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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by animeluxray175, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Title Pending. Suggestions are encouraged.

    The original lies here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3363&p=58547#p58547
    (***But this time, there's a completely different plot and stuff actually happens!)

    Amari Landon = http://i49.tinypic.com/2v2y3x0.png
    Jocelyn Jimenez = http://i45.tinypic.com/346nj2b.png
    ??? (unnamed trainer) = http://i47.tinypic.com/23sb29i.png
    (Disclaimer: These were made using a game that does NOT belong to me.)

    Chapter One
    Amari slowly began to lift her eyelids. She groaned as she rubbed her right eye and then stretched her arms. She proceeded to sit up when she noticed a large heap of shadow blue fur sprawled out over her legs.
    Amari put her hands on the fur and started to shake it gently.
    “Luxray, wake up, it’s time to go home.” She whispered into her ear. Her ear only fluttered for a brief moment. Amari rocked her around some more, this time being a little more forceful.
    This time she flicked her tail and stretched her limbs.
    Amari chuckled and reached for something on a nightstand. It was a plump Pecha Berry. She pinched it by its delicate leaf and dangled it directly in front of Luxray’s nose.

    The Pokémon’s nose swiveled and then immediately lifted her eyelids. She opened her mouth and Amari fed it to her. Luxray took a few seconds to savor and lick her lips before looking back at Amari and nuzzling her with such force that she shoved Amari back against her pillow.
    “Ahahaha! Okay, stop it—ah!” Amari laughed, pushing Luxray away. “Good girl, Luxray.” She stroked Luxray’s mane and smiled. The pair emerged from bed. Amari glimpsed at the clock. It was eight a.m.

    The two were located in a Pokémon Center in the town of Silverstar, an ordinary town positioned just miles from Eterna Forest. In the heart of the settlement there was Silverstar Park, a popular gathering for trainers who longed for heated battles. Amari and Luxray had battled there all day yesterday and were exhausted by the end of their sixteenth fight with a trainer who used a Houndoom, Walrein, and a Grotle. Unfortunately, they ended up losing, not that it really mattered to Amari or anything. She had lost numerous times before.

    Amari managed to convince her mother to let her stay at the nearest Pokémon Center just for the night and wanted her back home before ten. Amari hastily threw on her clothes, a blue tank top over a blue jacket, paired with indigo shorts and shoes. She grabbed her Pokéball-printed bag and the two headed out the door. They walked down the stairs and exited the Pokémon Center altogether. Amari was approaching the nearby bike rack to retrieve her bike when she heard a muffled shriek for help. The shriek originated from a close alley. The two sped into it to see a girl being harassed by a man fully enveloped in black.

    “Hand over the Delcatty, little girl. You’re going to make this harder than it is!” He hissed.
    “N-No, I refuse to give up my precious Delcatty to a nasty man like you! Go away!” She shouted. Amari could spot the catlike bovine crouching behind the girl.
    “Fine, then I’m afraid that if you won’t give her to me, I’ll have to take her from you.” He reached into his pocket and brought out a dagger. “But I can’t do that unless you’re dead first…” He growled.
    The man readied the weapon and was about to cut the poor girl’s throat when he was suddenly fell unconscious to a blast of electricity.
    Amari and Luxray dashed over to the victim.

    “Hey, are you and your Pokémon okay? Who was that? Why did he want your Pokémon?” Amari questioned.

    The girl had orange hair and soft purple eyes. She was dressed in a frilly violet sweater and skirt. It was obvious she belonged to a wealthy family.

    “I’m fine. Thank Arceus that you were here.” She exhaled in relief and stroked her Delcatty’s head.
    “Say, what’s so special about your Delcatty? Why did that man want it?” Amari said, looking over at the collapsed offender.
    “Are you serious? Humph…” She grunted haughtily.
    “Wait, what? What’s all that for?” Amari frowned a little.
    “My Delcatty is a shiny Pokémon, you ignorant twit. Don’t you see?”
    Amari looked a little closer at the Delcatty. Indeed it was shiny—it was scarlet instead of purple.
    “See? That’s why my Delcatty is so special. You, on the other hand, have a normal-colored, bland, common Luxray. So undignified unlike my precious ‘Catty.”

    Luxray growled and sparked with irritation. Amari instantly stroked her to calm her down.

    “Hey, I just perhaps saved your life. I didn’t have to, y’know, so could you give me a little more respect? I could always wake this guy up and let him finish you off.” Amari reminded her.
    “Humph.” She haughtily turned away.
    “Do you want me to call the police or what?” An annoyed Amari asked, putting her hands on her hips.
    “Fine. I don’t want to be killed, after all. My parents would be crushed.”
    Amari sighed. This girl had been so friendly at first and now was she acting rude. Amari fished around in her bag for her cell phone and dialed 911. A few Officer Jennies and Arcanine appeared at the scene within minutes. They arrested the crook and after a small discussion with Amari and the rich girl, they drove him away.

    “Alright, you and your kitty are safe now, so I’ll be on my way.” Amari and Luxray sauntered out of the alley. This time, when Amari made it to the bike rack, she retrieved her bike and rode off, Luxray jogging beside her. Amari glanced at her cell phone. It was almost nine o’clock. Amari sighed and rode a little faster as a cool zephyr sliced through her curly brown hair.

    “Hey, Luxray, why don’t we ask Mom if we can go to our hidden training spot when we get back?” Amari suggested.
    “Lux, Lux-ray!” Luxray chimed happily.
    When Amari arrived at her house Mom was already on the porch.
    “Welcome back, Amari. Did everything go well? You didn’t have any issues in the Pokémon Center, did you?”
    “No, we were alright. Mom, can we go to Eterna Forest and train for a while?” Amari asked.
    “Are you sure? You don’t want to eat anything before you get back on the road?” Mom said, dipping her head to one side.
    “Nope, we’re fine! So can we go?” A hopeful Amari beamed at her mother.
    “Well, I suppose you could go. But only for an hour or two—I don’t want you absent any longer than that.”
    “Okay, we’ll be back soon!” Amari rode off down the street. Eterna Forest wasn’t too far from where they were—it was just a few miles.

    When the pair arrived Amari parked her bike near the entrance and they walked into the lush woods. The hidden training ground was a wide clearing with large rocks and several fallen trees. All of the damage was presumably caused by dueling Pokémon. While other trainers paid it no heed, Amari and Luxray liked training in the ruins. But for some reason, on this particular day, the clearing had an otherworldly vibe to it. Although the atmosphere pestered her, Amari didn’t waste time to shout out commands to Luxray.

    “Luxray, use Iron Tail on that boulder!” Amari ordered.
    Luxray’s tail glowed and she leaped into the air. She brought her tail down onto the rock and watched it crack.
    “Excellent!” Amari praised the Pokémon, throwing her a Pecha berry as a reward.

    Luxray caught it and gleefully consumed it.
    “Now use Crunch on that tree branch!” Amari shouted, pointing to a feeble limb barely hanging on to one of the fallen trees. Luxray ran up to it. She bit down hard on it, with so much force it shattered into numerous tiny splinters.

    “Nice!” Amari threw her another treat. “Use Discharge on that shrub!”
    Luxray’s body suddenly became engulfed in electricity, and then suddenly, unleashed an array of sparks at a bush. Within seconds, the bush was turned yellow, fried and dehydrated by the lightning.
    Amari ran over to Luxray and embraced her.
    “Awesome!” She shrieked happily.
    “Lux-ray! Luxray!” Luxray chanted. A loud crackling sound abruptly stopped their celebration.
    “Huh? What’s that?” Amari looked over at the shrubbery in which Luxray destroyed.
    The bushes were rustling madly, and there was a buzzing sound. A Beedrill rose from the bushes. It hovered momentarily and then darted straight for Luxray.
    ”Quick, dodge!”
    It was all too late. Luxray was prodded in her sides, injected with the lethal poison and instantly collapsed. Once Luxray was subdued, Beedrill turned to Amari. Amari, who had rushed over to Luxray when was she hit, started to shiver uncontrollably. She had just witnessed what it had done to Luxray, so would the Beedrill do the same to her? Thankfully, before the Beedrill could make up its mind, it was zapped by a fierce Shock Wave.

    Amari surveyed the clearing.
    “W-Who did that?” She shouted. “Who fired that Shock Wave?”
    “It was my Delcatty.” A familiar voice replied.
    “Oh great…” Amari grumbled. “Not her again…”
    “I just thought I would return the favor—since y’know, you helped me today. I couldn’t have possibly let that act of kindness go unrewarded.” The girl with the shiny Delcatty emerged from the shadows. But this time, she sounded unusually friendly.
    “Um, well, thanks. Do you, by any chance, have an antidotes or a Pecha berry? Please, my Luxray needs—”

    The girl handed her an orange-yellow spray bottle.
    As Amari treated Luxray, spraying her from head to toe, she couldn’t help but ask, “How did you find me so fast? Were you following me or something?”

    The girl sighed.

    “You see, I felt bad for treating you the way I did when I was in trouble. I don’t know what came over me that made me act so unfriendly towards you and your Luxray, and I wanted your forgiveness, but you left.” She replied.
    “But that doesn’t explain why you—”
    “One of my Pokémon knows the move Teleport and we able to find you that way.”
    “Oh. Thank you. The name’s Amari by the way. What’s yours?”
    “Jocelyn. Should I help you treat your Luxray?”
    “No, no, it’s alright—she’s starting to get up.”
    Luxray was starting to stand.
    “Hey, Amari, why don’t we have a little battle now that Luxray’s better? Even though I have three other Pokémon to choose from, I’ll use my Delcatty.” Jocelyn suggested.
    “That sounds awesome! I love a good battle.”

    The two spread apart from each other. Luxray and Delcatty awaited their masters’ commands.
    “Luxray, use Thunderbolt!”
    “Dodge it, Delcatty! Then use Shadow Ball!”
    Delcatty swiftly moved out of harm’s way.
    Delcatty heaved a shadowy blob at Luxray.
    “Luxray, use Light Screen!”
    Luxray formed a protective yellow barrier that deflected Shadow Ball.
    “Delcatty, use Doubleslap and break that barrier!”
    Delcatty fruitlessly slapped the obstruction with its tail.
    “There’s no way your Delcatty can shatter that Light Screen! Luxray, use Thunderbolt!” Amari ordered.
    “Delcatty, quick, use Dig!”
    Delcatty drilled itself under the ground.
    “Luxray, use your x-ray vision!” Luxray’s eyes shined a bright gold and upon sighting Delcatty tunneling underground, she leaped out of the way, abandoning the Light Screen, before Delcatty could attack her.

    Jocelyn gasped, her mouth frozen in a gape.
    “Someone forgot something!” Amari shouted in a laugh.
    “Yeah, I guess I did...” Jocelyn snickered. “Delcatty, use Sing!”
    Delcatty began singing a soothing melody, multicolored musical notes coming from its mouth.
    “Luxray, d-dodge, fast!” It was all too late. Luxray had already been lulled to sleep.
    “Great, Delcatty! Now use Blizzard!”
    Delcatty fired a blast of snowballs at Luxray, launching it a few feet into the air. Luxray didn’t even stir when she hit the ground.
    “Come on, Luxray, wake up!” Amari yelled.
    “Delcatty, use Iron Tail!”
    Delcatty’s tail suddenly appeared metallic and it slammed Luxray a couple of times.
    “I need to think fast…! Wait a second…Sleep Talk!” Amari whispered to herself.
    Then aloud she shouted, “Luxray, Sleep Talk! Use Sleep Talk!”
    It one of the few moves a Pokémon could hear in their sleep.
    Luxray didn’t awaken, but used Discharge. Delcatty received a painful shock and nearly tumbled over. That's when Luxray started to wake up.
    “Whaaaat? S-Sleep Talk? Your Luxray knows everything!” Jocelyn exclaimed.
    “My Luxray knows a lot of moves, but I think it would be an exaggeration to say it knows everything…” Amari chortled.
    “Delcatty, use Double Edge!”
    The battle raged on.
    “Faint Attack!”
    “Scary Face!”
    “Iron Tail!”

    Eventually both Pokémon started to show signs of exhaustion. They panted hard, determined to make the other faint.
    An hour rolled by. Both Pokémon had messy fur, but neither had any plans of giving in.

    “Amari, we’ve been going at this for a long time now! Don’t you we should call it quits and continue tomorrow?” Jocelyn called.
    “Why continue tomorrow when I can just end it now?” Amari laughed. “Luxray, use Hyper Beam!”
    “Delcatty, use Mimic!”
    Two Hyper Beams were fired in unison. There was a small explosion and when the smoke cleared, both Pokémon were fatigued, drained of energy from the battle. They were both lying sprawled out on the dirt. They had both fainted.
    Both trainers ran over to their tired friends.
    “You did excellent Delcatty, I’m proud of you, so why don’t you rest a little?” Jocelyn recalled Delcatty back into her Pokéball. She looked over to Amari, who was helping Luxray up.
    “Oh? Amari, aren’t you going to put Luxray back in her Pokéball, too?”
    “Well, actually, Luxray prefers traveling alongside me than in her Pokéball.”

    The two started to leave the clearing.
    “By the way, Jocelyn, could you not tell anyone about this place? It’s kind of our…hidden training spot.” Amari grinned.
    “You have my word! Why don’t we get some ice cream in town? I’m starving because of that battle.”
    Amari was standing by her bike.

    “Well actually, Jocelyn, I should be getting home. I’m sorry. Maybe some other time?”
    “Amari, remember how I said I have a Pokémon that knows the move Teleport?”
    Amari nodded. Jocelyn brought out a Dusk Ball and a Kirlia emerged from it.

    “If I use the move Teleport I can get you back to your house in record time! So let’s get ice cream!”
    The next thing Amari knew, she and her new friend were receiving two ice cream cones at an ice cream parlor.
    They seated themselves at a table outside of the eatery.
    Amari admired the ice cream she had picked. It was vanilla flavored, dashed with sprinkles and had two sticks of chocolate protruding from the sides.

    “Did you know that in the region Unova, there’s this place, Castalia City and I hear they have the best soft serve ice cream! It’s probably way better than this!” Jocelyn said.
    “Yeah, I heard about that. I’d like to go try their ice cream someday.”
    The two continued their conversation until both finished their frozen treats.

    After that, they just sat silently in their seats, looking around.

    Suddenly, Amari’s bag vibrated.
    She grabbed her phone and turned it on.

    The first thing she saw was:
    You have one unread message.

    She pulled up the text message.
    It read:

    Amari, where are you? Come home NOW.

    Amari gasped and stuffed her cell phone back into her bag.
    “What’s the matter, Amari?”
    “I need to be home. Do you think your Kirlia could teleport Luxray and I there?”
    “Why sure, Amari! I’ll see you later.” She called out her Kirlia and commanded it to use Teleport. Within seconds Amari and Luxray materialized on the front porch at home.
    They walked into the house where their emergence quickly alerted Mom, who had just walked downstairs.

    “Amari, where were you? I told you not to stay for a long time!” Mom chided.
    “You see, Mom, when Luxray and I went to Eterna Forest we were attacked by a Beedrill and there was a girl that helped us and afterwards we battled, ate ice cream, and now we’re here. Sorry, I knew I should’ve come straight home…” Amari explained.
    “And another thing, Amari, where’s your bike?”
    “Oh, my bike! I totally forgot about it! You see, the girl I met, Jocelyn, she had a Pokémon that knew Teleport that got us to the ice cream place and that got Luxray and I home. I’ll go get it! Come on, Luxray!” Amari headed for the door.
    “You don’t want me to drive you up there…?”
    “No, we’re fine! We’d rather walk.”

    The two hastily started on their way to Eterna Forest. They arrived in twenty minutes or so, at the entrance to the lush woods. Amari’s bike was no where to be seen.

    “I parked it right HERE, Luxray!” Amari exclaimed. “Don’t you remember?”
    “Lux-Lux…” Luxray nodded in agreement.
    “Great, just great…” Amari grumbled. “I can’t believe some idiot stole my bike!” In her anger she ripped off her bag and threw it at the dirt.
    She sighed and picked it back up. She felt slightly disappointed in herself for the action.

    “Looks like we’ll have to look for it. Come on…”
    And with that, the two crossed back into the threshold of the forest.
  2. I quite like this. The story of young Trainers beginning their journey has been done over and over again- Not just in fanfiction, either- But you managed to make this into an enjoyable read regardless. You have a good grasp of grammar and spelling, which is more then can be said of most beginning writers, so that's good!
  3. That means a lot to me, it really does. Thanks and I hope you will continue you read and enjoy it.

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