggest section, what's the plan or if it was impulsive what did they do to try and cover it up. Don't make it impossible to solve but you can make it as hard or easy as you like. You don't need the whole structure, just send me a brief overview and I can come up with something.

    Resources - What do you need to use, how did you get that stuff and is it a clue?

    Motive - Most likely related to the motive that was given by monokuma but not always. Needs to be a good reason and that goes over into impulsive murders.

    Murder Weapon - The murder weapon.

    Other - Anything else you need to tell me.

    Thats all for now, if you have any questions put them below and once again no spoilers for the games or anime please. :D
  2. Name: Masuta Supai
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Spy
    Personality: Masuta is quite outgoing and likes to meet others to understand them and what makes them tick this is because Masuta has no friends and is desperately trying to have more people to just talk to, but also to try and manipulate them and help copy their mannerisms for future missions. He comes off as cynical and overcritical but it's simply a facade and will try and make sure that people still want to be his friend and like him.
    Background: Born into a normal household and at school excelled at every subject but especially acting. He was so good that he managed to steal 34,000$ from a company by imitating the CEO. The government then asked for him to join them at the age of 14 he has done 3 missions which are extremely confidential and due to the fact, if he was to try and leave his family could be in danger.
    Appearance: Masuta has gelled back brown hair pale skin, black eyes, a monocle, a red and black suit he wears black shoes with no bottom pattern. He has long black suit pants and wears white gloves with a black x on them.
    The Secret Spy Trial
    Masuta in this execution is chased by Monokuma like robots and must hide from them, and shoot them with a toy gun which does nothing.
  3. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

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