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Custom Pixel Art Trainer Cards

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by FriendArceus, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. I have gotten back into Pixel art and I decided I'd make some trainer cards for people. If you want to know what my pixel art looks like go to my profile and find my Darkrai picture. If you want a trainer card I'll need your IGN and Friend Code and one pokemon that you like(shiny or non shiny).
  2. Mind making me a pixelated trainer card?
    IGN: Dasken
    Friend Code: (I can get this to you when you need it.)
    Pokèmon: Dugtrio (NON-ALOLAN) (NOT SHINY)
  3. Ok, I'll make it when I get back from school today
  4. Sorry for taking so long, I got a little lost with programming a game I'm making.

    Attached Files:

  5. I LOVE IT :D
    Te wait was no problem. Thanks :3
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  6. Also, I will definitely be a beta tester, if you need one.
  7. Sure, any ideas on how I can send the game to you?
  8. Hmm...
    Files, maybe?
  9. This website doesn't allow the file to be sent, maybe we could try email?
  10. Alright I just sent it to you. Hope you enjoy it
  11. Thx. ^^
    I'll give you my feedback.
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  12. It, uh...
    It doesn't seem to work... at all.
    I can't even open the file. Where did you make the game?
  13. I made it on steam RPG Maker VX Ace, let me try sending you the folder to extract it
  14. It'll take a while to send because google drives needs to have it shared with it to send
  15. My laptop won't play it because of unsupported files...
  16. Oh, well that sucks :/
  17. Yeah. I was so hyped, too. ;3;
  18. Maybe when I finally find a way to release it you can play
  19. God, I hope so.
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